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  • NFL Players' Union Opposes Right-to-Work

    The NFL Players Association just came out against Indiana’s proposed right-to-work law.

    This is not too surprising: Even the poorest NFL player makes $390,000 a year. The average NFL player makes $1.9 million. NFL players make enough to barely notice union dues. They also have jobs. Right-to-work makes little difference to them.

    The same is not true for most workers in Indiana. Union dues cost the typical worker hundreds of dollars a year. For many families, that is not pocket change. Almost 300,000 unemployed Hoosiers cannot find work. A policy that creates jobs and saves money matters to them.

    Right-to-work does that. Right-to-work protects workers from being fired for not paying union dues. If workers want to join a union, they can—but they do not have to.

    Of course, letting workers decide costs unions money. Some workers will choose not to join. If Indiana becomes right-to-work, unions will lose an estimated $18 million a year. Unsurprisingly, the union movement strongly opposes this idea.

    For everyone else, it is a winner. Many union members earn no more than they would without a union. Why should the government force them to pay for ineffective representation? Right-to-work also makes union organizers less aggressive. That attracts business investment—and jobs. Counties in right-to-work states have one-third more manufacturing jobs than nearby counties in non-right-to-work states.

    NFL players certainly appreciate the value of choice—they (temporarily) decertified their union last year. The Players Association should focus on the playoffs instead of on restricting workers’ freedom to choose.

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    13 Responses to NFL Players' Union Opposes Right-to-Work

    1. Scott says:

      Wow, that was just about the most biased article I have read in awhile! Labor unions cost money because the fees incurred while protecting their members rights add up quickly. Just one legal case to fight to save a workers job from a false allegation can cost tens of thousands of dollars! Makes the measly 2% of gross earning union dues seem small. Also, the unions do not discriminate against who the allow into their membership, if someone is looking for a job, go to the nearest union hall and sign up to be a member! Once you do, you are entitled to training, education, and benefits! Stop brow beating the unions and look into joining!

      • Jerry says:

        5 factories closed down in my area in the last 3 years because of Labor unions. There are very few places left to work in this area.

        • Janice says:

          Unions are only a way to milk money from people. Just wait, there will be no more companies here to employ workers, therefore, unions will also be dwindling. With more companies moving out of the country, this is the union thugs attempt at their survival.

      • Grecko says:

        Scott you must be the biggest thug in your tribe! UNIONS ARE DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY! No wonder GM and hundreds of companys left and made everything overseas. And japan sold more cars here than GM. US companys even had to install robots to cut labor cost. NO WONDER CARS COST SO MUCH! AND TOO EXPENSIVE TO BUY! YOU AND THE UNIONS ARE A DISGRACE TO THE UNITED STATES! We don't need them now! Who is your next victim to beat on!
        I dare you to visit China for one month! YOU WOULD BE BORN AGAIN!!!!! A REAL MAN!

    2. Bobbie says:

      Why the heck does the NFL have an input? Talk about where the class warfare should be. They're above everyone's pay level!!!

      My son applied full time at a grocery store. He was hired under the terms he paid union dues although he would receive less benefits if not full time. The benefits he receives are what the grocer already gives and for some reason my son continues to be less than full time, he's shown some frustration and they string him along promising full time. It's been over a year he's paid union dues with no special benefits. there goes alot of hard earned money to corruption and in someone elses pocket…

      unions have come to serve corrupt purposes on average people unions see as peons, suckers. I would think the NFL would see the difference. How is the NFL's wages determined? By the market or union ignorance? NFL input serves a dangerous political purpose only.

      • Janice says:

        I could care less what the NFL thinks about anything.,

        • Bobbie says:

          good point. I have to clarify my comment to read my son gets absolutely no "union benefits" and it's been over a year of union dues less full time?!

          sometimes I wonder if some companies might be playing a part?

    3. Lynn Wilson says:

      House Republicans force a vote on RTW in committee this morning without allowing for public testimony, amendments or questions. Sham hearing, sham process. So much for FREE AMERICA! We have become much too complacent as a society, we have let this happen. SHAME ON THE POLITICIANS! SHAME ON US! Our forefathers are rolling over in their graves at what our country has become! TIME FOR THE PEOPLE TO BE HEARD AND FOR BIG BUSINESS TO LISTEN!
      The whole thing including the vote took 6 minutes! PFFT! What a sham!

    4. Spiritof76 says:

      Right to choose is the issue and not right to work. There should not be any work place in the US where having met the job qualifications, the job must not force one to belong to a club. Freedom of association is a Constitutionally guaranteed individual right. But then, the whole labor laws that sprung from the Wagner's Act is anti-Constitutional and anti-American.

    5. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      I thought union bosses only had their union employees' best interests in mind. Since they chose to decertify their union last year, even temporarily, most of the players are probably indifferent at best regarding Indiana's right-to-work move. Does the players association fear permanent decertification and the end of the gravy train if Indiana succeeds?

    6. C.Adli says:

      Those players must have had concussion in thye past.What about the Free Agent signing?When a player is release by the team or became a free agent,he can sign with another club for more money.He has no restriction.Is it different then;Right to work;?

    7. jake69x says:

      This right to work for less in Indiana is about one thing!!! Thats to break the Teacher Union, because the state pays the money!!!! This will all across the U.S.!! Big money behind it!! By federal Law the Unions have to protect very one!!

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