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  • Turkey Gets It, Acquires F-35s. Obama Administration Doesn't.

    The Turkish government understands what the Obama Administration does not: Acquiring the American-made F-35 fighter jet is the most effective way to claim supremacy of the skies.

    Yesterday, Turkey’s Defense Industry Implementation Committee announced the purchase of two Lockheed Martin F-35s. Turkey had put its F-35 order on hold in March over concerns of technology sharing and cost. However, the recent announcement suggests that Turkey is preparing itself for the increasing challenges that its neighborhood poses.

    It’s unfortunate that the Obama Administration has failed to register the message. In addition to canceling production of the F-22, a stealth fighter jet built to ensure U.S. supremacy over any battlefield, the Administration has reduced production of the F-35, which American taxpayers have invested $50 billion in. As the first aircraft in history with a 360-degree view and the ability to see over 800 miles with integrated combat systems, the F-35 is a marvel of modern engineering.

    In a time of austerity, critics of F-35 production argue that the jet is too expensive. Yet what they disregard is that the cost of plane decreases as production and sale of jets to allies increases. As part of the international F-35 consortium, British Defense Minister Phillip Hammond expressed concern over the cuts to the program yesterday, citing the likelihood that costs of the jet will increase if there is reduced production.

    Rather than limiting production of the F-35 and cancelling its brother, the F-22, the Obama Administration should invest in the potential these jets offer to U.S. air capabilities and to our allies. Gutting the defense budget makes Americans and our allies less safe. A first step to remedying this is to take the F-22 and F-35 off the chopping block.

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    7 Responses to Turkey Gets It, Acquires F-35s. Obama Administration Doesn't.

    1. coddeau says:

      Doesn't cutting the defense budget help reduce the deficit which helps increase confidence in the American economy? And isn't the strength of the American economy ulitmately what underpins the security of the nation?
      One can have arguments about individual procurements, but look in more detail at the Strategic Defense Review and I think you will see a sensible reduction of the military.
      Rather these policies than being a sclerotic ex-imperial power with an oversized military, while the economy is in the tank.
      To pick one program like this, and then lash out at Obama at every turn is a bit simplistic.

      • Jim says:

        How about we keep making jets but stop blowing $2.6 million to help ensure prostitutes in China consume less alcohol while working, and $2 million for the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public service, etc., etc. Providing for the common defense is one of a very few responsibilities the Constitution charges the government to attend. Building new spring training facilities for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies ($30 million) isn't.

    2. Obama isn't stupid, he knows that cutting back on building these jets is not in the best interest of the United States and it's allies. He is purposely cutting this country down, let's not forget what he was taught by his father. Obama is no friend of Great Britain either or any country which stands for freedom. ( I know Britain has changed over the years) Obama is changing us as well, he's taking our freedom away. I laugh when I hear people say Obama is in way over his head, he's not over his head, he knows exactly what he's doing and that's taking our liberty away. he just keeps on growing government.

    3. DJBALL says:

      How cute. a Lockheed Martin sales pitch dressed up as news.
      Americans are watching their country disintegrate because of unnecessary imperial wars of aggression that have bled them dry and made the country despised by the rest of the citizens on Planet Earth.
      Stop the absurd sabre rattling and work on America's stained reputation and get the country back on the right track.

    4. Joe Gause says:

      5th generation fighter aircraft are definitely needed in our emerging new world. Cessation of the production of the F-22, the premier 5th generation fighter aircraft ( because of its dual engines and longer range) was ill advised. The Russians and Chinese are working full bore ahead to catch up and pass us in this area. The F-35 is to be our replacement for the F-15's, F-16's and F-18's, all of which are becoming obsolescent.. The research, developemen, test, and evaluationt time to arrive at a production line for these
      most advanced fighter aircraft is 15 years. Cessation of an active production line involves the loss of tools, test equipment, labor skills and contractor suppliers which cannot be replicated, ever again-the costs are too prohibitive. Even in today's budgetary constrained environment, we dare not cut this vital defense requirement.

    5. Mark Rose says:

      The F22 is too vital to cut. Yet it was. Now we have a problem. China has already fielded a stealth fighter and Russia has too. The F35 needs to get fast tracked and replace all of our F16s and F18s. The F22 should be restarted and a carrier compliant one developed as a Carrier battle group air superiority capability. We do this or the 90 percent of global trade that happens on the high seas will be subject to another countries control and our prices will increase because of it.

    6. Dave Juncer says:

      Obama is just working at being exceptional. In this case it has become a tradition that every new Democratic President kill a key military aircraft on taking office. Carter got the B-1; Clinton the B-2; and Obama the F-22. Now Obama's going for two. And gutting defense in favor of social programs, another
      recent Democratic tradition.

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