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  • Morning Bell: Obama's Tyrannical Abuse of Power

    Standing behind a podium on a stage just outside Cleveland, President Barack Obama delivered a speech yesterday that will reverberate throughout history. No, its lasting impact will not come because of its soaring rhetoric. Instead, it will make its mark because it was at that moment on a Wednesday afternoon in Ohio that the President announced his plans to act in total and utter disregard of the U.S. Constitution with his illegal appointment of Richard Cordray to serve as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

    It’s an astonishingly reckless exercise of executive authority that Heritage’s Todd Gaziano described as a “tyrannical abuse of power.” Never before in the 100-plus years of precedent on the recess appointment power has a President taken such an action while the Senate was still in session. Yet notwithstanding that fact, President Obama yesterday decided that he would be the first.

    Here’s why the President finds himself so far outside of constitutional bounds. Under Article II, section 2, clause 2 of the Constitution, the President has the power to fill vacancies that may happen during Senate recesses, as Gaziano writes. In this case, President Obama was seeking to fill the vacancy in the CFPB, a new agency that has come under significant criticism given its unparalleled powers to issue expansive regulations with virtually no accountability. Republicans in the Senate, to date, have refused to confirm the President’s nominees to head up the CFPB, vowing to block Senate approval until reforms are made to the agency. So President Obama has decided to act without their approval by attempting to make a recess appointment. The trouble is that Congress is not in a recess because the House of Representatives never consented, as required under the Constitution, Article I, section 5. That means that the President simply does not have the power to make this appointment. Gaziano explains the implications of the President’s actions:

    [The recess appointment] power has been interpreted by scores of attorneys general and their designees in the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel for over 100 years to require an official, legal Senate recess of at least 10-25 days of duration. (There are a few outlier opinions, never sanctioned by the courts, that suggest a recess of six to seven days might be enough–but never less than that.)

    The President’s purported recess appointment of Cordray would render the Senate’s advice and consent role to normal appointments almost meaningless. It is a grave constitutional wrong that Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has already denounced. But it fits a pattern of extra-constitutional abuse by the White House that seems more interested in energizing a liberal base than safeguarding the office of the presidency.

    Why take such action? The President says it’s because he can’t wait for Congress to act on behalf of the American people. The truth is that the President is hell bent on ramming through his agenda, and he is entirely unwilling to compromise with the duly elected representatives who sit in the House and Senate. By circumventing the Senate and appointing Cordray, the President can ensure that his big-government regulatory agenda is enacted without the reforms that Congress is demanding. Unfortunately, the Cordray appointment is not the only example of the President’s wanton, unilateral actions.

    Apart from Cordray, the President also plans to make three appointments to the National Labor Relations Board without Senate approval, which will fundamentally alter the makeup of the board and enable the President to realize his Big Labor agenda. That means an unrestrained push to unionize businesses at all costs and punish companies that seek to grow in non-union states (as was attempted in the Boeing case) — even if it means harming both workers and the economy. And in the case of environmental regulations, immigration law, No Child Left Behind, the auto bailout, the selective enforcement of voting rights laws, and the regulation of the Internet (among others), the Obama Administration has in fact enacted its agenda via legislative fiat time and time again.

    In an interview last month with 60 Minutes, the President gave warning of his intentions to preside over an imperial presidency for the next year. “What I’m not gonna do is wait for Congress,” he said. “So wherever we have an opportunity and I have the executive authority to go ahead and get some things done, we’re just gonna go ahead and do ‘em.” The President now, though, seems to have made a significant course correction. With these latest illegal, unconstitutional appointments, the President has jumped at an opportunity to act regardless of the fact that he has no executive authority to do it. And under his feet is a trampled Constitution and 100 years of precedent for which he has no use. It’s time for Congress and the American people to take a stand against President Obama’s abuse of power.

    Quick Hits:

    • Having totally failed at his efforts to create jobs for the 13.3 million unemployed Americans or otherwise significantly alleviate the unemployment rate, the White House now says it’s on track to create 180,000 “work opportunities.” Translation: mentoring and unpaid internships.
    • There is even more carnage in Iraq following President Obama’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from the country. At least 27 people were killed on Thursday when truck bombs bearing the “hallmark of Sunni militants linked to Al Qaeda” exploded in Baghdad.
    • The President is headed to the Pentagon today to unveil a significantly reduced military and the largest defense budget cut since the end of the Cold War, despite America’s continued obligations abroad and the ongoing threat of terrorism.
    • Deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, his two sons, and other defendants may face the death penalty for the ordering of the killing of protesters during the Arab Spring uprisings last February.
    • The White House could be on course to make a premature, dangerously naive move in agreeing to release high-ranking Taliban officials from Guantanamo Bay in return for the Afghan insurgents’ agreement to open a political office in Qatar. Read more about it on The Foundry.

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    276 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama's Tyrannical Abuse of Power

    1. Turner says:

      Have you noticed how Obama acts every time the Republicans have a little rally, Obama acts out to steal the attention and to assert himself in an overt manner.

    2. bigjet says:

      How does this piece of human debris get to do this if it's illegal according to the Constitution?
      Who is safe guarding our presious documents?
      Where is the rule of law?
      WTF is going on?

      • JNobleDagget says:


      • tsbank says:

        1st it's not illegal. 2nd it was the republican congress that set up this department in response to the theft by wall st bankers,but once the focus was moved elsewhere, they don't want it inacted by posting it with a director.
        A little history here, Ronnie used this ability of the office a couple hundred times during his administration
        Teddy Roosevelt used it 136 times in one afternoon.
        And that's WTF is going on here and has been for over one hundred years.
        Try to pay attention

    3. D Wilson says:

      Could this be the final straw that the House and the Senate finally start impeachment proceedings?!?

      • auhunter says:

        Flagrant abuse of power is an impeachable offense, as are many of the other offenses he has made. To hell with his running for reelection, make Biden the president for 11months and then we'll get rid of him too.

      • Aged Sage says:

        I wrote our GOP Senator in NC about initiating impeachment proceedings which begin in the House, if_the president has usurped our U.S. Contitution/acted ex-Contititionally. If he has acted in an illegal manner,_he should bear the consequences for his actions.

      • T Lillemon says:

        No it won't happen because we have WEAK PEOPLE it the House and the Senate. And It seems that the man in the White House Does not respect our fore Fathers in establishing the Constitution & by laws of our country, And it seems that he's above the law. An impeachment process would only cost our country more money. I think that our President needs a budget for vacation as well.

      • Chuck from Virginia says:

        Let's FERVENTLY hope that impeachment proceedings will be initiated NOW. . . This isn't the time to wait; Obama must be cut off from his shenanigans, no kidding.

    4. Basia says:

      Congress has known for the last 3 years that we have a president that has no regard for them or the Constitution. Yet no talk of impeachment. Why not? What are they afraid of? Why no outrage at the disregard of our rule of law? What is happening to our country?

      • mdb749 says:

        They are afraid of being called racists. So, they sit back and allow our Constitution and country to be destroyed.

      • tim says:

        if it is unconstitutional, it seems that the Federal courts are the obvious and most direct avenue of redress. d'ya think complainants will go there? Doubts. Complaining doesn't change much.

    5. Kate says:

      What is wrong with our 'representatives' who don't have the back bone to stop Obama's blatent actions? Are they as corrupt as he is? And, more importantly, as citizens why can't WE fire him??

      • W R Hewitt says:

        Kate, we have our chance as citizens – and as voters – to FIRE the mystery man president who fancies himself a god in November…it needs to be on the order of the casting out repudiation that We, The People gave Jimmy Carter in 1980. I cannot fathom why some members of Congress have not generated a serious and sustained push for impeachment of this treasonous president for his heinous crimes against the Constitution and against the People of this great nation. God bless you, and God bless America an' all who love, serve an' protect her…

      • George Gallo says:

        Remember Sanford whatsisface caught stealing the FBI files on three quarters of congress for the benefit of Bill Clinton a decade ago? Stuffed up his pantlegs every evening he departed the building? There is probably your answer why not a peep nor a coordinated response.

      • R0M4N G0LD says:

        -With their immature lobbyist behinds stuck in the past, & they don't even realize it…

    6. Larry Peterson says:

      This man who is our president has no respect whatsoever for our constitution and our traditions as a nation and has used every legal mind who caters to him to figure out ways to circumvent the constitution, never to embrace it. Now, he does not even care anymore. He just does what he wants under the guise of "helping the people". He blatantly violated the law and gets away with it. How can this have happened in the USA?

      • Juan Martinez says:

        Larry, you have made excellent points. I am wondering if you, or Heritage, felt the same way when the previous man who was our president violated the constitutional ban on "cruel and unusual punishment", i.e. torture of captives. Or led our nation into two wars without a declaration of war by Congress, as required by our constitution? I'm with Ron Paul on this.

    7. Pat from Texas says:

      This president is trampling the Constitution with abandon. Can we take another year of his unscrupulously underhanded activities?

      • Doug Nicholson says:

        No, we cannot. And the country certainly cannot survive if he is re-elected. Anybody But Obama!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Juan Martinez says:

      "Tyrannical Abuse of Power"? I think Heritage this morning might be guilty of tyrannical abuse of hyperbole. The non-partisan Congressional Research Service has weighed in on this issue:

      "Throughout the history of the republic, Presidents have also sometimes used the recess appointment power for political reasons. For example, recess appointments enable the President to temporarily install an appointee who probably would not be confirmed by the Senate."

      . . . and . . .

      "President William J. Clinton made 139 recess appointments, 95 to full-time positions. President
      George W. Bush made 171 recess appointments, of which 99 were to full-time positions.2 As of
      December 8, 2011, President Barack Obama had made 28 recess appointments, all to full-time

      There you have it. This is not a meaningful issue to focus resources on. Instead, let's focus on the constitutionality of the provisions of Dodd Frank, and how its provisions should best be implemented to benefit our citizens.

      • Dick D'Biker says:

        You overlooked one salient point. Congress was NOT in recess when the current president usurped its authority and made his "illegal" appointment.

      • Renner says:

        When they made those recess appointments congress was in…… "recess". The difference is that Obama did this while congress is IN SESSION – which is unconstitutional and an impeachable offense.

      • Jane says:

        The problem here is that Congress is not in recess.

      • GCM says:

        You're not reading the article. This was not a recess appointment. The Senate is not in recess. That is the point.

      • jim says:

        Ya when Congress is in recess,they were not.

      • Tom Lawrence says:

        Are you stupid, Juan? This was not a recess appointment. The senate is not in recess. Therefore, it cannot be a recess appointment. This man reportedly taught a class on constitutional law! Hasn't he read the constitution himself?

        Furthermore, the law creating this position specifically states that the director will have no authority to act until he is confirmed by the senate. So even a legal real recess appointment would be unlawful for this position.

      • @ksoileau says:

        It's not a recess appointment if Congress isn't in recess.

    9. Susan Kotrys says:

      Disgusting! We must vote this man out of office. I just hope he can't do too much damage in the next year that can never be undone.

    10. bob says:

      I agree that it's unconstitutional.
      What can we as citizens do to stop it?

      • I am going to contact the Attorney General of Alabama and begin a class action filing representing the people of the state; everyone else must do the same and after all legal remedies are exhausted, YOU KNOW WHAT WE DO NEXT.

      • Ron says:

        It is time for congress to impeach this sob for removal from office. If he is allowed to continue his constitutional violations we have nothing left but a dictatorship with no constitution. Would not surprise me to see him declare marshall law and stop the next election in the interest of HIS national security.

        • I whole heartedly agree with you!

        • Ravenhunter says:

          That is a pretty bold statement do you really think he would go to that extreme? This is not the first time I have heard Marshall Law mentioned in recent months. Honestly I am so lost and I think this is the problem many of us aren't keeping up with the crucial facts and we as the American people are to busy social networking to see that we are literally being stomped on…I know praying isn't exactly being politically proactive but I will certainly pray that there is a general awakening of the American public and that such an event does not take place!

      • Steve says:

        Not much…but we can send him back to Chicago in November, if more Americans get as P.O.ed as I am..As long as Congress goes along, and Harry Reid sits in his pocket, we will have to put up with Obama's crap…but only for 11 more months.

      • Dick says:

        Urge your congress person to vote for impeachment

      • Dave Grooters says:

        This action is a page out of Saul Alinsky's handbook.

      • Bill says:

        Why doesn't Congress challenge these actions? The more he does and is not challenged, the more difficult it is to stop him.

      • Walter Moore says:

        A good first step would be time travel to the previous administration and stop their 171 recess appointments.

        • Doug Nicholson says:

          RECESS appointments are perfectly legitimate when Congress is in RECESS, but Congress was NOT in RECESS when these appointments were made!

      • doris says:

        What the writer needs to understand that Obama care bill stripped this country of the constitution. It is no more. At least it is not being used which is obvious. The power was shifted when this bill was put in place and Obama can pass things without the congress. Isn't that special. Why we sit helplessly by while he ruins our country. We will not make this mistake again. And no matter how much Chicago thuggery etc. he uses we will win a land slide because the Tea Party has made many Americans aware of the treachery and deceit and harm Obama has put on this country. His socialistic agenda is not welcome in this country and he needs to move on. We will get our country back, our constitution, and our capitalistic form of government and if he doesn't like it, then move somewhere else. Haiti comes to mind.

      • Mary......WI says:

        The American people can NOT re-elect this "dictator"…….he has absolutely NO respect for the Constitution. If we don't get this country back on track it WILL BE GONE FOREVER! We will become Europe! But if what I heard today, that Obama will now proceed to drastically reduce mortgage rates for Freddie and Fannie mortgage holders, who will vote him out?……. newly appointed Cordray will have the power to do this and Obama will be rewarded with votes while the rest of us responsible taxpayers pay the bill for this "campaign stimulus". This makes me furious!

      • dkr says:

        It is time to show some sign that we aware of what is going on…what can this sign be??? We must let our friends, neighbors and even strangers know that we have had enough. We have to start DOING SOMETHING!!. We sit helplessly by and watch our country being destroyed because nobody knows what to do. These people in power should be impeached as traitors to this country and its constitution. Michelle Bachmann was right when she said that we are about to over the cliff….if we haven't already. How can we start a movement??? Sitting by and waiting for the 2012 election will not do…I have a strong suspicion that O'Bama may TAKE this election. Anybody have any suggestions? Please, help, people…I'm petrified. Let's get an open forum discussion going TO DO SOMETHING…JUST NOT TALK. "Where's John Galt"

    11. Really tired of hearing how the President is going to provide JOBS. How about the idea of returning businesses to the States and giving an incentive to those to stay. Punish those that left. Provide Corporations then the JOBS will be available.

      • Bobbie says:

        why punish those businesses that left? if they started here what would make them move? and if you say lower wages then why didn't they start there instead of here to begin with? lots of costs to start and run a business. It's due to the government pushing them out by over regulating and costly mandating. If America was the business friendly country (limited disciplined, principled government) they were once known and successful to be, America wouldn't be in this place, EVER!

      • If he does as you suggest the GOP call him anti- business… If he does not do it then you say he is not a leader. When he takes initiative and acts despite a do nothing congress you call him anti-constitution…

        • Bobbie says:

          be specific "if he does" means you're speculating. What has he done that's been productive and without burden and what initiative that's within his power?!! what does he or has he done that's constitutional.

          a do nothing congress? this do nothing congress has been doing everything to protect the dignity of this country and replace the disrespects of the constitution with the truth of the constitution that builds self respect and wisdom in all people forms.

          In America, people come to live their lives in the privacy of their livelihoods within their own means with their use of personal resources when and if necessary. But you support the government taking care of that by leaving some who work to provide for themselves and families with less and give more to others that are being held back by government from doing for themselves?!

          All People in America get along when there is no outside source of control influencing otherwise and when common law is the rule for all.

          Increased taxing to give the responsibilities of what you can do for yourself to government is not freedom. and a leader ignoring to follow the rules of the American peoples constitution he took an oath to follow, is not a sincere person to America. what the republicans and America want are the rules followed and respected by the leadership in all offices, especially the highest. Money worked for in the private sector is money stolen and used against the people's will and constitution.

          If a man can't stand to be man enough to take on a job as described, isn't fit to be respected as a man.

      • Robert A Hirschmann says:

        When elected Obama had a Democratic majority in the House and Senate. He could have pushed through all kinds of bills to heal this nation with no opposition. Now the House is Republican and he complains that the Republicans are stopping everything he plans to get this country back on track. He had his chance and blew it. Is the country better off with Obamacare? When exactly has the government run anything successfully? There is a story going around that a house of ill repute was taken over by the government and still lost money. Is the country better off with more government control and restrictions. Ask any businessman in America how much better off they are now as opposed to before Obama. That’s why we are unemployed. No business can afford to hire more people due to government restrictions. More businesses are moving out of the country to avoid all the rules and laws of the government. Can you really blame them? Is the country better off by raising the debt limit to such a high number that we will never be able to pay it off? Did we give Obama a chance? We sure did and look what happened.

    12. Ruth says:

      If this action Obama is taking by appointing someone illegally why can't some legal action be taken against him? I don't understand how he gets away with taking illegal actions and no one take action against him.

      • Steve says:

        He gets Eric Holder to run interferance for him, and his crap.

      • Dick says:

        Congress is afraid to talk about impeachment because it will be interpreted as a racial issue rather than a performance issue

      • Because it is not illegal of unconstitutional. It does make for great rhetoric though

      • T Wood says:

        I agree 100 %, all you hear from the news and all is that Obama has gone against the constitution again or has done something illeagal again, then everything is hushed up and he keeps going on, business as usual, cheating and disregarding the American people, why isnothing ever done?

      • Donna says:

        Why does he get away with it? Eric Holder is the Attorney General.

      • Tom Lawrence says:

        Simple, Ruth. Our congressional leaders are afraid of him. When a president deliberately violates the constitution, it is the duty of congress to impeach him. The Speaker should warn Obama that if he does not immediately withdraw these appointments, the house will seek an impeachment resolution.

    13. Denny says:

      So what is our House of Reoersentives and Seanate going to do about this? Anything? More than likely complain some and forget it. That ois all they ever do and the working people get shafted. Over and over gain. Obama, his cabinet, and czars, should all be just plain be kicked out of office. So should Biden. How long, as americans, either party, are we going to stand for this? Are we all just stupid sheep?

      • Pizman says:

        Denny, I couldn't agree more. Our Congress is very good at making strong statements, but acting is out of the question. I think they are naive to the fact of what Obama's agenda is. He will lie and do anything to satisfy the needs of his socialist agenda. Members of the Republican establishment feel he wouldn't do this to the country. Count on it, he will do ANYTHING. He is not a good man.

      • Exactly why Obama said he can't wait for congress. Because they do nothing and forget about it while hard working people get the shaft.

    14. usa67us says:

      So everyone is pretty much in agreement that the President does NOT have the power to do this.
      My question is: Why is nothing being done about it??

    15. n holtzman says:

      why don't the Republicans act – and do something about these blatant abuses of our constitution !!

      Holder will not do anything because he is as corrupt as obama !

    16. missjoy says:

      If G. Dubya had said this: "What I'm not gonna do is wait for Congress," he said. "So wherever we have an opportunity and I have the executive authority to go ahead and get some things done, we're just gonna go ahead and do 'em." it would have made headlines, and the screaming, weeping, wailing, and gnashing of big media's teeth would have been deafening.

      • Walter Moore says:

        You should Google "Bush Recess Appointments" and let us know what you find.


        • missjoy says:

          Yes… while they were ACTUALLY IN RECESS…. read the article.
          Better a man should keep his mouth shut and let people think he's a fool… than open it and prove them right, Walter.

      • Walter Moore says:

        You should Google "Bush Recess Appointments" and let us know what you find.

      • Jacob says:

        Are you forgetting the Iraq war? Bush went to war without Congress' or the UNs consent.

    17. JohnL2 says:

      As Mark Twain said,"Everybody talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it." Obama has beeen making a mockery of the rule of law in the United States for three (3) years now at home and abroad, violated his oath of office, laughed at the constitution, and lied over and over! We The People "TALK" about it but don't do anything about it!! It is past time to hold Obama accountable along with Eric Holder, etc. and hold his feet to the fire via legal action against him or, if nothing else, at the polls in Novembe, 2012. Another four years of Obama is unthinkable!! It is time to quit talking about Obama and DO SOMETHING ABOUT HIM!!!

      • Can we afford to wait until November? I fear he will do something to suspend the elections. The Occupoopers will be burning cities, a new ACORN will be out registering more cartoon characters and dead people to help steal the election if he doesn't postpone it. Is what he's doing illegal? Can articles of impeachment be brought forth? I fear November will be too late.

      • saraphina says:

        With a president like this, who needs enemies. There are not enough swear words to express my outrage! Is there no honorable, courageous congressman left who will stand for the rule of law and follow through with enforcing and protecting the constitutional rights of the United States citizens who put them if office? How much more evidence is needed? …. How much more damage does this president have to inflict upon this nation before he is stopped? WAKE UP
        Is there something tangeble that I and like minded citizens can do. What recourse do we have?

      • Mary A says:

        so what do you suggest everyone do? and exactly what are you doing to correct the matter?

      • PWls says:

        Yes, in whatever manner necessary.

      • deb says:

        you have to get out and vote

    18. Jaime Calva says:

      My concern is that if one or more of the aspirants to the presidency decides to run as an independent, 4 more years of Obama will be assured. I believe that if the aspirants are serious and sincere, they must be prepared to support the eventual GOP candidate.

      • bbuttlacer says:

        EXACTLY Jaime – the GOP candidate has to be strong, intelligent, and experienced in business and politically in order to ensure a win! We can NOT dilute the contest by separating loyalties – the Tea Party dilution allowed Harry Reid to remain in place – that should have never happened! Use your heads people – we have to unite and conquer! We have to get rid of Obama, he must be voted out in 2012! This great country can not afford another 4 yrs of him and his czars disregarding the Constitution for their own gain and driving the US into Socialism. In fact, it's looking as if we can't afford Obama's last yr in office! Examine his stats! Look at this appointment he made yesterday and fear the damage "they" can do with little (if any) monitoring. We should all be terrified – by "we," I mean working people or working want-to-bes

    19. Dale says:

      My first thought is the retort with savage and relentless off color swearing that would make a sailor blush. However, on second thought, I resolve to educate and inform all that I can to what is happening in our once delightful and wonderful country. Sit on the sidelines, then whine about the results is just not my approach.

    20. DanK says:

      Is there any legal recourse to this abuse of power? Can an injunction be issued to block these appointments until Congress can take them up when they all return?

    21. Paul says:

      As a conservative I am frustrated with Congress, both houses! Where is the GOP to hold this president accountable? The GOP throw their arms up in the air in feigned anger and outrage but after lunch they forget all about it. Thank goodness for Rep. Darrel Issa for investigating Fast and Furious. But than what? What if someone is found guilty? Will there be any punishment? Other than a reprimand? C'mon now. What about the family of the slain border agent. Where is there justice? What if this happens to a citizen in Newark of Kansas City? When will the GOP hold the president accountable rather than just saying wait until election time>

    22. Walter Moore says:

      Mr. Brownfield, Could you be so kind as to link to your articles where you denounce Bush for his recess appointments?

      • citizen x says:

        What does it matter who goes against constitutional authority? They all should be held accountable regardlessof whether it suits your agenda or not.

      • The house is presently not in recess. I asked the same question but that is the difference. I guess the Republicans knew he would do this.

      • missjoy says:

        I believe, Walter, that we heard plenty of that sort of denunciation from the Mainstream Media during Bush's presidency. As a creator of opinion content, Mr Brownfield does not bear any responsibility to comment on a previous president.
        Oh… also….
        Could YOU be so kind as to link YOUR articles where you show that Bush made a "recess appointment" when the Senate was not actually in a legal recess?

      • @snowcloud79 says:

        This isn't even CLOSE to anything Bush did and even if he DID do it, so what? That makes it right now? One bank robber gets away with the money so we can't go after any bank robbers anymore?

      • tonyclarke says:

        I guess you missed the part that they weren't in recess. Read it again.

      • foobar says:

        The issue is not that President Obama made a recess appointment – that is something that presidents are legally allowed to do. The point that this article is making is that President Obama made the appointment while Congress was still in session, thereby circumventing their approval.

      • Gerald Miks says:

        Bush is history, we're talking about now and what the next four years will bring.

    23. Lloyd Scallan says:

      How many more times must Obama prove his intent was to become this nation's first dictator? Well he succeeded! Over and over again the signs were their. Now, three years into this take-over of our country, some (including HF) admit what many of us knew from the beginning. The question is why did some of the conservative media refuse to report the truth about Obama? This stupidity of not wanting to offend some of the public, or did not want to appear to be attacking the office of the President, is part of the problems we now face. We must realize Obama does not deserve our respect. When Obama was elected by fraud, the Office of the President was disgraced. It will remain disgraced while Obama sits in the Oval Office.

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        The media is more than biased; it's the reason why this President has gotten aways with so much. I don't buy the newspapers…but for many all they do is read the newspapers and the TV, and all they get is what the Democrats want you to hear.

      • h7u5t7 says:

        Yet when Bush was scrapping the constitution in an effort to become the nation's first dictator, you were silent. Every word you wrote was true about Bush: We must realize Bush does not deserve our respect. When Bush was elected by fraud, the Office of the President was disgraced. It will remain disgraced while Bush sits in the Oval Office. All true.

    24. John Lake says:

      OK, yet again the Obama administration tramples on the Constitution. This is getting to be a very old and tedious "headline." My questions are:

      - Can these recess appointments be stopped/challenged? If so by who and how?
      - Who is responsible for reigning in this non-stop assault on our form of government?
      – Senate? (good luck)
      – House? (My rep's a dyed-in-the-wool democrat – no chance of my influencing anything there)
      – The people? (how?)
      - Will anybody really do anything about it?
      - Are we going to have to tolerate this until 2013? November is just the election, so much more hideous damage can be done in December and early January!

      I'm exhausted from all this. The only thing I have left is my vote.

      • Walter Moore says:

        I see. Were you equally outraged when Bush made recess appointments?

        • Brenda Choate says:

          The major difference between Bushes recess was that the CONGRESS WAS IN RECESS. The democrats passed the three day and obama ignored it. And, for your information, the consumer affairs czar had his day before the house and they voted against him.

      • Paddy O says:


    25. Bill says:

      Like so many of the President's actions, this is clearly a blatant abuse of power. Is there anyone in Congress who has the fortitude and clout to make this man answer to anything? He will continue to do what he is doing until stopped. Where are our representatives?

    26. Kupe says:

      Reminds me of G. W. Bush's "tyrannical abuse of power" with his recess appointment of John Bolton to the United Nations back in 2005 while Bolton was being investigated for his improper use of NSA documents. Are we, perhaps, over-using the term "tyrannical" in both of these examples?

      • John Armstrong says:

        We are overusing the word "tyrannical" in the Bush appointment of Bolton, as that was a proper recess appointment- an action that Presidents have taken for over 100 years. The NLRB and CFPB appointments were taken while the Senate was still in session and not in recess. The article, and many others I have read in the past couple of days, have made this bright line distinction very clear.

      • missjoy says:

        But, if I remember correctly. they were ACTUALLY in recess.
        In this case, they were not.

      • Walter Moore says:

        It's hard to know who simply does not know the facts and who simply will not attempt to be consistent about Presidents in different parties.

      • FriendForLife says:

        Thank You ! Where were all these concerned citizens when Cheney/Bush took us into a second and useless war illegally with Iraq? Talk about abuse of Executive powers and holding those responsible.
        We too easily ignore some and forget all too readily the abuses of those we hold dear.

    27. Thomas Crowe says:

      As usual, when Obama doesn't get what he wants, first he throws a temper tantrum, then he figures out a way to bypass Constitutional Law to try to get his way anyway. What a 4 year old!

    28. Jim Buzzell says:

      Congress needs to man up! And that will never happen with the present make up of congress????

    29. Les says:

      I've had my fill of hearing that Obama is trampling the Constitution and breaking this law or that law. If he has, and it appears he has, why don't organizations such as yourself take the Administration to court? Or, is the only thing that can be done is talk?

    30. Robert Thom says:

      As I read this article I could not but help have my thoughts drawn to another leader to whom his nation's Constitution was only for show: Ngo Dinh Diem of South Viet Nam. In his book "The Two Viet Nams, A Political and Military Analysis," Bernard Fall includes the following concerning Diem's leadership style in a sub-chapter headed "…And Constitutional Realities:" "What has to be discarded is not presidential leadership but the arbitrary and undemocratic exercise of executive authority."

      Obama is approaching, if he has not already achieved, Diem like disregard for the US Constitution except for select sections, selected application of the 14th Amendment, etc., which he can use to achieve his own ends.

    31. Andrew Castro says:

      There is an error in this article, the correct clause is 3 and not clause 2 under Article II,section 2. Please recheck this.

    32. Richqqq says:

      Stunning. What can be done? There must be counter balance moves that can be used to reverse these moves. What are they?

    33. ROG says:

      Doesn't anyone in Congress know how to stop this tyrannt??? He is interested in only one thing and that is to destroy this nation. He is not interested in fixing the economy, supporting a strong national defense, unlawful immigration, developing small business' (over regulation), unemployment, national research (scientific/technical) and he certinly wants to develop class warfare and is ignoring the constitution.

    34. MJF in CT says:

      One of the problems is this "Consumer Financial Protection Bureau" (line others) is not a legal entity. The Constitution provides avenues for checks and balances that (if followed) provide the protection to the People from the government. Administrations throughout the 20th & present 21st Century have tried to skirt around this "problem" so their agendas would get through (just looks at most of FDR's policies).

      Now, Mr. Obama has violated the Constitution several times (and no one has had the guts to call him on it) and he will continue to violate as long as these "loopholes" remain in place. This is the fault of both Democrat & Republican leaders because each of them have used these loopholes to their advantages. We Conservatives want to have the Constitution adhered to but let's face it, those in command (and possible the future commanders) just don't want to loose their advantage.

      • FriendForLife says:

        Thank you for making a point of balance in illuminating the shared responsibilities and abuses by both political parties for these problems. The relative ease for promoting extremism in the current citizenry is as much a hinderance to due process and reasoned judgement as is Congress' willingness to continue accepting paychecks for doing relatively nothing but obstructing rather than promoting positive action.

    35. John A. Szeker says:

      As I have said before, obama thinks he is a king – not just the president of the USA. If the Republicans in Congress had any guts, and leadership abilities, they would start impeachment proceedings against obama immediately for subverting the Constitution and abuse of power – not just in this case but in many of the actions he has taken as our president. I have to say that I have been disappointed in Heritage for not publishing my previous comments on this site?

      • Jim Delaney says:

        I too have found that Heritage has often been squeemish about publishing comments which may be errantly construed by them as being "over the top", but to our Founders would be viewed as republican and constitutional orthodoxy. Such censorship among conservatives and patriots is terribly misguided and only leads to moral paralysis and yet more conservative appeasement of tyranny from the left.

    36. Guest says:

      This is what happens when you give a man too much power. This is the result of deciding to follow a few of the constitutional laws but not the ones that don't suit you. Heritage has been guilty of promoting this with their empire building support. This is wrong! It will get worse….

      "When any court violates the clean and unambiguous language of the
      constitution, a fraud is perpetrated and no one is bound to obey it."
      – State v. Sutton
      Source: 63 Minn 167, 65 NW 262, 30 LRA 630

      "An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no
      duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal
      contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed."
      – Norton vs. Shelby County
      Source: 118 US 425 p.442

    37. guest says:

      In MHO the President has in effect given congress both Democrats and Republicans the one finger salute and has mooned the entire country. just saying!

    38. With 56 million Americans receiving Federal Entitlements of one sort or another, 15 Million Union members (8 Mil, Public sector, 7 Mil Private industry), Mr. Obama unfortunately has a very good chance of winning in 2012.

      Add to this the lackluster candidates put forth in Iowa and the evidence that none of them excite even the Republicans, never mind the Independents and I fear it will be another four years of Mr. Obama.

      A lame duck, with his ideology, contempt for the Constitution and seriously deficient knowledge and experience as to the fundamentals that made this country great and it will be 100 years before we recover. That is of course if we are not subjugated to the global rules of others who have been salivating over our wealth and power since 1946.

    39. Wayne says:

      Beyond the Heritage Foundation, who's watching the store ? Frankly, it's this kind of abuse of power on the part of this president that has provided fertile ground for Newt Gingrich's & Ron Paul's appeal.

      If ever there was a time for both former Presidents Bush to come out of the woodwork to boldly condemn this recent CFPB action, now is the time. Perhaps Jeb Bush might want to weigh in on this matter as well.

      Fox News should remain focused on this matter like a Dog on a Bone. Perhaps start promoting a 1-2 hour expose on the illegal and border-line illegal moves by this president and his administration. The gloves are off and now is the time to launch into a measured response.

      I've heard rumors of 1 billion dollars to be spent on the presidents re-election efforts. The Republicans and Conservatives ( sometime 2 seperate entities ) cannot sit quiet on the sidelines and "Hope Things Just Work Out".

      i hope and trust the Heritage Foundation can galvanize the hearts and minds of Conservative Americans and help put a like minded person in the Oval Office next January.

    40. PaulRH says:

      Heritage, what actions can citizens take to stop this abuse?

    41. RBCinTexas says:

      If Congress does not move to impeach and remove Obama for his failure to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States then everyone in both Houses have to go. Obama has not only ignored our Constitution, I feel that a case could be made that the man has committed treason and should be charged and sent to trial.

    42. Alcon says:

      Why is it there is no movement to impeach this arrogant president. He continues to take unilateral actions in violation of the constitution and encourage divisive actions between the White House and Congress for political positioning of his re-election campaign. Couple these abuses with his selection of Franklin Raines, Tim Howard, and Jim Johnson as his economic advisors after their misconduct in management of Fannie Mae and his continued push to increase Union's power over businesses and he clearly emerges as an individual dedicated to socialism in America. It is time to put and end to his insulting, un-american behavior.

    43. Paul says:

      Although the article is appreciated and does its job of highlighting still another abuse by this President, the outcome will not change. There appears to be no one that will or can check this man's power grab. The American people hopefully will wake up in November and oust this man. We can hope that it will not be too late to save our country.

    44. Guest says:

      Message body

      "The shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep's throat,
      for which the sheep thanks the shepherd as his liberator,
      while the wolf denounces him for the same act as the destroyer of liberty."
      — Abraham Lincoln
      (1809-1865) 16th US President

    45. Bobby Stubblefield says:

      Have we citizens of America. become the frog in the beaker, i think its time for the impeachment process to begin. i am in my seventy years old .in all those years i have never seen such blaten disrgard by a president. may God help us

    46. Thomas Cox says:

      If this is clearly unconstitutional why not impeach Obama? Will not happen because this is another way for lawyers to pursue lawsuits, thus redistribute wealth. Lawyers mostly make up Congress. The country is now over the edge with more of those that won't work or know how to game the system. They will keep the liberals in control. Every day, in my profession, I witness abuse of the government give away system. For example, single women bragging of being pregnant again to increase their welfare check, people that are on medicaid that have their own business, people with one grocery cart full of beer that they pay for with cash, and another cart they pay for with food stamps. I am just disgusted with so called republicans and conservates in congress shooting their mouth off to sound good but ultimately do not do anything!

    47. Guest says:

      "They who most loudly clamour for liberty do not most liberally grant it."
      — Dr. Samuel Johnson

    48. ThomNJ says:

      "…a new agency that has come under significant criticism given its unparalleled powers to issue expansive regulations with virtually no accountability." – and therein lies a big part of the problem with our government – the Congress has methodically given up its sacred duty to the people of this country by letting go of their Constitutional duty to be the ones to create the laws and allowing faceless, nameless bureaucrats to do that instead. It never ceases to amaze me to hear people in conversation that wonder why the government cannot just create a rule or law and enforce same for something about which they have a pet peeve – yet if you ask them, and point to a random stranger on the street, if they would accept a rule right now that the random person could make – would they follow it? The outrage is always something and the double standard completely goes over their collective heads.

    49. Dale says:

      With the straw poll results in from Iowa, and the media spin re-telling us how to view this. I am struck by the arrogance of it all. How much arrogance and disregard for each of us, is the media showing? How much disregard for our very own thoughts and opinions. In retrospect, and in some cases, it may be necessary to be told how to vote and for whom. Obama got his job to assume all the power of the government, and change all of our lives, with the hope that we wouldn't notice until it is too late. Is it really too late? That would be up to each of us to decide. Is it too late to get involved? Is it too late to effect a change? Is it too late to hope?
      We, those that have ever applied for a job, have been chosen on our own merit, qualifications, and ability to go do the required job. We each have been awarded raises according to our improvements. So how is it that we each choose to follow what we are told to do, choose who works for us, and pay with our hard work, those that don't do what we instruct them to do? Those of us that are in the position to choose who works for us, in consideration for compensation, effect hope and change every time we hire someone. Those of us that don't hire.. wish we could, don't we? This is our chance. This is our time… to hope… and to change! Grab a friend, neighbor, the next person in the checkout lane, the gal at the checkout stand, the fellow in the service isle… the next person you see.. grab them with a hope… and change the way things are today… for tomorrow, for our children, for the world, for your future.

    50. John D. Schutt says:

      The power madness of the Obama administration would not have been tolerated if done during the Bush administration, so why is it being tolerated now? Are our politicians so deaf and blind and willing to relinquish our freedoms? Are we, the public, also going to allow our freedoms to be usurped in this manner? Obama is blatantly guilty of impeachable acts, yet so few seem to be concerned.

    51. Fundamental Transformation … into Oceania. (Orwell / 1984 / Big Brother)

      d(^_^)b http://libertyatstake.blogspot.com/
      “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

    52. RBCinTexas says:

      If Congress does not stand up to Obama then the people will have to. How about a national work stoppage until Obama resigns? After a few days, he would be forced to step down because it would be a crushing blow from the poeple.

    53. George Cooper says:

      I am telling you, if a Republican, especially George W. Bush, did all this stuff that Obama did, he would have been impeached by February 2009.

    54. Dale says:

      With the straw poll results in from Iowa, and the media spin re-telling us how to view this. I am struck by the arrogance of it all. How much arrogance and disregard for each of us, is the media showing? How much disregard for our very own thoughts and opinions. In retrospect, and in some cases, it may be necessary to be told how to vote and for whom. Obama got his job to assume all the power of the government, and change all of our lives, with the hope that we wouldn't notice until it is too late. Is it really too late? That would be up to each of us to decide. Is it too late to get involved? Is it too late to effect a change? Is it too late to hope?

    55. Las Vegas Bob says:

      Why does Obama do this? Because he knows he can. There are no elected officials in Wahington with the stones to confront him and make him responsible for his choices. Choices have consequences on both sides. WHen the other shoe drops it will crush BOTH R's and D's.

    56. CJH in TX says:

      Are the members of Congress so "lilly livered" as to not step up and STOP this maniac from destroying totally our Constitution? I am mad, sick, tired, upset and scared to death as to what HE is doing to our country. Someone, ANYONE tell us what can be done. We cannot wait until November!!!!

    57. Dave says:

      I seems to me that Obama has definitely reached the "high crimes and misdemeanors" level required for impeachment. The house should immediately bring impeachment charges. Even if they were dismissed they might slow some of this stupidity down.

    58. The first thing we can and must do as citizens it to make certain all of our family members, neighbors and friends know precisely what Obama is attempting to do. This is the type of news story — a federal agency appointment — that the vast majority of Americans will pass right over. This is how tyranny settles in, by engaging in seemingly benign actions that add up to a complete hijacking of free people.

    59. L.E. Liesner says:

      Almost all of the recess appointments that the Presidents have made are unconstitutional. Article II Section 2 states "The President shall have the Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next session." The key words here are " that may happen" existing vacancies cannot be fill during recess.

    60. Strong language is no longer enough!
      Filibuster is violated!
      Obama's Czars (45 and counting ) and his Bureaucratic Despots have virtually stopped our "Separation of Powers" System DEAD IN IT'S TRACKS! All this in Constitutional Republic!

      What will happen when Obama is threatened with loosing his power…not re-elected?
      How many more bond holders will be replaced by Unions and the U.S. Government? (GM & Chrysler)
      How many lenders will be replaced by Obama campaign contributors? (Solyndra & Ener 1 & others)
      How many more elected officials will be “re-elected” by bus loads of SEIU and union ballot stuffers? (Reid and Franken )
      How many more polling places will be manned by armed Black Panthers? (Philadelphia)
      We the People MUST BEGIN NOW!
      Heritage and other bona fide Conservative resources… Is it Impeachment or recall or WHAT NOW?

    61. disgusted says:

      I would move……but where???

    62. Carol says:

      I knew almost from day one that Obama wants to be the first in everything and that includes being our first Dictator.
      When It comes to jobs he really doesn't care. The obama admisistration told U.S. Owned Hawker Beechcraft earlier this week they are being excluded from bidding on the US Air Force contreact for a light attack aircraft. That leaves Brazilian owned Embraer as the likely recipient of the lucrative deal. At a time when jobs, the economy, and security are the most critical priorities for our country, the Obama administration decides to send the defense contract to a foreign owned company

    63. Mike A says:

      Isn't it about time to seriously consider impeachment. Here is a president who has destroyed the economy, made a mockery of our judicious laws, made a once super power nation a joke around the globe, who consistently lies to the American people, spends more time and money on vacations than any president I can recall ( and I can go on), but now with his blatant disregard for the constitution and for the governing law we as a nation adhere to, how much more will our Congress tolerant! He's out of control, drunk with his power driven by his ego. The only way this guy can win another term is to pull something out of his underhanded bags of schemes and lies, and I'm sure his band of thieves he has working with him has somethingup their sleeves. Watch and wait.

    64. Gilbert Doan says:

      So who's surprised?

      "Hope and Change"

    65. WJM in NC says:

      Hooray, Obama! Why are we paying to fund these departments that Repubs are keeping non-functional? Actively working to break Government while complaining that it is not as efficient as the private sector is BScrap. If the financial industry is willing to be bailed out by the public, they should consent to some rules from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Great political move and a great pragmatic move. Go ahead and cry on behalf of loan shark credit card companies and big banks and then run on that in an election year.

    66. ainee says:

      Everyone who has posted a comment here should call their Senators and House Representatives and demand impeachment proceedings begin against Obama. He has blatantly expressed his distaste for our Constitution – one of the most amazing freedom-providing documents ever written by men. Obama took an oath (of his office) to uphold the Constitution. He is not doing so -and in fact taking steps to undermine – if not obliterate it entirely.
      To me that is treasonous action with premeditated intention. We must take action. We must understand what we have been given in the Constitution and protect it. NOW.

    67. Terry C. says:

      Obama and his administration has overstepped its authority (ie: Eric Holder, Sebeilius, etc) since they've been in office. What do "We the people" have to do to demand impeachment? They scoff at the "little people" and keep doing what they do. They serve at the pleasure of the "little people", and think chicago law will continue to work. The Republican Party is mute except for asking for money, and sending surveys. What a joke! What can we do to demand (at a minimum) compliance to the Constitution? It says we should take up arms…Is that what he wants?

    68. Jim Delaney says:

      And what will our congressional "representatives" do aside from empty denunciations of this tyranny? NOTHING! Is it any wonder so many scared and angry Americans are now talking openly about civil disobedience and even rebellion? If this usurper-in-chief is not eliminated either judicially or electorally, ALL options will be on the table. Our founders would counsel rebellion.

    69. LuluBelle says:

      I am so tired of people saying "it's time to take a stand against Obama" without telling me what to do. We all know what he is doing is illegal, and he is in fact not even eligible to be president. Now WHAT DO I DO ABOUT IT??

    70. COLE M. says:

      THIS IS FOR THE EXPERTS AT HERITAGE:: For those of us who need arguments based on facts.

      PLEASE-PLEASE do a column on this so we have FACT and REASON on our side when discussing this matter with business associates–relatives–friends–acquaintances AND OTHER VOTERS who have fallen under spell of this silver-plated-tongued phony con-man in OUR WHITE HOUSE !!
      I loved John Bolton–and believe he was the only honest man in the building. I was delighted Bush appointed him.

    71. David says:

      @Walter Moore's comments "Mr. Brownfield, Could you be so kind as to link to your articles where you denounce Bush for his recess appointments?"

      Um, Walter, did you not read the story? Congress was NOT in recess. They used a strategy called pro-forma and refused to go into recess specifically because they are against these appointments (not really against them). The republicans wants structural changes to the agencies BEFORE he has them up and running with an appointment. Furthermore, Obama's statement in his speech, that congress was blocking his work for the people is so gross that it's disgusting. Congress represents the people, they are the voice of the people.

    72. Robert says:

      Included in a response to this is that the House must make certain there are no funds authorized, allocated, etc. to operate the agency. At what point does the destroyer get stopped.

    73. Bernard P. Giroux says:

      Has Obama committed any offense under which he can be impeached? There is an interesting legal conundrum. Find the answer. His blatant disregard for the Constitution stems from this guy's background and training, i.e., which has absolutely nothing to do with being a patriotic citizen of the United States. The Rev. Wright taught him well. How can you sit through 20 years of those lectures and not be influenced by a hate monger? Let's be truthful and forget political correctness. this guy lied to get into office and he has been using this office to push his personal, narcissistic, union and left-wing agenda since he got elected. Do NOT make the same mistake in November.

    74. Jack Robinson says:

      One after another after another an yet our elected representatives do nothing. Action should be taken by our congress and/or by the supreme court. This man can destroy our country in the next 11 months.

    75. Keith White says:

      When are we the people going to demand impeachment of Obama. This needs to be started now even with a Democratic Senate, or we may see Dictator Obama for some time and will have no way to stop him other that a revolutionary uprising.
      Obama cares nothing for the constitution and we are letting him get away with it by keeping silent.

    76. Basia says:

      Don't feel bad John Szeker. HF doesn't publish my comments anymore either even though I feel they have been quite thoughtful, honest and polite. Many of my comments have been far less emotional and inflammatory than some of the posts above. If they don't post your comments, don't send them any more money. That'll send a message.

    77. danj1 says:

      I would hope that the Dems in the Senate feel the same outrage as the Republicans. Consider if the Senate goes to a Republican majority in November and a Republican moves into the oval office, the Democrat minority will have no ability to block any kind of legislation put forth by the Republicans. The justification by the Republicans will be the Obama precedent.

      What goes around, comes around to bite you in the Liberal butt.

    78. GCM says:

      This man and his cabinet suspend the rule of law, defy Congress, sue our states, seize private industries, arm foreign gangs, open our borders, rig elections, subsidize criminal enterprises, rob our children and grandchildren, bankrupt our government, send our treasure to foreign interests… and all you can say is that it's time for the American people to "take a stand"!?! That time has come and gone. Our side has writers and analysts and pundits galore, but where are the patriots and heroes? Apparently we are no longer the home of the brave, for clearly we are not the land of the free. God help us.

      • JIm Delaney says:

        Our lack of responsive and responsible representation in DC is the problem. When the system fails us, then the survival of the Constitution rests squarely on the shoulders of We the People. We must insist that our so-called representatives introduce articles of impeachment–NOW!!!! The list of violations is already lengthy.

    79. Frank says:

      The Constitution continues in its decline. It might be dead, but someone might still come along (like Ron Paul or some other small government, Constitution-loving politician) to try & resurrect it. The only question I have: Do we have enough time for that future leader to both appear & be heard by the majority of the American voters before the USA collapses financially? People might not like aspects of Ron Paul, but he would try to follow the Constitution. If not Ron Paul, who else? Judge Napolitano asks the same question! What other Major Party, Constitution-loving, candidate do we have to vote for? Our only other option would be to vote 3rd Party… and indeed I can see eventually a 3rd Party displacing the GOP one day with the GOP going the way of the Whigs. But I fear the USA will collapse financially first. The clock is ticking.

    80. LoveFreedom2Much says:

      Please tell me WHY this man is given a pass on every damn thing he does without ANYONE RAISING HOLY HECK ABOUT IT? I do not understand this!! Why they won't STAND UP to him & his creepy czars once & for all!!!

    81. CMT says:

      I feel so sad as I watch what is happening in this great country of ours. Yes, it's been coming a long time but Obama and his czars have fast-tracked us toward eventual distruction (named Socialism/Communism). I – like so many others are just so frustrated and feel hopeless to do anything to stop the destruction. I wonder – is it going to take a revolution? I truly hope not – let's, please find a better way to peacefully and without loss of life stop this man before he completely takes over and controls every aspect of life and liberty as we have known it.

    82. Here is a copy of my filing with the Attorneys General for the state of Alabama;; if you can do the same in your area;;Mr. Attorneys General; I am requesting on behalf of my fellow American citizens a suit be filed against Barack Hussein Obama and any and all of his appointed associates charging him with violation of the oath of office of the President of the United States of America, I am also charging him with sedition, conspiracy to over throw the United States government, violation of his constitutional powers granted by the same document, committing high crimes and misdemeanors pursuant to his dereliction of duties and placing myself and all Americans in danger by not legally performing his assigned duties as President of the United States of America [Alabama included]. I am respectfully asking you to koin the other [50] Attorneys General in petitioning the court for relief from illegal and unconstitutional actions of Barack Hussein Obama [acting President of the United States of America].

    83. James Moore says:

      How can the House justify funding the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau when it's staffed illegally?

      • Guest says:

        The House isn't allowed to fund the Cons. Financial P. Bureau, as the funding is coming from the Treasury. Congress has absolutely no supervision over this agency-per Obama. No one except Obama and his group can control this agency. This is why this whole action on Obama's part is a complete end run around Congress. When early in his presidency he broke bankruptcy laws with his GM/Chrysler bondholders, I was aghast at what he would do. Obama apparently hasn't changed, but is apparently becoming stronger in his desires "to fundamentally transform" (as he stated on the day he was sworn in) the country. I believe we had better be praying for divine intervention, plus whatever we can do legally and ethically to stop his "transformation"

    84. Guest says:

      Was my comment not worthy? It was polite, to the point and agreed with the general consensus. I would like to be counted as one who believes this is a gross misuse of power. Thank you.

    85. Leftshot says:

      As an example of how out of control the NLRB is already, read the following statement from the NRLB's FAQ page on their requirement for posting their pro-union propaganda. Note that while this describes an exception it reads more like it came from a tyrannical dictatorship or a union boss than from a government set up to serve the people within limited constitutional powers.

      "Religious organizations: The Board will not assert jurisdiction over employees of a religious organization who are involved in effectuating the religious purpose of the organization, such as teachers in church-operated schools. The Board has asserted jurisdiction over employees who work in the operations of a religious organization that did not have a religious character, such as a health care institution."

      "assert jurisdiction"? That doesn't sound like a limited constitutional republic to me!

    86. Gary says:

      Skimming the comments it seems that most are tired of hearing about the President's actions and listening to the many complaints about them. If they are unconstitutional, then someone, somewhere needs to take action against him and his administration. His complaint against Congress not doing anything can be traced back to Sen. Harry Reid blocking virtually everything the House has passed.

    87. Bilberry says:

      The Congressional Republicans continue to stall and impede the work of the President. This recent appointment requires review and concurrence or disapproval by Congress in the near future. It is within the Constitution as a right of the President to act.

    88. Tip Rouse says:

      As the President becomes the Emperor, Congress sets on it's hands and allows him free run of the nation. The Supreme Court has been in the bag for some time but I have just recently realized that both House and Senate, no matter the party in dominance, are also working toward the agenda of a Socialist Global America. What can be done? Probably nothing but mourn the loss of our nation and liberties.

    89. Liberalsownfalsehood says:

      Can someone explain the difference here between Obama doing this and Bush, Clinton and other Presidents doing this? Is Obama breaking the Constitution, but not Clinton or Bush, whom also made recess appointments?

    90. RGK says:

      The American voters elected this 'thug administration'. What were they thinking ? It's time for Congress to withold funding for this Obama created 'bureau'. It's also time for court challenges to this abuse of Executive Power as regards all of these Obama created bureaucratic agendas. The lawyers will of course love this and drag the decisions out as long as possible. Time is, after all, money ! We have become a country that is dictated by laywers. What ever happened to the 'rule of law' by simple understanding right and wrong. Time for the American people to DEMAND EXPEDIENT ACTION !!

    91. glynnda says:

      It is time to impeach him, prosecute him and remove him from office for misuse of power and failing to protect the Constitution as he promised. He is a Harvard educated lawyer with a specialty in Constitutional interpretation. He well knows he has overstepped his boundaries. The problem is that there is a corrupt DOJ in place. Mr. Holder will have to be pursued and removed as well.

      We all know what this means…..Congress is going to have to get a spine. I don't see that happening anytime soon, they just sent the Fed Defensive Auth Act which he signed on 12/31….language in the legislation authorizes him to arrest anyone and hold indefinitely for "suspected terrorist activities". That all sounds very safe on the surface….until they start changing the meaning of a "terrorist activity" i.e. talking down the president's or his cabinet's activities, czars, or even talking mean about liberals, etc.

      Obama signed it…..Congress wrote and passed it.


    92. AJ Johnson says:


      ____So what! He does whatever he wants to do – nobody in congress has the guts to stand up against him! Anyone of them could challenge his violations of the constitution in the courts, but they won't. No accountability, no integrity and he gets away with it – wait until he gets re-elected then you will see some real change…remember he just signed his supreme power into law a week ago – the National Defense Appropriations Act of 2012 and congress again stood by and did nothing to stop it!


    93. Victoria DeLacy says:

      He absolutely must be replaced with a Republican candidate this coming November. I hope we get three time winner Texas Governor Rick Perry as our nominee since of all the candidates he has proven the most electable as well as most effective in managing the economy of his own state, which has produced the most jobs of any throughout the nation during the past several years. His established record of public service demonstrates true leadership that is in keeping with respect for the laws of the USA. The Obamunist tyrannical abuse of power was clearly seen when he attempted to ram Obamacare down the collective American throat despite the fact that nearly 3/4 of the electorate told our representatives in the House and Senate to vote no on that monstrosity of a bill. Every single representative who so failed to heed the clearly expressed will of We the People (including Obama) should be forced out of office at the earliest possible opportunity, period.

    94. LFK says:

      How frustrating Obama's behavior is, but even more frustrating is…..What can and what is anybody doing about it?!

    95. Norski says:

      I see by other posts of the lack of a cohesion body of people a clear message to President Obama of this abuse of power and to the very fact that he swore upon taking this office, the promise to the American people to uphold the Constitution. We MUST put pressure on our Representatives to uphold their duty to be the watchdog of this President. And the time has come, if they do not act, then we must form a grassroots group of citizens to start the pressure, if the very need to process an impeachment of him within the Office of the President. Yes, other Presidents have abused their power, but this man is outwardly admitting to the citizen of this Constitutional abuse.

    96. Marie says:

      It seems to me he's been getting away with a lot of things…and who is letting him do this? We the people aren't, as we have been signing petitions, making phone calls, etc. We've been doing our part. What about congress…are they?

    97. Candace says:

      So does anyone in a position to be noticed have any plans to call Obama on this or to denounce his actions? We have to have more than just the report of this behavior. We must have some bold counteractions or solutions to rein in this presidency. Ideas anyone??? The election is still a ways off.

    98. Paul greathouse says:

      I am allways surprised at the lack of attention given to the ones who perpertrated this hoax of a election that put this president in office—and that is this farce referred to as "the news media". The total lack of reporting the known facts as to his background anf the blatent lies printed surounding him should have been enough to alarm even the liberals for their liberty is at stake here just as much as the conservatives.However we do have the power in our hands to reign in the press—simply refuse to purchase any item while it is advertised by them. No advertising money – no press. goodby good riddance

    99. Fedupaj says:

      The Heritage Foundation is good at telling people what is wrong but how about solutions. If the president is abusing his powers with total disregard for the Constitution there must be a way to stop him and reverse those actions. The power of the law and the Supreme Court should keep the other two branches in check. At what point would impeachment be used? Is what the president is doing worth impeachment pursuits? Is there any way to stop this tyrant? Are we the people just going to sit here and do nothing as The Heritage Foundation preaches to the choir? Heritage must know the answers so lets "git er done". Stop Obama!

    100. John Woodhead says:

      Sent to Rep Scott (GA-13th) 1250/5 Jan11 (Th)

      <<RE: "Recess" appointment with Senate still in session.

      Please take IMMEDIATE action to impeach Obama for the high crime of intentionally violating the U.S. Constitution.

      Because the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and the rock-bed basis of all other other laws, there can be no doubt that that it is a high crime. On top of all this, he swore an oath to "…support and defend…" the Constitution.

      Additionally, if you don't do this, you won't be "…support(ing) and defend(ing)…" the Constitution either!

      UnConstitutionally is no way to run the Executive branch.>>

    101. Lynn says:

      When Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House she used to call all kinds of stuff into question and have it investigated even if it wasn't warranted. Why hasn't someone in the house or senate called for an investigation into any of this illegal stuff the President has done. He should be impeached and then CONVICTED for breaking the laws. I could go on but will stop here.

    102. Bill says:

      Impeachment is the answer provided in the Constitution. I would love to see these proceedings so that our politicians would have to go on record for either supporting the Constitution or this man who would be king.
      We could also use an amendment that eliminates recess appointments, signing statements, and executive orders.

    103. Steve says:

      Can someone please tell me the difference with Obama's appointments and Bush and Clinton's appointments in the past under seemingly the same circumstances?

    104. Anne says:

      And he used to teach Constitutional Law!

    105. Eriyu says:

      Wow… I agree that what Obama did was wrong, but this is one of the most incredibly biased articles I've ever seen. How many synonyms for "astonishingly reckless exercise of executive authority" and "tyrannical abuse of power" should I have to wade through before I get to the actual facts? :/

      I am perfectly capable of deciding for myself that it's wrong to defy the Constitution without having to read every other sentence about how "the President is hell bent on ramming through his agenda."

    106. Dave says:

      Is there anyone else out there that believes the cummulative actions of our current President for his blatent disregard of our Constitution is an impeachable offense? He has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution and in my mind that means playing by the established rules. If he wants to change the rules there is a process for this too, but I don't believe he thinks the rules apply to him nor his Administration. Just curious if anyone else feels the way I do.

    107. vicki says:

      Heritage – what can you do about this? What can I do? Who has the power to start impeachment proceedings?

    108. Thomas von Holt says:

      The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.

    109. Tim Goodrich says:

      Look, everyone sits around shrugging shoulders. Looking at each other wondering who is going to do something about it. Well, remember, each Senator, and each Congressman have a report card. It is everyones responsibility to read it and decide if they are really acting on our behalf, or if they are working for the same forces that are telling Obummer what to do. He is an idiot. He is just doing what he is told, and his boss is telling him "Just do it", "Nobody is gonna do anything about it" "we own 84 of the senators" "and "95 percent of the congressmen" so just do it………
      Our responsibility is to vote them all out. It's actually easier than getting our president of choice elected.

    110. Patricia says:

      It is time for King Barack to be deposed and it is up to Congress to do it. His tyrannical acts are designed to bring our country to its knees and impose on us his socialistic agenda. I pray that the engaged and intelligent minds in Congress will prevail and take the actions necessary to begin impeachment before this president can do anymore harm to us and our children.

    111. W Weber says:

      When will they do something about Obama? If they charge him we can at least keep him busy defending himself and he will be less likely to continue his total disregard of our Constitution.


    112. carol,az says:

      Anger in the White House?
      Yes, a foreign student whose's education was paid for by us:
      Occidental College, CA where no one remembered Barack.
      To Columbia U. in NYC, where no one remembers him.
      To Harvard: Further told he taught Constitutional Law.
      Onward to numerous SS numbers in CT, but no one remembers him there either.
      He's not Vetted and no one cares.
      Conclude that this affirmative action hand-picked foreign student ,now acting as the Prez, is the biggest cover up in our living American history.
      Thank You Lloyd you have given me hope and David great job that your finally P. off.

    113. Ben C. says:

      The onslaught of our freedoms continues. The recently passed "National Defense Act" will be the tool to arrest those who protest too loudly against the government and its agencies. . For me, the entire legislature needs to be held in contempt of the Constitution – especially those who voted for this bill. We need to look at the forest, not the trees. It is a scary vision. Be afraid, very afraid.

    114. RG Schmidt says:

      I'm surprised no one, including the author, has mentioned the fact that without funding–which must come from the House of Representatives–the Consumer Protection Agency goes nowhere. No money, no teeth. Oh, I forgot; The House=No guts.

    115. Whicket Williams says:

      The Patriot act and the NDAA laws are FAR WORSE . WE NOW HAVE A DE-FACTO DICTATOR> I will not be surprised when he suspends elections and declares himself dictator for Life!

    116. Jim Delaney says:

      And just what will our principled GOP "representatives" in congress do about this tyranny? Absolutely nothing!

      As our founders would counsel, it's now up to We the People to return our Republic to constitutional order.

    117. Whitney says:

      Why can't Congress refuse to recognize this illegal appointment, and the myriad of other unconstitutional things Obama keeps doing? It seems like they should ignore these proclamations and proceed as if they hadn't been made at all. I certainly hope the ultimate Republican candidate for President has the guts to bring up all of Obama's unconstitutional actions over and over again during the campaign, despite the resistance he will receive from the lame stream media.

      • Because there is nothing unconstitutional about it, only frustrating for his opponents

      • Jim Delaney says:

        …because the elitist Congress has become part of the problem. It doesn't take a genius to understand what recourse is left for us. But, for a start, bury Capitol Hill with demands that impeachment begin in earnest!!!!!!!!!

    118. LOU says:

      Can't the house refuse to fund the CFPB?

    119. For a person purporting to have been a Constitutional law proffessor, he doesn't seem to know very much about the Constitution, does he.

      • Hmmm… even though he taught constitutional law at Chicago law School where none of the above opinions come anywhere close. Now who looks as if they do not understand the constitution?

    120. mrclen says:

      Take a look at the number of recess appointments by recent presidents. i think you'll find that Obama's are the lowest in recent history. Were all of these recent Presidents dictators? I think not–but then they weren't saddled with a House whose admitted goal is to block anything by the current administration.

      • Jim Delaney says:

        Enquiring minds want to know about those other unconstitutional recess appointments perpetrated by other presidents. Who and when? Clearly, you've been drinking that mind-numbing kool-aid.

        Senator Obama attacked the use of even constitutionally BONAFIDE recess appointments calling such appointees "damaged goods"; but now, while congress is in proforma session, His Imperial Highness reverses himself and unconstitutionally appoints NLRB and Consumer Bureau hatchet men. So much for HIS honor and principle. And let's not forget that Ruthless Reid kept the Senate in proforma session in 2007 solely to prevent Bush appointments. And it worked because Bush wasn't about to overreach his constitutional authority.And even Comrade Obama's so-called "Justice Department" counseld against such an action. But, of what relevance is the Constittuion to a thug?

        I don't care if it's His Excellency Obama or any other imperial president, violating the Constitution is outrageous and is clearly an impeachable offense. Let the impeachment process go forward.

    121. MTRIFLE says:

      As long as Democrats are in power in any of the 3 branches of government, we have no chance of doing anything including impeachment. Pelosi, Reed and Obama are all hard core leftists. They have an agenda and they will not change. The coming election may be our last chance to save this country before it turns very ugly.
      I have always understood why we have a second Ammendment. King Obama may just force us to take things into our own hands just like King George did over 200 years ago. I pray that it doesn't happen, but it sure looks like it is heading that way.
      Do any of you actually think that Obama will leave office if he loses the coming election or do you even believe that we will have a fair election. The only difference between us Americans and the Chinese or Russians is we still think that we are Free.

    122. Henry says:

      It will take several "Novembers" to solve the problems we face in this Republic. We must all educate our friends, neighbors and children about the way the Constitution works. It has not been taught in our public schools in close to one hundred years. The only safeguard of liberty is an informed and dedicated people who value freedom more than safety and pleasure. I keep hearing the question "What can we do?" It starts with each of us taking a stand for what is moral in all of our personal dealings with each other. From there it will spread to our neighborhood, our town, our state and nation. There is not a "quick fix" to solve our problem, but it is solvable! Our Founders despaired of whether men could govern themselves. There was a "Great Awakening" that gave them the hope and belief that it was possible. We need our own awakening and it must start now, and, in fact, it may have started with the TEA parties two years ago. Keep the fire going!

    123. Nancy says:

      The people in power tried to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about Monica. This man is setting this nation up for a fall and is literally rubbing the noses of all American citizens in it. What "does" a president have to be guilty of to be impeached.

    124. Ben Gause says:

      It may be picky, but in addition to the other reasons that this action is un constitutional , the vacancies did not "occur" during the so called recess, but predated it.

    125. David Alves says:

      Are these grounds for impeachment? Has he not yet violated his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution from ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC (including HIM)?

    126. Paddy O says:

      This Guy is ruining our contry's economy —making a shambles of our constitution—-doesn't care what the American people want ——lets anyone who criticize him be called racist without correcting his captive media
      now wants to give our missile defense technology to the RUSSIANS—has been exposed as a liar numerous times — forces his ideology on us agaiinst our will- The list goes on and and on.
      WHAT KIND OF BUNG HOLES DOES IT TAKE TO SAY HE'S A NICE GUY. I never did trust anyone who has a nice PRACTICED smile!

    127. notluf trebor says:

      It is the power of Congress that is being usurped. Its recourse"? De-fund or impeach,. Does any politician have the courage to begin either process? Americans will support either course of action, because the real loss is theirs. Steamboat

    128. Adrian Vivas says:

      Every modern President has used recess appointments twice as often as President Obama. Reagan used them three times as often. The stupid political ploy of "we're still in session" is exactly that, a dumb ploy that the current GOP are trying to pull that would essentially make recess appointments unavailable from now on as long as the other party has one house?

    129. Ron W. Smith says:

      Who can blame the President for being frustrated with Congress? We all are and have been for years. When Harry Truman used the phrase "do-nothing Congress" he jumped the gun. The real do-nothing folks are in our federal House and Senate right now–unwilling to sacrifice agenda to compromise, unwilling to submit issues to national discussion, debate, and even referendum where nothing else has worked, unwilling to change rules to eliminate controversial riders to bills and thus improve efficiency with important matters.
      Pinning the tail on the donkey (the President is a Democrat) isn't a solution, it's a tactic designed to avert blame where blame is due–the Congress of the United States–and score points in the anti-Obama part of the score card. The President, who has indeed failed us all, is doing what he has to do in lieu of alternatives that are viable. The Congress? They have clearly failed us all as well, as the decades-old-problems like illegal immigration, the long and failed "war" on drugs which now involves bloodbaths and a disaster for tourism in Mexico, the corruption of our political system by big money and effective elimination of any meaning to one person-one vote , the increasing arming of America under the banner "freedom to pack heat," the budget-busting expense of the country's projection of power everywhere.
      If the President tweaks the rules to get his way, look to Congress for his example of how to do it.

    130. Frank says:

      What is wrong with our Congress, do these weaklings have any guts to obey our Constitution as it was written.
      Why are we letting this President get away with this?
      We are going in the wrong direction.

    131. eagle eye says:

      The house and senate won't do anything, they are cowards and obama believes and does whatever he wants. The legislative brance is powerless today; they lack leadership and courage. Futhermore, the representatives are'nt insterested in enforcing The Constitution; reguardless of party they are more concerned enriching themselves by structuring their personal portfolios just prior to passing laws and government programs. The exectutive brance is just as corrupt. Short of a new revolution I see no end to the disfuction of our government. We are the fools for letting it happen, there are many smart, informed reporters, newspapers, polical shows hosts and constitutionists that can lead or create a show that will show us Americans cna take their government back.

    132. Larry says:

      More lies and deceit. Is there not any legal way to disregard his directives when they go totally against the Constitution of the United States. This man is making a mockery of all of us and it is disgusting.

    133. Don Huber says:

      I thought we had a representative type government, House, Senate, President, and Supreme court. Now it appears the country is right back where it started, and that is with a King. l just hope what is happening can be stopped before it's too late.

    134. rmgdonnow says:

      I suggest,and strongly, that Obama has no respect for the U.S. Constitution or any tradition or established regimen which does not fit in with his, and his democrat supporters,' abjectly anti-American agenda. They know very well of his background and former associates.
      His agenda is their agenda. Obama was sought out, recruited, awarded the principal speech at the 2004 NYC convention, promoted endlessly by them and an enthusiastic "Media." Then he was (surprisingly?)
      made the Dem candidate for the Presidency, somehow acquiring immense financial resources, even very dubious funds from pretty obviously foreign (and ignored by the "Media") and patently illegal sources.
      All this to defeat a lackluster McCain or somewhat weak Romney, and of course, indirectly, the hated G.W. Bush.
      One can only conjecture what the agenda of the Democratic Party is. It is pretty obvious that the strength and prestige of the U.S. is not their agenda. And it is valid to mention that if the U.S. falters and concedes world leadership to China (and the Muslim Brotherhood in the Mideast) there will be some who will benefit, just as some would have benefited from a Union defeat in the Civil War, or a U.S. defeat in WWII. And it likely would not be the Republicans……

    135. Gary says:

      Like many others have already asked "What can be done to STOP him?" We need some bold, brave leadership to take significant steps to stop this abuse. How do we confront him and this administration and stop these violations? Who is working on this and not just talking about it?

    136. Don Fitzpatrick says:

      Does a President's violation of his oath of office amount to an impeachable offense?

      • wessr says:

        I think I read somewhere, though not sure, technically, legally no because no law has been bound to it, enacted as a law punishable; but it sure flies in the face of "protect, defend the Constitution…"

        I'd think binding yourself by an oath to "the law of the land" should cover it. It sure does when you join or drafted into the military. Would commander in chief apply. How about Constitutional lawyers?

    137. rmgdonnow says:

      I suggest,and strongly, that Obama has no respect for the U.S. Constitution or any tradition or established regimen which does not fit in with his, and his democrat supporters,' abjectly anti-American agenda. They know very well of his background and former associates. His agenda and theirs are essentially the same, and does not include improving the economy or the prestige of the nation. And if the U.S. falters and China becomes the "sole superpower," there will be some who will (I didn't say would) benefit, just as if the Union had been defeated in he Civil War, or in WWII

    138. Wilson Freeze says:

      Is Cordray going to work for nothing? Who pays his salary? Where is the backbone in any of our politicians to stand up and cut off any monies in support of these questionable agencies? I believe that president Obama has already performed enough actions against the Constitution to warrant impeachment.

    139. rmgdonnow says:

      Does anyone remember the occasion, when Obama replied to a question from an audience member, that he was not a dictator, although he regretted that he wasn't. He pretty much told it all in just one sentence.

    140. jsnh says:

      It is time that Congress start impeachment proceedings and act on Obama's abuse of power. It is frightening to see our President ignore our Constitution when he took an oath to uphold it. Surely there is someone with enough courage, power and intelligence to find illegalities in what Obama is doing and find a way to stop his abuse of power.

      We need to insist that he be thoroughly vetted this time when he runs for his second term.

    141. joecarrsr says:

      Congress can solve this problem legally if the Senate was not really in recess.,but will they? If the Constitution is bombarded illegally then there has to be a solution of this abuse. If this continues then we have to fold and we the American people do not really want to do this.Think about this.

      • Jim Delaney says:

        All who don't drink the mind-numbing Kool-Aid understand that what His Imperial Excellency Obama has done is GROSSLY IRREFUTABLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL. To the Kool-Aiders black is white, up is down, wrong is right–a veritable fairyland of willful ignorance.

      • Bobbie says:

        not all were taught the true interpretation. those, the ignorant and the ones who defy the constitution, do not agree because they don't have the respect for and strength of knowledge therefore know no abuse of and see no protection for our own peoples constitution dangerously being disrespected and taken over by the federal government the American peoples (born here and not) constitution was keeping us all safe from.

    142. J. Marshall Saye says:

      Well, who has the backbone to start impeachment proceeding? I realize the Senate will not find him guilty, but the House could and should quickly impeach the President. Now is the time.

      Additionally, who is going to file the court suit to stop these appointments? If Obama gets by with this we might as well say goodbye to our Constitutional form of government.

    143. West Texan says:

      The fundamental powers of the U.S. president are spelled out in article 2, section 2 of the constitution. Most Americans own a copy and can read. What is it that this so called constitutional scholar, Mr. Obama, not understand? Does he confuse the nation's capital with Chicago's degenerate political machine?

    144. Brenda says:

      When is someone going to stand up against this traitor? When can we expect to see him handcuffed and charged with lawless recklessness, totally unconstitutional abandonment? What can I do? Organize a takeover of the people's White House? Overthrow this establishment? Why must we continue to wait for the elections? DO SOMETHING NOW!!!

    145. Penny Fries says:

      My God who is going to fight for WE THE PEOPLE of the United States???????????? This Obama is not the king he thinks he is. Congress was still in session technically. SOMEONE IN CONGRESS PLEASE FIGHT FOR THE US CITIZENS.

    146. Cornishman says:

      Time to take this little Hitler out of office. The race baiter has done enough damage to our nation and wants to divide us more.
      Comes the Revolution!

    147. Sylvia says:

      I believe Obama, through his daily actions and words, deliberately wants to make freedom-loving-Americans angry! He WANTS us to be angry and rise up so he has an excuse to take more control. Unfortunately, his strategy has been working…..I've been seething angry for 3 years!

    148. Goldfox19 says:

      When the law fails to serve the people, then there is no law.

    149. ROY S. MALLMANN II says:

      This continues almost on a monthly basis, Obama sticking his finger in the eye of the Congress and the Senate any time that he gets the chance. At what point in time is the Republican controlled House Of Representatives going to FULFILL their duty and file articles of impeachment? I think that they are waiting until they get control of the Senate to insure a conviction but if they are, that may be too late. The Constitution and the FACT that every President up to Obama has adhered to it is the only reason our Republic has endured. I do think that a number of Democrats would vote to convict on the potential charges as the evidence is strong. Time is running out my friends. When governments fail to take action, the people will.

    150. Kenneth Rosenlund says:

      This president should not only be impeached but also brought up on charges of treason. It is time for the a review of who in the resent elected party’s under the belief that they were elected for the goal of constitution and bringing the corruption and graft to a hold to be thinned and exposed if they are not doing what they promised to do. Also the to-be elected should be scrutinized. If they can’t keep the POTUS in check than they should go with him. It is our country under god not his under Ala.

    151. @19don36 says:

      To all of you who voted this guy into office, "How do you like your "hopey, changey" thing now"? Are you ready to vote this guy out of office who is only too willing to stomp all over your rights?

    152. bsfurg says:

      Have yu noticed that Obama has started to yell and use his arms and act like he is getting tough at his job… hes just acting stupid is all he is doing….. hes a fake and scared to death of Joe Aporis in AZ so he will do anything but having him killed….

    153. zygote1331 says:

      Good god almighty….is there nothing you will not twist to make Obama look bad? Illegal appointments? Why no outrage when your Right wing friends have done so? This is why you are discredited by smart, intelligent, free thinking people.
      For the record recess appointments of recent Presidents:
      •President Ronald Reagan used this privilege 243 times.
      •President George H.W. Bush used this privilege 77 times.
      •President Bill Clinton used this privilege 140 times.
      •President George W. Bush has used privilege 171 times.
      •Obama 28 times.

    154. Shery says:

      First of all, we all need to contact our Congress critters and let them know we are outraged over this unConstitutional act. We also need to force them to react to his "For the sake of the people" crap…this is very reminiscent of the "for the sake of the children" used CONSTANTLY by the Clintonistas. It is patently false, as it is we, the people, who don't really want his new Czars and ramping up of federal regulations. Enough of this already. Another concern is with the passage of the new law to arrest and detain US citizens without any legal recourse, only be naming them as terrorists or possible trouble-makers, Obama is heightening the frustrations of a nation that is sick of his antics, hoping someone will do something stupid and then say they ae tea Party, or conservatives, whatever, then they'll start reading all our emails to determine who else they can round up?

    155. Mark64 says:

      The news media keeps using words like "inexperienced" and "naive" but 'bama knows just what he is doing, he is intentionally making us weaker and setting us up! It is insane for us as we 'watch' and logical to him…he is now speeding things up to get it done before he's out of time – I posted much of this another linked site, apologies for the near dupe..

    156. Stunned says:

      So, what can be done about this abuse of power other than standing helplessly by until election day?

    157. bob says:

      Does his tyrannical use of power come under the impeachment rules? Can Congress do anything about this illegal use of power since the Senate is not in session?

    158. Lisa says:

      This article is depressing if there is nothing that we, the American people and elected Republicans can do to reverse this appointment and those like it.

    159. Paddy O says:

      I'm concerned that even if this guy loses the election he will ignore the constitution and find a way to stay.
      Does it worry anyone else that he wants a one hundred thousand man civilian army and is now reducing the size of the regular army?

    160. Anna says:

      Well the news media are telling of a 3 day limit. This Heritage article seems to give an allowance for 6-7 days for the Senate to be out. Or the full 10 days for the Senate to be out. But this Senate is full of Democrats that put forward legislation out of closed door meetings, and with that type of Senate make up, even the blatant treasonous actions of this man will not get challenged. I'm for a citizen's arrest and put this guy and the Senate Democrats in jail somewhere.

    161. Anna says:

      I can see why it is important to have the check and balance system that makes for the hum of a special government. Obama seems to have great hatred for the America of the Founding Fathers. I would like to know if a citizen arrest can be made. Also, I think there should be NO compensation to this man EVER, EVER, EVER for his years of occupancy of the Whitehouse. He has squandered the tax payer dollars and if he lived to be as old as Methuselah in the bible, he should not get one penny from this nation for the years of occupancy in the Whitehouse. in fact we could save the nation some dollars by substantially lowering the amount the other former presidents are receiving. they all have other jobs, so half of 200,000 is a huge savings to the nation.

    162. Albetraina says:

      It is extremely dishearting to read of the abuse Obama is heaping on the people of this country all the while knowing that the Republicans don't and will never have the backbone to stand up and put a stop to this kind of nonsense. I lay all of our problems with Obama at their feet. Time and time again the Republicans have refused to stand up for this country. If Obama is not reelected, it will be a miracle of God, not anything the Republicans have done.

    163. Oscar Manful says:

      An Independent Judiciary, Separation of Powers, Constitutional review and a free media are all measures that can be used to check a President's abuse of power !

    164. William R. Barker says:

      Question: How many member of the U.S. Senate (supposedly "in session") are actually in Washington D.C.?

      Question: Is there a quorum of U.S. Senators in Washington D.C. at the present time?

      Question: When was the last date where there actually WAS a quorum of U.S. Senators in Washington D.C. – working… not on "vacation"… not on "break?"

      Question: Is there a quorum of House Members presently in Washington D.C.?

      Question: When was the last time (upon which date) there was a quorum of House Members physically present in Washington D.C. – prepared to do their job?

      Folks… NEITHER party gives a rat's rear end about the Constitution.

      The leaderships of BOTH parties regularly use the U.S. Constitution as toilet paper. (Figuratively, of course.)

      I get it – Obama is a hypocrite. Reid is a hypocrite. Pelosi is a hypocrite.

      I get it – Bush tolerated the gamesmanship of the Dems when they ran both houses of congress so therefore the "logic" is that now that Republicans control the House, President Obama should… er… "return the favor."

      Does anyone besides me actually care that both parties regularly trash the Constitution – deliberately violate its clear terms as well as the original assumptions of the authors – whenever it seems "convenient" for them to do so and whenever they think they can "get away with it?"

      Wise up, people. You either respect the Constitution or you don't. These "faux sessions" of Congress must stop.

      Bush didn't have the courage – the intestinal fortitude – to call a spade a spade and demand the Supreme Court decide the matter once and for all of what a true congressional "session" is – and now because of Bush's failure, Obama has stepped into the breech.

      Because the Republican Party so often talks out of both sides of its mouth, this gives the Democrats the opportunity to claim "moral equivalence" and since they still enjoy overwhelming media and academic support… they end up winning that game 9 times out of 10.

      Bottom line… we should all be more upset with Bush than Obama since if only Bush had "called" Reid and Pelosi on their unconstitutional faux sessions back in 2007 and 2008 perhaps today we wouldn't be in the mess we're in with regard to what Obama has now done!

    165. toledofan says:

      Well, it is high time for Congress to step in and put the hammer down on Obama's shenagians. The Democrats need to stand up in concert with the Republicans and demand that the appointments are null and void. I guees if nothing happens regarding this, coupled with all the other corruption going on, every Democrat should be removed from office. This breach is as serious as fast and furious and we know where that's going. The mainstream medai again is awol from their responsibilites and again are helping in reducing America into a banana republic. This administraion is pathetic.

    166. Paul says:

      The real question here is this: Is this action by the President legal or illegal? If it is a legal move that has been practiced by other Presidents then no more discussion is needed and apparently we must accept it, distasteful though it may be. If it is not legal then what is the recourse of the American people? The answer "you have the vote" is no longer acceptable. If there is unconstitutional behaviour by this President then what are the proper channels to follow and why are our representatives following them? As there is no action it sounds to me like he must be within his "legal" rights, weather we like it or not. If that is so then why all this discussion? All we can do is vote this ineffective and embarassing President out of office in November. That is our job so lets get on with it. If the American people reelect this man then the people are fools. He has to be the worst President in history! He has managed to fool some of the people some of the time but we can only hope he will not fool all of the people all of the time. However I don't think he is so stupid as to do something that would open him to impeachment. Lets all concentrate on November and get the vote out.

    167. Jeff Dover says:

      You wrote in conclusion, correctly " It’s time for Congress and the American people to take a stand against President Obama’s abuse of power."


    168. PrairieHawk says:

      Obama is exercising power over principle. This will end badly.

    169. g7u9p6 says:

      So funny how you people ignored all of Bush's efforts to dismantle the constitution but now are screaming with rage. Oh but wait, we can't talk about Bush, right? That's the past. Makes me laugh.

    170. Bonnie J. Smith says:

      What are we waiting for? God is in Control

    171. Taking a page out of Hugo Chavez's playbook, President Obama has ushered in the year of the imperial Presidency. No need to wait for Congress to act. If he thinks it is good for the American people, he will act and act decisively, and the Constitution be damned. This has to border on an impeachable offense. The only problem is that the far left Democrats and the MSM are applauding his actions, though Unconstitutional they may be. Any talk of impeachment by the Republicans will be blocked by the Democrats and the MSM will give them the proverbial "black eye". I hear that the ACLU is getting involved and rightly so. Hope their hearts are in this and it is resolved by the Supremes quickly. Damage is already being done.

    172. William Motz says:

      What ever happend to the so called balance of power? Why isn/t the House , the Senate,the Supreme Court, doing something to stop him? We cannot wait until November to stop him.

    173. Steve says:

      I think the reason no one is taking action is the fear of his power. Many of these people who "govern "us on either side don't want anyone looking into their own closets. Combine that with Oblama's ethnicity and his "just causes" makes you a redneck hater if you don't agree with, what seems to be, illegal actions which serve his cause.

    174. Wayne Peterkin says:

      Barack Obama has been on record as having little regard for our Constitution since long before he was elected President. He has adopted policies that are blatantly unconstitutional in spite of taking a very serious and solemn oath to uphold, protect, and defend that document.

      Our nation was founded on the principle of being a nation of laws, not of men. Yet Obama refuses to accept or abide by that principle.

      In other words, he has committed far more egregious crimes against the Constitution and our system of government than Richard Nixon or any other former president I could name, including the perjury of Bill Clinton. Yet he is given a free pass by most of the media, almost every elected Democrat, every liberal, and most of all the U.S. Senate. I can only imagine the screams demanding impeachment by these very same groups if a conservative Republican had committed similar acts.

      The hypocrisy on the left and the double standard is truly astounding

    175. Jim Francis says:

      Elizabeth Warren was by far the best candidate. Why not leave well enough alone?

      From a confused Canadian wondering how much longer it's going to take your learned (?) leaders to tear apart your precious institutions. If your government members can't learn how to play nice with each other
      I suggest that you just gut Capitol Hill and build a big sand box for them to play in. Same results!!

    176. Cliff says:

      Your information is always right on and of utmost importance. Therefore I would like to comment that Obama was standing behind a lectern and standing on a podium when he spoke. Thank you and keep up the good work so we may remain informed on Obama's abuses of power his constant disregard of the constitution.

    177. Annette Kirby says:

      Where is the outrage with this?? Where are the calls of "foul"!! I'm convinced at this point that the Republicans are a bunch of spineless wimps! Impeach this monster before its too late! Do you have any idea
      how much he can"clean up and destroy" the USA in a matter of 11 months?? Why are we,as citizens of this great country,letting him do this or to allow our elected representatives to allow him to do this??

    178. GenMag says:

      PLEASE….all politicians STOP using the terminology "jobs" or "creating jobs". We need to manufacture PRODUCTS, then there will be plenty of JOBS!!! Remember when we used to actually make things here in America?

    179. David Boner says:

      In most of these examples for impeachment, there has been no government officials to admit they will join and cause the impeachment action to be taken. There has been two members of the House (or Congress) to indicate they will "…file a suit againist the President as in violation of his oath of office!"

      That being the case actual legal action can move ahead and it would appear that impeachment is in the offing.

    180. Guest says:

      The Senate WAS in recess. The Senate is holding pro forma sessions because the house won't let it ADJOURN. Adjournment is different from a recess because adjournment requires the end of a legislative day (items have to be voted on, etc.) while a recess doesn't. Therefore, as now, the Senate can be in recess without being adjourned, and the power of recess appointments still applies.

      Also, the Senate is usually left to judge for itself whether or not it was in recess, and if that questions were voted on, the Democratic majority would say, yes, we are in recess.

      I understand that you must have been angry when you thought this was illegal, and I'm glad that I could help by educating you about the basic points of parliamentary procedure which, of course, reveal that the President's actions were not illegal.

    181. GUEST says:

      THE CONGRESS IS AFRAID OF RIOTS FROM THE BLACK AND LATINO COMMUNITY, SO THEY CAN GO ON A FREE SHOPPING SPREE, costing billions of more damage to or Nation and infrastructure. It will be a rain of terror against the White folks, so that is why you'd better think about protecting your family and your own butt. Get the white man off his dead butt and VOTE and protect THIS NATION the best you can against VOTER FRAUD.

    182. Gary Asson says:

      When our government was established, one of the important safeguards was to prevent control by any one person or any one group of persons. The Constitution was created to prevent actions such as Obama is taking. Impeachment is now justified and required. Obama is a man who is so full of himself and has proven to not be prepared for the job of President. Congress must take action. Obama is reckless with our country. He makes the US look like a bunch of fools, and maybe we are. Not enough of our people speak out against his abusive actions. It is time for him to GO. Impeach the President, now.

    183. Edward E Smith says:

      The Venezuelan president correctly identified Obama as one of this kind when he met Obama. He states, Obama, as stated the constitution and taught the constitution. I believe he studied communist manifesto and practices of teachings of Marx and Lenin.
      Why the legislative body has taken no actions to correct these incidents is a question that keeps asking various members. No plausible answer.

      It is time to either bring criminal charges, impeach or develop a petition to be signed by a majority of American citizens two have Obama, his associates, cabinet members and those in the political body that profess that they can change our consultation and the amendments that spell out her rights and freedoms.
      without approvals of any sort.
      The design of the right to bypass Congress nor make executive commands destroyed our rights, our freedoms, etc

    184. Daluur says:

      Has anyone ever thought its not the president that is the problem…Congress is the ones elected over and over again( have seen congress men with 9 plus terms, what you would have alot to loss if someone came along and pushed the wrong way)..they are corrupt to the core* and very good at inciting people like you..could be wrong but was it not congress that caused the fall of Rome.

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