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  • President Obama's Year-End Trade Policy Blunder

    President Obama concluded 2011 by accomplishing the remarkable feat of making the United States look worse than Communist China when it comes to promoting global economic freedom.

    On December 29, the Obama Administration announced that sleeping bags from developing countries will now be subject to a 9 percent tariff.

    President Obama’s decision to hike tariffs on sleeping bags from developing countries came just one month after Hu Jintao, president of the People’s Republic of China and General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, announced the elimination of tariffs on 97 percent of items imported from least-developed countries that have diplomatic relations with China.

    One U.S. sleeping bag manufacturer called President Obama’s decision an amazing Christmas gift. It certainly was a gift for this particular sleeping bag manufacturer, as well as a public relations gift for China, which continues to win accolades for its tariff cuts.

    However, President Obama’s decision to hike the tariff on sleeping bags imported from poor countries was no gift for American shoppers—or for the U.S. taxpayers, who sent $33.9 billion in economic aid to foreign countries in 2009.

    Instead of sending billions of dollars in aid to developing countries every year, Congress should remove trade barriers that prevent Americans from doing business with people in those countries.

    When someone is shopping for a new sleeping bag, he or she should be the one to decide whether to buy one that is made in Alabama or in Bangladesh. Congress should take these decisions out of the White House by permanently removing the tariff on imported sleeping bags along with tariffs on all other imports from the world’s developing countries.

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    9 Responses to President Obama's Year-End Trade Policy Blunder

    1. Bowmanave says:

      All I know is ever since Barack Obama has been President, I've been getting a REFUND.

      Bush cut my taxes, but I did have to pay a small sum (I think I owed $4 on my 2007 taxes).

      But with Obama, I've been getting a refund. And it feels good.

      • SpiralArchitect says:

        All you know, that is apparently true.

        Why care about what is happening now or what the future might hold. As long as you now get a refund life is beautiful!

        Have fun waiting in lines for food when you are no longer employeed.

        But, they way you speak it sounds as though that would be great news…more free stuff. No worries or caring as to the 'why, what whens' of life.

        Way to feel empowered. How disgusting.

      • Bobbie says:

        one of the President's privileged? …cooperative and sheepish.

        and I bet an able bodied person such as you gets free health care and housing? Collecting food stamps and taking advantage of the food shelves? Kids getting free breakfast, lunch, dinner and daycare, education programs for their after school woes! I'm not sure what kind of person feels good even with what you are getting when this country is hurting so bad? Does it feel good to think you're protected from the intentional future you're causing…

    2. Jeff, Illinois says:

      Absurd! The president needs to invoke more tariffs not less. This is the key to improving prosperity for our nation, by protecting / strengthening our industrial middle class. Free trade with nations that exploit their workers has created a world-wide race to the bottom. I for one am more than willing to spend a bit more for something if I knew well that such is improving the economy in general of our nation. In times past tariffs were the way that our nation acquired its revenue and it should be a big part again! It's only transnational corporations that only rent space in our country that are benefiting ultimately from free trade. Free trade is bring our nation in general down to it knees!

    3. This guy's a trade protectionist, just like Ron Paul

    4. STEVEN says:

      Everyone I pray,beg,implore do whatever you can with whatever you have whenever you can,
      to make sure this president is not re-elected!!

    5. Jay says:

      Would be interesting to know who makes 'sleeping bags' in this country and their political affiliation/contributions.

    6. LDC says:

      I agree with Jeff in Ill. The only way we can get out of the jobs rut we are in is to manufacture are way out of it just like during the depression. This SERVICE INDUSRTY people keep talking about is not working. It's not practical to build everything here, but in my opinion there is no such thing as free trade. We need a fair tax and trade policy.
      OH and by the way Bob, every other country seams to protect itself in one way or another so why not us. Lets get Americans working and THEN let them decide how and where to spend there money.

    7. paulatermain says:

      I cannot understand why we keep sending our money to other countries,when we are perfectly capable of producing the exact same products in the u.s. Has everyone forgotten what this country was built on? Honestly, what are we letting ourselves become? this country was built with hardwork and integrity and self reliance.

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