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  • Morning Bell: Voter ID Prevents Election Fraud

    Last night’s nail-biter in Iowa marked the beginning of election year 2012. And with Americans heading to the polls — next in New Hampshire, then South Carolina and beyond — they will hope to rely on the integrity of the election system to ensure that every legitimate vote counts and that fraud is not the deciding factor on the local, state or national level.

    Unfortunately, despite all the technological advances in our modern democracy, voter fraud still occurs, and yet there is still resistance to one very simple tool that could help eradicate it — voter ID. Some, like The New York Times, say that voting fraud is a myth, that “there is almost no voting fraud in America.” But as Heritage senior legal fellow Hans von Spakovsky explains, voter fraud is all too common in America today:

    The fraud denialists also must have missed the recent news coverage of the double voters in North Carolina and the fraudster in Tunica County, Miss. — a member of the NAACP’s local executive committee — who was sentenced in April to five years in prison for voting in the names of ten voters, including four who were deceased.

    And the story of the former deputy chief of staff for Washington mayor Vincent Gray, who was forced to resign after news broke that she had voted illegally in the District of Columbia even though she was a Maryland resident. Perhaps they would like a copy of an order from a federal immigration court in Florida on a Cuban immigrant who came to the U.S. in April 2004 and promptly registered and voted in the November election.

    Even former liberal Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens agrees. Stevens wrote in a 6-3 majority opinion upholding an Indiana voter ID law: “That flagrant examples of [voter] fraud…have been documented throughout this Nation’s history by respected historians and journalists…demonstrate[s] that not only is the risk of voter fraud real but that it could affect the outcome of a close election.”

    Given the incidence of voter fraud — and the simplicity of requiring voters to present a valid ID in order to be able to vote — it’s not surprising that 70 percent of likely U.S. voters believe that voters “should be required to show photo identification such as a driver’s license before being allowed to cast their ballot,” according to a recent Rasmussen poll. Meanwhile, only 22 percent of Americans are opposed to the requirement.

    Despite the fraud — and the support for voter ID measures — Attorney General Eric Holder intends to examine new state voter ID laws for potential racial bias. Von Spakovsky writes that the allegations of bias are baseless, and there is evidence to prove it. In Georgia, which enacted a photo ID law before the 2008 election, the number of African American voters increased after the new law went into effect. “According to Census Bureau surveys,” von Spakovsky writes, “65 percent of the black voting-age population voted in the 2008 election, compared with only 54.4 percent in 2004, an increase of more than ten percentage points.”

    On top of all that, the number of people who don’t already have a photo ID is incredibly small. An American University survey in Maryland, Indiana, and Mississippi found that less than one-half of 1 percent of registered voters lacked a government-issued ID, and a 2006 survey of more than 36,000 voters found that only “23 people in the entire sample–less than one-tenth of one percent of reported voters” were unable to vote because of an ID requirement. What about those who don’t have photo IDs? Von Spakovsky notes that “every state that has passed a voter ID law has also ensured that the very small percentage of individuals who do not have a photo ID can easily obtain one for free if they cannot afford one.”

    The American people value the integrity of their elections, and they overwhelmingly support voter ID requirements to make sure that Election Day is as fair, honest, and legal as possible. Still, though, there is resistance and predictions of massive disenfranchisement if voter ID laws continue to be implemented. The evidence, however, proves otherwise.

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    118 Responses to Morning Bell: Voter ID Prevents Election Fraud

    1. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Not according to the Obama Justice Department.

    2. JWS says:

      I do not understand why so many in this country are against voter ID. We must be the only civilized country that can vote without having to provide proper prove if one is eligible or not but then we or the courts care if our President is to be in his position.
      It should be in all our interest that only properly vetted citizens are allowed to vote because our nations existence depends on it. However, even being a nation of laws, we care about the law only if it suits us and most of the the time we could not care less. We are deteriorating in to a lawless society and it could bring our demise.

      • smct says:

        Most people are not against it-that is the point. As the article said, about 70% of American voters are for voter ID. Only about 22% are against it. But, the powers that be-Eric Holder and other libs are fighting to prevent it from becoming more widely used.

      • Chucke says:

        Did you ever hear of Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck having proper ID. BO does not stop all the Disney characters from voting for him.

      • VAC says:

        You are correct. I speak from experience with regards to Mexico and Puerto Rico. You must have a valid picture ID and updated. It could be your neighbor at the door and if you do not have your picture ID you do not vote, not ifs, ands or buts! I would not mind getting a voter ID, because it would minimize the fraud!!!

      • Hilf says:

        There is only one purpose behind the idea to outlaw voter ID during elections, and that is to commit election fraud. Atty. Gen. Holder has corrupted the Justice Department beyond belief. He is a very dangerous man.

      • Doug Nicholson says:

        Recently, counties in 26 states were chastised by the federal government for not providing voting aids and ballots in languages other than English. The taxpayers should not have to shell out their hard earned tax dollars to provide either instruction in English or government printed materials in other languages. A question: Who is allowed to vote in the United States? If one was born here, the chances that one could reach voting age without being able to speak and read English are practically nil. If one is a naturalized citizen, he or she must, as stated above, already have shown that they can both read and write English. This begs the question; for whom are these voting aids and ballots being printed, hmmmmm?

      • Voter fraud is almost nonexistent. Voter i.d. laws are a Republican strategy to prevent likely Democratic voters from voting — specifically seniors, the poor, minorities, students. It has already happened that a senior who had voted for 50 years and was well known to the volunteer manning the desk at the polls, was denied the right to vote because she did not have a voter i.d. She was on Rev. Al Sharpton's program a day ago. The statistics on voter i.d. are miniscule. There is no threat. The Republicans cannot win a fair fight so they have to change the rules. You are not informing yourself. Please don't have a knee jerk approval of everything that comes from Fox News. They don't report the news that makes the Right look bad.

        • Richie I says:

          Exactly what rules are you talking about Harriet?
          Proper Identification at the polls prevents those that shouldn't be voting from illegally doing so! The ONLY arguement against providing proper ID before being allowed to vote would be by those whom are not legally aloud to vote to begin with, such as illegals/ felons! In the case of the senior who wwas turned aay… maybe next time that individual will take the voting privaledge more seriously and provide the LEGALLY REQUIRED ID!
          It seems funny that these non-qualifiers happen to make up a LARGE portion of Oblahblah's voter base!! LMAO

        • Richie I says:

          Exactly what rules are you talking about Harriet?
          Proper Identification at the polls prevents those that shouldn't be voting from illegally doing so! The ONLY arguement against providing proper ID before being allowed to vote would be by those whom are not legally allowed to vote to begin with, such as illegals/ felons! In the case of the senior who was turned away… maybe next time that individual will take the voting priviledge more seriously and provide the LEGALLY REQUIRED ID!
          It seems funny that these non-qualifiers happen to make up a LARGE portion of Oblahblah's voter base!! lol

    3. Victoria DeLacy says:

      Since the infamous election in 2000, voter fraud has been a topic of justified concern. We changed machines so that at least today you no longer have to be concerned about hanging chads, pregnant chads, etc. but now we do still have the major problem of illegal voting by felons, dead people, illegals, and even the same person casting multiple votes (one case documented the same person had voted 72 times!), proving that indeed our electoral practices ARE in serious need of further adjustments. I now have a picture ID which includes my fingerprint in addition to the photo so there can be no doubt that the person casting the vote is the same as on the ID card. That just simplifies the process toward fraud prevention.

    4. I hear a lot about disenfranchisement of voting rights for people who don't have i.d. in order to vote. What about the people who are disenfranchised by the loss of their votes when fraud occurs? Who doesn't have an i.d., or can't get one before election time, and how does requiring people to present an i.d. discourage them from voting? Go get an i.d!

    5. Mary......WI says:

      Here in WI the ACLU is in the process of filing a lawsuit against the newly passed voter ID law citing the poor and people of color would not be able to vote. The state has offered providing photo ID's to those that don't have them……but it doesn't seem to be good enough. Voter fraud does exist….names like Adolph Hitler, Mickey Mouse, etc with a supposed legitimate addresses are being allowed on the recall petitions for Gov Walker…..really!!! Someone even signed a popular conservative radio talk show hosts name on the petition and she cannot get her name removed! FRAUD! As for Holder….I only see him as a racist. He needs to be replaced! He's not an honest man. And the "group" crying voter fraud doesn't happen are again the Dems! Big Surprise?!

      • Kaiser Wilhelm says:

        Oh, come on, Mary. … Just because one guy admitted on ABC to signing the Walker recall petition at least 80 times does not mean that voter fraud goes on in Wisconsin … I'm sure that many people surnamed "Mouse" name their children "Mickey" and "Minnie" out of respect for dear, departed Uncle Walt Disney, just as all the "Hitlers" who surely live in and around Madison name their children after their dear, departed grandfather.

    6. Whicket Williams says:

      I am forced to show ID to vote and always have been This is a bullshit non issue, at least in TEXAS . If your name cannot be found on voter rolls as confirmed by voter card or DL you don't vote! lately the democrats have been cheating by nor keeping rolls accurate if voter is republican

    7. ChrisR says:

      Agree – the question is how does this initiative get pushed through Congress to be enacted into law. There is too much at stake to willy nilly about with vote counting. Thanks for the article.

      • It might pass the House but the Democrat controlled Senate will never pass it. That's why we need to send Mr. obama home and also gain control of the Senate, even thought the Democrats would likely filibuster such a bill.

    8. glynnda says:

      Good Solid Article Mike,
      but let's be honest, we still have voter fraud because elected officials like it that way. It helps them to keep their seat. Until we have as you suggest a solid ID system (one that is bio-detectable in my opinion) you will continue to have this problem. If we put into place a good voter ID system (national in nature) we will see many long term seat holders lose their seats.

      Now the problem is compounded with a totally corrupt DOJ in place. This plus the very little discussed legislation that the president signed on 12/31 is edging us closer and closer to a police state where we will be expressing our thoughts in whispers behind closed doors to avoid arrest for no reason, prosecution and denied our right to vote.


    9. Larry Schneider says:

      A photo ID to vote is a good start. Lets follow that with a purple ink stamp on the thumb as one exits the polls to prevent double-voting in spite of ID requirements. Recall the photos in the first Iraq elections with folks proudly holding up the purple finger. States also need to tighten up the absentee ballot process as abuse continues there-at least there are stories of abuse here in Wisconsin

      • Flatlander says:

        Yes, Larry, Chicago tactics have been exported to Wisconsin, especially Milwaukee. And now we have Chicagoans runnig the White House. Need I say more.

      • Larry, couldn't you just see the SEIU, ACORN, and the NBPP forcing certain voters into getting the purple ink before they vote? Do you think our Attorney General would even investigate such actions if they happened unless it was against minorities?

    10. Bill LaCombe says:

      I strongly support a voter ID law. How would that work with "mail-in" voting which I do all the time?

      • Betsy Ross says:

        You would first provide proof of identity and eligibilty when you register to vote, and give a valid voting address and signature when (like when you open a bank account).

        Before the election, you would receive a verification at your registered address, which you would sign, date, and send back to your local board of elections for validation.

        Your ballot would be mailed to your name at your validated address, with two return evelopes: one in which to mark your ballot and an outer one to sign to validate it. Upon receipt, the board of elections would compare your signature and address with your registration and, if good, pass the inner envelope to someone else for counting to ensure your anonymity.

    11. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Why only Democrats opposed photo ID to vote? Why the same leftist go before the cameras and use the same absurd reasons to object to photo ID? Why is Eric Holder attacking states that insist on having any voter (not just minorities) have a photo ID to enter the voting booth? Does everyone realize ACORN is not dead? It's hiding in the weeds waiting for November 2012. The Obama bunch are openly proving they fully intent to use any and every dishonest means at their disposal to get Obama reelected. Wake up America.
      We are in a war to save this country.

    12. Uncle Bill says:

      How can we not have picture ID requirements? It's the only way to prevent fraud. Once again Holder is acting only for political reasons.

      When it comes to candidate fraud we need even more stringent requirements. Background checks by the FBI should not be out of the question, and a complete and transparent revealing of all pertinent and private records and documents should be the norm. Anyone who cannot be readily forthcoming should be immediately disqualified.

      • Right now we can't even force verification of eligibility for office. A bill to require that for FUTURE candidates and elections wasn't even allowed to be voted on by the Democrats.

        By the way, I'm not sure what an FBI EBI (Extended background Investigation or SBI (Special) would accomplish other than informing the public of potential problems with a candidate. They couldn't be used to disqualify a candidate unless federal criminal convictions were uncovered.

      • Richie I says:

        Those vetting laws ARE actually in effect.,.. its just that Obama and his cronies have openly ignored them!

    13. bowens says:

      I don't know how anyone could say voter fraud is a myth. How could voter ID have racial bias? Attorney General Eric Holder need to focus on important issues and quit creating the racial bias myth.

    14. Ed Posuniak, Jr. says:

      The corrupt politicians will always hold that there is resistance and predictions of massive disenfranchisement if voter ID laws continue to be implemented. They want votes any way they can get them in order to stay in office. They are probably the same group who are against Term Limits. We need to cleanse our government and get rid of the corruption at all levels of government.

    15. sdfultz says:

      What a waste of time and conversation, Unless pursuing this issue gives advantage to one side or the other.
      Considering the percentage of fraud in our system, we have much more important issues to address.

      • Harriet Tubman says:

        I cannot think of a more serious issue to address in a democratic republic than stealing the franchise from honet people by counting fraudulent votes. Our freedoms are stolen inch by inch, not all at once, and we are rapidly sliding down the slippery slope to slavery.

      • janeto says:

        Hello? If we didn't have voter fraud, we wouldn't be in this predicament. Ever heard of ACORN???

      • Romney won in IA by 7 votes. Would fraud be considered important in such a class race? Also look at the fuss the Democrats raised in the FL votes in the 2000 elections.

        If we can't ensure honest elections then none of the other issues matter.

    16. Jeanne Stotler says:

      After hearing how Obama STOLE the 2008 election with fraud, I cannot see why anyone who wants an HONEST election would oppose showing ID to vote. Since you need a picture ID to board an airplane, drive a car, use Medicaid or medicare and a sundry of other things, to have one to vote is common sense not discrimination. When I go to the polls , I always show my "voters ID card" and my driver's license, for those who do not drive, all states provide a picture ID, some charge about $10.00, some are free. Let's wipe fraud out and put a Man in the White House who gets the honest votes, not votes by Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse or even Edgar A. Poe, Mae West and other deceased persons.

      • Mae West says:

        Oh, come on! I live in Chicago, and no one here has ever voted as Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse or more than once per election or from a cemetery or a vacant lot or as his own nephew or before becoming a citizen or as the precinct captain told him or while non compos mentis in a nursing home or in exchange for a bottle of booze … well, wherever would you get such a silly idea?

    17. Evelyn Dodd says:

      Voter IDs should be required. It is the only way to be sure that everything would be on the up and up!!!

    18. captain tooth says:

      Please take what I am about to write in the context of what a military man with tongue in cheek might do to protect and defend our beloved constitution which includes the right to vote. Not everyone can vote, no convicted felons, no legal immigrants unless they have applied for and passed an exam and meet the qualifications. A picture ID is not enough proof as evidenced by test takers who cheated their way through the process. We actually need affidavits from reponsible people that they personally know the applicant and if cheating is going on we are going to come look for you. The penalty for cheating, even once will be a bullet admiistrated by your local gendarme. Make sure they understand how seriously we are acting, this is a very important crime. After a dozen people are eliminated the flood of illegals to the poll shall hopefully stop.

    19. Gary says:

      Yes, voter ID, great idea, unless SEIU has the maintenance contract for the voting computers, which is EXACTLY how Reid beat Sharon Angle in Nevada. Reid went from losing every debate, acting like it didn't matter and five points behind to winning by ten point, which is statistically improbable. Marxists don't lose no stinkin' elections. "It's who counts the votes that matters." Stalin

    20. Harley Spoon says:

      The instances of voter fraud by impersonation at the polls are so few and far between as to make it patently ridiculous that Republicans will push voter ID at the polling place (even if a person's name is on the voter rolls) and take a chance of keeping one eligible voter from voting. The reality is that photo ID does very little to impede voter fraud by impersonation at the polling place Why is it that Republicans refuse to push legislation that would deal with the voting method most commonly involved in voter fraud; that is absentee voting and voting by mail which is the most common way Republicans vote: Ironic; isn't it? Moreover, it is hypocritical!

      If there is going to be a Voter Photo ID requirement, the state and local elections authorities should provide access to (1) a free birth certificate or proof of birth credential (the credential required to get a drivers license of state ID) for everyone–rich or poor–who needs that credential in order to register and (2) a free photo ID for anyone who requests one if it is to be used in order to vote unimpeded. There should be no cost involved in any aspect one's effort to become registered to vote or to vote in person at the polling place or to vote at all. After all, the US Supreme Court ruled the "Poll Tax" unconstitutional long ago and the cost of obtaining a proof of birth certificate and then an acceptable photo ID is much more costly and fraught with purposeful and perpetrated barriers especially for the poor, old, disabled, sick and college students who go to college away from their hometown.

      There are those fools who will say, "Well, if you have to have photo ID to buy beer or get on an airplane or get or to rent or buy an adult magazine or adult CD movie or to cash a check." That is as it should be. Those are not rights guaranteed by the constitution!!! VOTING is a right guaranteed by the Constitution under the principle necessary for a democratic-republic/representative democracy to work: THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED!!!"

      Republicans have come to the idiotic conclusion that undocumented aliens come to the US to vote for Democrats and give Caucasians leprosy. They do not come to the US to vote. They come here to vote. In spite of Lou Dobb's claims, it is doubtful that a case of leprosy given to an American citizen has occurred.

      The real reason Republlcans/Teapublicans want to make it difficult to vote and costly for seniors, minorities, the poor, college students and/or anyone in a demographic category that may want to vote for a Democrat (or who may not want to vote for a Teapublican/Teapublican) is that Republicans/Teapublicans don't trust their corporate/fascist, anti-poor, anti-minority, anti-environment message/agenda to resonate with enough of the electorate to win elections. In short, they (Teapublican/Republicans) don't believe in the most basis tenet of our constitutional democratic-republic; that is "the consent of the governed!!" So much for their self-righteous, sanctimonious and hypocritical patriotic "strict constructionist" big lie!!

      • Thomas Jefferson says:

        Mr. Harley Spoon:

        Perhaps you don''t realize that every fraudulent vote cancels out an honest vote and thereby deprives actual legally registered voters to lose their voting rights. Or does that not concern you? Documented cases of voter fraud are legion, whiile the evidence that anyone legally entitled to vote has been denied that right is scant – except for the Black Panthers who intimidated and turned white voters away from the polls in 2008 that the Administration refuses to do anything about.

      • Banjamin Franklin says:

        Please show me your evidence that "absentee voting and voting by mail is the most common way that Republicans vote." That would be like someone saying "voting by and for dead people is the way that most Democrats vote" – we certainly have examples of both (Chicago elections, Mel Carnahan in Missouri) but that doesn't mean it applies to most Democrats.

        The myth that proper identification is too onerous or too expensive for the elderly of the poor is just that – a myth. Many states do not charge anything for non-drivers license identifcation, and even in those states that do it is a rare voter who doesn't also have a roof over his or her head, a color television set with cable service, a cell phone, and other accoutrements of modern living that all cost a lot more than a one-time charge of $5 or $10. If they are that poor then they are likely to be receiving taxpayer assistance anyway.

      • Sam Adams says:

        Your comment about Consitutional rights is off the mark. The Constitution does not create rights, which are inalienable and natural to all persons. The Constitution merely spells out some rights, while noting that the enumeration of those rights does not disparage or diminish the existence of others, The 15th Amendment, however, does affirm in particular the freedom of contract, whcih pretty much covers your commerical examples above.

        Finally, perhaps you can explain why folks on your side of the aisle are always accusing those with whom you disagree of bad motives and speculating that we are evil? The Tea Party is a lot less white than the "college students," for example, who make up the Occupy Wall Street mobs and Tea Partiers were the original backers of a black Republican, Herman Cain, for President; why do you call them racist? Could it be that you are projecting your own Machiavellian motives and value system on us?

      • Charles Funk says:

        Well, poor Harley! So wrapped up in sanctimonious left-wing zealotry that he can't do anything but hate, our little boy doesn't hesitate to show his temper and his ignorance. He perhaps has never head of the famous dead voters of Chicago that put JFK in office, or the circus that put freaky Al Franken into the United States Senate! He probably never heard of the democrat strongholds in Wisconsin and Minnesota where the election returns gave more votes to the democrat candidate than were registered to vote in those precincts!

        What it really boils down to is that Spoon-boy is complaining about too many lifeguards around the swimming pool!!!

      • wildbronco says:

        Sir I am a Senior Citizen, and I am also a 100% disabled Veteran and I have a Driversl License which in the where I live cost me a grand total of $15.00 that is less than a pack of cigerettes. In addition I also have a VA ID card with my photo on it. Oh and BTW I am also Native American, sir your arguement does not hold water, if you had read the entire article you would see where Justice Stevens in the case of Crawford et al v Marion County Election Board et al took specific Judicial Notice that Voter Fradu is a significant problem in the United States, and Justice Stevens was not a Republican or for that matter a Conservative he was a Liberal Democrat. He was Joined in this decision by the 5 Conservative Jusices on the Supreme Court. Fraud at the voting booth is a National Disgrace and just for you further information the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a protect Constitutional Right (See District of Columbia v Heller and McDonald v the City of Chicago et al) try purchasing a firearm anywhere in the United States without f Photo ID issued by that State and see how far you get.

      • Z28 says:

        hey, how about wanting my vote to count, and not have someone vote multiple times, or not be the person you say u r. Voter fraud is a major problem. Look at New Hampshire and all the dead people still in the records. The Democrats have not purged their records for years. Get on youtube and put in "dead people voting" and see for yourself. I am a Teapublican and proud of it. I want what is best for my country. You are misinformed like most liberals. If JB won Florida by less than 600 votes or in Mich. elections are decided by less than 300 votes you don't see a problem. Here in Indiana Lake county had more registered voters than there were people in the county. Thanks to criminal org. like Acorn (Obama was an attorney for them) this was possible. Counting Mickey Mouse as a legitimate voter is not a problem? Your what is wrong with this country. Educate yourself and see the truth.

      • Richie I says:

        I don't know who told you that Voting is a "right", but you are CLEARLY confused!

        Voting is a privilege granted to those of us who play by the rules… those who don't play by the rules have that privilege REVOKED!

        PS… dimocRATS stand to loose the majority of their voter base if illegals are removed from the polls… that says all that needs to be said!!

    21. c. Hyatt says:

      Yes it does. But you cannot game the system when everyone who has the right to vote are actually the only ones who get to vote.

    22. You go to a check cashing firm or bank they take your photo and thumb print all in one transaction.
      Why not instil system in polling places using electronic thumb print?

    23. bassboat says:

      With such a compelling argument for voter ID how could 3 Supreme Court Justices vote no? It goes deeper than the ID thing, our system is slowly rotting away inch by inch. The Court needs to be reigned in and our leaders need to step up to the plate and enforce what is simply common sense.

    24. Bryan says:

      When we live in a country who's government wants every person's face scanned for identification, what is the issue. To justify voter ID just quote all the "reasons" the state wants a digital scan of our face for this same purpose.
      Ultimately, if you want a "responsible" election, we should require a voter to bring in proof he has paid his income tax to the government. NO TAX, NO VOTE.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        What you propose would be discriminating. wHAT About people like me, I am a sr. citizen, no income but my Soc.Sec., how about those who with children make little and pay no taxes, this would eliminate a lot of blacks and hispanic's who otherwise could vote with an I.D.

    25. Frank Jordan says:

      Brownfield's piece is spot-on. Exercising the right to vote is the most sacred civic ritual that we have, and insuring the integrity of the process by requiring all would-be voters to proved that they are who they say they are, that they reside in the state and precinct in which they are attempting to vote, and that they meet age and residency requirements is fundamental, simple, and eminently reasonable. The remedies for those few without IDs (I"m baffled as to how one can get on in life without one, but a different subject) are also simple and reasonable and even alternative documentation could possibly be considered. The liberal canards that voter fraud doesn't exist and that IDs disadvantage minorities are absurd. I'm still waiting for a specific explanation of the minority claim. I've lived in Northern Virginia for 33 years and have ALWAYS had to produce a photo ID when voting — which I am more than happy to do. An ID requirement would proved irksome principally to those who rely on heavy turnouts from cemeteries.

    26. Kepeli K Won says:

      Yes to voter ID! Every US citizen has a right to vote, unless you an illegal, in Prison, or your dead. You know at 51 years old (born and raised in this fine Country) the first time that I have ever heard of such a thing was in the last elections when ACORN had a hand in it. A sad sad thing happening to our Country, lets take back our Country folks, the time is now.

    27. Holder should not even be in his office…he is a criminal and a racist himself. Voter ID would end the election of types such as he is and also his leftist radical colleagues and boss. Don't worry I include some of our so called Republicans in Congress as well.

    28. AmHistory Teacher says:

      Voter ID to stop voter fraud is only as good as the process required to gain Voter ID.
      In other words, if illegal voters can, fraudulently or not, get the required form of ID, elections can still be illegally influenced. Example – If the required Voter ID is a state driver's license and illegals can, fraudulently or not, get driver licenses, the ballot box corruption is still possible and probable, given some Democrats support of voter fraud.
      The form of Voter ID must be fraud proof and limited to legal, citizen voters.
      Plus, if should be free to prevent liberal/leftist allegations of required Voter ID being a discriminatory "poll tax."
      The federal government throws money away on shrimp on treadmills; surely making the voting process fraud proof would have a better return for the spent bucks.
      Making our elections truly fraud proof won't happen without pressure on Congress and cooperation for a fraud proof form of Voter ID by the state and federal governments.

    29. D. Furrey says:

      We need a photo for our Driver's License, but not to vote.

      Isn't the right to vote more important?

    30. ThomNJ says:

      Voter fraud – the mayor of Seattle and a certain senator from Minnesota……….
      I love it when some liberal complains in New Jersey that voter ID will disenfranchise the poor – really, when you can walk into motor vehicle, register to vote and get a photo ID for free? Wow. My wife and I even have one for our Down syndrome son – it comes in handy for other things, like airport security.

      The ONLY reason that liberals/democrats don't want voter ID is because then they have a much more difficult task of cheating.

    31. C.Adli says:

      In 1960 elections Chicago gave the Presidency to Kennedy which is the known fact.So the Democrats do not want to give up one of their weapon.This is big deal for them.

    32. Dara says:

      Liberals claim 'little to no' proven voter fraud… I think voter fraud should be likened to a cockroach infestation – for every one you SEE there are thousands HIDDEN.

      @Gary – not only did we, in Nevada, have the voting machine 'malfunctions' – 'fixed' by SEIU technicians.. a laugh in and of itself… we had coersion of hotel workers, with thinly veiled threats against their continued employment – by SEIU and other unions unless they voted D.

      Add in a few DMV employees in Clark County – KNOWINGLY passing out valid Nev. driver's licenses – to ILLEGALS (regardless of what Dirty Harry says – we're literally overrun with 'undocumented workers')… here again the cockroach annalogy applies – those were the ones who got CAUGHT.

      ACORN official were also convicted in our state for voter fraud – long AFTER the election… go figure.

      I voted for Angle… not only to get RID of Reid for our state of Nevada – but to REMOVE him from the Senate 'leadership'…for the better good of our Great Nation.

      We DO need voter ID laws nation wide! That said, we have them – and the slippery snakes keep slithering around them.

    33. Jim Burnette says:

      While voter ID's are essential to controlling fraud at our thousands of voting stations around this country we seem to forget that we do not have adequate identification for all people who are in this country. We would not have 12 to 15 million Mexican and South Americans, millions with forged IDs and millions that have far exceeded their time limits and just disappeared into the heard. We are far more advanced in identifying our animals than we are identifying those that should be here legally. Freedom is only due to those that are willing to be identified as citizens of this country and are willing to work and pay for all the things that are necessary to run a country of 3 hundred plus million people. You cannot judge the size of the cake it will take to feed the people if you don't know how many people you are going to have to feed. You also don't know where the money is going to come from to pay for the extra ingredients it will take to make a cake large enough to feed an unidentified number of people.

    34. summey says:

      I am an African-American male born of the civil rights movement of the 1950's 60's and 70's. These were the times when Blacks literally gave their lives for the right to vote. You would think that Blacks would be the first in line to demand voter id's to protect the integrity of that sacred process. It just goes to show how successful the Democrat Party has been at brainwashing almost an entire race of people.
      I thank God for the wisdom to leave the plantation years ago and I'm not going back.

    35. Jerry Summey says:

      I am an African American male born of the civil rights movement of the 1950's 60's and 70's. These were the times when Blacks literally gave their lives for the right to vote. You would think that Blacks would be the first in line to demand voter id's to protect the integrity of that sacred process. It just goes to show how successfull the Democrat Party has been at brainwashing almost an entire race of people.

    36. Jeff Dover says:

      Of course Voter ID prevents voter fraud. That's precisely why liberals oppose it. Without voter fraud, they'd lose seats for sure. They're the only party that pays people to vote ("walking around money").

      Their argument that ID of some sort wouldn't be available to all voters is baloney. It's beyond baloney.

    37. Victor Barney says:

      I ONLY wonder if it will be like getting my DRIVERS LICENSE RENEWED, as I just did today! THEY SAW my birth certificate, my social security number, and 3 or 4 other state&federal documents before they would even let me BUY ANOTHER NEW NEW DERIVERS LICENSE after giving me my EYE-TEST! DO YA THINK that the people involved in 911 ever got that government REVIEW OR STILL WOULD? Just saying…

    38. Salgal says:

      While watching a man-on-the-street interview in Los Angeles, a black man was asked if he voted. He answered yes, that he voted for Obama. In fact, he said, he voted for Obama 20 times! The interviewer asked how was that possible and the man answered that a nice lady with a clipboard gave him some names and so he voted for all those people whose names were on the list. This was one incident, so can you imagine how many times this happened? We have to level the playing field and demand Voter ID. It's too easy to cheat otherwise.

    39. Paddy O says:

      If our political leaders really wanted voter ID secured they would install a system of fingerprinting.
      Everyone has them except for birth defects and injuries which could be allowed for. Poor people have them at no cost.
      Of course there would be shouts of" invasion of privacy" but this would allow people to vote from anywhere in the country while ensuring only one vote per print submitted, if equipment such as that used by the FBI was used. Since it would require immense public demand, I'm sure it will never happen.

    40. LBG says:

      I agree whole heartedly, Voter ID nationwide is a must for this upcoming 2012 election. For the simple truth of the matter, we need the legalities in place, such as this so we conservatives are well armed to TAKE OUR ONCE GREAT COUNTRY BACK!

      If we remain complacent & in apathy, this fantastic nation our founding fathers suffered unbelievable hardships to insure all Americans of the freedoms we enjoy, will be history! WAKE UP, all true patriots!

    41. Brian says:

      Somehow this article seems a bit disingenuous. The Republicans in Iowa decided that same day voter registration was OK and there would be NO voter ID required for the Iowa caucuses last night. The Republican committee even mentioned that this was in order to increase voter turn-out. Makes me wonder about the motives of my party. Are we trying to decrease voter turn-out in national elections as the libs keep saying? Just Google: Iowa Caucuses no voter ID and read the articles.

      • Richie I says:

        if by "lowering voter turn-out" you actually mean illiminating illegal voters from the polls… I guess you would be correct! lol

    42. Intel Addin says:

      In 1995, Obama became Acorn's attorney, participating in a landmark case to force the state of Illinois to implement the federal Motor Voter Law. That law's loose voter registration requirements would later be exploited by Acorn employees in an effort to flood voter rolls with fake names.
      Obama's paradox is that he has been the beneficiary of an electoral process second to none in its openness and inclusion yet he was a veteran advocate and functionary of an organization like Acorn, which has been convicted of the most extensive election fraud in American history. ~ Barack Obama's Rules for Revolution – The Alinsky Model by David Horowitz http://www.frontpagemag.com
      This pamphlet explains the radical's thinking and names names.

    43. sue says:

      I'm OK with it, in fact I'm very happy about it!!! I have to show my ID at the airport and at department stores if I use a credit card. I should have to prove I'm a registered voter and citizen of the USA when I exercise my privilege (not right) to vote.

    44. Average Joe says:

      I have to show my ID to buy tobacco, alcohol, firearms, hell, even to buy cough syrup, but if I were to be required to show it to vote, the most powerful thing I can do for this country, it's all of a sudden a social and racial bias.

    45. Ken says:

      In Washington state we do not go to the polls to vote, hence there is no way to check voter ID. All ballots are sent out by mail and returned either by mail or by drop off. I suppose I could check my own ID before voting but that is not required.

    46. Winghunter says:

      Yeah, some 'myth':

      Milwaukee voter fraud conviction makes ACORN’s 2010 total at least 15 http://dailycaller.com/2010/11/23/the-voter-fraud

      Voter Fraud Convictions Upheld http://www.myfoxmemphis.com/dpp/news/local/112310

    47. DWW says:

      NOTHING causes my blood pressure to sore like this whole voter ID thing. (And I'm sort of a border line libertarian!) Those who oppose requiring a photo ID to vote trot out the old saw that the very small cost is discriminatory against poor people and it's unduly difficult for many people to get to a issuing location. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! If that's the case then I can only assume that these same people do ot 1) drive a car 2) buy alcohol 3) buy cigarettes 4) go to a doctor 5) fly or 6) buy cold medication and probably 20 other things I can't think of right now. If you want to argue against voter ID at least be adult about it and offer the real reason your in opposition–you want to make it easier for people who are not US citizens to vote fraudulenty, thereby, making a sham of one of the most sacred rites reserved for ACTUAL citizens. I know it doesn't sound "kind" and "compassionate" but it does sound HONEST!

    48. Lynn Herlihy says:

      This should not have to be debated. We the People deserve to know that our elections are devoid of fraud. It is not surprising that the NYTimes thinks that voter fraud is a myth, they have had no credibility as a newspaper since several of their reporters admitted to not researching their articles. As for Attorney General Eric Holder, I recommend that he review the tapes and the 3 different voter totals in Bridgeport CT in the last state election. But oh why bother, since the Republican registrar of Voter who is of a minority race, went home Election Night instead of watching the votes being counted, we would be racist for suggesting their was fraud.

    49. Gussy says:

      Wasn't it the Democrats who wanted everyone to have a national ID card not too long ago? Or am I mistaken. On a lighter note – recently, while in Las Vegas, I had to show my ID in order to purchase a donut at a hotel bakery. I was putting it on my hotel bill so they wanted to know that it was me. But I don't have to show it to vote???!!! Crazy.

    50. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      Fraud is when the Republican & Democrat life-long politicans continually get elected and never do what they promise….As for an I.D. Card, look at the picture…watch their mouth move and you would swear that it is a different person

    51. Retired Lady says:

      The only reason the Holder DJ is "looking" at voter ID laws is he knows this will possibly keep Obama from being re-elected. The dead will be prevented from voting as well as the illegals and the non-citizens. It will also preclude those "multiple" votes. If there had been a voter ID requirement in the last election (2010) Barbie Boxer would have lost! I do believe Patty Murray and Harry Reid would not have been re-elected as well!

    52. Fed up says:

      We don't have voter IDs in California and need them desperately.

    53. Bobbie says:

      isn't it funny there are no complaints coming from the public yet look at all the democrats desperate to find another way to slip in their cheat by demeaning the public any way they can come up with! these people are beneath the standards suitable to run this country. Democrats are without couth, without scruples, without respect for America(ns.) Voter ID prevents voter fraud and promotes election and voter integrity. We have to hold the counters of the votes accountable to any eeny meeny miny moes…
      in my state these cheats had more votes than residents!

    54. David says:

      I agree that voters should be required to show an ID. I live in a small town of 1,100 in N.C. where the members of the Voter's Registration Board man the polls, and even though I recognize and know them, and they me, I am required to provide a photo ID that they use to verify my address of record. That's the way it should be everywhere.

    55. Don DeHoff says:

      Excellent post. I have been "beating this voting ID issue drum almost daily for the last two years. I beleive it is amost a overwhelming concensus that both, voter ID is necessary to avoid election fraud, and that such photo ID does not discriminate against the poor or the elderly. All parties have their "get-out-the-vote" teams and they spend much time getting IDs for those unregistered. This photo ID for all voting, including unions, is a must, else the voting process is a complete sham and meaningless.. Anyone who thinks and avocates otherwise is either extremely ignorant or they have an ulterior motive. Yes, there will be an occasional valid problem, but all one has to do is call their "party headquarters and someone will come to their assistence. The botton line, is it better, for the common good" to deny an occasional legal vote than it is to permit massive unregistered voting, often including the dead and those who vote more than once. I believe anyone caught voting illegally should lose all right to ever vote again.

    56. Brad - Detroit says:

      I wonder how many dead people voted for Al Franken ?

    57. MaggieMc says:

      Holder and his minons can just go 'jump in the ocean' – somewhere in the middle of it…………
      Everyone who votes in the U. S. 'shall' present a valid legal pictured ID and this should be made a federal voting law right now and effective immediately!
      Every State in the Union, through their Department of Motor Vehicle, shall make available an ID card to those 'legal citizens' of the U.S., who do not have driver's licenses, for identification purposes (renewable every 4 years). The people who complain that they have no means of getting to a DMV office to get an ID card – well just tough for them; if they supposedly can get to a polling place, they can certainly get to a DMV office to get an ID card. There is really no excuse for not having an identification card – if these types can get to the Elections Department or where voters register to vote in their county/district and then manage to get to a polling place to vote, they can get to the DMV office. If they vote by mail, they shall register to vote at the proper place and show an ID card or driver's license from the DMV. No More Excuses!!!!

      • Bilberry says:

        You have to understand. Voter ID was tried before in some precincts across this country before the Voting Rights Act of 1965. What was learned was that the only people that had to come-up with some form of ID were Black people and in many cases what was presented was not good enough. Whites could just walk in a exercise their right to vote. This is why many of us see this as a problem.

        • Bobbie says:

          why? you want to bring up an ignorance of the past because in today's world of corruption, crime and terrorism it's required of everybody? you LOOK to come up with anything you can to see THIS as a problem? grow up and get over it! protect America if this is your country!

    58. Sharon says:

      The defenders of the "no voter ID requirements" say that non-whites will be prohibited from voting if IDs are required. I do NOT understand why these "non-white" people don't stand up and say, loudly, that they have no problems in getting IDs. In fact, recent LEGAL immigrants are more likely than anybody to WANT to prove they are able to vote!

    59. Linda Reasor says:

      Refusal to allow Voter ID by the "Justice" Department is yet another example of progressive evil. We have stood by for 50 years while insane progressives have systematically destroyed this republic, incrementally, toxic drip by toxic drip. Most Americans are cowed into submission by the censorship of progressives' mandated political correctness. We could change the direction of this country in ONE moment by Americans' refusal to acquiesce to that vile censorship. Adherence to political correctness allowed our own military to be massacred at Fort Hood. How much longer we allow it is directly related to the downward spiral of this country.

    60. Robert G. Brunton says:

      There is no doubt and it must be stopped!! If we cannot depend upon fraud free elections, we cannot be a democracy!!

    61. Dale Fenwick says:

      So, I am walking my dog this morning and stopped to let the 6th graders who were waiting for their bus pet her. I noticed that they all had lanyards around their necks with PHOTO IDs attached. I asked "what they were for." The response was, "We cannot get into school without an ID. If you forget you have to serve lunch detention."

      6th graders must have IDs to get into school but IDs are not required for voting?

    62. Nena Holder says:

      In all states do they have to show a birth certificate or some other type ID to get a drivers license? Or other form of photo ID?

    63. ken says:

      no income tax no vote?great way to disqualify many republicans but poll tax is a poll tax and rigtfully uim in favor of the id as long as it is free. other wise it is a poll tax and racist.nconstitutional, every body pays some sales tax.the poor more than rich as a percentage of income.

    64. Greta says:

      I live in Ohio where we must show an ID in order to vote, and it does not offend me one bit. I think it should be mandatory in every state. What is the problem with this?

    65. David says:

      If winning is more important that the way one wins, no one can win. (only the best cheater can gain the appearance of winning but everyone loses).
      Sadly we cannot trust our fellow citizen's honor any more than we can trust the honor of those in leadership. Let us then put measures in place to encourage honesty, while discouraging the liars and thieves.
      I am in favor of photo ID for cashing checks and voting.

    66. Kyle says:

      As a supposed attorney, Eric is a utter disgrace to all things judicial!

    67. harry says:

      What needs is one ID card that has everything on it. SS, bank, credit, address, account nos, everything. Then the ID number can be tattooed on the forehead to simplify everything. We all know that voter fraud is not the problem counting votes is the problem. In one voting district there was 280 votes for he Democrat and 4,850 for the GOP. Usually 50% of the voters vote. All the votes were thrown out. Why- only 650 registered voters in the district.

    68. Charles Jones says:

      If an audit of the California voter rolls were to be done, I'm sure it would show that voter fraud is a big issure. California does not allow poll workers to ask for an ID.

    69. Jimmy Walker says:

      No one complains about photo I.D requirements for many, many commercial transactions. The goal of the Obama Administration is obvious: allow illegals to vote and allow some voters to vote multiple times. And for which Party do you suppose these fraudulent and illegal voters will cast their vote? It will be for the contestant of same Democratic Party whose elected officials take money from the productive private industry and redistributes it to people deemed by the Democrat Rulers as deserving it, which by the way guarantees their reelection. Fix this problem by voting out all Democrats and Socialists.

    70. JohnL2 says:

      This is a NO BRAINER! Try cashing a check for 5 bucks without a photo ID and you'll be refused! We are talking about a VOTE for our (alleged) leaders who will represent us! Could anything be more sacred to all legal American citizens than their vote? Why would ANYONE have a problem showing a certified photo ID and their voter registration card to vote? I, and anyone else with nothing to hide, am happy to show photo ID to vote!!

    71. mike failla says:

      There is nothing wrong with voter i.d. except that the left doesnt like it….intensely. You have to ask "why is that?" Because voter fraud doesin fact exist!! If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it most likely is a duck. Not rocket science here folks!

    72. Moose says:

      Where is the racial bias of voter ID? If 100% of voters are required to have one, whether they are white, black, brown, yellow, blue or green, and the IDs are free, what is the problem? It seems to me that the only racial bias is AG Eric Holder and the Obama administration.

    73. West says:

      In my state, no one is denined a vote…with photo id you vote the machine….(fast)….without the photo id you vote provisional …..(long hand)…what's all the big hot air about…..

    74. Arlene Stoutt says:

      I do not understand how any honest law-abiding American citizen can object to a voter ID requirement. Hasn't there been enough voter fraud by now to convince Americans of the need for this??

    75. guest says:

      The funny thing is that none of the examples you give would be fixed by having required voter ID at the polls! In the Tunica county example – it was all absentee. In the North Carolina example, they showed up to the polls twice and nobody bothered to check off their names the first time.

      • Richie I says:

        Totally wrong!
        Having to SCAN IN a voter REG ID via PC Elections Registry Softare Completely ELIMINATES ANY dupes /

    76. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      More Democrats than Republicans are leaving the Democratic Party than Republicans are leaving the Republican Party.

    77. Donna says:

      Can't see what the problem is with voter ID. You want to cash a check at a store, you have to show ID, you want to get a plane ticket and boarding pass, you show ID, you want to buy liquor or smokes, You show ID. Most states are offering them free so why are people (mostly Dems) sceeming disinfranchisement???? They are just afraid they cannot withstand an honest election, they would rather go back to Crybaby Gores hanging chads. Sheeeezzzzzz!!!!!!!

    78. Oscar Manful says:

      Voter fraud is serious problem that stands to hinder the progress of our democracy. Its one that has to be taken a very serious look at. Registration procedures, elimination of Ghost names, cyber voting techniques that are case sensitive are all measures that can be taken to address the problem. However, Congratulations to Mitt Romney for his victory….wish I could have been there ! He will be in my prayers !

    79. Northwoods says:

      This is another one of those "they just don't get it" articles. When are even the great folks at Heritage going to wise up. The Dems oppose voter ID because they know they have to cheat to win elections. They support a socialist agenda not because they ideologically committed to the socialist ideal, but because big gonvernment means big power. Just recently the Dems made the Republicans look silly (again) because Republicans, thinking the issue was really about principals when, in fact, it is all about politics. I'm afraid it's the Republicans who just don't get it. And if they don't wake up and "get it" they, not the Democrats, will be responsible for another four years of Obama.

    80. Brad says:

      I just don't understand this mentality at all. More legitimate votes will be cast and correctly counted without these nonsensical and, frankly, anti-immigrant laws. Now if something like this were to be packaged with significant funding for a Spanish language education and distribution program to mitigate the disenfranchisement that would inevitably occur as a result of a new burden on voters, THEN we could talk about it. You see, certain groups of people would more easily clear these new hurdles to voting. Which (in my mind at least) makes it tantamount to a poll tax and against the spirit, if not the letter of the 24th Amendment.

    81. ross1948 says:

      Your readers should note that this appears to be a sensitive issue among some people. Our expat conservative blog had its Facebook pages 'frozen' within hours of exposing the US Embassy's FB use of Obama as an exemplar to the Third World.

      Who pressed the Facebook Geekstapo's buttons?

    82. Richie I says:

      y does every post have to go threw a moderator before it posts?

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