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  • Morning Bell: What Will America Decide in 2012?

    Voters in Iowa will caucus today to select their choice for the 2012 presidential nominees. As the rest of the nation watches, Iowa’s choice could help frame the debate for this election year.

    And as the voters speak, others are weighing in on what they believe is the best direction for America’s government and policy in 2012 and beyond. Over the weekend, The New York Times editorial page was one of those voices, yet again carrying the torch of the liberal, progressive movement. The Times revealed its dismal view of America and a call for more of the same policies that have left the country in an economic quagmire. “The way to revive sustainable growth is with more government aid to help create jobs, support demand and prevent foreclosures,” the Times writes. “As things stand now, however, Washington will provide less help, not more, in 2012.”

    What the “Old Gray Lady” is referring to, of course, is push back from conservatives who do not see “more government” as the ultimate solution to America’s problems. Instead, conservatives see the years of liberal big government policies, increased spending, growing deficits, and sprawling regulations as the root of America’s problems–and a contributing cause to continually high unemployment and economic stagnation. And when you ask voters what they think the government should do to solve the nation’s economic problems, they overwhelmingly fall in the “less is more” camp.

    Last week, Rasmussen reported that “Among all voters, 77% want the government to cut deficits, 71% think the government should cut spending, and 59% want the government to cut taxes.” And as Heritage’s Rob Bluey reports, new polling data shows that voters in Iowa and New Hampshire overwhelmingly believe the federal budget deficit is the most important economic issue facing the United States today.

    The Times‘ message is worth noting not for the sake of amplification, but for examination. Theirs is the message the left will be carrying in 2012, from the halls of Congress to Main Street America. Thankfully, there is another policy direction America can take. In “Issues 2012: The Candidates Briefing Book,” The Heritage Foundation lays out key issues and policy recommendations for candidates seeking elective office.

    On the issue of budget and spending — which is one of the many on top of voters’ minds — Heritage recommends cutting spending now and enacting spending caps, rejecting tax hikes and aggressively pursuing tax reform, empowering states and the private sector, and reforming the budget process. And with some 13.3 million Americans out of work, Heritage offers several policy recommendations for creating new jobs and getting the economy back on track, including ending any suggestion of higher tax rates, cutting the budget deficit, advancing free trade, and repealing Obamacare, among others.

    Today, America faces crushing debt, unsustainable entitlement programs, threats of even higher tax burdens, the ongoing threat of terrorism, and instability around the world. It is in the face of these challenges that voters in Iowa’s caucuses will take the first step toward setting America’s course for 2013. Should America continue enacting more of the same policies that have led to its current economic state, or should it adopt reforms to encourage growth and help guarantee a brighter, more secure future? Let the debate of ideas begin.

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    39 Responses to Morning Bell: What Will America Decide in 2012?

    1. Wayne says:

      The Gray Lady is still out of touch with America! Obummer and his Liberal Congressmen need to be put out of their jobs! We have to cut the size of government! We need to cut at least 15% now!

    2. Carol says:

      OMG is the New York Times even on this planent? Don't they see that what they are advocating is more of what got us into this mess in the first place. Rule #1 of Cloward-Pivin bankrupt-the-cities strategy for swamping the welfare rolls with new applicants-more than the system could bear. Hoping the results being economic colapse leading ultimately to socialism. Obam is on the road of compleating his task if we do not change our course NOW! Our money is virtualy usless now what do you want to replace it with?

    3. Mary......WI says:

      Whomever Iowa chooses will be so much better than the current president. And the message will be loud and clear to Obama who will dance around the pressing issues this country is facing because of him. He will change the subject, ridicule GOP candidates concerns and lie to the American people just like he has during his term so far. Obama needs to be replaced…he's been horrible for this country.

    4. toledofan says:

      I agree that there should be serious debate and specific directions developed, but, the problem in Iowa has been the medias influence and the negative campaigns waged agianst one another. I think there has been some really clear what I would do steps, but, it's been hard to gauge who is listeneing. The ups and downs have been perplexing and at times mind numbing. So, finally after tonight, maybe there will be some sanity that returns to the forum. Time will tell.

    5. Jeff Dover says:

      The New York Times and their editorial staff are simple, ordinary liars.

      If there was an ounce of truth to what you quoted them as saying, then their board of directors would be recommending that the stockholders be paid off and the newspaper, its assets and management be turned over to the federal government.

      But then they proved themselves to be liars long before they made that sorry statement.

    6. Wayne Peterkin says:

      The NY Times is simply advocating the destruction of America, but I'm not surprised considering the source. They have no plan for dealing with a $15 Trillion debt growing at well over $1 trillion per year. Our government has not only spent my grandkids' future, they have spent my great-grandkids' future as well. We are headed toward third-world nation status if this continues. The insane spending must stop and stop now. That includes entitlement reforms. There is no other alternative.

    7. Retired Lady says:

      I do believe this is a major reason why the NYT is no longer widely read. For many of us, we realize this newspaper has gone from "reporting" the news to "creating" favorable analyses for those this paper thinks are right and correct. I remember reading reports on the previous President's (Bush) vacations, how many reports has the NYT done on Obama? This is a paper that is inches away from bankruptcy (financial—it is already bankrupt as far as journalism), yet they still can't quite grasp that giveaways, i.e., govt. subsidies, are just that, giveaways which generate nothing!

    8. Jeanne says:

      This is all well and good, however can Heritage get the GOP candidates to listen and get out there with a well planned attack on the present failure we have in the WhiteHouse? We, the voters want to hear some strong messages that will give us some encouragement. Hopefully, after they cease attacking one another. A splintered group is only going to give us another 4 years of what we have now.

    9. Doug says:

      The speaker must go,with many more.If we don't deal with our own there is no point.The dems don't care,as long as they get the votes,They do not care about America.That's why we must defeat every lib.They have no place in America.

    10. If the field of candidates on November 6, 2012 are Obama and the dull, same-old, same-old uninspiring bunch in Iowa today, my vote will go to Trump.

      • Paddy O says:

        Waste Not Want Not. You Sir, are swallowing the Kool ade, doing exactly what Soros/ Obama want.
        Trump sounds good, but are you sure of his motives? Every vote to a third party is a vote for obama!

        If the toilet line breaks in your house, you must first eliminate the flow of dung, clean up the mess that has been made and THEN decide what should be done. The neighbors standing by offering advice will probably not be of much help!

    11. Jim DeCamp says:

      Thank you, Heritage Foundation, for holding high the lamp of liberty. May the stirring in America grow, and may 2012 see a continued return to representative government.

    12. Jim says:

      These poll results do not align with each other. What is told to Rasmussen in his poll [70%], and the other "skewed" polls that tell us that 45% of Americans want some combination of socialism / communism to take the individual role of accountability and competing out of their lives.

      The last 20 years [since the 60's really] of indoctrination and spin from socialistic Democrats, accommodating RINO republicans, the MSM and our indoctrination factories, [our education system] has lead to this voting public that will game the system and accept any and pursue all handouts from those that produce the wealth and opportunity society.

      The Ronald Reagan Presidency [conservative success] put this whole progressive movement on high alert and motivated them by survival as a cause that is now bearing fruit, starting with the 2006 midterm elections followed by the 2008 Obama lie campaign.

      The priorities are clear. Some type of Republican President must be elected in 2012. The Senate must go republican but will not get the 60 vote majority. More Tea Party house seats must be preserved and won to increase the wall of resistance to the Progressive onslaught that is for sure to come.

    13. sdfultz says:

      I thought I might find some productive conversation here, but just more name calling.
      I say lets cut the military in half, that's where all the spending is happening, let all tax holidays and the Bush tax cuts expire and pay off some debt.

      • ThomNJ says:

        Clearly you have not looked atthe numbers when you say that all the spending is happening in the military. Medicare and Social security entitlements are orders of magnitude ahead of the defense budget.

        • sdfultz says:

          Direct me to some facts that demostrate your point.

          • Bobbie says:

            The American peoples' Constitution…
            medicare and ss were slipped in and never removed…
            It's not the role of government…
            now we're trapped…

    14. Whicket Williams says:

      Yes, the people want smaller government, but the GOP machine does not Anybody who trust them is in trouble! ALL government both D and R are for themselves, against the people! I think the people know that now, at least those who care! the rest are sheep, no brains, the politicians fodder That will be our downfall. Ah, well. God says render unto the government that which is theirs , and fear him, who once he has killed, has the power to cast into hell. The Government does not have that power.

    15. Rostislav says:

      “Let the debate of ideas begin” – in January 2012?! My, my! To me it seems as timely proposition, as, say, to begin the debates in the German January 1933 or in the Russian January 1917. Being a very attentive student of history, I’m but absolutely sure that the time to finish (to tell nothing about “begin”) any American debates is over at least two years ago. Of course it’s possible to say with a smile: “better late than never” – alas, the world’s history guarantees that after the 1933- or 1917-like catastrophes countries would be collapsing into never-land for quite a long period, with no debates at all. You’ve already seen the rehearsal of this collapse in 2008, and the 2012 premiere promises to be even more spectacular. Of course, it’s still possible to enjoy the debates in January – but for the last time. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

    16. Oscar Manful says:

      Good luck tonight in Iowa ! What are our chances ? My money is on Newt Gingrich.

    17. Jim Delaney says:

      Tragically, while most Americans want to reduce the deficit and taxes, it is common knowledge that most do not want to do so if it jeopardizes their piece of the government's "bread and circuses". And therein lies our undoing.

    18. Tier says:

      Yes lets cut the spending that actually creates jobs by giving the military the ability to order more equipment, weapons, etc from private companies. Actually all the spending is being dumped on trying to revive the economy by buying out private companies. Why you would want people to pay more is beyond me, when it has been proven time and again that cutting taxes on everyone allows a boom in job growth and job creation, and also creates a higher burden on higher income individuals (isn't that what all the liberals want?). It would probably help to reform the multitude of failed programs that the government created or get rid of them as they have no clue how to manage a business considering they cannot manage something as simple as delivering mail. Then again that assumes that the current administration wants to actually help America and the economy, which they clearly do not judging by the past three years of record levels of unemployment, spending, and government expansion.

    19. Bernard P. Giroux says:

      Has Anyone been paying attention to the Canadians, lately?

    20. Will says:

      Cut the size of government ! ! It's a monster killing us ! !

    21. Douglas says:

      What will America decide in 2012? Well, apparently not a darned thing since the establishment is cramming Romney down our throats. I'm scared of that guy. Perry has a great plan (a fantastic plan) and folks are focusing on the worthless debates and that stupid deer lease. Perry is the best man for the job and we'll never know because we're not the ones choosing. Not really.

    22. Carol says:

      Setting the record straight: Social security is NOT an entitlement! We all paid in for years and had it not been for the Democratic and I dare say the GOP too they took our monies and squandered it on the Illegals and any where else they could think of. NOW the greatest sin most of us has commited has been to live longer than anticipated for that I apologize. BUT what would you have us do. Many of us have heart problems brought on by ungrateful children, we are crippled with arthritisl, and we just do not move as fast as we use to. Just live long enough and you will some day reach where we are now and wish you had never called Social Security and entitlement.

      • Mike says:

        Social Security is in the entitlement portion of the budget, you should not take offense, and if one thinks about it one would be entitled to something that they paid into for years. What one is not entitled to is a check for nothing (perhaps welfare?)

    23. Paddy O says:

      Iowa's caucuses are a farce. No Democrat primary and crossover voting is allowed so the liberal college professors turn loose the young brainwashed students who were for Obama in 2008 and probably still are.
      Is the democrat party giving money and support to Ron Paul, the weakest Republican candidate?

      In most states no electioneering is allowed near polling places. In Iowa out of state individuals are allowed into the caucus to influence people's thinking! Obama has eight fully staffed campaign offices in Iowa,and the staff members are allowed to vote in the republican caucuses from wahat I undersatand

    24. Jeanne Stotler says:

      I haven't decided which one I want, but leaning towrd Newt. I want to hear several things, the first to abolish Obamacare, then to cut all the Gov't . bureaus of their excess employees and jobs, this can be done by offering early buyout to those within 18 mos of ret. and jobs only filled from within the gov't. Just eliminating all the csars and excess help that Michelle Obama has will help. The limit on deductions for Fica and Medicare need to be lifted, this would make them more secure. We need the pipe line and also drilling here in USA so gas prices would go down. One thing we do not need is cutting our defenses, " A country is only as strong as their Military":

    25. Robert R says:

      How about spearheading a boycott on the purchase of the NYTs. You have said it rightly when you say "…one of those voices carrying the torch of the liberal, progressive movement…and a call for more of the same policies that have left the country in an economic quamire…." The NYTs also fosters inordinate issues virtually constantly, firmly promoting economic and moral decay in this nation.

    26. Ron W. Smith says:

      It's nice to see one or two people getting an important point. Sadly, Mike Brownstein isn't one of them. Our spending on National Security, more than is spent on National Security by the rest of the world combined, can be pointed to as the reason behind our $15 trillion + national debt. It has grown, almost exponentially, since 9/11 because we persist in maintaining an international footprint that includes the backyards of places like Iran. To say we might be inspiring as much of the trouble we profess to be stopping should be the subject, in this country, of open discussion and debate under the banner of "Foreign Policy in the U.S.: Problem or Solution?" The projection of power just might be too costly for the world's largest debtor nation, and if that projection is failing as well, Ron Paul might be right about bringing ALL the troops home pronto.
      Yes, spending should be cut and government reined in where government isn't needed. The problem Mike Brownstein seems blind to is that the country has needs of greatest urgency–infrastructure repair and upgrading, prices for health care coverage more in line with what is being spent elsewhere without loss of quality, a safety net (entitlements) and unions made unnecessary by better wages for EVERYONE who works hard, and so on. Spending drunkenly on National Security ($1.2 trillion a year minimally, all sectors of National Security included) is a major cause of our budgetary woes, not somethinbg to be excluded from an op-ed "covering" what America should be thinking about in 2012.

    27. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      To make Obama Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush.

    28. Jim Burnette says:

      There are times when "compromise" is not the answer to solving the problems of today. We live in a free society and the laws giving us our freedoms are written into our Constitution. It is the only document on the planet that protects its people's freedoms against the government that is in power to run the country. The Constitution therefore sets the rules and laws we are to live by. If we "compromise" on the very laws that give us our freedoms we will lose the right to have those freedoms. What I want to hear from the person that will be our next President is, (I am not going to promise to "fundamentally change the government in Washington", I am going to change the government in Washington to go back to the "fundamentals").

    29. Jim Burnette says:

      What I want to hear from our presidental candidate is that (WE) will solve the problems of this country, not (I) will solve the problems if you elect me as President. (WE) will work to "un-divide" this country and start working together to solve our problems. (I) can only represent the people and use my abilities to direct the affairs of this country to accomplish the goals the people have elected me to accomplish. I will not promise to "fundamentally" change Washington and the government, I will promise to change Washington and the government to get back to the "fundamentals" that this country was founded on.

    30. Wayne,La says:

      The Defense Bill again attacks American citizens. We can't go it alone. Heritage Foundation came up with a well thought out plan. We should pursue it.

    31. Bobbie says:

      I hope the majority of Americans come to realize every country run by it's government doesn't promote favor to it''s people. Freedom from government does. The least of government builds personal dignity to live by and carry out personal responsibilities, one of America's better but lost reputations.

      The least to non existent unconstitutional government- costs the tax payers less and allows more economic growth when money earned is spent by the ones that generate it. More government access and control over where Americans personal freedom has succumb to it's expectation is wasted money on increased and controlled cover of corruption, crime and crisis at high costs and through even more non generated, tax paid funds.
      Promoting government, demotes freedom, independence and livable wages in the private sector.

    32. LLRC says:

      I agree with the majority of Americans on the primary goals on which the United States should be focusing: Smaller government, Less Government Control, Bringing the deficit down, eventually to zero, Reducing government regulations on businesses, Repealilng Obamacare and focusing on Medicare and Social Security at a later date when the first four items are handled.
      In addition. term limits of Congress, which probably will not happen since this is controlled by Congress would benefit the nation. An option to consider for this is that the people only vote for the candidates who will support this change. The job of being a Congressperson has become a career not a public service commitment.
      However, the #1 change needed is to vote Barack Obama out of office.

    33. Bruce Kordelski says:

      Seeing the results of the IOWA Caucus, I'm not surprised, but rather uplifted to see Sen. Rick Santorum : with far less campaign funding, and NO negative campaign ads : leading the pack. Now to hear the Dems response, and how they will tear down Santorum, Gingrich, Perry, etc., and tell us that Mitt Romney, their "cloaked wolf ", is the best choice. BLOOEY ! From this old veterans viewpoint, Santorum & Gingrich present the best chance for a GREAT comeback for America. 'Nuff said.

    34. Paddy O says:

      I think we can all agree, the New York Times is an arm of the Soros/ Obama propaganda system!

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