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  • Indiana Pins Hopes on Right-to-Work Bill to Spur Job Growth

    Indiana lawmakers are bracing for another high-profile fight over a right-to-work bill when the legislative session opens Wednesday. Last year Democrats fled the state in protest, preventing the legislature from conducting business for five weeks.

    The right-to-work bill would end forced unionization for private-sector workers in Indiana. Its supporters say the bill would increase jobs and choices in the Midwestern state with a 9 percent unemployment rate. Unions complain it threatens their existence.

    Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) is speaking out in favor of the bill, even recording a 60-second ad. Daniels says Indiana is losing out on one-third of new business opportunities because it doesn’t have the law. He said the 22 states with right-to-work laws are creating more jobs as a result.

    “I’ve looked into the arguments against the idea and they just don’t hold up,” Daniels said in the ad. “Right to work has no effect on safety or the workers’ right to organize. Several right-to-work states are more unionized than Indiana. We can’t afford to keep missing out on good jobs just for lack of this simple freedom.”

    During an interview with Heritage in September (video embedded), Daniels spoke about his executive order to decertify government unions in 2005 and the decision by Democrat lawmakers to flee Indiana last year during the right-to-work debate.

    One year later, with Republican majorities in both the House and Senate, it remains unclear if the bill will ever reach Daniels’ desk. Last year Democrats were emboldened by union-fueled uproar in Wisconsin and Ohio. If they pull the same stunt this year and leave the state, they’ll be fined $1,000 for every day they’re gone.

    The fireworks could start tomorrow on the first day of the session.

    Heritage’s James Sherk says the law is a common-sense solution for states wanting to create more job opportunities for workers.

    Right-to-work laws reduce the financial benefit from organizing workplaces where unions have limited support. This makes unions less aggressive and encourages business investment, creating jobs. States can and should reduce unemployment by becoming right-to-work states.

    Sherk’s analysis also found that right-to-work laws have little effect on wages, despite union claims to the contrary. Opponents of Indiana’s bill are making that argument a major issue in their campaign to defeat the effort.

    While supporters in Indiana maintain their focus on the bill’s effect on job creation, there’s also a case to be made about the anti-American concept of forced unionization. Currently in Indiana, the government gives workers no choice. Their dues — 1 percent to 2 percent of wages — are given to union bosses, often to advocate for an agenda that workers might not support.

    Passage of the bill in Indiana could boost efforts in other states. Last year New Hampshire lawmakers adopted a right-to-work bill, only to have it vetoed by the governor. The New York Times noted other campaigns in Maine, Michigan and Missouri.

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    13 Responses to Indiana Pins Hopes on Right-to-Work Bill to Spur Job Growth

    1. JBinGB says:

      Buy American, Buy non-union, and save America Vote republican

    2. JBinGB says:

      Go Indiana!

    3. JBinGB says:

      Go Gov.Daniels

    4. Bobbie says:

      I just can't believe America has come to this! States have to go through the government to have the right to work because unions who do nothing but corrupt, complain the "right to work" threatens their existence? Give the workers credit for not being insecure to the point of needing to pay for unions…

      anybody remember the adage, "don''t call us we'll call you?" I thought all companies were non union until someone from their staff promotes an interest… unions have become insignificant and overpowering and favored by the government beyond our control. With the government access to the tax funded NLRB, workers don't need to pay the costs of union existence…

    5. CaliConservative says:

      RTW laws "threaten the existance" of outdated, corrupt job killing institutions?? That goes against the "public good"! "The Inhumanity"! Boo Hoo Unions.. Just go away and let the country prosper.

      Feels like I'm living in the Atlas Shrugged novel world…

    6. Sparky says:

      Union's are the Only place that WE have the chance to have a Voice ! ……. What's wrong with uneducated people ! …. Don't they even look at how to let local, county, state workers need a committie to relay back to the 'goverment' of which they chose to live and make family ….? Sounds like you really didn't know and have the knowledge and information on the 'asked question's …….

      Let the RIGHT ppl delegate – because You are not doing Your job correctly. I know – it hurts – when it comes to corking your wine at the right time – read a book first and start a real course of carrying out the ppl's way – to get things done right – for themselves …….!

      • Bobbie says:

        doesn't that make the UNEDUCATED the PEOPLE that have to go through a UNION to get their voices heard?

    7. Sparky says:

      We are children and a director ……!!

    8. Sparky says:

      wow this is way connected to views of a certain policy that doe's not allow people to post demographic material.

    9. OH- my words can't be right – I understand more now ….!

    10. Fred Gilbert says:

      Daniels misrepresents nearly all his history related to his relationships to his workers, RTW included. His welfare privatization remains a mess, his administration recently "found" $320 million in tax reciepts (while the Secretary of State is being indicted and has been ordered to vacate the office and our incompetent Treasurer wants to replace Senator Lugar). RTW exempts most government workers and some major construction jobs and national contracts and will probably not affect many employers. Some were hoping the NBA might be included! A recent poll indicates only 1 in 3 hoosiers supports the legislation. His former economic development chief hides behind "trade secrets" when asked to document his job creation numbers. Like his Iraqi war projection of "$90 billion, paid for by Iraqi Oil", he is an absolute fraud in the opinion of this life long Hoosier Republican. Fred Gilbert, Fort Wayne, IN

    11. O2BMe says:

      I think everyone should have the right to join a Union. But, I also believe the everyone should have the right not to join a Union. Isn't that what freedom is all about? I should have the right to work for any employer who will hire me if I am willing also to work for the pay they offer me. I can choose a dead end job or one with a future. I want the freedom to choose. Over the years I have been forced into to social security and medicare and look at their financial shape now, but the government decided I wasn't smart enough to handle my own money. They've done a great job, haven't they?

    12. glen walters says:

      Right to work is a job creation myth
      Gov. Mitch Daniels stated one-third of companies looking to locate a new business will not consider Indiana because it is not a right-to-work state. A recent Area Development magazine survey asked companies to rank the importance of various factors concerning location. The results were skilled workforce, location to rail lines or highways, tax abatements, location of supply houses, and location of health and public services. Being a right-to-work state ranked 16th.

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