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  • Monthly Archives: January 2012

    Latest Intelligence Assessment: Iran Poised to Target U.S. Homeland

    Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addresses the 66th United Nations General Assembly at the U.N. headquarters in New York, September 22, 2011. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

    Appearing before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on January 31, Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James R. Clapper warned that the “2011 plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. shows that some Iranian officials—probably including Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei—have changed their calculus and are now more willing … More

    Budget Outlook Getting Worse, CBO Report Shows

    U.S. Capitol at night

    The figures released today by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) once again reflect the magnitude of the federal government’s fiscal problem and the urgent need for Congress and the President to address it. Some key points: The 2012 deficit, projected at $1.079 trillion, represents the fourth consecutive year of deficits … More

    Strengthening the U.S.–Philippines Security Alliance: More Visits, More Exercises

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (R), beside Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto del Rosario (L), signs a declaration marking the 60 years since the United States signed a security treaty with the Philippines on board the USS Fitzgerald, a US Navy destroyer, docked at the Manila bay on November 16, 2011.

    According to press reports, the Philippines and the United States are exploring ways to expand U.S. military presence in the region, including increasing Navy port visits, increasing the size and frequency of military exercises, rotating maritime patrol aircraft, and possibly even rotating U.S. soldiers through Philippine military facilities. Philippine defense … More

    Businesses Blame Drilling Slowdown for Loss of Jobs, Revenue

    Oil rig drilling in ocean

    More than 15 months after the Obama administration lifted its ban on offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, oil and gas supply and service companies report they are suffering significant financial hardships from the government’s actions. The moratorium — as well as the slow pace of permitting that followed … More

    Sen. Lee to Testify at Hearing on Illegal Non-Recess Appointments

    Mike Lee Speaks at CPAC (February 11, 2011)

    A handful of constitutional law experts are slated to testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee tomorrow about President Obama’s four unconstitutional non-recess appointments. The witnesses include Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), one of Congress’ chief critics of Obama’s unprecedented decision. Lee will offer his expertise as a former … More

    Obamacare: CLASS Act Repeal Vote Approaching in the House


    The House of Representatives is expected to vote as early as tomorrow on H.R. 1173, the Fiscal Responsibility and Retirement Security Act of 2011. This bill would repeal the CLASS Act, Obamacare’s new long-term care entitlement. The CLASS Act is just another reminder that the entire health care law is … More

    White House Picks Fight with Conscience; Congress Can Fight Back


    A remarkable page in the history of American conscientious objection is being written by citizens throughout the United States who are standing up and saying, “We cannot—we will not—comply with this unjust law.” These are not unemployed, bedraggled 20-somethings looking for a free pass on student loans and camping trips … More

    John Chiang on the Future of Cross-Strait Relations


    This Wednesday, Dr. Edwin Feulner and The Heritage Foundation are pleased to host John Chiang, vice chairman of the Kuomintang (KMT) Party in Taiwan. Chiang, the grandson of former President Chiang Kai-shek, will be discussing “Cross-Strait Relations After Taiwan’s 2012 Election,” an issue of heightened relevance given the re-election of … More

    Are the British Practicing "Austerity"?


    Some prominent left-wing commentators have devoted weekly columns and blogs to the notion that Great Britain has misguidedly pursued harsh spending “austerity” and that doing so has left the country lingering in unnecessary anguish. In the opinion pages of The New York Times, Paul Krugman inveighs that: Britain, in particular, … More

    Russia Backs Assad to the Bitter End

    Anti-regime youths in Syria throw stones at security forces

    In a rare admission of reality, a senior Russia Middle East hand, Duma Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Mikhail Margelov, acknowledged that Russia has “exhausted its arsenal” of support available to the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. Yet, despite Western diplomatic efforts, Russia continues to support Assad’s brutal regime. Peaceful protests against … More