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  • Monthly Archives: December 2011

    "Professor" Holder's Criminal Law Lesson


    When Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) asked Attorney General Eric Holder to explain the letters concerning Fast and Furious that were withdrawn by DOJ because they were “inaccurate,” as well other misstatements by Holder’s Justice Department in the investigation of the gun-walking disaster, Holder was quick to his own defense, arguing … More

    House and Senate Cloakroom: December 12 – December 16

    Unofficial Seal of the US House of Representatives

    House Cloakroom: December 12 – December 16 Analysis: This week the House will take up two large year end packages.  The first will be the extension of the payroll tax cut, unemployment insurance, TANF and the “doc fix.”  The cost of the bill is offset through a federal pay freeze, … More

    Morning Bell: Iran Conducting Anti-U.S. Operations in Latin America


    An attack on the British embassy in Tehran. A desperate pursuit of nuclear weapons. A plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington. Alone, any one of these actions by Iran’s regime would be cause for alarm, but taken together they make it undeniably clear that the Iranian threat cannot … More

    Chart of the Week: Where Does the Federal Government Get Its Revenue?

    President Obama and Republicans in Congress continue to wage war over an extension of the payroll tax cut. But missing from the debate is any discussion of comprehensive tax reform that would eliminate payroll taxes altogether. Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes are the second-largest source of federal revenue, surpassed … More

    Scribecast: Author Peter Schweizer Exposes the Permanent Political Class


    Peter Schweizer doesn’t have many friends on Capitol Hill these days. So few, in fact, that he was told not to even show his face at a congressional hearing on insider trading — even though that hearing was the direct result of his new book, “Throw Them All Out.” Schweizer, … More

    "We Win; They Lose": The Staggering Simplicity of Reagan’s Grand Strategy


    Rhetoric and material strength go hand-in-hand to form the core of any coherent foreign policy. Drawing on his vast wealth of experience as a career Foreign Service officer under President Ronald Reagan, Charles Hill recently discussed the importance of having a comprehensive grand strategy. According to Hill, “rhetoric is important, … More

    Syria’s Media Crackdown: No End in Sight


    Syria remains a holdout in the Middle East against the forces of popular discontent. The regime of Bashar al-Assad has so far stayed in power throughout the Arab uprisings where the autocrats of Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya have failed. Other regimes have been forced to make political changes. If you … More

    Liberals, Conservatives and Human Nature


    What explains such passionate philosophical disagreement between the Occupy Wall Street movement and the Tea Party? The seemingly insurmountable divide between left and right is perhaps most clearly understood by their respective concepts of human nature. As understood by our Founders, human nature is innate. In the words of the … More

    Plan B Gets a Dose of Common Sense


    In a rare scenario in Washington, common sense trumped politics this week as the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) prevented the controversial Plan B drug from being sold to girls younger than 17 without a prescription. On Wednesday, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius overruled a recommendation by the Food … More

    The Lone Icebreaker: U.S. Sovereignty in the Arctic


    The United States Coast Guard is being left behind in the Arctic. While countries such as Russia are building up their icebreaker fleet and actively increasing their presence in the Arctic, the United States is losing its only form of sovereignty in the region. On December 1, Rear Admiral Jeffrey … More