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  • Scandal-Tainted MF Global President Still Serving as EPA Financial Adviser

    Before he became president of MF Global, the bankrupt brokerage firm that lost $1.2 billion in client money, Bradley Abelow spent time as New Jersey’s treasurer and former Gov. Jon Corzine’s chief of staff. In those roles, Abelow served alongside Lisa Jackson, who led the state environmental protection department and eventually succeeded Abelow as Corzine’s chief of staff.

    Jackson now directs the Environmental Protection Agency in the Obama administration, and Abelow, despite a full-time job at MF Global, is still serving alongside her. The former Goldman Sachs executive holds the title of chairman for EPA’s Environmental Financial Advisory Board. Even though MF Global is embroiled in a major scandal and under federal investigation, the EPA still lists Abelow on its website as the head of the 27-member board.

    Abelow’s position is unpaid and the board’s work is advisory in nature. According to an EPA publication, the board plays “a vital role in helping EPA consider ways communities can effectively finance their environmental infrastructure costs as well as in exploring ideas for promoting opportunities for the growth of a green economy.”

    The Washington Times first reported Abelow’s role at EPA on Nov. 9, shortly after MF Global declared bankruptcy and revealed the $1.2 billion had gone missing. Since then, federal authorities have been investigating. Corzine and Abelow have also appeared before House and Senate committees to testify.

    During those hearings, not one member of Congress asked about Abelow’s chairmanship of the EPA’s Environmental Financial Advisory Board. The Washington Times reports, “Even as he finds himself the public face of a bankruptcy and admitted to lawmakers that he had no idea how client funds disappeared, Congress and the administration have voiced no public concern about Mr. Abelow’s role advising the $8.6 billion government agency on its finances.”

    In addition to his political ties to Corzine and Jackson, Abelow is also a prominent campaign contributor. The Times, citing data from the Center for Responsive Politics, reported donations of more than $90,000 to Democrat candidates and causes since 2007. Abelow made a $30,800 donation to the Democratic National Committee earlier this year and gave $10,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee last year. He gave the maximum to to President Obama’s this year and for his 2008 campaign.

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    16 Responses to Scandal-Tainted MF Global President Still Serving as EPA Financial Adviser

    1. joe says:

      more change to believe in from obama

    2. Bobbie says:

      where does paying handsomely for incompetent cowards, frauds and illusionists hired in positions of insignificance come into the taxing obligations?? fight for this country and put things in their place!

      • John says:

        Another example of the quality of Presidents and representatives our lax voters of this country have voted into office since Theodore Rosevelt.
        There needs to be a basic litmus test that serious voters can require the canadates to meet that will hold them responsible for what they do when voted into office or hired to a department within the federal government.

        • Bobbie says:

          litmus test sure would show sincerity in those that want to lead…
          you'd think they'd jump at the chance to prove themselves but for some reason the criminal standard of the government has grown bigger, infiltrating society without a conscience that good willed Americans will have to topple for the sake of America…

    3. Odie1956 says:

      Birds of a feather will all go to jail together.

    4. John Steever says:

      It's so hard to find good help – So few Good Men – Don't you understand "Pay to Play" – Surround yourself with "Like Minded" individuals…and on, and on!

    5. John says:

      didn't corzine co sponsor legislation that mandated criminal charges for those in charge of these funds? Looks like politicians are immune to criminal acts again.

    6. Lloyd Scallan says:

      How much more do we have to see before we all realize the Obama administration is the most corrupt in the history of this nation? How many of his "friends and contributors' must be exposed for what they are before we understand this is no accident, but part of Obama plan to get "his people" in place for the final push that drives us all into a socialist nation. Wake up America and realize we are under attack by a world wide Marxist/communist movement that is hell bent to destroy Western way of life. The same movement that put Obama in the White House.

    7. allen says:

      Does this Surprise anyone? Is there a Bunch of Idiots in Congress or are they part of the Problem?

    8. The Fox Is Still Guarding The Hen house!!!

    9. Stirling says:

      Well I guess we can expect annother "Missplacing of Clients Funds, i.e Taxpayer Funds" in the next year or so to come out… The list of Government accountability jokes continues to grow.. It would be nice if someday we can actually start abolishing some of these departments rather then throwing good money after bad over and over again.

      • Bobbie says:

        no Stirling, please don't expect it! we have to demand accountability, insist reprimand and take the government back! and if congress doesn't get on board of their obligated duty, we may have to meet face to face!

    10. Leon Lundquist says:

      It is Astonishing how this kind of Criminal Negligence is so common among our RINO and DINO Representatives. Thank you so much for pointing this out when nobody else seems to have thought this thing through. It is a Characteristic of Criminal Organizations that they have a Spoils System where people get rewarded with sinecures for Services Rendered. Like Nancy Pelosi got her appointment in the House for her obvious willingness to Burn Books as Library Commissioner. Abelow is getting his Award for stealing money, or for looking the other way. Look at the RICO Statutes, it is a covered Crime.

    11. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Don't we get it yet. Abelow is an Obama supporter, both financial and ideological. Do we not yet understand that this Obama administration is the most openly corrupt ever to rule over this nation.

    12. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      Wasn't MF Global bailed out by the taxpayer even indirectly? I can only imagine where that $1.2B went. If Abelow was fast and loose with "private" funds, is it a stretch, given this regime's record, to think he was the same with public funds, a whopping $8.6B at his disposal? Bailed out private companies, such as GM & Chrysler, and the EPA…two more Democrat money-laundering operations. You know if Abelow had contributed to even one Republican-related cause we would know the paper trail and he would be gone. Look for his name and Corzine's on the pardon list.

    13. Peter says:

      Stealing is stealing, period, He should be arrested and everyone involved should be put in jail and tried for embezzelment. He should step down as head of the the EPA's financial board because god if he stole from farmers and other people, I wonder how much he siphoned off the gov't. Obama if you want to do the right thing, have Justice file charges and have him repay everyone from his own pocket and have him resign. But of course, Obama prob is going to pay for his lawyer.

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