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  • Police Union Blames Occupy D.C. for City's Rising Crime Rate

    The violent crime rate in Washington, D.C., is up 13 percent since the Occupy D.C. protest began this fall as police officers have been pulled out of local neighborhoods and reassigned to the protest.

    The chairman of the local police union pinned the blame on the city’s redistribution of resources, noting that on some shifts between two and 18 neighborhood patrol officers have relocated to Occupy D.C. Those protesters are primarily based in McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza, two downtown locations near the White House.

    Fraternal Order of Police Chairman Kristopher Baumann outlined the crime statistics in a Dec. 28 letter to Mayor Vincent Gray. Baumann objected to comments Gray made during a recent television interview when asked about Occupy D.C. Gray has not yet responded to the letter.

    The full text of the letter is below, including a number of attachments. Here’s the relevant portion about the crime rate increase:

    As you are aware, on the date of your interview violent crime in the District was up by 13 percent and total crime was up by 10 percent since Occupy D.C. began on October 1, 2011, compared to the same time period the year before, according to the Metropolitan Police Department (Attachment 1). In addition, the increase in violent crime and all crime has accelerated as Occupy D.C. has continued. One the date of your interview, violent crime over the past 30 days had increased by a stunning 17 percent and overall crime was up by 14 percent (Attachment 2). These numbers are year to date comparisons, so they account for the holiday spike in crime — this is a dramatic increase on top of the holiday spike. (I would note that the problem continues to worsen; as of December 26, 2011, violent crime over the past 30 days was up 21 percent and overall crime was up 18 percent, see Attachment 3.)

    Baumann blamed Gray for cutting hundreds of police officers, leaving the force ill-equipped to handle the protest and maintain neighborhood patrols.

    “In normal times, the loss of even one officer can have an impact on neighborhood policing,” Baumann wrote. “Losing 2 or 3 officers per shift in a district is devastating, because our numbers are so low that some districts are down to only 3 officers per shift.”

    In an interview with FOX 5 in D.C., Baumann complained of an “unfunded federal mandate” to monitor the Occupy D.C. protests. But even if the federal government were to fund more police for D.C., research by Heritage’s David Muhlhausen determined programs such as Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) had little to no effect on crime rates.

    Click here for more coverage of the Occupy movement.

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    15 Responses to Police Union Blames Occupy D.C. for City's Rising Crime Rate

    1. Russell L Smith says:

      An increase in criminal conduct is not surprising … the tactics of the Occupiers consist of noncompliance and violence.

      The following is a link to The BRACE Character Profile® of the Occupiers of the Occupy Wall Street Movement (OWSM), which is a PDF file download.

      • rta says:

        I guessed these people also have a lots to do with crime rate rising.
        Occupy Wall Street Farmers’ March Celebrates Foodie Power
        In early December, Occupy Wall Street members gathered to march in New York City. Of course, OWS has been demonstrating in NYC for almost 4 months, so it wasn’t the march itself that was surprising–it was the people who organized and participated in it.

    2. Bobbie says:

      What a disgusting eye sore!!

      What's a mayor's job if it isn't to be aware of the crime rate? what is he paid to do? protect the unruly? how is it protesters can be in locations 24 hours a day when they aren't protesting 24 hours a day? how can these people trash up public areas without violations? the sign clearly states no littering yet that's all these people are.

      Rules aren't followed, protesters are breeding crime, wasting time cheating themselves when they could use their time productively by bettering themselves!

    3. Gosh, what a shock… lol

    4. RYan says:

      Sad to say but any undergraduate criminologist knows how UCR data is collected by the FBI. Moreover, the raw numbers alone show a decrease of 12% in the violent crime rate for DC from 2010 to 2011. See http://www.fbi.gov and compare that 3,613 violent crimes in 2010 to 3,181 in 2011 is less 432 crime reported than the previous year. Moreover, in DC for 2011, the rate DECREASED for Murder (8%), Forcible
      rape (19%), Robbery (8%), Aggravated assault (16%), and Motor vehicle theft (14%). The only crimes that INCREASED were Property crime (3%), Burglary (9%), and Larceny- theft (6%). Is it that he can't learn or he won't learn? *shrug* Shame on you for trying to scare the public for your job security.

      • overlandpark4me says:

        Nice, except you need to provide accurate data next time, but I'm sure it won't support your position.

      • Winghunter says:

        You ARE a sad case!

        FBI stats are only updated to the 2nd Quarter while the Occupy traitors didn't start their sniveling until September 17th which is the last part of the 3rd Quarter!

        Are you just a moron or intentionally lying??

    5. adastra2005 says:

      Does anyone have any questions?

    6. marleneklim says:

      DC, otherwise known as Dodge City has a rise in its crime rate. That's a real surprising headline.

      Maybe if they did away with the union and put the money that would be saved to work by putting more cops on the beat. Or better yet. Get tougher judges to really deal with the criminals, the thugs would be less likely to do the crimes in the first place.

      You don't see the crime rates in other countries where they deal more effectively with criminals. Only in 3rd world countries is it like our cities.

    7. overlandpark4me says:

      network news coverage of this story in 5,4,3,2,1………………………5,4,3,2,1………………………..5,4,3,2,1…………….

    8. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Is Mayor Gray a Democrat? Is Mayor Gray a supporter of Obama? Does Mayor Gray lie, distort, and blame others for the problems in DC, the same tactics used by Obama?. Did Obama support the Occupy movement? Answer those question then you have the truth.

    9. groflo says:

      SO, let's see, if the crime rate in Obamacity is up 11%, what's it at now……………….95%? Isn't DC one of the Nations most crime ridden Cities? How many Republicans are in office there? RIGHT……………..NONE! Never has one benn elected to this lovely Capitol! Now, lets decide, which major US cities have the HIGHEST crime rates? AND, who leads them! Well, if u say inner cities, u r RIGHT on! ALL led by democRATS! Hey America, what say U????????????????????????

    10. Stirling says:

      There is plenty of video on the violence of OWS, what's laughable is that these mayors of the cities actually turn a blind eye to it, and claim it's peaceful.. Once OWS becomes a burden to the PR machine the same mayors shut it down in a heartbeat. Anyone with a pulse can see the propaganda being pushed here. The police have become babysitters rather then law enforcement at taxpayer expence.

    11. thescoots says:

      The White House and the Justice Dept aren't going to be happy about a union going rogue…"someone's got some splainin' to do…Lucy!"

    12. Karen Woodrell says:

      Well, wah, wah, wah. I am sick of the unions. Police and firefighters at the top of my list. Do a job, get paid to do it. Or quit. They both make too much as it is, especially after raping the public for exhorbitant pensions.

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