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  • Voters in Iowa, New Hampshire Say Federal Budget Deficit Is No. 1 Issue

    New polling data reveals that voters in Iowa and New Hampshire overwhelmingly believe the federal budget deficit is the most important economic issue facing the United States today.

    Despite the nation’s persistent high unemployment rate, voters in the two early-voting states chose the deficit by wide margins. The CNN/Time/ORC poll was conducted before and after Christmas with 999 registered Republicans in Iowa and a total of 1,508 adults in New Hampshire.

    The results, released Wednesday, paint a clear picture about what voters are thinking about heading into 2012. They also send a message to lawmakers in Washington about the need to fix the debt, cut spending and restore prosperity.

    Economic issues trumped national security and moral issues each state. Voters were then asked this question with the choices randomized: “And, thinking specifically about the economy, which of the following is the most important economic issue facing the country today?” Here’s the breakdown:

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    7 Responses to Voters in Iowa, New Hampshire Say Federal Budget Deficit Is No. 1 Issue

    1. Prfssrpah says:

      I would comment that we are pursuing the wrong problem. Both Conservatives and liberals agree there is a deficit. However the Libs would make the case that there is not enough revenues coming in to support all the government spending and much higher taxes, including a VAT, is needed. The Conservatives would rephrase the problem as deficits caused by excess federal spending and attack the spending, not the deficits.

    2. Whicket Williams says:

      They can do nothing but pick Ron Paul. He is the only one who will reduce the federal Government to a reasonable level.

    3. Edward T Bolton Jr says:

      Just the headline says it all. The American people, at least those in NH & Iowa, understand that the loss of jobs and our stagnant economy are symtems of our deficit problem. If we can reduce the deficit our economy and the job problems will both improve.

    4. Bobbie says:

      Mitt Romney means well and sounds great but gives impression he is easily swayed with a manipulated guilty conscience. Newt is just not giving me a good impression at all. He articulates well, but he only apologizes for his mistakes without sharing his true feelings regarding the treasures of man made global warming and he seemed to initiate this fannie and freddie corruption without considering all the trouble that would follow. I didn't appreciate his opinion on Ron Paul as extreme in his foreign views. Rick Santorum is strong in American conviction which is a "must" in today's American leadership. Michelle Backmann has a record of consistency that proves her sincerity and conviction, stands on principle and has all the background of a strong, inspirational, solid leader who's drive will resolve problems not add to them for political gain. Very much needed in today's America. I like Rick Perry's personality but he doesn't make it for me as president. Ron Paul? what can I say? My household loves the man. His record is consistent with his love for the American peoples' constitution. His answers are always common sense and logic. He's intelligent and a man of his word. He wants to get things done and put back to their dignified places. His views on foreign matters are not extreme. his views promote world peace! How is that extreme in the main stream? He isn't irrational so things will be handled in their timely manner. His work ethic is a must in American leadership! weigh out the pros and cons of each with necessary consideration. Ron Paul, Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum are tops!

      Ron Paul and the insulting words in his paper compels me to look deeper to see what causes that thinking as Mr. Paul does not show to reflect the words written. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been stereo typing people by promoting the idea of all black people as perpetual victims, since the death of Dr. Martin Luther King who was strong in support of rising above the victimizations of the past that don't exist today. But many people fell truley victim under the manipulation and wrongful influences of these so-called reverends, Jesse and Al (along with others.) Convincing inferiority, holding people back from their true potential while stealing from and putting guilt on other people that aren't . THAT I find to be more insulting…

    5. Stirling says:

      The Debt may be #1, but how many of them are willing to give up on the entitlements which have caused the stagering debt accumulation to this point. The "I'm for it as long as you don't touch my benefits" mentality needs to change in this country or we will go the way of Europe. A CNN poll to me lacks credibility as well.

    6. terry_freeman says:

      I'm still googling, but can't find the actual poll results, only 2nd hand reports. Any help appreciated. Thanks!

    7. jweb says:

      I propose cutting one trillion within my first year of office, cutting the my presidential wage to $39,990.00, and balancing the budget before the end of my first term. Sounds like a dream? Only if we had somebody that understood the Constitution, had a history of strong Constitutional stands, understood monetary policy, understood business cycles, and perhaps made accurate economic forecasts. Oh, wait, we do. Ron Paul is very electable. The father of the tea-party movement has what it takes to bring the executive branch back to its Constitutional parameters, and your vote for him counts.

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