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  • VIDEO: Sen. Toomey on the Tea Party vs. Washington Establishment

    The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas sat down with Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) to talk about the rise of the Tea Party and its confrontation with the Washington establishment.

    “The Tea Party movement has been enormously constructive,” Toomey said the in the interview. “After we had the most liberal elected government in the history of the republic, take this lurch to the left and try to remake American society along the lines of the European welfare state, what we had was this wonderful spontaneous uprising.”

    Toomey said he hoped Tea Party activists would reinvigorate the Republican Party to be the party of “limited government and personal freedom.”

    Heritage recently caught up with Toomey for an interview about his role on the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction.

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    4 Responses to VIDEO: Sen. Toomey on the Tea Party vs. Washington Establishment

    1. Leon Lundquist says:

      If I may speak for the Tea Party, the Progressives are perping an Invisible Scam! All day long the Democrats are dancing on the Third Rail Of Politics with impunity. The set up a regular theft of Social Security, a "Payroll Tax Holiday." What? Is this fact invisible just because they named it nice? Everybody loves a holiday. But this is a terrible breach of contract with Senior Citizens, the equivalent of Nixon borrowing the whole Fund. They talk of it now like it would be raising taxes on working families, but in fact it is another attack on American safety nets. Likewise, the extension of Unemployment Insurance payments. It is wholesale destruction of the Funds with little actual relief. "We can fool the Seniors so let's steal money from them." Democrats took half a trillion dollars out of the Medicare Fund and got away with it like the Third Rail doesn't even exist!

    2. Leon Lundquist says:

      When the Social Security funds are completely unsustainable they plan to deny benefits "You aren't old enough!" But look! They still qualify people with seven quarters of income as equal to those Seniors who paid a hundred quarters! The theft from Seniors is that brazen. It is quite beyond belief. Also hidden is the stupendous size of the theft. You add Inflation to the loss and more than half the Fund has been stolen. Of course, they stole the Whole Fund leaving an I.O.U. Extending the FICA Holiday completes the theft when the present generation 'takes a holiday' from a sacred trust and contract. How can you steal more from the elderly, after the Fund is gone? Call it a Tax Holiday.

      Daffy Duck has a word for the politicians stealing en mass from the elderly. It really is heinous to name horrors sweetly (and right things demonic.) For some reason the argument for a Fair Division never comes up! Oh! Jabber, jabber jabber about distribution of wealth! How come the fair division doesn't get support? That would be 'you get out in proportion to what you put in.' What's wrong with the fair notion?

    3. Leon Lundquist says:

      The TEA Party is nauseated by this stuff! It isn't Fair to short Seniors who paid a hundred quarters because they aren't old enough, perversely they are penalized for production. Two sides! And nobody wants to be Fair! I say let the rich build and grow as big as they want! That way the poor can grow rich. Upward mobility above creates upward mobility below, sure as math. Unique individuals are hurt in different proportions, we absorb the damage differently. Life isn't a zero sum game. You lose things in 100% chunks when you are short 10%. In the Socialism of Unions I forfeited the 'higher pay for better work,' even raises that come from performance. I gave up the 'high end' that usually comes as you age within your craft. It was never fair to be kept equal when others were magnifying their wealth. Our whole Industry was a Socialist captive and that was a huge cut to me. All those massive cuts are Invisible in the Captive Media. The idea of absolutely Fair Distribution is hidden in the dark of No mention!

    4. Lee Burns says:

      What a refreshing sentiment given in a non-aggressive way after listening to a year of demeaning comments from the liberals trying to place the blame the republicans for the miserable failure of the Senate to enact any meaningful legislatiion for spending control or job creation. Thank you Senator Toomey.

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