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  • Infographic: Our Military's Dangerous Course

    The U.S. military is on a dangerous course. Under the projected defense spending caps brought on by the Budget Control Act of 2011, funding for modernizing the military will be squeezed to a dangerous degree. That includes reduced spending on the procurement of new weapons and equipment and research and development on new defense technologies as the infographic below shows. (Article continued below.)

    In a new paper, Heritage’s Baker Spring, the F. M. Kirby Research Fellow in National Security Policy, explains the impact the reduced funding will have on America’s defenses:

    The result will be a military that lacks the modern weapons and equipment it needs, loses its technological edge over future enemies, and finds itself dependent on a seriously eroded defense industrial base.

    As a result of the twin pressures of the estimated spending caps on the core defense program derived from the Budget Control Act . . . and the rising cost of military compensation, the level of funding for military modernization will necessarily fall to unacceptably low levels. Under this scenario, funding for defense modernization within the core defense program . . .  could fall to roughly $145 billion in current dollars in FY 2016.

    How does that compare to where the military would have otherwise been? Spring says that under President Obama’s original budget request for FY 2012, $188.4 billion was to be allocated to these accounts — meaning that modernization funding will decline by $43 billion, or 23 percent, over the four-year period. If you control for inflation, that’s a 29 percent decline.

    Spring says that’s an unacceptable course and he recommends that Congress 1) Prevent application of the national security and discretionary spending caps under the Budget Control Act to the DOD budget; and 2) Restructure the military health care and retirement systems to free money inside the DOD budget for application to the modernization account.

    Read more about this issue in An Unacceptable Squeeze on Defense Modernization at Heritage.org.

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    18 Responses to Infographic: Our Military's Dangerous Course

    1. Jim R. says:

      This is only one reason of many that we MUST take back our country next November.
      God bless America!

    2. Guest says:

      It is of the utmost importance that we have a strong military defense with the most up to date equipment and readiness. It is our aggressive behavior across the globe that must be curtailed. The United States has not been practicing the golden rule. We need to flip some of what our leaders are doing to see if we as a nation would be happy under the same circumstances. The golden rule does not say 'do to others before they might something to you'…because you can not know they would … and speculation is not a good reason to kill another…nor imprison another. Be strong, be kind, and have a fantastic defense. Don't be a bully, keep your money and get out of the United Nations…they aren't our 'boss'. We are a sovereign nation–something many in DC seem to have forgotten..

    3. Jane Wegener says:

      This couldn't happen in a worse time in history. America is being set up for destruction by our own government.

    4. Lee Burns says:

      Put aside for the moment that "a strong military" may be considered by some as a bad thing. Think instead of the good things that have been made available for civilian use due to the requirements for maintaining "a strong military". Start way back with the venerable old "Jeep". Was that the beginning of 4-wheel drive?
      Do you think GPS was designed for civilians? How about radar, sonor, lasers, jet propulsion, and the list goes on. When necessity demands something it spurs development and from such development comes other inventions. That, my friends, leads to JOBS. Remember, if we stand still, we fall behind. If we fall behind it's likely that we will lose.

    5. Why is no one talking about the fact that military spending would not cost so much if we were not propping up other nations with 12,000 diplomats and military in 158 countries? If we do not cut our reach, we will surely collapse our dollar and take the world economy down into a depression.

    6. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama knows nothing about defense.

      • dawn says:

        Yes he does, but his objective is not the defense of this country. It is its destruction and redistribution of its power and wealth to Islamic and communist nations. Israel, the US, and maybe a couple of South American countries are the only true Free Republics, and the US is a Free Republic in name only.

        • Renatus says:

          ^Stop watching Fox News, Obama isn't trying to destroy the US and give power to the Islamic states. If anything, he's supported the overthrow of tyrannical islamic countries, more than Bush can say.

          And the only actual "communist" nation left in the world is China, and even they are becoming more capitalist and socialist in practice (mostly in private sectors), only in their government and name are they communist. Albeit they have a slew of other, unique problems tied into all of that.

          Point is, you're way off base. Be open-minded and do some research that ISN'T Fox anti-news.

    7. Paul says:

      What about the money the military wastes? Don Rumsfeld states that he could not account for 2.3 Trillion!

    8. Glen Hill says:

      Sometimes it sure does look like our President and the Democrats are pursuing bankruptcy and destruction of America the Great.

      • dawn says:

        If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck, then it must be a duck, unless of course it is a conspiracy.

    9. Bob S says:

      Much of the graph above clearly shows the expenditures of retiree health care costs and pension benefits are robbing Peter to pay Paul. The private sector recognized decades ago you can not continue to fund retirement at the levels government does, both in pension payments and health care for the expanded life expectancies we now have to plan for. It is why the private sector went to defined contribution plans and abandoned defined benefit plans, we are simply living so much longer and not adequately funding these benefits for the extended periods they will have to be paid out.
      i am a former Marine, and believe in a strong National defense. That said it is also worth noting that a recent report quoted that the U.S. accounts for 43% of all military spending globally. Add up the entire globes defense expenditures and we have the overwhelming Lions share of that. It is time to rearm Germany, Japan and start billing Nations that the U.S. taxpayer has been stuck paying for their defense for much of the last 50 years.
      Bob S.

    10. Covert1970 says:

      It is as true a fact in military might as in sports that a good defense is the precursor to a good offense !

    11. Corky66 says:

      What you going to do if we keep "down sizing" the military and China decides it's time to make this Country Theirs??? DUH!

      • Bob S says:

        Many experts believe China will implode on it's own and i have to say they make a credible argument. The numbers , both in population, the competing provinces, the interests that have to compete for resources all spell a break up for China somewhere over the next two decades. Much like the former Soviet Union they simply could not fulfill all of the great promises their leaders made and eventually independence from a centrally controlled economy and government led to it's collapse.. Until then even as over extended as we are and with China's significant build up they are not even close to militarily being a match for us, not in their wildest dreams.
        On the other hand the real concern is if China would stop buying our debt, or decide to start dumping U.S. Treasuries in very large quanties. But like the old "Mexican stand-off" you don't shoot your best customer either , so it stands to reason they would not do that , not in their interest to wreck our economy.

    12. DonM says:

      If you must fight a strong enemy after a journey of a thousand miles, be sure the journey was his.

      We need a strong Navy to keep the trade lines free. We have been doing that job since the Barbary pirates poked up their heads.

      We need a strong Army to prevent invasion of our home, and to transport overseas to help our allies shut down persistent threats, like Spain in Cuba, Kaiser, Hitler, Tojo, Kim Il Sung, HoChiMinh, Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein. When the Barbary Pirates were in operation the US hired hundreds of north african mercenaries to fight them, along with Presley O' Bannon and 7 marines (who being deployed on land, used Army Regulations). The Marines didn't get there own regulations until 1834.

    13. Lawrence Ekdahl says:

      We have the strongest military in the world. Most other nations hate us and probably with some cause due to our trying to police the world. But the threat to our liberties is not so much from without as it is from within. Within does not mean the people. It means our own loose cannon government.

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