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  • How Would Americans Help Economy? Less Government.

    Throughout his presidency — and especially over the last year — Barack Obama has turned toward a bigger federal government as the answer for fixing the U.S. economy. According to a new poll, though, that’s the last thing Americans want. Rather, they want to see the government cut deficits, spending, and taxes. Rasmussen reports:

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 42% of Likely U.S. Voters worry more that the federal government will do too much rather than not enough in reacting to the nation’s economic problems.

    Those figures reflect quite a change from the immediate aftermath of the financial industry meltdown in September 2008. At that time, 63% of voters worried more that the government would do too much. In recent months, a plurality has expressed a fear that the government will do too little in response to the economic troubles gripping the nation. Earlier this month, for the first time ever, the number worried that the government would do too little reached 50%, a level matched in the most recent survey.

    As a result of the growing concern that the government will not do enough, Rasmussen Reports explored the type of action that voters were looking for the government to take. Among all voters, 77% want the government to cut deficits, 71% think the government should cut spending, and 59% want the government to cut taxes. This is consistent with long held voter views that cutting spending and taxes is good for the economy.

    Though President Obama has of late attempted to adopt the deficit hawk, pro-tax-cut mantle, in truth the policies he has adopted for the past three years — and those that he proposes in the future — have resulted in bigger deficits, more spending, and calls for higher taxes. The American people, though, have grasped a truth that has escaped the President’s understanding: The federal government is doing too much, spending too much, and taxing too much, and the economy is suffering for it. And the chart below shows how rapidly rising deficits have driven America’s debt limit higher and higher.

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    13 Responses to How Would Americans Help Economy? Less Government.

    1. Jsnh says:

      Wow! Look at the chart! Remember, Congress became a Democratic Congress in 2006 with Speaker Pelosi and Harry Reid running Congress. Along comes President Obama in 2008. Now the Democrats have FULL control. Need I say more?

      • Jsnh says:

        Forgot to add that last year Republicans won the House, but it's still Harry Reid and his "Merry Band" that has all those House bills sitting on their desks. Time to try for a Republican Senate to work with the House and see if they can get America back and save us from becoming another Greece or Italy.

      • plusafdotcom says:

        also keep in mind that the debt limit law in the US makes the US one of two countries, i believe, in the world stupid enough to pass such a law.

        then look at the debt limit graph versus the national debt and yes, you'll see that the limit HAS been raised scores of times to keep the limit above the debt.

        which, to any rational person, says the limit law is useless, let alone absurd….

        yet it still makes the news and people still waste time, energy, blogs and words on it.

        THAT's another stupid part of it.

        sick congress, sicker media, truly sick electorate.

    2. Whicket Williams says:

      Ron Paul is the only one that will cut anything. If I were president, I would cut EVERYTHING except national Defense, and I would drastically alter the way it is applied. Government would become what it should be, a servant of the people, instead of what it is, a totalitarian monster attempting to control every aspect of out lives

    3. Sandy Olnhausen says:

      We need to pass a balanced budget amendment!

    4. Richard says:

      Again the American public is proven to be smarter than the DC "elites' in word and deed!

    5. RennyG says:

      We would solve our budget problems by getting rid of 10-12 million illegals. Would anyone have the guts to come up with a figure of "total" costs of having them around. That would include attorny fees and lost time fighting over them. They are illegals, criminals, what the hell are we confused/ fighting about. "Daah!"

    6. Jsnh says:

      Paul Ryan for Vice President! He can help us get our country back!

    7. Bobbie says:

      the president said it was his goal to make things 'fair' for everyone denying "any prodding or poking" into the privacy of peoples livelihoods! that's a blatant lie! what's fair if you don't prod and poke into peoples livelihoods to find out? how would obamacare promote itself with favor, if the president (government) didn't know peoples' personal lifestyles? it isn't the president's role to spend time and public tax dollars on making things "fair!" that's up to individuals with minds of their own! His focus continues to be on unconstitutional recognition into personal lifestyles or livelihoods or "fairness." His unconstitutional acts continue to cause substantial damage to the economy! Government has taken control at an inefficient wasted cost, what we were able to do for ourselves LESS the GOVERNMENT AND WITHOUT IT'S UNDESERVED, WORTHLESS EXPENSE! nothing is "fair" when the unconstitutional acts of government is promoting it.

    8. James Kapp says:

      When is Congress ging to do what is required to keep this country strong, cut spending, strong domestic energy policy with no foreign oil. Lobbying should be outlawed with members of government not allowed to accept any gratuity .

    9. Bobbie says:

      this chart also shows without mention, the influx immigrants brought in the 80's who are now American. As cultures and generations of immigrants came the American government made sure they'd have everything they needed through tax increasing and without expectation the initial immigrants could be the aid of those after them. today they live better than most American born I know. just wondering if they pay taxes without privileged deductions that override any taxes paid? property taxes are always going up even though there are more home owners? Every tax is going up even though America has more productive citizens? It doesn't make sense? I understand America owed the culture of Hmong people something for helping out America's military during the Vietnam war? what was the "something" and what does it consist of 40 years later?
      oh and out of the population of ALL immigrants from the 80's on, how many can America take pride in that are living free and independent governing their own without having the tax burden label? I'm not sure what document holds American tax payers accountable to accommodate cultural immigrant lifestyles and expenses? I am sure it's not in the founding and that's what we and the immigrants before us go by. really thought to expect by all talks of government and immigrants themselves, that immigrants came here to appreciate to respect to take advantage of the true meaning of the American constitution and open their minds to the freedom they were denied in their countries of origin? Not sure why immigrants would side to bring us through what America tried to save them from…

    10. Dee says:

      Most of the deficit comes as a result of a petty mind taking us into a war against a country that never attacked us. The cost of that was or in reality the transfer of wealth to the war monger companies that benefited from it. The cost was kept off budget. Now that it is being accounted for it shows up as an escallation in the deficit

    11. Mike says:

      obama is a lying, fraud. Not transparent… college? law school? records? hello! how did he get a soc. sec. # from a state he never lived in? The only thing you CAN count on is he will leave the White House a billionaire… how does that happen? Maybe Soros can help with the answer. Or, maybe his invisible speech/book writer Bill Ayers! No one has seen ANYTHING of Obama's written FROM THE PAST because he has no past! Vote him out. That is our only chance to win back America. Apathy is what has brought down every other democracy. Time to stay alert!!! Pay attention America. Learn, share, vote, stay free.

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