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  • The Justice Department Condones Perjury ... Again

    A career employee in the Voting Section of Justice’s Civil Rights Division has confessed to committing perjury, sources say.  The employee, Stephanie Celandine Gyamfi, reportedly told investigators from the Inspector General’s Office that she perjured herself during an inquiry into Justice Department leaks during the previous administration. Despite the admission, she has not been fired for criminal malfeasance. Indeed, it appears she has not been disciplined in any meaningful way at all.

    The genesis of Ms. Gyamfi’s perjury is apparently rooted in political attacks on the Bush Justice Department. Throughout 2005-2007, numerous attorney-client privileged documents, confidential personnel information, and other sensitive legal materials were leaked from inside the Voting Section to the Washington Post and various left-wing blogs.

    One of the most prominent leaks involved the Voting Section’s privileged, internal analysis of the 2003 Texas congressional redistricting plan, submitted to the Civil Rights Division in October 2003 for review under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. The contents of the internal memorandum appeared on the front page of the Washington Post on Dec. 2, 2005, to great fanfare from Democrats on Capitol Hill and their surrogates in the liberal blogosphere.

    Until recently, none of the Justice Department’s watchdogs showed any interest in probing the identity of the leakers. This is hardly surprising, given the far-left bent of the attorneys who occupy the ranks of the Office of Professional Responsibility, and to a lesser extent, the Office of the Inspector General. But with the departure of the former partisan Inspector General, Glenn Fine, things seem to be improving.

    Although not widely known, the Inspector General’s Office is in the midst of another investigation of the Civil Rights Division. This time, the IG is probing allegations that, among other things, certain career attorneys in the Voting Section who are perceived as having cooperated with the prior administration have been subjected to withering harassment and retaliation for not toeing the liberal line on case selection and enforcement policy decisions.

    During the course of this investigation, one of the individuals questioned was Ms. Gyamfi, a long-time civil rights analyst in the Voting Section. Ms. Gyamfi is one of the most extreme partisans in the Civil Rights Division, no small distinction considering the competition among her Division colleagues. (Readers of Christian Adams’ recent book, Injustice, may recall seeing photos of Ms. Gyamfi’s Voting Section office walls filled with campaign signage supporting the election of Barack Obama.)

    Ms. Gyamfi made no secret of her hatred of conservatives and Republicans when I worked in the Voting Section from 2001 to 2002. Later, when I moved to the Civil Rights Division’s front office, she had a difficult time hiding her contempt any time she was forced to meet with the political leadership. In revelations now known throughout the Voting Section, she apparently went beyond hatred and resorted to flagrantly violating Justice Department confidentiality requirements and ethical obligations. It is now common knowledge in the Section that she lied about her actions to Inspector General investigators and was caught in the lie with e-mail documentation. Ahh, it’s always the cover-up.

    According to numerous sources within the Section, Ms. Gyamfi had been asked in two separate interviews whether she was involved in the leaking of confidential and privileged information out of the Voting Section. Each time, she flatly denied any knowledge as to who was responsible for the leaks. In a third interview, she was once again questioned about her role in the leaks. At first, she adamantly denied involvement. Then, however, she was confronted with e-mail documents rebutting her testimony.

    At that point, she immediately broke down and confessed that she had lied to the investigators three separate times. Since IG interviewees are all required to take an oath to tell the truth upon penalty of perjury, and investigators record all interviews, an audio recording of these admissions must exist in the IG files. Mind you, Ms. Gyamfi did not say she misunderstood the questions. She did not claim to have forgotten something and later remembered it. Instead, she plainly admitted her deceit and ascribed her motive to attempting to protect the “other people” involved, i.e., the other career staff (mostly attorneys) who also violated their oaths of office and their professional obligations by publicizing confidential legal opinions and analyses.

    After the admission, Ms. Gyamfi returned to the Voting Section distraught, crying and sobbing. She was consoled by another career employee to whom she confessed what had happened. This was witnessed and heard by other Voting Section staff, and the story of what occurred during the IG interview was soon known all over the Section.

    Amazingly, despite Ms. Gyamfi’s admission of committing perjury not once, but three times, she so far has been neither terminated nor disciplined by the Justice Department. In fact, her boss, Voting Section Chief Chris Herren, continues to assign her to the most politically sensitive of matters, including the Department’s review of Texas’s congressional redistricting plan.

    More disturbing, according to my sources, is that Ms. Gyamfi is now being treated as a hero by some of her Voting Section colleagues. Many of them are gratified at her efforts — illegitimate or not — to make the Bush administration look bad in its preclearance of Texas’s earlier redistricting submission.

    Readers may recall that Bush political appointees, overruling the recommendation of the Voting Section career staff, precleared Texas’s plan back in 2003.  This led to fierce and wildly unfair criticism by Democrats and the liberal media. However, as Abigail Thernstrom pointed out in her book, Voting Rights—And Wrongs, the career staff’s leaked memorandum was a “rambling, barely coherent memo” which, as a second confidential legal memo (that was not leaked) highlighted, was full of “factual and legal inaccuracies, mistakes, and misrepresentations.”

    Not surprisingly, when the Texas congressional redistricting plan ended up before the Supreme Court in LULAC v. Perry, the Court embraced the arguments of the Civil Rights Division’s political leadership and repudiated the claims advanced in the career staff’s leaked memorandum.  Specifically, the Court agreed that there were only eight minority districts that needed to be preserved under the Voting Rights Act, not 11 as erroneously argued by the career staff.

    And who was the civil rights analyst whose name was on the “rambling, barely coherent memo” leaked to theWashington Post?  It was Stephanie Celandine Gyamfi.  For the Voting Section chief to assign this admitted perjurer to review Texas’s 2011 decennial redistricting submission is a serious affront to justice. It should greatly concern Texas authorities, who have a right to expect an objective, impartial, nonpolitical, and nonideological review of their plan. An admitted criminal who harmed Texas before should not sit in judgment of the state’s current redistricting plan.

    Then again, why should we be surprised?  Look at how Eric Holder and his Department have mishandled the investigation into Operation Fast & Furious and repeatedly misled Congress. Holder told Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI.) that whether you are lying or misleading Congress “has to do with your state of mind.” Perhaps Holder believes that perjury is now passé, or at least that a DOJ employee does not have the requisite “state of mind” when the ideological cause is deemed righteous enough.  But when zealots like Ms. Gyamfi, for whom the truth is no obstacle to the pursuit of partisan gains, are allowed to control the levers of justice, we all suffer.

    Cross-posted from Pajamas Media

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    13 Responses to The Justice Department Condones Perjury ... Again

    1. Jim Bills says:

      Holder needs to be thrown In jail ….

      • Mike, Wichita Falls says:

        Let's at least give him due process and conviction before jailing. However, I'm sure Obama has a full pardon waiting for Holder and Gyamfi by the time they are all returned to the private sector on January 20, 2013.

        The next President, assuming it's not Obama, really needs to clean DOJ house so that it actually seeks justice or as much as can be achieved here on earth with imperfect human beings in charge.

    2. Mark Anderson says:

      Ms. Gyamfi is a hero, Hans, it's easy to hate you however. Republicans are only 30% of the voters in this country, the Democrats are 42%. That's why Republicans like you try to keep the vote down and try to set up Republican districts. Thank God for the leakers, otherwise we would never know how low political appointees like you would go. Al Franken's got your number.

      • Daniel says:

        Al Franken was elected using illegal votes.Barack Obama used Acorn for voter fraud.Eric Holder is a criminal plain and simple.

      • Andre says:

        actually mark your wrong the left is actually only 23% of the country conservatives are 44% with the rest being moderates or not caring. If Liberals were smart youd all leave America for leftist countys leaving America for conservatives only which is what it was created for

      • Mike Freeman says:

        Hey, genius, checked out Illinois' redistricting lately? Keep the tiny thoughts from the minuscule mind bottled up inside your hate-ridden psyche. Moron. By the way, try backing up your "statistics" with facts, I know you liberals think that something becomes true simply by saying it, but that doesn't work outside of your echo chambers.

      • Controse says:

        So a person who perjures herself three times is a hero in your book. A member of the Liberal mob you are. My heroes obey the law even when they don't like it. Only criminals see criminals as heroes.

      • Bobbie says:

        the narrow mindset of the democratic left. take no reality into consideration. focus only on rhetoric and keep the lies spewing. In this case the American government protecting the deceitful in a position that requires truth!? sorry, this is beneath all codes of government ethics. this person should be publically humiliated, pay all expenses caused by this person and thrown in jail!

        everyone on the narrow minded left covers all their corruption begging to be pitied, less the accountabilities and exceptions galore made to them, while others on the left use illusions and scare tactics as desperate need that only narrow minds looks to more money as the only answer! ALL WASTES OF TIME AND MONEY WITH ONLY DISRESPECT TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!
        Why would any American accept that? we're better people than that and deserve representation that reflects the truth! America doesn't have either.

        honesty is productive anything else is anything but productive and this administration and their sheep are everything but honest. America(ns) are respectful people who deserve honesty where it doesn't take a conscientious effort to hide the truth and since a person makes a conscientious effort to hide the truth there's no reason they're not a person enough to hold them accountable to their lies! time to weed out the rot!

    3. TimAZ says:

      With a boss like Eric Holder, what would you expect from the rest of them? Yes every govt. agency is infiltrated with socialist democrats. We need another McCarthy to purge these radicals from the govt. agencies that are considered mission essential after the 2012 election.

    4. TayM says:

      Democrat or Republican, Socialist or Tea Party, Congressman or businessman, lying is not acceptable. This person and any others who have lied under oath need to be punished.

    5. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Why must states submit "redistricting plans" to a federal government department for approval that is riddled with radical leftist that see only color of one's skin when making rulings that effects us all? Why must states establish "minority districts"? Why should minorities have advantage of other voters? Why have we become so accustumed to accepting outright discrimination against whites? Because of past injustices? When will those "past injusticies" be repaid? As far a the left is concerned NEVER. This is how the left continues hold control over those that will not settle for justice, just vindictiveness. They destroy our American since of fair play by continuing their "class warfare" policies to justify "wealth distribution".

    6. Leon Lundquist says:

      Hans, your writing is brilliant as usual. Do you agree with me now? Wasn't RICO made for these Gangsters in Government? Purjury, three time loser gets the Texas appointment! What? Is that a reward for criminal services? Just because the Obama Administration breaks the Law a thousand times a day does not mean it was ever acceptable to do so. These are criminal masterminds! Oh! It reminds me how Pelosi got her Office for burning books as a Library Commissioner. The perp Gyamfi is the perfect profile for Domestic Enemy. Too bad there are ten thousand more just like her!

    7. buck says:

      The more relevent question would be is there anyone in the justice department that has not committed perjury !!!

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