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  • Obama's $4 Million Hawaii Vacation

    President Obama had hoped to be in Hawaii today for the start of his 17-day Christmas vacation. Instead, he’s stuck in Washington until Congress finishes its work for the year. But in the Aloha State, residents are already abuzz about the first family’s trip — and its high price tag.

    Figures obtained by Hawaii Reporter reveal the trip is expected to run taxpayers about $4 million. It has already cost taxpayers about $100,000 extra just so first lady Michelle Obama and the president’s daughters, Sasha and Malia, could leave Friday before the president, according to White House Dossier.

    Hawaii Reporter’s comprehensive breakdown uses government data to calculate travel, housing, hotel and local costs.

    Hawaii Reporter research shows the total cost for the President’s visit for taxpayers far exceeded $1.5 million in 2010 — but is even more costly this year because he extended his vacation by three days and the cost for Air Force One travel has jumped since last assessed in 2000. In addition, Hawaii Reporter was able to obtain more specifics about the executive expenditures.

    The total cost (based on what is known) for the 17-day vacation roundtrip vacation to Hawaii for the President, his family and staff has climbed to more than $4 million.

    White House press secretary Jay Carney was asked about the vacation’s cost at a briefing last week. He dodged questions about Michelle Obama’s desire to travel separately from the president.

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    133 Responses to Obama's $4 Million Hawaii Vacation

    1. @porcelain10 says:

      So much for the Shared Love> Food banks could use some help,Obma

      • madog2 says:

        Everytime he spews his crap about helping the poor and making the rich share their prosperity he goes off on one of the ocommies multimillion doller vacations. This is the example he's shown throughout the last three years. And yet the people that he's hurting still think he is the second coming. What the hell does he have to do to make these idiots wake up?

        • madog2 says:

          I don't really give a hoot whether you approve my comments or not. You are most likely a ocommie fan anyhow

      • Guy says:

        At least he is staying in Washington to get necessary work done for good taxpayers, unlike all the other Presidents before him who would not even count the cost of their trips. Ask yourself why this becomes News worthy now but not while Bush was in the Presidency?????? The man is doing a good Job OPEN your eyes and smell the coffee :-)

      • He is doing this after he cut fuel assistance by 45%. Don't worry about the poor people trying to decide whether to buy oil or food for their family. The average daytime temp. in the Northeast is in the 30's and 20's at night. Hope his family enjoys their vacation in 80 degree weather !!!

      • Roxann says:

        And why does everyone still think he is so great – people are homeless and starving, normal people and churches can only do so much – All our elected officals should have to live on the national average/.

    2. GotFreedom says:

      Quick question–did they actually leave on Friday and if so, why no word in any of the HI news sources about their arrival?

    3. What's money when someone else pays. I remember an old boss of mine where I used to work, he would tell us when going on business trips, Don't be a big shot with my money.

    4. JackRyan007 says:

      Hey guys – I would have loved to have given you credit for this article – but you only have a "like" button for Facebook and not a "Share". Share allows the poster to add comments to the original post. You should consider having your IT person add this feature.

      • @JackRyan007 Unfortunately the "share" button isn't supported by Facebook anymore. We will take a look at how to get that functionality working through the existing like button. Thanks so much for your readership and your support!

    5. @Baldbarian says:

      He and family deserve this vacation. They work so hard on our behalf. No, quit laffing… really.. they are trying to stop the rise of the oceans, the heating of the earth, the evil rich stealing from the poor.. these are not the droids you seek…

    6. Robert Lee says:

      This money would provide 1000 families with 40K. But the emperor and his drone come first.

      • marcos says:

        And to add to the fact that obama's get free food of their choice without walking a cart through the grocery stores.. How many perks is allowed for a president who has accomplished nothing but mixed feeling and opinions and anxienty in our country.. And how much doe's michells mother make per year for being a live in nanny.And is she going to collect free insurance the rest of her live like the president and his wife,.

    7. steve mckean says:

      Every presidential vacation coast in the millions. It is every US citizen's dream to be home for Christmas. Obama, having humble beginning here in the Aloha State, returns to show his respect for its beauty, its warm-heated people and community values of multii-ethnic dimensions . To amplify or in some way try to distort monetary values, over values of the heart and home, shows a callow and insensitive nature on your part. All societies allow their civic leaders vacations. One can only imagine Donald Trump as POTUS and a 4 year-long term of wine, women, song, rest and relaxation to keep his mind as sharp as a ?

      • Guest says:

        I don't know of another FLOTUS that flies separately and we pick up the tab. And 4 million dollars for a vacation that the taxpayers are stuck with??!!?? Also, Obama was 6 years old when he left Hawaii for Indonesia. How is that 'home'? Chicago was his home until the taxpayers started paying for his expensive vacations. Can't wait to give Obama the boot next year.

      • raptorgirl says:


      • Teresa Rich says:

        Hey, Steve —

        Have you ever heard of Camp David — A Presidential retreat that is already fully staffed and an all-expenses paid retreat for American presidents by the taxpayers? But I guess that's not good enough for King Obama, hunh? (Oh, and by the way — it's not that far from Washington, D.C. — easily reachable by helicopter.) But that's just too gauche for this President and his family. After all, his wife absolutely must have 27 assistants. This is all too reminiscent of the French Revolution and the French aristrocracy who ignored the plight of their countrymen and continued to flaunt their grand, lavish, and most superior lifestyle until the bitter end.

      • Bobbie says:

        that's really deranged. Donald Trump would use his own money!

      • Joe says:

        No, every president's vacations do NOT cost the taxpayers millions…fool! Most presidents travel home or to family-owned properties on their vacations. Obama doesn't even own a home, so every one of his many vacation jaunts is to a rented facility; always very expensive. Maybe he thinks the white house is his permanent residence or something. And on every trip they take, they fly separately, exponentially raising the costs. No other president has taken these over-the-top vacations on the taxpayers' nickel, like this bunch. They act like poor kids in the candy store for the first time. Extreme excess. You watch, I'll bet they will try to scheme a new house out of the deal, when they gets booted out next year.

      • Buck says:

        Humble beginnings? He went to the best private school on the islands. Get your facts straight. Humble beginnings are the guys who grow up in Waianae.

    8. Grant says:

      I do not usually read your screeds, but this piece caught my eye. While a four million or even a hundred thousand dollar vacation seems frivolous, especially in this economic climate, I wonder if you apply the same critical thinking to the billions wasted by the military each year. Or do you reserve these insights for those on the left?

    9. Old Voter says:

      Why must FLOTUS travel separately? Is there something about Air Force One that disturbs her, just because it's a 747 instead of a 757? This is ridiculous, and has to be stopped. I mean, before 1/20/13. It is just wasting the taxpayers' money, which is what they've already shown they're really good at.

    10. Bob says:

      $235,000 a day!

    11. soshaljustic says:

      Yes I imagine those people that have no jets of their own are not familiar with the rising costs of operating one to fly the family on separate flights out of Washington because Dad has to stay behind and mop up. Mopping has always been good for the golf swing, could be why Bush was so bad, he never like manual or intellectual labor. Speaking of GW, he sure spent alot on jet fuel! More days than Obama!

      • Diane says:

        It's not about the number of days, it's about the expense. Round trip for GW to his home in TX or ME was $200,000. We all know that vacation is not really vacation for presidents…they are always at work. $4 million really…you think that's okay? Tell that to the people in the food line that haven't had jobs in 3 years. Tell that to the moms and dads that have to choose heat or food. Tell that to the children who will see no gifts this Christmas. Go ahead and justify 17 days and $4 million. Go hug a tree when you're done.

      • Observer says:

        Show us your data, if you can.

    12. Tim says:

      No problem blood sucker it's on me! Thanks for nothing.

    13. poppyjoe says:

      "Let them eat cake", sound familiar? The arrogance of this elitist is never-ending nor suprising!J

    14. rjz says:

      talk about out of touch

    15. Tracy B says:

      Well it must be nice! Is the first family going to pay for the people of this country to take that same kind of vacation???? I would be happy with just a few thousand dollars for a vacation – us little people know how to make the money stretch!!

    16. How can he justify this? I am not upset about his vacation, but we should not have to pay for it, especially at a price tag of $4 million when he has driven us further into debt.

    17. Angelina Log says:

      This man takes more damn vacations!! He needs to focus on our country more!!

    18. duramaterof2 says:

      Well, that seems reasonable. WAIT! 4 million?? MILLION? Our family of 4 can have an unbelievable vacation on 4 THOUSAND. I can't even imagine what we would do with 40 thousand. We could possible vacation for 4 years straight on 400 thousand. But 4 million? This has to be a mistake. The audaciousness of it is too much to comprehend.

      • candesia says:

        why not take into mention the security costs and the people that have to travel with them, u people r u so much hypocripts is not like they can walk free like me and u. there is no values to any man life and everyone one should have respect for people in authority, government, hight office etc. It is written in the bible and who god bless no man curse and touch not my annointed.

    19. Robert says:

      You must be joking…this isn't ma and pa kettle jumping into the car to drive to ma-maws…this is the leader of the free world, surrounded by his advisors, security team and all the requisite trappings. It's peanuts, folks and a ridiculous jab…grow up.

      • Panhandlekid says:

        Leader? you jest ole boy! It would be better if Obummer was on full time vacation. The country would be better off. Cannot wait until we get rid of that Chicago thug!.

      • Slick says:

        Sir, it is "the peanuts" that have gotten us in the economic crisis we face!!!! The "might as well" attitude of the last 30 years is destroying us, and it is clear that there is absolutely no political will ANYWHERE in Washington to halt the mass destruction of this country! "The peanuts" you refer to indicate that you have little or no concern for the future of this Republic!!!!

      • Observer says:

        What part of the tab are you picking up, Robert?

      • For reason says:

        But in a recession? Shouldn't Obama and his family be sober about their spending habits, especially now? He should have the courage to show the face of sacrifice to the American people, not flaunt his ability to consume. Where is the voice of reason!

        Americans should be taught to spend less than what they make, not even, and certainly not ABOVE! Wow…4 ml. No one can justify this outdone spending, even if he is the president.

    20. Bunny says:

      NO WAY does he and his family deserve to spend that much taxpayers money.for any thing, much less a freakin vacation – for 17 days??? God help our Country.

    21. Wonder if the media will cover this… Did the Bush's or even the Clinton's travel like this, and on the taxpayer's dime?

    22. Kaye Stremke says:

      Why r we paying so much. Anyone figure that out.

    23. the sad serf says:

      This seems SOP among our elected official state sponsored welfare recipients!

    24. eileen walker says:

      This is outrageous when so many people are out of work how many vacations does the President and the Ist Lady need a year.Most people do not have the money for one vacation or maybe none at all .

    25. Bob Izard says:

      I bet as soon as he gets there, they roll out the 8 teleprompters and we get yet another speech on the evil rich (he's the good rich)shared sacrifice and helping "folks". Why is he so obsessed with that word anyway? How many less fortunate could he have helped had he stayed home like the rest of us working schmucks?

    26. Gerrie Smith says:

      WOW!! In this economy??

    27. Herb says:

      Four million. And we peons get to pay the tab. Now THAT'S real hope n' change! I just hope the American People are smart enough to "Make a change" in '12.

    28. K.R says:

      Nothing new or unexpected here! This Yahoo has been on vacation since he took his oath for the office of the Presidency. Have a great time Mr. President while we are unemployed and my house is in Foreclosure!! We must really start asking ourselves do we really want this Jackass as our President for 4 more years. I will be lucky if my business survives another year under this vacationing President. Everyone better wake up before it is to late to fix anything and we are all speaking Chinese!!

    29. Dan says:

      Is it just me, or do Barry & Michelle seem like they're trying to squeeze all they can out of these mooch trips while they still can?

    30. Unbelievable! My family can't afford a vacation for the last 3 years or longer and these people are out spending our money on lavish vacations. I hope everyone who voted for this man and his family are very happy! While we struggle they are oyt parting and living it up! !

    31. James Herbst says:

      It will all be touted as putting money into the economy … He's 'giving back' … Literally… It literally is money the government lawfully stole from the working force that he is giving back …

    32. T. Watson says:

      And we the citizens are lazy and soft and need to tighten our belts?? I always thought TRUE LEADERS lead by example. So what kind of example is he setting????

    33. barbetta says:

      So what it costing $4million for the president Obama family and staff. at lest I know where the money is going. how much money was spent on the other presidents and family staff? I bet it was more. nothing said about that, but since its Obama American's got something negative to say. I say get over. it…

    34. $4 million on a 17 day vacation! Paid by you and me. Your welcome Mr. President.

    35. Bernie says:

      This is a great example of how the President has a double standard regarding redistribution of wealth. Tax the rich and give it to the poor, but skim some million dollar Hawaiian vacations off first. It does remind me of History class in high school about the Chinese system of "everyone is equal" except Comrades of the Politburo.

    36. S. Cohen says:

      Taxpayers do not pay for Obama's vacations!

    37. Greg says:

      I think we are actually saving money by having Obama out of DC for 17 days!

    38. Greg says:

      Its worth $4 million to have him gone 17 days. A net savings!

    39. Gee, Your Highness, I thought you said that ALL of us must sacrafice in these tough times.
      STEELERS #1 !!!!!!

    40. Ben Dito says:

      There is no reason that the first family has to go to Hawaii at this time with the country in such dire straits.Wy not some Southern State?

    41. ELOISE says:

      Nancy Regan was once fussed at by BARBRA WALTERS for spending 3 thousand dollars on new china for the Whitehouse during a tuff economey..Weres are you now BABS????????????

      • JackBauer says:

        When Madam Obama wants new 'China' she hops on Airforce One and shops in Peking.

        Only the best for the 'First Grifters.'

    42. steve h says:

      Slow week for you guys, huh?

      How come no comparison to costs for former Presidents, particulalry the last one that spent over 1,000 days on vacation (mroe than 1/3rd of his time as President) or would that make the current President look too good?

      • JackBauer says:

        Nothing can make Obama look good.

      • June says:

        At least, the last two Republican Presidents had their own Ranches to go to, which did NOT cost the Government any $$. Not like Obama and Pelosi who spend thousands of dollars a night, and in this case of Obama, for 17 nights! I think this is outragious!!! At least now, when everyone is told to tighten their belt..

    43. Bill Comstock says:

      The Left sees nothing hypocritical about this…I thought we taxpayers were tapped-out?

    44. Ed Foster says:

      What are those on his feet? Golf shoes????

    45. NeoConVet says:

      The Pampered Poodle in the WH is doing us a favor and reducing his damage to the country by leaving DC hopefully soon and certainly in 2012. Perhaps he can take the time to bone-up on his teleprompter skills, relax from his constant campaign and search for a coherent thought.

    46. Dr. Mike Cook says:

      Better there than in Washington, ruining the economy.

    47. nobama says:

      Maybe we could make them swim back

    48. Lloyd Scallan says:

      How many "vacations" will these people take at our expense? When will the tax payers of this nation realize these are "elitist"? They preach and complain about how the millionaires are screwing the middle class. At the same time, they are living the same life style without spending one dollar of their own money. We pay for it and they know it. They just give a damn.

    49. screpublican says:

      Four million bucks for his vacation….. another vacation…. and many Americans not only cannot afford any vacation, millions are trying to figure out how to give Christmas presents to their children and family members. This President does not care about how this nation hurts– only when he can USE the mess he has proliferated to beat up on Wall Street, big banks, "millionaires" (defined as anyone earning over $250K) and "billionaires" for his 2012 reelection platform of class warfare. It is unconscionable that he and his family are so arrogant that they fly separately at great expense to the taxpayers, fly the dog separately (Maine weekend, 2010), exploit poor hardworking people and let seniors grovel for every dime of retirement income they can scrape up. We must get rid of this narcissist in 2012. We have an angry nation…. and Obama doesn't have a clue. Worse….. he does not care. As long as he can live like King Obama on us!

    50. Brad - Detroit says:

      And how do you vote for the leadership role of President, Mr. Obama ?

      Present !

      Love that "shared sacrifice' mantra. That really plays well to those of us who are paying attention.

    51. Larry says:

      Great job of personal responsibility as Americans continue without work and with little of the vaunted "hope."

    52. Paula says:

      So we pay for his vacation and we pay for abortions nationally and yes folks internationally while our economy crumples!!

    53. Dan says:

      It's not like we have a deficit or anything.

    54. allen monday says:

      The little man with the big price tag; time for him to go back from whence he came.

    55. Todd Toombs says:

      $4M Hawaiian vacations funded by taxpayers – anyone see a problem with that in our current situation?

    56. W. Logsdon says:

      Again, we are reminded that this president is very much out of touch with the middle class. He always verbally champions them, but then we see the person he really is. What could this money do for thousands of hurting families at Christmas time? Sure, he deserves a vacation, but so do many less well to do Americans.

    57. As the congress just passed the tax extension!

    58. Of course we cannot afford the Obama “vacation” trip to Hawaii at a cost to the taxpayers of more than $4 million. We cannot even afford, as taxpayers, to waste even $1 more, due to the fact that we are running a $15 trillion dollar deficit. Said deficit was increased more by a “certain” President than any other President before him. How more obscene can this get?

    59. Lee Burns says:

      Once you've jumped in the pond, why worry about getting your feet wet? You voted for him, this is what you've got. How do you like me now?

    60. doris simonis says:

      Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Our gift to Obama of $4 million was very generous of us taxpayers who can't even afford to go to town more than once a month for necessities. I sure hope he appreciates all of the luxury he has lived in for the last 3 years. I for one hope he moves out of our country. He really must think he is allah and entitled.

    61. Sam says:

      This is a hard message to post this time of year. Merry Christmas to all.

    62. Marthe & Ken Leeks says:

      LIfe is good==we have to tighten our belts—it looks like a one way street==no carbon tax for Air Force One. Merry Christmas to the Obama family. Ken & Marthe Leeks–Santa Ynez, Ca. 93460

    63. steve says:

      B.O. is totally out touch, and out of control !

    64. Sandy Caruso says:

      Obama "plays" while the rest of us try to stay afloat, keep our homes, pay the utilities, keep food on the table,
      and pay for fuel to get to work…that is IF we are still fortunate enough to have a job. If the Obama's want to vacation, then let THEM pay for it not the American taxpayer.

    65. Yeah,it's been tough for all of us this year.Well, almost all of us.

    66. Carlos says:

      It amazing how Carney never really answer the question.

    67. Jeanne Stotler says:

      a slap in the face to all Americans, in particular to the ones struggling to make ends meet or wondering when they will get the next job. Most Presidents do return to their homes for vacations and holidays, not BHO he has to go to ritzy resorts and spend thousand of tax payer money, on top of this his wife doesn't want to be put out so she insist on the tax payers paying for her seperate trip.. BHO is also soaking the public for his campaign trips, which is illegal. gosh I wish someone would pay for me to go to Hawaii for 10 days or so.

    68. Bobbie says:

      don't worry about those you're impoverishing, Mr. President. You know, those of us that have to take from our retirement accounts that we live with less to put in for, that you're going to penalize us on, to meet the forced tax obligations you and your out of control, incompetent democratic politically run selfish states put on us. The same ones of us who's basic necessities are barely afforded so you can have those taking from us eating steak and living free while you spend money like you deserve it, earned it or even HAVE IT! You only deserve the same of what you and your abuse of authority put on us, SACRIFICE!

    69. Mary Triola says:

      Please tell me when the drones in this country will wake up and realize what is going on? This blatant disregard of taxpayer money at a time of such uncertainty is so in your face I could care less attitude. Which by the way has been their mind set from day one.

    70. Observant says:

      Don't think George Bush went much of anywhere except his ranch. Don't think Laura went much of anywhere without him. They certainly didn't spend $4 million on a single vacation. Wretched excess is what The One is good at, nothing else.

    71. Ralph Jackson says:

      I guess they should drive to HI, oh wait…

    72. John Clancy says:

      This fits the socialist (Communist) model: everyone must be equally without, except the elites. Read Thomas Sowell on how leaders in socialist countries see themselves.

    73. Paty says:

      How about OBAMA stays in DC and does what the Americans elected him to do, get our county back to work, AND approve the Millitary and Goverment workers bonus that they were promised for exceeding their proformance reviews, they he just refused to sign.

    74. Melissa says:

      When I heard about this $4 million vacation, I actually became physically ill–I'm working three part-time jobs (no full-time jobs to be found around here) and tutoring on the side just to make ends meet–something that is getting harder to do each month–and they take a $4 million vacation? Time for the pitchforks and torches.

    75. BKV says:

      His salary should pay for his vacation. Just like everyone else.

    76. jerry says:

      this first family believes they are royalty…..they need to just stay on vacation til november.

    77. greg potts says:

      whats the difference between being the president and winning the lottery ———not much——and we pay the winner——we must be crazy

    78. undecided says:

      Ignorant. I guess that is what most of these comments are. I disagree with many of what this President does, but he is allowed like most to visit home, spend time with his family and under rules that our country has- be protected at all costs at all times. That comes with a price tag people. How much do you think on an average day it costs to protect the president? Do you ever hear about that??? Of course not!! Because the media hypes it up, just when he takes time to spend time with his family- like he's not a allowed to. Do you think he is REALLY on vacation?? What leader on this God's green earth is ever REALLY on vacation?? NO ONE!! Get real people, and stop complaining, and just be thankful and blessed that there is no war in America, and Blessed that you have family to spend with for the holiday's be it Hanukah or Christmas.

    79. How do I get the white house travel account?

    80. Guest says:

      Must be nice! Don't even know when last time we were able to take a vacation for even 1 day! In this economic time, it's a waste! When us 'little people' can only wish and dream of vacations it's a shame the waste of money that would help out this country or it's servicemen/servicewomen's families who could use some cheer. Even help feed hundreds, even thousands of people whom are out of work and have nothing…

    81. Leland says:

      Obama gloats about giving $20 a week to working Americans and then turns around and takes a $4 million vacation? Hello! Does this make any sense?

    82. apdickens says:

      Why should we pay for it? I go anywhere for a vacation for 26 years, because I couldn't afford it.

    83. @El__Jefe says:

      Anyone who thinks this is ok has to explain why the president is entitled to use millions of dollars that are not his for his pleasure. It doesn't matter how good or bad a president is, why should he/she take 3 cents out of each of ~150,000,000 taxpayers' pockets to go on a vacation.

    84. @El__Jefe says:

      How do you even spend that much?

    85. FYI It would cost us almost 2 million for the Obama's to stay home for two weeks at Christmas. Normal presidential protection costs almost 47 million a year. It cost us $400,000 every time Bush went to Texas. That's quite a plane trip too isn't it?

    86. Jay Hawkins says:

      "Let them eat cake", sound familiar? The arrogance of this elitist is never-ending nor suprising! J

    87. Common sense says:

      Hope and Change??? I hope the millions that voted for him see his hypocrisy ….. Let's see some change in your votes this time around….this country deserves better.

    88. rta says:

      The first graph shows the difference between budget projections and budget reality. In 2001, President George W. Bush inherited a surplus, with projections by the Congressional Budget Office for ever-increasing surpluses, assuming continuation of the good economy and President Bill Clinton’s policies. But every year starting in 2002, the budget fell into deficit. In January 2009, just before President Obama took office, the budget office projected a $1.2 trillion deficit for 2009 and deficits in subsequent years, based on continuing Mr. Bush’s policies and the effects of recession. Mr. Obama’s policies in 2009 and 2010, including the stimulus package, added to the deficits in those years but are largely temporary.

      The second graph shows that under Mr. Bush, tax cuts and war spending were the biggest policy drivers of the swing from projected surpluses to deficits from 2002 to 2009. Budget estimates that didn’t foresee the recessions in 2001 and in 2008 and 2009 also contributed to deficits. Mr. Obama’s policies, taken out to 2017, add to deficits, but not by nearly as much.

    89. sarah says:

      All presidents go on expensive vacations and are super loaded…this will never change no matter who is president.

    90. sarah says:

      Clinton took the least amount of vacations (only 28 days his entire presidency) while Bush took 180 days of vacation during his presidency! Obama has taken 61 vacation days. Hmm I wonder what the cost breakdown would be between these three presidents…But unlike most people while the president is on vacation he is still working.

    91. catherine says:

      While people are out of work losing homes being a little sensitive would work wonders. I have changed my diet to homemade soups and oatmeal dont buy coffee or any other take out things either I am happy to be working and that I have the gas to get there. I was out of work early 2011.just grateful I have not lost my home. I have learned new skills to keep going. It would be a great example for others in high places to do the same we are worlds apart they have no understanding so how is it again they are helping?

    92. Erin Drake says:

      Here's an idea have congress legally limit when and under what circumstances the President can use Airforce One to only in the line of duty as President to and fro during work related activities, and otherwise only for emergency safety of the President. Also congress should limit Presidential vacation days per year, and require the family pay for it with his yearly salary.

    93. Paul says:

      This President wants to tax billionairs more so he and his family can take 8 million dollar vacation next time. Remember who voted this person into office.

    94. Linda Zetzsche says:

      I sure would enjoy a vacation in Hawaii and the clothes I would need to buy for it. And, I almost forgot, the transportation to and from would be appreciated if it was free.
      Dream on–but I'm sure the Obama's pockets are going to come out to pay us taxpayers back for their lavish vacation—lol I should say for their lavish vacations as they do this more than once a year. What a disappointment to hear what comes out of their mouths about how politicians shouldn't take anything away from the American taxpayers. I don't remember enjoying any of their vacations, but my SS check shows that I should have. Oh well, at least all the political crooks are in one place–that would be Washington, D.C.–except when they are on vacation!!!

    95. Linda Zetzsche says:

      I would love to take a vacation to Hawaii on taxpayer money–and buy the clothes that I would need for the trip. And, I almost forgot, transportation paid by taxpayer money too would be nice. It's really something to hear somebody say that politicians should not use taxpayer money for their own enjoyment and then see them do it. I know I should have been there–my SS check said that I paid for it.
      Oh well, at least all the political crooks are in one place–Washington, D.C.–except when they are on vacation!!!

    96. Joeb says:

      The First Moochers should be charged for ALL of their vacations. Presiden B.O. only has a 50,000 annual expense account but used up 1.4 billion of our taxpayer dollars for his vacations and personal protection in 2011. It's time to hold these moochers accountable and make them pay back every cent or face jail time for misuse of public funds.

    97. Bernard Helinski says:

      If a President wants to take a vacation trip then let him pay for it -plain and simple. And i would surely like to know under what federal funding law /regulation/s is/are utilized for this taxpayer funded trip? The country is in present disarray and the President just vacates the scene. Shame

    98. Charlie Dugan says:

      Lets add-in the cost of Secret Service agents also-then how much ??? Charlie

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