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  • Poll: Americans Reject Class Warfare Talk by Obama, Occupy Wall Street

    A new poll from Gallup suggests that President Obama’s class warfare argument and the Occupy Wall Street movement are failing to resonate with Americans — and might actually be backfiring.

    The new survey reveals that Americans today are less likely to think of the country as divided into “haves” and “have nots” as compared to when Obama ran for office in 2008. That campaign featured the Obama’s “spread the wealth around” rhetoric and followed former Democrat vice presidential candidate John Edwards’ talk of “two Americas.”

    Americans were equally divided when asked the question in 2008. Now, a majority of 58 percent reject that view of American society — despite Obama’s high-profile speeches and the media’s coverage of Occupy Wall Street.

    Gallup’s chart:

    Gallup’s analysis:

    The shift, documented by a Gallup poll conducted Nov. 28-Dec. 1, is noteworthy in that it came after 3 ½ years of economic turmoil in which more Americans have become unemployed and more have become negative about their personal finances. The current poll was also conducted as the Occupy Wall Street movement continues to focus on the disparities between the wealthiest 1% of Americans and everyone else.

    The poll also shows that Americans want Washington to address other issues besides income inequality. The economy takes clear priority over Obama’s “wealth gap” argument.

    This same Gallup survey found 64% of Americans believe big government is the biggest threat to the country. Heritage’s Mike Brownfield reported on that finding earlier this week.

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    9 Responses to Poll: Americans Reject Class Warfare Talk by Obama, Occupy Wall Street

    1. Brooke says:

      Not only is the title of this "article" misleading, but so is your interpretation of the survey's results.

      This is the bottom line:
      73% of Americans think that reducing the income gap between the rich and poor is important.
      88% agree it is important to increase the opportunity for people to get ahead if they wish.

      • Rick says:

        OOOOOOOOOOOOO, you object to the title? Why do you not object to President Obama's misleading comments concerning the oil production, obamacare, taxes(referring to The Buffet Rule) where he claimed his secretary paid more taxes than him) when he knows that Buffett makes his monies on capital gains not ordinary income. And the list can go on and on. Just wondering

      • sebaygo says:

        At least the authors of the article source thier information!

    2. Don says:

      I am thankful that I have a job in these times. I see and understand the frustration of the occupy group. The problem is they do not have jobs. People could not be at these events for days, weeks or even months, if they had a job to work. Someone has to be the blame for why they don't have jobs, so it must be wall street. They could or could not be part of the problem, but they are not the total problem. The problem is the self interest of the fact that democrats and republicans can more about winning elections than doing their jobs once they get elected. We have a government that won't face realities. When I know I don' t make enough money to cover my bills, I spend less. I don't go out and get another credit card to be able to spend more, I spend less. If I need more money, I even go out and get a part time job, if I need more money. The government goes out and gets another credit card when they want money. That credit card has been China. Now our credit card with China is getting close to its limits so our new credit card is the rich. The real solution is creating jobs, real jobs that mean something and last. People want real jobs, they don't want fake jobs the government is trying to create, like a Walmart(ChinaMart) greeter. We need to re-invest in this country. Energy jobs, like the pipeline, that will make us energy self sufficient, now and down the road. If I tell my employer I am going to do my job, and I do my job, my employer will be happy and will be profitable and I will be able to keep my job. If I do not do a good job, my employer will not be successful and I could loose my job. Someone, that I voted for, came in and promised he would do the job and get us through this. He has not created more jobs and instead used his credit card(China) to bail him out. We are his employer, his speeches are always great, but he has not provided results. We need jobs, not more great speeches. He promised the jobs, not the 1%, of which he is part, so the blame rests with empty promises. He is like the kid that did great in school and said he was going to do great things in school, have a big house, be rich, have a nice car, but in the end after graduation, just sat at home, played video games, never went out did what he said he would. So do you blame the parents or the child that keeps saying he will go out and get a job next week. He made the promises and speeches he did not keep. Blame the right person. He had his chance and his guarantees turned out to be empty promises. He is not a bad person, just not a capable person.

      • Teresa Rich says:


        No one is preventing the OWS crowd from applying for jobs — most of them denounce Wall Street and corporations savagely, yet, where are the protests against the current administration and all that it has wrought, in terms of this economy? Or the fact that many of our Congressional representatives are heavily enriched, on the tax-payers' dime, by the time they leave office? Every one of these protesters could be looking for work, rather than mouthing off about the unfairness of life. Life is not fair — but in this country, at least they have the opportunity to try to better their circumstances, rather than blaming them on everyone else who works and earns whatever they have.

        • Jim Jensen says:

          Many of the "original" OWS had a valid argument. You are told all your young life that if you are educated and work hard you can become a success. Wall Street was a convenient target. Any one of those original OWS protestors would gladly accept a job on Wall Street if one were offered. Their protest was out of frustration. The original OWS has morphed into bums encouraged by the likes of Pelosi, spoon fed by unions, financed by George Soros and cleaned up by our tax dollars. Just saying….

    3. Koncerned Citizen says:

      If you noticed. the near 1-1 divide in 2008 seems to parallel the election period. Since then a rapid split has occurred. My belief is, this is due to Americans self-educating, using sites like this and talk radio. Up until the '08 election, Americans had never truly been challenged by European socialist and communist efforts to control entire societies.

    4. Bobbie says:

      I don't see American "haves" and American "have nots" unless they're talking about content of character which income and material is irrelevant to. most definite divide or actually an overwhelming majority of "have not" characters rubbing off on otherwise good characters! quit targeting your fellow American and target the instigators, Michael Moore, government and company before they nail that door of opportunity SHUT!!

    5. Bobbie says:

      Americans reject class warfare as we should. If people favor higher wages they should promote themselves to earn those higher wages as is the difference between income and the purpose of opportunity. it's unappreciated to have the leader of the country building resentment between the people he leads. he also influences many intolerances! the more rights and rules defined by government the less we'll have the rights to do while forced to abide by government rules of their own discrimination, racism, bias! i'm not sure what you call it because he divides us by race/skin color and applies rules, favors, accommodations, appeasements in accordance. someone has to get control of this disgusting take over of human personal dignity, stop the disgracing of America! way over the line with way too much money stolen!! if America ever expected someone to take full advantage of her to bring her down, there would have been laws in place. of course if you don't follow the laws, what the heck!? please bring America back, humanity needs her…

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