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  • Defrauding the Vote of American Citizens

    Mayor John DeStefano of New Haven, Connecticut, wants the state legislature to allow the estimated 11,000 illegal aliens who live in New Haven to vote in municipal elections.

    Approving that proposal would not only condone illegal behavior, but would be fundamentally unfair to citizens and legal immigrants who go through the lengthy process of obeying the law and becoming citizens. Heritage published a study in 2008 on the threat already posed by non-citizens who register and vote illegally.

    It is also quite ironic coming from DeStefano, the same mayor whom the U.S. Supreme Court found engaged in blatant, undisguised racial discrimination against 20 white and Hispanic firefighters when he denied them promotions.

    In Ricci v. DeStefano (2009), the Court concluded that the mayor had thrown out the results of firefighter promotion exams because these firefighters had outscored black firefighters on an exam that everyone agreed was fair and completely objective. The political machinations of DeStefano and his cohorts, as outlined by Justice Samuel Alito in his concurring opinion, describe a disgusting local political machine headed by a mayor who was willing to do anything to stay in office, even if it meant engaging in outright racial discrimination for crass political reasons.

    As Alito described, “city officials worked behind the scenes to sabotage the promotional examinations because they knew that, were the exams certified, the Mayor would incur the wrath of [Reverend Boise] Kimber and other influential leaders of New Haven’s African-American community.” Kimber had in the past threatened race riots during the murder trial of a black man arrested for killing a “white Yalie Christian Prince” and was constantly raising the racism claim when anyone questioned his actions.

    Yet DeStefano continued a long association with this race monger through seven terms, even testifying as a character witness when the reverend was “convicted for stealing prepaid funeral expenses from an elderly woman and then lying about the matter under oath.” Another individual with “strong ties to the Mayor’s office” called the qualified firefighters who wanted the test results certified “Klansmen” at a public hearing.

    DeStefano has never apologized for his actions, his disreputable associations, or his expensive six-year losing battle (that New Haven taxpayers paid for) to keep qualified public servants from receiving the promotions they deserved for the basest of reasons. Now DeStefano wants to give individuals who break our laws and are here illegally the right to vote for him for mayor.

    DeStefano dresses up his proposal in noble-sounding words, saying he wants to create a more engaged community. But given his prior behavior, it is hard to believe that this is anything other than an attempt to get another voting bloc in his corner, even if it means supporting illegal behavior. But then, what’s that compared to discriminating on the basis of race to stay in office?

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    8 Responses to Defrauding the Vote of American Citizens

    1. Lloyd Scallan says:

      It's real simple. DeStefano is a Democrat. Elected over and over again by Democrats, and is a true repersentation of what the Democrat Party has become.

      • Shane says:

        Absolutely true. Activity of this sort by an independent or conservative would result in widespread condemnation, hatred, violence (think Occupy) and ridicule. The Constitution does not apply to non-citizens. This is not about protecting rights. Illegal aliens have absolutely NO rights outside of basic human rights. What if we were to go to Mexico illegally and demand that we be given welfare checks, free healthcare and the right to vote in Mexican elections. The result would probably be torture, culminating with beheading. We understand this. Mexicans have the right to enforce their sovereignty. So why do so many Americans think we are "mean spirited" if we don't allow them government benefits and the right to vote. At that point, we have gone so far beyond the mantra, "…they just want a better life," to abject stupidity. At $15 trillion dollars in debt and climbing by the second, we shouldn't be playing Candyland with our OWN citizens, much less financing the illegal activities of the Mexican citizens who come here illegally. Why does no one blame the Mexican government for failing to provide those basic needs for its' citizens? Why does Mexico's president regularly chastise the United States for the treatment of its' citizens? Our president should tell him that we are now going to mirror, verbatim, Mexico's immigration laws. Oh, sorry…according to former Mexican president Vicente Fox, that would violate human rights!!! Why? Because Mexican police forces rape, torture and murder illegal aliens from central America when they are apprehended. So, even according to Mexico, when THEY mistreat illegal aliens, it is their duty. If WE were to act in exactly the same manner, we would be in violation of basic human rights law and should be tried before the World Court in the Hague. You're spot on, Lloyd!! That is EXACTLY the same attitude of the Democratic party. I am from Washington state. Christine Gregoir, our Democrat governor, won the race in her bid for governor over Dino Rossi by forcing recount after recount. After proving that the voting boards in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties were literally putting provisional ballots supporting Christine Gregoir through the machines over and over again (the regular voting forms do not allow that, but the provisionals do not carry the same electronic safeguards because it was assumed that the votes would never be put through the machines until the names, voting registration and signatures could be validated, something these ultra-Communistic fascisti took rampant advantage of) in order to run up the number of votes on her side. Ballots were produced from the trunks of people's cars (they claimed that they forgot they were there until the recounts were underway and a liberal judge put the stamp of approval on their actions), from dead people, pets, felons, etc, to the tune of more than 18,000 invalid votes. The Democrats stopped "finding" boxes of ballots (all favoring Gregoir) in their trunks or pulled out of dusty corners just as soon as they reached the magical number of 124 votes in her favor. Why would a Democrat want to have thousands of illegal aliens voting in the elections? Duh…only a liberal would be dumb enough to not know that most Hispanic voters will vote Democrat because Democrats play Willy Wonka with money meant shifted to illegals instead of fiscally responsible programs. Al Franken, when he was running for office, when he realized that he was probably going to lose, publicly announced he was taking a page right out of Gregoir's playbook. Then, he proceeded to do it and managed to block recounts in court where attorneys for the right were prepared to prove that, once again, pets, felons, the dead (always a reliable constituency for liberals), etc, were miraculously qualified to vote. Case closed and bring on the slam dunk landslide. A liberal is addicted to the idea of, "the end justifies the means". They believe that because they are obviously right, a little fraud in order to arrive at a point where they have the power to do what is right is okay. Only problem is, they NEVER get to that point and the end is NEVER reached. That would mean actually following laws, including the Constitution, that are just plain, old, inconvenient to their way of thinking, so there is NOTHING they will not do to accomplish what they want.

    2. C.Adli says:

      Voting is a Constitution given right to American citizens.I can not imagine, how a duly elected offical would try to give away to illigals.Only thing comes to my mind is;he;Mr. DeStefano;needs more votes,no matter where they come from.

    3. DHarper says:

      It appears the good people of New Haven are getting exactly the type of government they want if they have elected this guy 7 times.

    4. Brad - Detroit says:

      Right on DHarper. The good citizens of Detroit re-elected Kwame Kilpatrick even after they knew he was a total shyster. A couple of decades of failed leadership under Coleman Young and a "brilliant" follow-up job by Kwame and the city is on the brink of requiring a state mandated financial manager to clean up the mess. Failed Liberalism and Democratic leadership at its finest.

    5. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      Remember that Judge Sotomayor was on the federal court that upheld this blatant discrimination. Even after the Supreme Court struck down this lower court ruling, she sailed through her confirmation hearing. Now she sits on the highest court in the land…for life.

    6. Bobbie says:

      what kind of man holds any other man to be less of a man because of his skin color or government deemed "race?" and then to do it for personal political gain! how despicable. Laws are written to be followed by all with accountability to personal behavior! quit the lesser of expectations because you pity men of a skin color at the cost of everyone else. Content of character not skin color and if characters are going to violate laws then those characters are to be punished to deter tendencies to violate!

      there is no excuse NOT TO HAVE one simple rule (id) applied to all for there to be voter integrity and election integrity except to those that have to cheat to win which seems to be the democratic party coming up with these senseless excuses not to follow one rule that discriminates against NO ONE where all the rules under democrats discriminates against MANY…

    7. Karen says:

      Destefano sounds like the perfect recruit for the Obama administration.

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