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  • Alternate Titles for "Day Without Goldman Sachs"

    On December 12, Occupy Wall Street (OWS) attempted to shut down West Coast ports from Anchorage to San Diego. Protesters said that by shutting down the ports, they could shut down Wall Street’s profits.

    OWS organizers called their event “Day Without Goldman Sachs.” They also could have named their port protest:

    • “Day Without Holiday Paychecks for Truckers”: “I just lost $400 today. These people say they represent the 99 percent. They don’t represent me,” said Mark Hebert, a long-haul trucker who was stranded in Oakland with 36,000 pounds of Kansas beef bound for Asia. “This is joke. What are they protesting?” said Christian Vega, 32, who sat in his truck carrying recycled paper from Pittsburgh. He said the delay was costing him $600. “It only hurts me and the other drivers. We have jobs and families to support and feed.”
    • “Day of Global Hunger”: An estimated 25,000 people a day die from malnutrition. U.S. agricultural exports play an important role in reducing hunger and lowering the cost of food. Half of all U.S. agricultural exports are shipped through the West Coast ports that Occupy Wall Street tried to shut down.
    • “Day to Jettison Jobs”: The California Chamber of Commerce reports that cargo moving through West Coast ports supports more than 3 million American jobs. Port workers were directly affected by OWS disruptions: “They are targeting the wrong people,” Mike Gardner, a crane operator from Portland, told Bloomberg News. “The corporations are still making money today. We are not.”
    • “Day to Plow Under Farmers”: About one-fourth of all grain grown on U.S. farms is shipped to people in other countries. More than 25 percent of U.S.-produced pork is exported, along with 14 percent of all beef. Farmers and livestock producers would be devastated if protesters shut down U.S. ports for an extended period of time.
    • “Day to Shrink Teachers’ Retirement Funds”: The biggest owners of Goldman Sachs—along with just about every other publicly traded company—are pension and retirement funds for groups like the California Public Employees’ Retirement System. Shutting down Wall Street’s profits would mean reducing the retirement security of just about everyone who has a pension, 401(k), or individual retirement account.

    As reported in a recent Gallup poll, most Americans view big government, not big business, as the biggest threat to the United States. If Occupy Wall Street is a democratic organization, as its supporters allege, the group will quit threatening the economic well-being of U.S. truckers, farmers, and teachers and start protesting out-of-control government spending instead.

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    5 Responses to Alternate Titles for "Day Without Goldman Sachs"

    1. @blickme says:

      Well, you don't get it

    2. canhauler says:

      I'm also an owner-operator trucker. Forty plus years. I can't believe the complaints from the drivers bellyaching over losing a day of work at the port. I welcome anyone who'll stand up against the corporations along side the thousands of drivers in the past that attempted shutdowns alone trying to organize. What were they doing down there in the first place. Did someone force them to go to the port with this demonstration in progress? These driver complainers I suppose don't pay much attention to anything around them. This was being planned for weeks. What? They don't they watch any news or listen to the radio? What were these eggheads thinking would happen when they decided to drive on down to the ports where this was to occur? That's one of our biggest problem, NO unity among truckers.. It's all about themselves this type driver with blinders on. The motor carriers love these drivers that will haul cheap freight 24/7 without any thought of doing better or organizing with others to win justice. Keep on trucking FOOLS, maybe you can make up for that cheap freight day you lost. I bet if the company you work for had parked you for three days in an area you couldn't eat or take a shower no one would've heard a peep from you!

    3. Bobbie says:

      remember when the Latinos took a day off so everyone could see what an asset they were to the country? with no offense it really didn't do anything to show this "specified by their own accord" group being assets to the country. Latinos as every American would show to be assets if Latinos and other American welfare recipients, were self supporting. but anyway, everyone should take a day off if you can without pay that will really show the government where the liability is and where the assets are. these protesters are confused!

    4. JEHR says:

      Stop being an apologist for Goldman Sachs. There is a whole blog full of reasons why Goldman Sachs is not worthy of being called a good bank. See:

    5. Tim Michaels says:

      And now we have children with blogs, just as we had children with M16's in Mogadishu.

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