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  • Washington Tackles America's Biggest Problem: Loud TV Commercials?

    America’s $15 trillion debt is soaring. Some 13.3 million Americans are unemployed. The economy is stagnant. Regulations are weighing down job creation. But hey, Congress and the Federal Communications Commission are taking action to truly set America back on the right path: They’re making sure that television commercials aren’t too loud! CNN reports:

    Television commercials that are a lot louder than the program will be prohibited under rules adopted Tuesday by the Federal Communications Commission.

    “Under our new rules, TV providers must ensure that the average loudness of commercials will be no higher than the average volume of the programming they accompany,” said FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski after a vote to approve the proposal…

    That authority was contained in the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation, or CALM, Act, authored by California Democratic Rep. Anna Eshoo. She issued a statement Tuesday saying, “TV stations now have the responsibility to turn down the volume on excessively loud commercials, and it’s about time.”

    Sure, loud commercials interrupting TV shows and Sunday Night Football are annoying. But commercials are altogether annoying anyhow, aren’t they? Thankfully, there are remarkable inventions designed to counter these horrible nuisances — remote controls, “mute” and volume buttons, DVRs to skip commercials altogether, and devices known as “fingers” that allow viewers to operate this incredibly advanced technology. As Heritage’s Diane Katz put it:

    It’s hard to fathom why Congress would consider it necessary to regulate the decibel levels of television advertising. But that’s precisely the purpose of the CALM Act, which, in addition to ranking among the most excessive exercises of government authority, also ranks high on the list of truly irritating acronyms.

    But that’s Congress and the FCC hard at work for you — spending precious hours making sure they tackle the big problems plaguing the American people. What should we stay tuned for next? Look out for louder TV programs!

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    4 Responses to Washington Tackles America's Biggest Problem: Loud TV Commercials?

    1. zff says:

      Actually, commercials are not annoying, in fact many of them are better than the actual programs. They are not nuisances, they provide information consumers need to make choices and participate in the market.

      if you don't like them, hit the mute button.

    2. steve h says:

      You know, Congress does many things at once. They can work on many different issues at once.

      Can you tell me how the naming of the post offices on Monday (two bills on this were passed in the House) will create jobs and reduce the debts? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of bills unrelated to jobs and debt worked on or passed every month. I'm glad the branch is not required to work on one thing and one thing alone.

      This is one i'm thankful about – i hate how commercials are blasted at volume levels well above the show volume. Why would any object to this? I don't understand the issue. Seems many want censorship and regulation, but only when it's issues they want.

    3. While the point of this article is 'don't lawmakers have something better to do', and the thought of more rules being applied is not something I am a fan of, loud commercials are more than annoying. I recently had some serious health issues and would routinely fall asleep with the tv on, only to be jolted awake by these loud commercials.

      I would prefer to see a market solution such as a volume limiter that keep even levels.

    4. steve h says:

      I sure hope Heritage is writing a scathing piece about the bill Boehner spent this evenign on (only the 4th he sponsored this year) on erecting a bust of Churchill. Payroll and UI are about to expire, and he's spending time on a Churchill bust bill?!?!?!

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