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  • Mickey Mouse, Adolf Hitler Allowed on Wisconsin Recall Petitions

    Names such as Adolf Hitler and Mickey Mouse will be allowed on petitions to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), as long as they include a valid date and Wisconsin mailing address on the petition forms, a state election board ruled on Tuesday.

    “We will flag them,” Government Accountability Board elections specialist David Buerger said, “but we will not strike them without challenge.” The board unanimously approved the proposed standard.

    The petition drive against Walker and his lieutenant governor had gathered about 300,000 signatures by the end of November. Organizers need 540,208 by Jan. 17 to force a recall vote.

    The potential for false and fraudulent signatures is an ongoing concern for recall observers. One Wisconsin man told a local news station that he had signed “about 80” recall petitions.

    While signing a petition multiple times is not necessarily illegal in Wisconsin – legality depends on intent – state law does dictate that each signature beyond the first be discarded. But the law also requires that signatures be accepted unless challenged and shown to be duplicative, meaning many of those duplicative signatures are unlikely to be weeded out, simply given the massive volume of signatures to review.

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    22 Responses to Mickey Mouse, Adolf Hitler Allowed on Wisconsin Recall Petitions

    1. kathy peters says:

      Disgusting Election Board in WI, not surprised they have to cheat to win.

    2. Donna Scala says:

      With importance of this recall there should be challengers and volunteers to comb over every single signature. If I was a resident if WI I would. You can't let these thugs.

    3. Bobbie says:

      I love a state where the people are stronger than those who fall for the bad influences of impracticalities union bosses dictate to union people what the union people want with unreasonable or without all together, negotiation with all involved (tax payers.) The people of Wisconsin are much more dignified than this or Scott Walker wouldn't have won. The free minds of intelligence in Wisconsin wouldn't agree to be paid more than the state can or should afford. This wouldn't be a fight had government union manipulation not caused it.

    4. lakeite says:

      CT,NE,OH,KY,MI,CO,IN,MA,WI,MT,ID,SD,ND,UT,NV,WA,OR,CA,IL,MD,military-all have lost right to vote

    5. lakeite says:

      America a 3rd world country. Who whould have thought we would see this day.

    6. Bob77 says:

      So, let's recap: We didn't get our way through the democratic process so we had a massive, ridiculous protest that ruined the state capitol building. When that didn't work, we decided we would stomp our feet, hold our breath and generally throw a tantrum…… Oh yeah, and submit fraudulent petitions to try and force a recall election.

      If they get away with this in Wisconsin, that state is doomed.

    7. LetFreedomRing says:


    8. wes says:

      This is sop for the democrat party since it is without moral leadership of any kind…And 50% of the population is dumber than a rock so who do they follow ?Why the democrats who else ,this is the entitlement party that supplies them with drugs and lets them live off people who actually work and pay fed taxes.

    9. CESWT says:

      The blight of far left liberalism has been relentlessly infecting all of our institutions. This state election review board shows just how far it has gone and how much effort will be required to root it out.

    10. Logical thinker says:

      Gee, things must really be behind in Wisconsin. Names and addresses can be scanned and put into a database where they can be easily sorted and duplicates highlighted. Why is it so difficult to review them? Oh, I forgot, the "work" is done by union members. I take it all back.

    11. chatmandu002 says:

      If it were a democrat being recalled and there where false signatures, the democrats and the media would be going ballistic and claiming fraud.

    12. naf says:

      So, fraud is how they win. The only way the can win. Then they turn to us and say, 'see, we have a legitimate concern here.' This is unacceptable. Mickey Mouse! Seriously! So challenge it then!

    13. Patricia says:

      I continue to be amazed with the residents of Wisconsin. I was always under the impression that Wisconsinites were a proud and no nonsense population. Wow.. Was I wrong! They have allowed outsiders to practice Chicago politics with this recall and eliminate legitimate votes from the official election of their governor. Unions in WI REPRESENT ONLY 12% of your population. The rest of you have the real power. Stand up and use it.

      It appears that the teachers union is the driving force behind this recall and then, of recent, I read that student grades in WI are dramatically falling. Wake up Wisconsin…obviously this is not about the quality of education for your children…. It's about the power of the unions. Time for many more Charter Schools and rid yourself of these thugs!

    14. C.Adli says:

      I did not know that Democracy is so much different in the mind of Socialists and Conservatives.I guess ;Common Sence; has turned up side down leaving me behind.

    15. steve h says:

      So long Scott Walker!!!

    16. Guest says:

      I am just so sad about what is happening to my country! We can write and support each other, but how in blazes are we really going to fix this mess? @C.Adli When I was still teaching, by about 1980, we had a statement we had to make often: Common sense just isn't very common any more! I have written to all of my Congresspeople over and over. I get a nice little letter back and absolutely nothing gets done. I can remember when my grandfather used to talk to me about our government as we walked to school. He explained how it worked and was always so proud. I can't even begin to imagine what he would think of these last 3 years. He always stressed our country worked because of the rule of law. I taught the same to my son. Well, here we are.

    17. Spiritof76 says:

      Why pretend to be living in the land of the free and home of the brave when Wisconsin puts USSR to shame?

    18. Bobbie says:

      So unless someone challenges Mickey and Adolf they'll be counted! What happened to the intelligence and rationale of people in Wisconsin? Democrats have absolutely no integrity! Poisoning the mentality of their constituents! It's a good thing their governor has the dignity and integrity to stand on common sense and honesty using the adult approach of democracy.

    19. Daniel155 says:

      This is why recall elections are a bad idea. There is a recall effort against Governor Walker simply because union leaders disagree with him on policy issues. This kind of dispute should be dealt with at the next election. It works both ways. There is a city council woman where I live that I cannot stand. There was a recall against her but I could not support it because the organizers of the recall effort were doing it just because they disagreed with her on some votes she had taken. We live in a republic not a democracy.

    20. Jan-jan says:

      I ascribe most of this to the Teacher's Union and students at the University of Michigan (also their professors).

      Regardless of motivation, anyone who puts Adolph Hitler on the ballot is an idiot and ignorant… aren't you glad these are the teachers and professors that are teaching your kids….plus very well paid public employees and union members.

    21. Mutantone says:

      Well why not they voted for Obama in the last election

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