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  • Obama's Keystone XL Indecision Already Costing Jobs

    It didn’t take long for President Obama’s delaying of the Keystone XL pipeline to start having disastrous economic consequences. Fox 16 reports from Little Rock, Ark., that 60 employees at a local steel pipe manufacturer are now out of work as a direct result of the President’s indecision:

    Layoffs and a brief company shutdown is what employees face at Welspun Tubular Company, which makes steel pipes for the oil industry.

    Company leaders say miles of pipe are on the property and that has caused five dozen employees to lose their jobs. The pipes would be part of the Keystone oil pipeline, which is a project running oil from Canada to Texas.

    But plans are delayed on the federal level. Now leaders say the local job market is affected.

    “We had to make a staffing reduction with some of the temporary employees. Due to the KXL pipeline not being shipped out. We have 500 miles of pipe just sitting in the yard, expected to be shipped out, that some of the employees were working on,” said President Dave Delie.

    With 13.3 million Americans out of work, the last thing the U.S. economy can afford is more job losses, and the number one thing it needs is job creation. Unfortunately, the Obama Administration has delivered the opposite. And apart from putting these Arkansas workers out of a job, the President is preventing the creation of thousands more jobs, not to mention economic development and improved access to energy resources. Heritage’s Nicolas Loris explains in a new paper:

    The construction of the Keystone XL pipeline would deliver an additional 700,000 to 830,000 barrels of oil per day to the U.S. from Canada, the U.S.’s largest supplier of oil. Not only is the delay preventing additional imports from Canada, it is also preventing the creation of thousands of private-sector jobs. Building the pipeline would directly create 20,000 truly shovel-ready jobs; the Canadian Energy Research Institute estimates that current pipeline operations and the addition of the Keystone XL pipeline would create 179,000 American jobs by 2035.

    The President’s decision to postpone action until after the 2012 election comes despite the fact that the State Department thoroughly studied potential environmental impacts of the Keystone pipeline and found minimal risk to soil, water, air, and animal life. Still, environmentalists oppose construction of the pipeline in force. Loris writes that the pipeline has support from both sides of the political aisle and would deliver economic benefits spanning the nation:

    Recognizing the need for more energy supply and more jobs, both Democrats and Republicans expressed support for the Keystone XL pipeline, a $20 billion private-infrastructure investment in the United States. The states through which the pipeline would pass—Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas—would benefit greatly. The six states are collectively projected to receive $5.2 billion in property taxes from TransCanada in the course of the 100-year operating life of the pipeline.

    Fortunately, there is a solution. Congress can and should authorize the Keystone project—allowing pipeline construction and job creation, to begin immediately.

    Read more of Loris’ paper, Unnecessary Keystone XL Pipeline Delay Obstructs Energy, Jobs, at Heritage.org.

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    23 Responses to Obama's Keystone XL Indecision Already Costing Jobs

    1. Mary Kannon says:

      What kind of an idiot is Obama? Little does he care that he is about to cost us jobs–and right at Christmas, too! But that's okay, he's about to take a 17-day vacation all at taxpayer expense to Hawaii! Obama and politicians like him are always on the take, not creating jobs, not caring about anyone else here. I had trouble paying rent this month, and I have to give my hard-earned money to idiots like Obama and the welfare crowd and illegal aliens? What right do they have to my money? I worked for it, I earned it! The sooner America disabuses the entitlement crowd of their notions that they have any right to what someone else earns, the better! I'm getting DISGUSTED more and more each day with this crapola!

    2. steve h says:

      Just more lobbying for the Koch brothers and Koch industries – who have been declared the 'biggest winners' if the pipeline is enacted. Of course, with the size of their political contributions and influence at conservative media outlets – they are makign this out to be a major issue. For some reason, the conservatives feel this shoudl be placed into legislation that would keep the payroll tax lower next year.

      Why doesn't speaker Boehner just offer this as a stand alone bill, if he's so confident about the merits of it – the fact that he wants to bury it in 'must pass' legislation should tell you all you need to know.

      • TickedoffAmerican says:

        "Just more lobbying for the Koch brothers and Koch industries – who have been declared the 'biggest winners' if the pipeline is enacted."

        The biggest winners would be Americans who cannot find a job right now ….if the government would just stay out of the decision process on this pipeline….and let free enterprise work……out of work Americans might have a chance at a job…..It would be nice if people would look for a way of providing jobs…..rather than worry about money going into someone elses pocket….they are the one's providing the jobs……what are you offering for a solution?

        • Guest says:

          Dumb or dumber…natural gas prices and refined product prices are set to jump to World Market Spot or Brent Crude Prices in 6 months after completion of Keystone and the EXPORT terminals in the Houston Ship Channel FREE-TRADE ZONE DUTY-FREE!

      • Working Man says:

        A must pass legislation is the only way we can get started on this JOB!!!! Myself, I am waiting for this to start because, I am one of the thousands that will be employed from this

      • Russ_in_OR says:

        You mean like DADT repeal? Or the DREAM Act?

        Where would the left be without their boogiemen? What if they had to debate on the merits instead of parroting "Koch brothers", "Bush did it too", "Cheney", or "Halliburton"?

        Democrats to stuff 20 bills into post-election lame-duck session

      • Tye says:

        Koch brothers and Koch industries. Wow like I didn't see that coming. So what if Koch brothers make it big on the pipeline it still means 20,000 more jobs. Plus more energy independence for us in turn less at the pump. So whats your point?

        • steve h says:

          The point is, conservatives – including the Koch brothers – continue to bash Obama's record of job creation, though CBO and Alan Blinder/Mark Zandi have shown 3 million jobs were saved/created by the Recover Act….and conservatives are screaming about 20,000 jobs. The economy is creating 200,000 private sector jobs a month (after we were losing an average of 700,000 jobs at end of last adminstration) but somehow, creating 20,000 jobs which will mainly pad the leading conservatives wallet is must pass and will make some big difference?

          TransCanada (who will execute the project) estimates 13,000 jobs created over 2 years. So 6,500 jobs a year? That's the stimulus the conservatives are pushing? You complain about 3 million from teh Recovery package as not being enough, but want to include a controversial provision in a payroll tax/ui bill that creates 6,500 jobs a year?

          If it's so important, why doesn't Boehner bring it up as a stand-alone bill? If it's such a no-brainer – why doesn't he try and pass the bill itself, and do it trasparently, by having a hearing on it and passing it through committee – instead of sneaking it into a non-related bill?

          • jeff says:

            What is a "saved" job? How do you count a job as saved? Obama has no record of job creation. What he does have is the fact that he oversaw the deficit increase more than the first 41 presidents combined. Under this waste of space, we are spending almost $50,000.00 per second. Still want to point to conservatives as the problem?

          • Shawn says:

            Steve H have you ever studied Macro Economics Its really simple you know.
            Lets say you hire 20,000 employees.
            20,000 employess means 20,000 people directly contributing to the local state and federal govenments not to mention the money they spend in their economy's.
            and what about the indirect jobs that are created IE trucking and rail or manufacturing and industry the taxes they pay and investments and the money they use for operating capital and the taxes and money those people that work for the manufacturers pay and spend toward the economy and what about all that oil that the manufacturers and industry making products need to produce their products and sell.or products they need to buy.
            Would it be better to have all those jobs created here and the economy stimulated here instead of giving that to China or other countries?
            So what if the CEO's make money so do the American people.

            You get the picture now ?

        • TheMan says:

          no conservatives can answer why they can't have it in a separate bill, their holding the Democrats and middle-class America hostage

      • Guest says:

        It did pass the house as a stand alone bill already with 34 democrats voting for it, which is more then the ten who voted for the bill last night. It is the State Department alone that put the delay on the decision until after the election. The State Department would not even be involved if the pipeline did not cross the boarder. But they are calling for a environmental impact study (even though it has already been done) and they already said before it poses no risk to National security.

        What exactly is it we need to know? That this will create jobs. The president himself addmitted the pipeline will create jobs. He said extending the tax cut and unemploymnet would create more jobs then the pipeline. Well let's assume he is right. If his tax cut extension and unemployment benefits revision creates 100,000 jobs, (just assume for the sake of my point), and the pipeline creats 20k jobs then 100,000 times 20,000 = 120,000 jobs! What is the problem with doing both?

    3. TickedoffAmerican says:

      What Obummer and his socialist tree hugger buddies don't realize or care about ….is that if WE don't build this pipeline to serve our nation first…..China will step in and buy Canada's oil……

    4. Bobbie says:

      Obama has no reason but corrupt to veto this bill. It's of the people, for the people and by the people. It will create more employment while less need to extend unemployment benefits. There's no reason to increase taxes on the American dream when for one it's not at all needed and two government revenue is at the door. The president will work with Americans or against America…

      with all due respect, Harry Reid needs a home.

    5. Steve In Tulsa says:

      Democrats have made themselves clear; There will be no job creation until democrats are voted out of office.

    6. Stirling says:

      The president is playing politics to apease both the Big labor groups and his enviromental backers for his re-election funds, (if he ok's the pipline he looses the green movement financial support, and if he turns it down he looses the labor union support). Thus he chooses to put off the choice to after the election to keep both groups supportng him financially. The real loosers is obviously those in the private sector which can not put off financial choices (as highlighted in this article.) All this is the political fallout due to progressive liberal agendas which put politics over the welfare of it's people, which ironic when it comes to their stand on supporting the "working class."

    7. Jerry in Bethlehem says:

      As a Pennsylvania resident, I liken this to economic terrorism. The energy companies want to ram their way in and toss away local laws and property rights by frightening people with job losses. That's unconscionable. I'm all for corporate profit but there's nothing wrong with thoughtfully explaining the issues and safeguards that will be used to protect our water.

    8. steve h says:

      All one has to do is a google image search for 'tar sands before and after' and see what destruction the tree-huggers are concerned about. This is a massive project and there is potential of a great deal of environmental damage – seems to be it's a issue that politicians should take time on deciding and making sure the pros outweight the cons. To do the kind of oil sands mining (quite different than drilling) has a undeniable impact on the environment – and then to run a pipeline vertically across the entire US – doesn't seem like something that shoudl be stuffed into nonrelated legisaltion. If the conservatives feel so strongly about it – bring it up for a vote by itself – as a stand alone bill. Boehner has that power….or are they too cowardly to vote for it on its own merits and then take all the blame when the jobs aren't created, but the environmental mess is? If they believe so strongly in it – then they would vote on it as a stand alone.

    9. scott lowden says:

      Obama and EPA = Keystone Kops.

      I can’t believe the conservative brain trust has not thought of using this phrase. Please get this out,

      Scott R. Lowden, Heritage Member

    10. art wissing says:

      the US already has over a million miles of piplines in the ground, the studies have alreadt been done for 3 or 4 years. why worry about another pipeline that is less than 1800 miles? the benifits of 800,000 barrels per day far out weighs anything the greens are making up…if this was not an election year you think anyone would have heard of another pipeline being built? we build them everyday…pipelines are by FAR the safest way of moving oil and gas. the world needs more barrels of oil today than yesterday….the world is not going to stop advancing, we will need more oil and gas everyday the human race is alive, not less, for the forseable future,decades…..nothing even comes close to fossil fuels in terms of benifits for the human race.

    11. Steve says:

      Don't fall for this yet another right wing sham.

      Anyone remotely involved in the construction and/or oil biz laughs at these so called job projections. More obvious fear mongering. Just another project to line the pockets of big oil and so as to sell North American product overseas – AND a continuance of America's addiction to oil

    12. Bobby Hirtle says:

      The New York Times reported in the January 1, 2010 editorial: "A more accurate forecast from the federal government, one with which TransCanada, the pipeline company, agrees, says the project would create 6,000 to 6,500 temporary construction jobs at best, for two years. " Using a cost-benefit analysis, those numbers hardly justify the duress borne onto the environment. Here is a better alternative. There is a "$5 trillion global clean technology market." Developing countries are quickly tapping into this market as it 1)creates jobs and 2)provides for a more sustainable environment. The inherent good of being good stewards of the earth aside, we must also factor in the healthcare savings from cleaner air and water. It's rather revealing then that those pushing for the pipeline are not actually concerned about jobs for America but pursing their own special interests.

    13. Larry says:

      Whats funny about the jobs that are directly and indirectly working with the hopeful pipeline job, is the fact that if we don't get this started soon, China will buy this oil from our North America laughing all the way, to controlling more of our natural resources while we have discussion and debate over the effects on nature while people are Not working in the US. This is just down right bad decisions made by the Obama administration and they play games with working families and i'm sure the many who say its not worth it, don't depend on these kinds of projects to pay your bills. We americans shame eachother over a vote, while giving a communistic nation as China deals and even borrow from, why? It would be nearly as bad as dealing with North Korea, they both despise free nations.

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