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  • Morning Bell: Why Would Obama Veto Job Creation?

    Today, the U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote on a bill that would, among other things, open the door for the creation of thousands of new jobs, prevent a tax hike on American workers, and help reduce the crippling deficit. However, President Barack Obama has promised that he would bring the legislation to a halt with a veto—all because of his opposition to the single measure in the bill that would create jobs.

    What’s so offensive that would cause the President to level a veto threat? A provision in H.R. 3630, the “Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2011,” that would provide for the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline project that would bring oil from Canada. Heritage’s Nicolas Loris explains that it would mean “access to easy imports from our northern neighbor, the creation of thousands of jobs, and the generation of revenue for the states where the pipeline passes. Montana, South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Texas are collectively projected to collect $5.2 billion in property tax revenue as a result of building the pipeline.”

    The Keystone XL measure is just one piece of the bill introduced by Representative Dave Camp (R-MI), along with several cosponsors. Though not perfect, it includes some positive measures that could bring comfort to the millions of Americans who are struggling under the Obama economy and are looking for hope this holiday season. Camp said of the bill, “With its passage, Americans can be confident that these programs and provisions will be available next year, that they will not result in decades of debt and that they will be paid for with fiscally responsible reforms, not job-killing tax hikes.”

    Heritage Vice President David S. Addington has analyzed the legislation and explains that it would:

    • Extend for a year the employee payroll tax reduction, which “prevents a tax hike, leaving more of the people’s hard-earned money in their own pockets, and therefore does not give rise to a budgetary need to ‘pay for’ money that is simply left where it originates”;
    • Extend the unemployment compensation program, but with appropriate reforms to help the unemployed find jobs and to begin to tailor the overall program to changes in the economy;
    • Extend for two years the forestalling of sudden automatic cuts in Medicare payments to physicians that would otherwise occur under the law (often called the “doc fix”);
    • Extend for a year the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program, one of the 70 federal welfare programs in need of integrated reform;
    • Take some actions to reduce the increase in the federal deficit, with fees on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, additional means tests to Medicare, increasing the amount federal employees and Members of Congress must pay in to their retirement plans, and eliminating 2013 cost-of-living adjustments for federal employees and Members of Congress.

    Last week, President Obama announced his intention to veto the bill when he warned, ”Any effort to try to tie Keystone to the payroll tax cut I will reject.” To be perfectly clear, the only part of this bill that will significantly create jobs is the only part President Obama is threatening to veto. And this at a time when 13.3 million Americans are out of work, the unemployment rate is hovering near 9 percent as it has throughout this Presidency, and job creation is at a record low.

    President Obama does not appear interested in taking real action to put Americans back to work. In an interview with 60 Minutes, the President revealed to CBS’s Steve Kroft what he believes his role to be:

    It is my job to put forward a vision of the country that benefits the vast majority of Americans. It is my job to make sure that my party is behind those initiatives, even if sometimes it’s breaking some china and going against some of the dogmas of our party in the past. We’ve done that on things like education reform. And it’s my job to rally the American people around that vision.

    Americans, though, aren’t looking for a rally, and they’re not seeking out a vision—especially if it’s one where the economy continues its meandering path, job creation stays stagnant, and Washington keeps erecting walls to prosperity.

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    90 Responses to Morning Bell: Why Would Obama Veto Job Creation?

    1. Denny says:

      Of course he will vto the bill. He wants America to fail. That appears to be his mission in life, and that of George Sorros, the present Administration, and Obama's czars. What more can I say.

    2. Barb says:

      Why is this question being asked about the President's possible veto? It's all about power – the more people you can keep out of work – the more people will need government assistance……….this is just one part of the overall plan to take down America……………..

    3. iwantmycountryback says:

      Sounds like a socialist agenda to me. Why create jobs when the government can support you. Joe the Plumber called Obama out during his camaign, but he was just a crazy white right wing nut job.

    4. Jimmie Towle says:

      Unbelievable!!! Obama isn't really interested in creating jobs 'EXCEPT' under his own terms – and his terms include ***kissing to unions. All the concerns from opponents of Keystone have been met and yet Obama won't come near it until after the election, because of unions objections. He needs the union vote to even come close to being re-elected and thus does not want to 'rock the boat' with unions. It sounds like this bill will create jobs and at the same time not raise taxes – seems like a win-win to me. However Obama's main goal now is to be re-elected at any cost. HOW SHAMEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You are a little confused. Unions want Keystone XL . It's the (no growth) Environmentalist's that don't want it. They see Keystone XL as a way to easy oil, which means pollution and more man made global warming.

      • searcher0 says:

        yes! i have been following this story on other web sites Keystone is ready to start now these are some of those "shovel ready jobs" that o'bama touted were in such abundance, but the union and environmentalist vote needed to keep him in power is much more important to this charlatan than the prosperity of the nation he claims to want to save.

    5. Whicket Williams says:

      The answer to the Question posed in the headline was answered before Obama was elected- but people refused to believe it. If you do not know the answer, you are in denial. Or you have had your head in the sand the last four years.

    6. A clear presentation of how Mr. Obama is completely out of touch with America and Americans.

      I still maintain that Mr. Obama's vision of himself and the future of our country has as its centerpiece a major reduction in our wealth, our power and most of all our morale.

    7. Robert, TX says:

      Mike, please, stop this perpetual madness. Obama (the puppet) is nothing that his handlers do not desire. The real question (as always) is why does this "tea party" House do nothing to stop Obama? Why does Heritage trumpet "big, bad, Obama" everyday – instead of challenging the gutless, wimpering Congress to do anything to move us one inch back toward our Constitution? For you Senate people, Harry Reid has more power with 50 democrats than any republican every dreamed of in that situation.

    8. ProfChuck says:

      Behavior belies motivation. Obama does not oppose real advances in productivity or employment just because the environmentalists are against it, he wants capitalism to fail. He is a true believer that the free market is deeply flawed and will do anything to prove his point. The environmental movement provides him with useful idiots but if his goals ever run contrary to theirs he will discard them as quickly as he is now casting away big labor's desire for Keystone. Obama wants power and will stop at nothing to keep what he has and to gain even more. We are at the threshold of a "benevolent dictatorship" which is an oxymoron if there ever was one.

    9. albaby says:

      Obama is pushing alternative energy, electric cars, windmills, solar. Some of his fellow Dems like Al Gore are invested in those government subsidized projects. He doesn't want competition for his pet projects. Jobs are not a consideration.

    10. The Farmer GR MI says:

      If you had nothing but distain for America and you had a chance to inflict damage on America would you do anything differently?

    11. 1ConservativeUSA says:

      The ideology, rhetoric and utter hypocrisy of this president is stunning.

    12. Turner says:

      Obama is against the rebuilding our strongholds:

      Without warning he shall come into the richest parts of the province, and he shall do what neither his fathers nor his fathers’ fathers have done, scattering among them plunder, spoil, and goods(redistribution). He shall devise plans against strongholds(financial and military security), but only for a time. – Daniel 11:24

    13. jrcowboy49 says:

      Obama is in a difficult situation politicaly as he has the “all important” unions and environmentalists to satisfy and keep both as campaign donors. Nebraska has recently approved the relocation of the pipeline and removed their objection and the states have had adequate time to comment on the project with little to no objections. Pipelines criss cross America and we have had little history of problems. The Republicans have framed this bill correctly and this “do nothing” President needs to get off his ass and do the right thing! Pass this bill!

    14. Gary says:

      Obama knows he can't collapse the American economy if Americans can get cheap plentiful energy.

    15. Warren C. Bulette says:

      Extending the payroll tax cut does have a budgetary impact because the Federal government is not collecting enough revenue which only adds to the deficit. It will continue so long as reforms are not made to Social Security

      • Robert A Hirschmann says:

        I beg to differ. It is a proven fact that cutting taxes stimulates the economy. By cutting taxes new jobs are created adding more taxpayers on the payroll. Obummer doesn't want that. He wants everyone to look to the greater, growing, government for support. That way we could look up to him as our savior. Long live our redeemer!

        • Robert, TX says:

          Not to mention that the payroll tax is the WORST tax of all – a tax on work, a disincentive for hiring – as Milton Friedman put in (his speeches are on youtube). And republicans love the payroll tax because it creates thousands of bogus companies (temp labor, temp services, call centers etc…) for their country club friends. You can trace all of our exported jobs to the payroll tax increases from the 50's through the 90's.

    16. Dan Heffner says:

      Obama needs to explain himself since he thinks he wants to veto the bill with the pipe line in it. WHY?
      If he can't give a good reason, then Congress should pass it on a 2/3 vote of both houses. It is time Congress get off their asses and start jumping on Obama and let him know he is not the government or dictator. He is supposed to be working for us. Congress, stop Obama from destroying our countryand do something NOW!

      • Hisservant says:

        TELL THIS TO CONGRESS….. Please ! Congress needs to hear from THE PEOPLE. These comment forums are great, but if these words do not get to the people who can do something about it, it is all for naught. . MK, Alabama

    17. TimAZ says:

      I don't think its that hard to figure out. The regime has been instituting the Cloward & Piven strategy for nearly three years now. This also explains why he wants the payroll tax cuts. The regime needs the people to pay less taxes into social security to speed up the collapse of the American financial system he's running out of time to achieve this fundamental transformation. Much to his and others dismay Capitalism his much harder to destroy then ever thought it would be. Had enough yet?

    18. Bob N says:

      Is it true that if we don't approve the pipeline then Canada will begin to build one westward to Vancouver with the result being the oil goes to China or other Far East destinations? It would be interesting to see a national poll on the XL pipeline: Are Americans for it or against it. Regulatory hurdles have been cleared and the routing around the aquifer has been agreed to so now the project is ready to go forward. Just the political will is needed. It creates jobs, obtains energy from a friendly neighbor and provides tax revenues for the states it passes through. This looks good. Move ahead Congress and Mr. President . . . for the good of America.

    19. evermyrtle says:

      The extent that these sites will go to help cover the truth is amazing. Most of my comments never see the light of day, here.

    20. ThomNJ says:

      This is easy. It is not about jobs. It is ALL about obama's ideology. If legislation is pro-fossil fuels in any way – he is against it. Period.

      Now if the legislation authorized the creation of a chain of windmills powered by batteries charged by solar panels from north to south….then he'd get behind it.

    21. hongryhawg says:

      More pathetic proclamations from the pretend president that occupies the White House. It leaves no doubt about whose votes he's going after; people who thrive on handouts and want the gravy train to continue. To heck with tomorrow. I want mine today! A bunch of child-brains masquerading as responsible adults.

    22. CiaoGino says:

      EXCELLENT! Unfortunately, this clear and concise description of the issues in this matter will be completely ignored by the MSM and the administration. This topic and all of its ramifications should be front and center in every GOP debate. The greatest need is to insure that the entire electorate is aware of all of this.

    23. sdfultz says:

      We need to put the Keystone deal into a comprehensive energy bill or we could make the tax holiday permanent for those who are currently effected or we could do both, I'll bet he won't veto that, He'll piss off the Evo's, but really who cares?

    24. Chris says:

      Unfortunately, The One, the only, Ozymandias-on-the-Potomac is only interested in making sure one job is "saved" — namely his own — so that he can continue fulfilling his calling as a disciple applying the Gospel of the Apostle Saul the Alinskyite and dismantle our society, brick by brick, until he can rebuid it into a "fair" Socialst Worker's Paradise.

      Old joke that made the rounds within the former USSR —
      (Liberal American student visitor) So tell me comrade, how are things here in the Worker's Paradise?
      (Russian) Oh, we can't complain.
      (Student) So things are really that good?
      (Russian) No, like a said….we can't complain!

    25. Kupe says:

      Unemployment decreasing now for two months running yet congress is risking an increase in middle class taxes just so they can jam their wholly unrelated pipeline pipe dream through the system? A risky venture at the cusp of an election year.

    26. Patricia says:

      Obama has a vision alright, however, his vision is to finish the job that our enemies could not accomplish on 9/11.
      Isn't it time to break the silence about where this man came from, where he has been all of his life, what his college records and associations of his past could reveal?
      Why, when all branches of our government have been warned about Obama and/or Barry Soetoro, have they all turned a blind eye to these questions without challenging him to provide answers?
      Why is all information from his past being so guarded when the rest of us are so scrutinized and vetted?
      This is truly a security issue that needs everyone's attention. The sooner the better for the preservation of our great country. God help those who know the answers and have kept silent contrary to the obligation to all citizens of the United States of America. They are as guilty as he is!

    27. C. Hyatt says:

      This article is mind numbing. The fastest way to interpret why he would do this is to simply understand that his agenda is to bring the U.S. down to the poverty and misery level of the rest of the world because the U.S. has stolen its wealth and life style from others. We set back and watch as he does one thing after another to degrade and debase our system. This should be a duh moment, he is doing it for a reason. If another country can have control over oil that we use, it simply goes along with his plan. Can anyone think of something he has done in the last couple of days that will put our oil interests at risk? The real magic here is how he does this while many look on with glazed over eyes and agree that this is the course we should take.

    28. lizaz says:

      The payroll tax decrease for another year will buy him votes….it's the only important factor to him…defunding social security again for a year is the least of his worries!!!! Also, by not signing off on the pipeline, he buys votes from the environmental people (but not the affected unions)…who cares if the economy improves??? It's time to face it, folks, he has no intention trying to help the economy. Getting reelected to be able to continue his marxist policies is his goal!!!

    29. Ron Walters says:

      If I were an anti-American concern, I can think of no other person "Obama" to keep in offiice! With his czars and Senate his main goal is to undermine the US._

    30. ozzy6900 says:

      Liberals do not want America being self sufficient. They, the EPA and the environmentalists don't care that we are paying terrorists for our oil. They don't care that people are out of work. They only care about their pet projects and causing panic about some far fetched, non-existent problem.

    31. Don Bressler says:

      What is Obama's stated opposition to the pipeline?

    32. glynnda says:

      It's almost 2012 people……let's get busy

    33. D. C. Tillberg says:

      Soooo…. over ride his veto. Watch the votes and if your State ROYAL elected officials don't vote to over ride the vote, recall their b*t back to the state and relect someone that will look out for the peoples interest and not to relining their personal pockets.

    34. JAMES LIMERICK says:


    35. Liberalsownfalsehood says:

      "It is my job to put forward a vision of the country that benefits the vast majority of Americans. It is my job to make sure that my party is behind those initiatives, even if sometimes it’s breaking some china and going against some of the dogmas of our party in the past. We’ve done that on things like education reform. And it’s my job to rally the American people around that vision."
      B. Obama
      "It is my job to put forward a vision of the country that benefits all Russians, the masses. It is my job to make sure that the Communist party is behind those initiatives, even if sometimes it’s breaking some china and going against some of the dogmas of our party in the past. We’ve done that on things like education reform. And it’s my job to rally the Russian people around that vision."
      K Marx
      No difference.

    36. Gary Moore says:

      By stalling the decision on the Keystone Pipe Line, Obama keeps both sides of the debate donating to his re-election coffers. Big Oil and the Greenies, need to push their agendas with money… Money for his re-election. Make a decision now, and cut off that money from one side.. stall and get money from both!

    37. Jeanie says:

      Just some additional information about the "oil sand". I wish we were receiving sweet crude to be refined in Texas and available as product to be purchased by Americans. I wish we were pumping our own supplies of sweet crude…..the tar that will be coming from Canada is strip mined, has to be mixed with a volatile thinner, heated and pressurized during it's travel to Texas. All these factors should be of concern to the left and the right. I know we conservatives care for the environment too. We shouldn't allow the left to catagorize us as jumping on a band wagon without considering all the facts about the tar sands. It bothers me that we aren't pushing for the pumping of sweet crude, from deep wells, take less refining and burning cleaner. Is this an idealist rambling, Maybe I need another shot of reality.

    38. steve h says:

      Why is GOP insiting on including the pipeline bill in a payroll tax cut/ui/sgr bill? It has no place it such a bill. The Repubs have rejected each and every piece of Obama's jobs act, and now they want him to accept this odd provision that was added into something unrelated. This is nothing more than a political ploy by Republicans to get the Dems and Obama to reject it, because they know it's horrible decision to include it. If they House Repubs want the pipeline bill, pass it alone instead of playing these silly games.

      The sad part is conservatives just can't see a future. They just want to appease big oil lobbyists instead of working to take US to a future of less oil dependency, for a cleaner and safer America. It's too bad conservtives can't think about the future for these issues.

      Finally, there will be no need for Obama to veto it – because it won't pass the Senate. But i guess you have to take every shot at Obama as possible. By the way, thanks from a Democrat for offering Newt and Mitt as his possible opponents.

    39. KSgardener says:

      This so called "payroll tax reduction, which “prevents a tax hike, leaving more of the people’s hard-earned money in their own pockets, and therefore does not give rise to a budgetary need to ‘pay for’ money that is simply left where it originates" is actually a cut in funding Social Security, This is FICA tax we are failing to collect..all this from a president who crucifies anyone who appears to want to reform Social Security. How do you spell hypocrite?
      Veto jobs, cut social security funding?

    40. Bill Atwood says:

      The far left environmental wacko's won't be happy until everyone is driving a 50 mph electric car with a 90 mile range. These cars move all the emissions from the tailpipe to the smokestack where they are less obvious to the useful idiots in the environmental wacko movement. And never mind that the huge battery packs contain more polluting chemicals and metals than a standard gasoline auto.

      A pipeline, drilling in the Gulf, in Alaska, etc… would lead to a stable, cheap, long lasting supply of oil putting the electric car utopia far off into the future when that technology actually becomes workable. You can count on Obama to prevent any activity that would contradict environmentalist wacko dogma. They own him.

    41. JWS says:

      They play with our life's like children on the playground and it just sad to see that grown people would do this to us. When are the people of this country wise up and see what is happening here and hold our politicians feet to the fire, including the President instead of this stupid "Occupy" movement that does not achieve anything because they don't know they are there to begin with.
      I find it unacceptable that a President is even contemplating going on a vacation with the mess we have but then what can one expect from him.

    42. mikec says:

      If the bill passes, oil prices would drop immediately, through the speculation process, as they would if additional drilling permits were approved in the Gulf, the Alaskan coast, and throughout the country. If oil prices go down, it will no longer be cost effective to blend ethanol, or pursue green technologies to the level the current administration is pushing. There is no other viable explanation. Pipelines are efficient and safer than oil tankers and trucking.

    43. Keith White says:

      Obama's aginda is devide and conquer. As long as he can keep the employment high and people drawing two years of unemployment funds, food stamps, welfare and on the recieving end they will vote for him and that is his strategy. Keep them needing assistance from the government and they will keep him in office.

      The keystone pipe line would create around 500,000 jobs with all the fringe jobs that would be needed to do everything including all the service industies. It would also bring in a great tax base for all the states it would go through and would cut our dependance on oil from the middle east and OPEC. Why would Obama not want that???

    44. Ex- Airborne Ranger says:

      Vision means seeing right? Obama needs glasses… simple as that!

    45. Jim says:

      the lamestream media is all on Prezbo side and won't call him out on the keystone project since the media is also environmental loonies. and for some reason the Repubs/tea partyers/conservatives cannot get their message out to the "masses" since the media isn't interested in what they have to say or do and no one on "our" side is succinctly making the case for us, try as they will.

    46. Curt Krehbiel says:

       "Any effort to try to tie Keystone to the payroll tax cut I will reject."
      Obama will not agree to the Keystone pipeline until after the election
      in 2012. The reason is to keep the votes of the enviornmentalist group.
      The unions will cause it to be approved later.

    47. Wayne Peterkin says:

      Unless you are actively trying to damage the nation, it makes no sense for anyone to oppose this pipeline. Just looking at it from the environmentalist standpoint, buying oil from an ally and shipping it through a relatively safe pipeline is far better than buying that oil from an unregulated hostile nation with lots of environmental issues and shipping it via a more dangerous oil tanker. If the environmentalists would stop and think for a change, they would see that. The oil will be bought and used either way, because it is necessary to our economy. So why not produce and ship it the cleanest way possible? Delaying this pipeline project makes no sense whatsoever.

    48. toledofan says:

      So, after almost three years of not creating jobs, why would anyone think he's going to do it now? It's not part of the plan because if it was he would have been doing things differently for the past couple of years. I mean the only segment of the economy that has added thousands of jobs has been the government and not the private sector, so, it's pretty clear, all that matters is growing the democratic base of voters and retaining power.

    49. jt1USA says:

      Of course he will veto the bill. He IS BEING INSTRUCTED to MAKE America FAIL !!!
      People just don't want to believe that there's a much more powerful 'FORCE', or group of people ( if you will) that are dictating what direction this country IS GOING TO TAKE so as to turn it into a controlled 'working machine of exploitation
      That's why Obama's czars have been put in place. The good side of this report of 'blatant government activity' is that IT IS helping people to wake up and realize what is TRULY going on in this country.
      My fear these days, is that it's taken too long to wake up, and it could possibly be too late to react.

    50. ShelbyHager says:

      Windmills? Did somone mention windmills? So! i awaken and remember Cervantes: To the devil with thee Don Qixote Obama of Jakarta! "A madman surely thou art; and if the defect of thou understanding affected thyself only, and was confined within the gates of thine own madness, the misfortune would be the smaller; but, thy frenzey is of such a peculiar nature as to turn the brains of all those with whom thou has any commerce or communications…"

    51. PaulC37 says:

      This is defunding Social Security and Medicare by eliminating payroll taxes.
      There are dire consequences, as the longer payroll taxes are eliminated it becomes harder and harder to restart and so it morphs into eliminating SS and Medicare.

      Does anyone think out of the box and entertain all this is on PURPOSE (to destroy us) where there is no possibility of returning to a norm.

      Anyone that thinks Obama is an American better consider the facts, in his words and deeds. He is a danger!

    52. Pete Houston says:

      How exactly can the house act any differently than what it does. The house is only one signiature out of three required. So they can only withhold money to fund the projects of the Executive branch and the Senate. The House will show that it has power when it no longer allows these continuing resolutions to be allowed to be passed. The House will have to have the strength to shut down the goverment to do a reboot. When this happens the changes in the right direction can then start to happen.

    53. r_mack says:

      Tell congress to stop putting bs in about the obamacare and bills will pass, other than that, basically congress doesn't want anything to pass, progress or succeed. Wasting America's time and unfortunately attempting to defeat Obama in 2012.

      The Heritage Foundation has one thing right, Obama needs to go but not because he's bad; the rest of these commies need another commie in office so they can praise him.

    54. Frank says:

      It’s so sad for America knowing the struggles we face as a nation and as a people. We are at a point of history where it is very possible we will cease to exist as a free market based economy. It is the goal of Barrack Hussein Insane Obama to destroy our Nation and our way of life. Americans need to be Americans now before it is too late. The sadness comes from knowing it may already be too late for The United States of America the damage Obama has done may be more then we are able to fix.

    55. Tom says:

      That 'payroll tax reduction'…that would come at the expense of Social Security, would it not?

    56. Marie says:

      Obama, Soros and Obama's administration, along with the unions, want all of us under their thumb…the governament. This is their goal. What we have to continue doing is signing petitions, making phone calls, and most of all…praying for Gods help. We are fighting a war…between good and evil, very much a spiritual war that has whispered in the ears of those that are willing to listen, to destroy what America stands for and its people. One day these people will be held accountable for the things they have done, but for now, we need to stay close to God and let him help us.

    57. ShelbyHager says:

      So! He demands,"Windmills instead of pipelines!" So! Am I daft to be amused or bemused by such amateurish disingenuousness, or am I laughing at my own peril? Surely, I am over reacting, am I not. Does not the Olde Republic continue?.. But! Just this week, the Communists came within seven-tenths of a percentage point of reclaiming their dictatorship of Russia. The Federal Reserve design to bail out the most egregious assortment of bandit Socialists in Brussel! And I see nothing but Axelrod's strained red eyeballs and laser pink tongue in the White House…I must ask. Who are these supercilious Dr. Panglosses at MSNBC or CNN or the Apparatchik Press telling me to relax ,"Everything Happens For The Best!!!"?

    58. Tom says:

      Where are the cuts in deficit spending? Why are we talking about tax cuts, without comparable cuts in spending?

      It looks as though, no matter how you slice it, Social Security will take a hit on this one, with or without the pipeline attached. So, it looks like a tax cut, but what it really is, is a reduction in payments to Social Security. It's equivalent to reducing your regular contribution to your 401k; it frees up some cash, but it will affect your retirement. But in this case, not just your own retirement; everyone who is on Social Security will be affected. Where are the spokesmen for our senior citizens on this? Another major rip-off of SS, and no one is speaking out. Appalling. A conspiracy among the legislature and the executive.

    59. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      .Why would Obama veto job creation? The answer? To make more people dependant upon government.
      Of course Obama has repeatedly warned us and served notice to this day about his Statist "Progressive" agenda, including now with his "It is my job to make sure my (Democrat) party is behind those initiatives, even if sometimes it’s breaking some china and going against some of the dogmas of our party in the past" which evidently means even when it means destroying some businesses, jobs, and so also families and freedoms, and going against what were some of the principles of the Democrat Party, such as a free and strong people and economy, and a strong defense with the most powerful, up-to-date military.
      So it isn't as if Obama hasn't repeatedly warned and served notice about his Marxist "Leftist"/"Progressive" agenda, but now it is that much more painfully evident and obvious that we must vote him out of power in 2012.

    60. Tom says:

      This is a nice break for employers as well as employees. Reduce the percentage of the FICA contribution, which goes to social security, and this frees up some cash in the paycheck, and also reduces the employers contribution. It's like having a 10% match at work, you are contributing 5%, and the company is matching it.
      Now, you reduce your contribution to, say, 4%, and the company follows suit. So, as an employer, you are losing the difference in the employer's contribution. So, tell me, how does this benefit the worker?

    61. Richard says:

      What nonsense. How stupid do people have to be to actually believe this drivel?

      If the payroll tax cut extension truly “prevents a tax hike, leaving more of the people’s hard-earned money in their own pockets, and therefore does not give rise to a budgetary need to ‘pay for’ money that is simply left where it originates” then why don't Republikkklans simply pass it on its own like President Obama wants to?

      Their excuse for not passing the extension is that they want to pay for it (though the real reason is that they hate the middle class), but if there is no budgetary need to pay for it, then they should go ahead.

    62. John Galt says:

      The article asks the question, "Why would Obama veto job creation?" and then goes on to provide information about the impact of the veto but it never answers the question.

      Others here on the blog have provided several answers and I tend to agree with most. However, the biggest reason for Obama's veto is to keep his radical enviro-nuts in his camp. Obama is very consistent. All of his decisions are about him getting re-elected. That is the only job he is concerned about.

    63. Tom says:

      This is a nice break for employers as well as employees. Reduce the percentage of the FICA contribution, which goes to social security, and this frees up some cash in the paycheck, and also reduces the employers contribution. It's like having a 5% match at work: you are contributing 5%, and the company is matching it.
      Then, you drop your contribution to 4%, and so does the company. So, the worker loses the 1% employer match. Where's the upside here for the worker?

    64. Tom says:

      Reduce the percentage of the FICA contribution, which goes to social security, and this frees up some cash in the paycheck, but also reduces the employers contribution. It's like having a 5% 401k match at work: you are contributing 5%, and the company is matching it. Now, drop that to 4%. The worker loses the 1% employer contribution. (Sorry if this ends up appearing more than once.) So, where's the upside for workers?

    65. Tom says:

      This is a reduction in the percentage of the FICA contribution, which goes to social security, and this frees up some cash in the paycheck, and also reduces the employers contribution. It's like having a 5% 401k match at work: you are contributing 5%, and the company is matching it. Now drop that to 4%, and the worker loses the employer contribution.

    66. John Galt says:

      The article asks the question, "Why would Obama veto job creation?" and then goes on to provide information about the impact of the veto but it never answers the question.

    67. Tom says:

      Reduce the percentage of the FICA contribution, which goes to social security, and this frees up some cash in the paycheck, BUT also reduces the employers contribution. It's like having a 5% 401k match at work: you are contributing 5%, and the company is matching it. Now, reduce that to 4%, and the worker loses the employer contribution. Where's the up-side for the worker?

    68. Jill Maine says:

      I've been reading all these coments and I agree. But isn't it scarey. I mean I have seen presidents that were not popular but this guy has people afraid. Imagine afraid of our American president. How in the world is this supposed to be a close race? That's the scariest of all.

    69. Mutantone says:

      Canada has already said that they will look to China if the USA does not follow through on it that is what Obama wants, then China will pay him under the table in his reelection fund. So he gets two for one ruin the nation and help China met their needs for oil

    70. James V. Burnette says:

      The payroll tax cut takes money away from Social Security funding. We are defunding Social Security by taking cuts now, leaving those additional dollars in peoples pocket to help them in their present needs only to find that the money taken now will not be available later.
      Social Security is in such bad financial shape that if we don't change it over to a private system of retirement now we won't have to worry about our Social Security retirement because the money just won't be there later. As for the pipe line, if you have any doubts about whether it will create income for the States it will go through and jobs it will create just look at what the unemployment rate is in North Dakota is right now (2%).

    71. Lorenzo Gonzales says:

      President Obama know that Keystone will created more jobs than his stemlias package did, and this he does not wan Americans to know

    72. Mike, NC says:

      Why would Obama veto job creation? As in evidence in this and numerous other cases to this day, the answer is only too painfully evident and obvious, which is to act against, even villify, private business and employment by them, and so in that and other ways cause people to be dependant upon government.
      Of course Obama has repeatedly warned us and served notice to this day of his Statist "Progressive" agenda, including now with his "…even if sometimes it’s breaking some china and going against some of the dogmas of our party in the past", which evidently means his insisting on his Statist agenda, even against what he calls “the dogmas of our party in the past” as in Democratic principles such as government according to instead of against the will of the people, and an economy based on increasing private business and job opportunities instead of decreasing them and increasing the size and power of government and dependence upon government.
      So it isn't as if we haven't been warned, but now we must vote him out of power in 2012, for the sake of the freedoms and resources of both current and subsequent generations.

    73. Kyle says:

      One doesn't have to be a Rhodes Scholar to realize BO's warped mentality is taking this country down , & fast! It's past time he was sent out to the pasture, do it soon & make sure it's far away for this nations sake!!

    74. Leslie says:

      Obama is concerned with shorting Americans families $1000 each, but the $535 million tax payer money that was thrown away on Solyndra is of no concern? The payroll tax cut is Social Security funding which is going broke fast, this tax decrease is just accelorating that. This man has no common sense. What is a Harvard education if you can't add 2 + 2?

    75. Clearhead says:

      After reading what his "job" is, in his own words, we, the people of America must analyse his job performance and grade him, if he is going to run for president of the United States. My group has considered all of his stated duties and compared his performance of those duties very carefully. The grade we all agreed on was…………… F– on all counts. In fact, that turned out to be too high a grade, so we went on down the alphabet until we discovered a realistic grade. That turned out to be…………Z — – — – — – !

    76. Christina C. says:

      Are any of you guys even aware of what the Keystone Pipeline is?!? Now I am ALL for creating jobs and strengthening the middle class but not when those jobs compromise the safety of our environment and water. Green Jobs Now!

    77. steve h says:

      McConnell won't let a vote on the House passed bill. Reid and Dems want to vote on it, but the Republicans are objecting. Really? They are blocking their own bill. Yet, conservatives and Heritage are blaming Obama and Dems – when Repubs are blocking votes on it. Absurd.

      Why would Obama veto it? Why won't the Senate Republicans even allow a vote on it. Reid tried to vote on it last night and again this morning – McConnell and Repubs continue to block the vote.

    78. reasonableview says:

      It's a strange world we live in. The president wants to veto a bill because it accelerates the decision on an oil pipeline that's already the most studied ever. During this horribly stagnant economy, he prefers to retard development. And, his favorite protesters are blocking ports and stifling commerce during the Holiday rush that 1/6 of the economy relies on to survive. How and why do they think any of this will help? We have 25 million unemployed and $2.12 trillion in cash sitting uninvested in American corporations. Maybe the president should take a Hippocratic oath, too. http://bit.ly/tNMKuO

    79. Liberty143 says:

      Follow the money. What does Warren Buffet stand to lose because of the Keystone pipeline?

    80. Paul West says:

      I disagree strongly, all I hear coming from the lips of these super rich two-faced politicians is the word "job creation?" It's much more than just job creation much more indeed. Sure, you can have a high-paying nice prestigious job and not a worry in the world about your bills. Nevertheless, what about the other guy? Who doesn't make 24+ bucks an hour?

      Putting America back together once again is much more than creating a few jobs, it’s using our level of technology wisely for all people. It’s introducing revolutionary innovative ideas to wean us off this wicked independence to that foreign oil. It's giving people positions that are more then able to create the new technologies to move us into the next millennium and beyond.

      A job alone is not enough unless it comes with an opportunity of fulfillment. Thus, time to change the balance of the poor class and middle-class to an equal class…

    81. Jimmy beans says:

      The president shouldn't even have the ability to veto job creation. When did it even become possible for congress to legislate the creation of jobs? What kind of marxist society is this?

      Congress should inspire the private sector to grow, not pass laws that force them to. Take this basic microeconomic plan for example: http://merchantcashadvanceindustry.org/2012/01/12… if every restaurant manages to earn 1 additional cent per day in revenue, 1 new job will be created. Imagine if they were able to increase sales by $10 a day? This is how you create jobs people!

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