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  • Iran Conducting Anti-U.S. Operations from Latin America

    Iran is conducting anti-U.S. operations from Latin America, including military training camps in Venezuela, and expanding its reach across the border from the U.S. in Mexico, according to footage unveiled late Thursday by the largest Spanish-language network in the United States, Univision.

    The documentary showed a former Iran senior official accepting a plan to launch from Mexico a cyber war on the United States, one that would cripple U.S. computer systems, including the White House, the FBI, the CIA and several nuclear plants. The official, former Iranian Ambassador to Mexico Mohammad Hassan Ghadiri, was shown accepting the offer from undercover Mexican university students. A trailer to the documentary can be seen here.

    The documentary also showed the undercover Mexican students presenting plans for the cyber attack to Venezuelan officials in Mexico. The Venezuelan official was very receptive to the plot, saying that she was close to Venezuela’s hard-leftist President Hugo Chavez and that she would love to share the information with him as soon as possible. The same happened with Cuban officials in Mexico, who were equally interested in a plot against the United States.

    The students in the documentary appeared to have conducted a sting operation similar to the reports carried out by the American journalist James O’Keefe in the U.S.

    The documentary, called “The Iranian Threat,” said that undercover journalists were also able to infiltrate Iranian military training camps working from mosques in Venezuela, though it showed no actual footage of the camps. Univision alleged there were links between the alleged camps and a radical Muslim implicated in the 1994 Buenos Aires bombing of a Synagogue that killed 85 and wounded hundreds. The Iranian lives in Argentina, a country which also has strong ties to Chavez.

    Ties between the hard line Islamist government in Tehran and the anti-American government of President Hugo Chavez have been growing for years, including a weekly secretive Caracas-Tehran flight that is of grave concern to U.S. officials.

    Undercover journalists also confirmed Iranian-backed money-laundry and drug-trafficking cartels that are used to back Islamist networks and training camps in Venezuela and elsewhere, which exist to attack U.S. interests and undermine the U.S. in Latin America.

    Univision said in press release that it had “dozens of hours of secret recordings, conducted extensive interviews with people who participated in the meetings, including a former Iranian ambassador, and examined documents ranging from hand-written notes to internal federal reports and obtained unpublished video of a failed bomb attack against New York’s JFK airport. In Mexico, Univision, uncovered covert recordings of the alleged Iranian plan to cripple the computer systems of the White House, the FBI, the CIA and several nuclear power plants.”

    The severity of this threat cannot be ignored. The Obama’s Administration has shown its policies in the Middle East have failed. This documentary raises some serious issues that need to be further investigated. We also need a serious commitment to stem the growing presence of terrorist elements in this Hemisphere. Instead, this Administration has stood silently as civil liberties and democratic institutions deteriorate in Latin America inviting Iran and other rabid anti-American forces to fester.

    In 2009, President Obama said his Administration was willing to talk to Iran “without preconditions” and would work towards the abolition of nuclear weapons. As this documentary clearly reveals, the Obama Administration’s soft-diplomacy approach has failed.

    Spanish translation available at Libertad.org>/a>.


    Israel Ortega is the Editor of Heritage Libertad, www.libertad.org The Heritage Foundation’s Spanish language website.  James Phillips is the Senior Research Fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs at the Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation.

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    18 Responses to Iran Conducting Anti-U.S. Operations from Latin America

    1. Now we know what 'Fast and Furious' was for-!!!

    2. stephen says:

      God be with us!

    3. Who is really surprised about this? Frightening stuff.

    4. Conservative says:

      If nothing, this is what Obama gets for neglecting Latin American/South American policy in terms of penetration by hostile overseas nations.

    5. I guess this doesn't matter to most of you that this happens to be right here in our own backyard. Or that Obama just gave away our important technology to Iran when our spy drone landed in Iran and he wouldn't allow our military to retrieve it or destroy it. Folks, unfortunately war with Iran is inevitable and will be our next BIG WAR!

    6. JIM LUPO says:


    7. Unbelievable, no not really. Why not just take over Mexico, that would solve a couple of problems!!!!!

    8. rockasanted says:

      Where is Clinton's property, he purchased on a island, several years ago? This will give one a starting place and the follow the money from sales the Mexican Dope.
      It has amazed me from the early days of the Clinton on the National Stage thing started to go to hell ion a hand basket. It is Clinton's Foreign policy that has neglected South America while Obama smoked and played Golf.

    9. Do you think we will ever learn that propaganda is a continual tool (and very effective) used to convince the unthinking masses that it's good to go on, decade after decade invading countries to hand our youth and treasure over to mega wealthy defense contractors. Nobody ever thinks to ask why so many ex-military/politicians get to retire from govt. jobs and go make millions by sitting on the boards of places like Raytheon, Allied Signal, General Electric, Halliburton, KBR, etc. No never a hint of conflict of interest when they are getting the lucrative defense contracts? Its a sad joke that nobody seems to be getting? big mistake to think about going to war with Iran!! We simply afford anymore illegal escapades to make a chosen few more wealthy!!!!

    10. Salman Bangash says:

      its all western propaganda nothing else.

    11. Salman Bangash says:

      Its all western propaganda and nothing else

    12. vic says:

      This will probably be the fodder of Gingrich's next speech. Don't forget to mention Obama's policy of "appeasement" over and over and over. Why "appeasement"? B/c then we think of Chamberlain in 1936 and "peace in our time" and the subsequent Nazi invasion. This will certainly be discussed in upcoming Republican presidential debates. You watch. The contestants won't even have to bring it up. They will be prompted and prodded from the puppets in the media. Let's also not forget they tried to kill a Saudi ambassador on U.S. soil.

    13. Jan says:

      America needs to close her doors and lock them for about 5 years. No tourism, no green cards, no foreign students. I am sorry, but I am so fed up for worrying about the rest of the world while they hate us and try to destroy our way of life and kill our citizens. No other country in the world has the flow of traffic of all kinds across its boarders like the US. We need to concentrate on our problems first. We need to clean our own house before moving on to other countries. We have the youngest country in the world, only 235 years old. We got where we are by hard work, determination and the US Constitution. If we aren't a role model for other countries by now, we are never going to be. The hate and determination to destroy the US is never going to stop, we need to accept that and move on to taking care of ourselves. No one ever comes to our aid, why should we still be shoving sand down that rat hole?

    14. The U.S. will be toast soon, as per the scriptures.

      2 Esdras 16.

      Wail for her with bitter lamentation.

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