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  • Morning Bell: Whitewashing History, Obama Style

    If U.S. history is a painting on a giant canvas, President Barack Obama’s speech this week in Osawatomie, Kansas, is a thick coat of whitewash layered all over it, and the failure of the last three years lies underneath. The President’s pretense is that, no, it’s not Obamanomics that has caused persistent unemployment, stunted growth and record deficits–it’s supply side economics!

    Talk about audacity.

    The President’s speech was a naked portrayal of his vision of America–one where inequality runs rampant, where the American dream is nearly dead, where the rich oppress the poor, where education is undervalued. As Charles Krauthammer observes this morning in The Washington Post, “That’s the kind of damning observation the opposition brings up when you’ve been in office three years.”

    Indeed, what was glaringly absent from the President’s portrait was the fact that his economic policies have failed to put Americans back to work and his absolute inability to lead Washington toward combating rampant government spending. His solution, moreover, was more of the same stuff that has failed spectacularly for him: government as the great savior.

    But in President Obama’s mind, it is others who offer ideas that don’t work, not him. He points to “a certain crowd in Washington” that argues for tax cuts and reduced regulations, calling it “a simple theory” that “fits well on a bumper sticker” but “has never worked.”

    Correction, Mr. President. It has worked–time and time again throughout history. The trouble is, Mr. Obama has never tried it, and the Keynesian economic policies he enacted fell flat on their face, just as they have throughout history.

    It started with a massive $787 billion stimulus bill that White House economists predicted would create (not merely save) 3.3 million net jobs by 2010. It was Keynesian economics at its finest, based on the premise that government spending would spark demand and put Americans back to work.

    It didn’t. Some 13.3 million Americans remain out of work, the unemployment rate has hovered between 8 and 10 percent throughout Obama’s presidency, and economic growth has been stuck on slow. In fact, today America is witnessing the longest stretch of such high unemployment in the postwar era. Meanwhile, job creation has hit a record low, as Heritage’s James Sherk explains:

    Fewer existing businesses are expanding, while fewer entrepreneurs are starting new businesses. In the first quarter of 2011, the number of workers hired in new business establishments fell to just 660,000, 27 percent fewer than when the recession began. This is the lowest number of workers hired at new businesses that the Bureau of Labor Statistics has ever recorded–lower even than the worst points of the recession.

    Yet despite these numbers — and the fact that President Obama had near-free rein to enact the Keynesian economic policies he saw fit — the President is now demagoguing the one economic policy he hasn’t tried — supply-side economics — while calling for more government spending all as America’s debt is deepening. He would do better to study history and get a grasp of how cutting taxes and freeing the market has worked when employed by both Democrats and Republicans.

    Lowering tax rates, thereby allowing people to keep and invest more of the money that is rightfully theirs, has proven good for the economy time and time again. In the 1920s, 1960s, and 1980s, tax rate reductions resulted in faster growth, rising incomes, and more job creation. And despite the President’s claim that cutting taxes only helps the rich, when tax rates were lowered in those decades, higher-income Americans paid an even greater share of the tax burden because they had fewer reasons to hide, shelter, and under-report income. But if taxes are increased — as President Obama continues to threaten — the price of working, saving, investing, and taking risks goes up, too.

    History bears this out. Daniel Mitchell writes that in the 1920s, under Presidents Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge, the top tax rate was reduced from 73 percent to 25 percent. The result? The economy expanded, growing by 59 percent between 1921 and 1929, with annual economic growth averaging more than 6 percent. Under President Kennedy, the top rate dropped from 91 percent in 1963 to 70 percent by 1965. The result? Between 1961 and 1968, the economy expanded by more than 42 percent, with average annual growth of more than 5 percent. Under President Reagan, the top tax rate fell from 70 percent in 1980 to 28 percent by 1988, leading to incredible economic expansion and average growth of nearly 4 percent. Finally, in the six quarters following the 2003 tax cuts, the GDP’s growth rate shot up to 4.1 percent from 1.7 percent before.

    But the President doesn’t have to take The Heritage Foundation’s word for it. He can heed the words of President Kennedy in his 1962 speech to the Economic Club of New York:

    Our true choice is not between tax reduction, on the one hand, and the avoidance of large federal deficits on the other. It is increasingly clear that no matter what party is in power, so long as our national security needs keep rising, an economy hampered by restrictive tax rates will never produce enough revenues to balance our budget just as it will never produce enough jobs or enough profits.

    Unfortunately, President Obama does not appear open to advice, nor does he seem cognizant of history–be it that of 10, 20, 40, or 90 years ago, or even his experience of the last three years. Instead, he is damning the torpedoes and continuing to pursue a liberal, progressive agenda that has proven to be a failure. As they have for the past three years, Americans will pay the price.

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    83 Responses to Morning Bell: Whitewashing History, Obama Style

    1. Frank says:

      The un-American President basically "outed" himself. The fools in the audience applauded & the political pundits in the MSM failed to do their homework & check his statements… FULL OF LIES!!

    2. Rob R says:

      And Ft Hood in Waco, is workplace violence. How much more liberal gobbledygook is America going to stand for?

      • sapper740 says:

        One small point, Ft. Hood is located just outside of Killeen, Tx. Waco is famous for the other example of "workplace violence".

    3. Mary......WI says:

      Obama WANTS this country to fail. He wants people to be suffering so bad that they will have to be completely dependant on the government for all their needs. If he is re-elected kiss the USA good bye….we are already perhaps 78% gone.

      Never in my 60 years did I imagine my country would become communistic but it sure looks like that might be where we are heading. And I know that possibility is weighing heavy on the minds of many Americans. Is it time for a revolution?

      • Rick N. says:

        I think it is his desire to create a new world order, in which America is no better than any other country. The best way to achieve true global economic justice is to knock America's economy down a few notches. (But not him or his family). And he appears to be succeeding admirably ….

    4. Kathy says:

      Great article. If only these were mistakes and "he" would learn from reading this, however what he is doing is not by mistake. It is on purpose!! He knows exactly what distruction he is causing.

    5. Todd says:

      Who is surprised by Obama's arrogance, lack of wisdom and total disregard for the truths from history or his first three years in office?

    6. Jeff Barkey says:

      Well worth reading!

    7. Tom Ryan says:

      It seems to me that there is another side to Obama's expansion of government that has nothing to do with "solving America's problems." The growth of government is all about expansion of power at the center which he views as an end in itself. It's "power to the Party" to coin a phrase, and the consequences to the American people be damned. As a side benefit, of course, there is a huge expansion of the the Party's patronage and contract power pool. America "is the problem" and he has no intent of making America's problems go away. In fact, he would gladly increase America's problems. Think Comintern.

    8. Mark Boehm says:

      Government can't create jobs, but Obama's policies sure can kill 'em!

      • RichMc says:

        Funny thing, why is China spending $1.5 trillion dollars not to create any jobs in strategic sectors of their economy?

    9. Sandra Esterline says:

      I did not vote for Obama. I am fairly versed in my own profession. I am NOT a politician nor I want to be. I know little or nothing about foreign affairs other then we spend a lot of money and American Manpower and lives because of foreign affairs. We vote twice a year on State and local issues, on Federal and National positions and issues. We have families to look after, our job to stay up with….how can one possibly know all about all those jobs that we vote to fill in those two elections? How can one possibly read everything needed to understand the position and who is applying for the job? How can one know that the man/woman that is speaking, campaigning, catering to get my vote is telling me the truth about what they will do once in office? I did not vote for Obama since I do listen to more then one news source but many did not. The media failed to vet this man and they still fail to bring forth many of his failings. I get really tired and frustrated that so many of these 'lawmakers' are corrupt and not working for the country. This type of actions by 'lawmakers' leads to demonstrations, violence. Ultimately you get more frustrated by articles like this one in that at the end they proclaim.. "Unfortunately, President Obama does not appear open to advice, nor does he seem cognizant of history–be it that of 10, 20, 40, or 90 years ago, or even his experience of the last three years. Instead, he is damning the torpedoes and continuing to pursue a liberal, progressive agenda that has proven to be a failure. As they have for the past three years, Americans will pay the price. " And we are to do what about that? By the time the left gets done we will not have coal or oil to power anything. I say impeach the lot of them NOW. We cannot wait for November elections 2012. But it would take two years just to get the masses attention to do it. Only when we run out of gas, food and we start getting shot at by Iran will the general masses awaken to this dilemma.

      • Phil Clock says:

        To paraphrase Winston Churchill, count on the American People to do the right thing, after they've tried everything else. See you at the polls next year.

      • Whicket williams says:

        Study RON PAUL compare him to Obama,Newt and MITT You will find, RON PAUL is our only hope GET ACTIVE>

        • Eric says:

          "There was glee in the White House after 9/11…". That Ron Paul? The Ron Paul that wants to cut the defense budget in almost half and notably shrink our military presence overseas? His thought being that if we leave them alone, they'll leave us alone? That Ron Paul? No thanks!

      • I agree with you, Sandra. At 62 years, I have not bothered to follow closely what goes on in Washington, or even my state or local politics. Because of my negligence and that of so many others, we vote people into office relying too much on what is fed to us from the lame-street media. I can't even stand to watch them anymore, because when I do check out their assertions, I find out they lie. I watch Fox News 95% of the time now because on cross checking their news, it turns out to be much more accurate than any of the others. During the 2008 campaign, I had serious concerns about Obama, but no one was doing any real vetting, except Fox. After daily searches on the computer, I was finding more and more disturbing info on him that no one would listen to. He had no experience to be president. None. Yet, it amazed me that people fell all over him. I didn't even get the the fact that he was so charismatic and articulate. My gut said he was a sneak and a liar, which turned out to be true. He's good at the "spin", but this man has no substance. He's full of himself and you can tell from all his speeches that nothing, absolutely nothing, is ever his fault. People are starting to see it. My coworkers who voted for him in 2008, but soon realized the mistake. They will vote for any GOP candidate over Obama. Like you, I also worry that the mess will get worse before it gets better, but on the plus side, we do have some new "young guns" in Congress after the 2010 elections and they are working along side the original young guns to try and make it right. No, we won't fix it over night, but we are not Europe and 2/3 of the American people are conservative. When we stopped watching what Washington was doing, the far left liberals took over. It's happened before and will no doubt happen to us again, but let us pray that, as in the past, our country made a return to common sense. In the meantime, try to following, the best you can, what our elected officials are doing. I have become a political junkie since 2008 and when friends, relatives or coworkers come out with a stupid assumption or rumor from the lame street media, I can direct them to the facts and it's waking those around me up. It's the least I can do and I'm actually starting to enjoy it. So let's keep our fingers crossed for 2012 and the added prayers can help, too. We have to believe it will be might right again.

    10. Wayne says:

      This President tries to ignore his failed spending, no matter that it is bankrupting our country! We have to defeat the spending President and Democrats now! This idiot needs to return to Chicago where he can use his bully tactics without penalties! We can't afford even one more year of this Socialist spending!

    11. Paul Duncan says:

      Obama is as dimented and dilusional as king ludwig. Trouble is he is an evil criminal stealing money for solyndra and obstructing justice with Holder on fast and furious is resignable/impeachable. He needs to step down now or be removed ASAP for all Americans safety. Between his cousin odinga murdering thousands of christians in Kenya or him giving Arms to drug cartels I do't feel very safe. If Nixon had to resign then this fraud Obama should have resigned years ago!!!

    12. A note to all Keysian's and those who believe that government intervention is the answer. Only if the question is the road to dictatorship is assissted by ______________?

    13. Michael Donnelly says:

      History shows that the Obama's throughout time really believe that everything they know is wrong must be destroyed in time – they know that what they call "bad" or "evil" will fight their purification and thus are rendered immune from listening to their critics. They are omnipotent and have a god complex. History reveals many democratic nations who – in difficult times such as we are in – are fodder for enemies of democracy. Obama is an enemy of democracy.

    14. We need to educate the people! This is a direct result of the dumming down of America!

    15. FlaJim says:

      The major difference between the current White House occupier and the previous ones is that the latter were all pariotic Americans who believed in our country, its promise, and its will to succeed. The current neo Marxist beieves none of that and has a deeply held belief that America should pay for its past success in being brought to its knees and thoroughly bankrupted, spiritually, morally, and financially.

      His seeming failure to lead is, in fact, what he perceives as success and part of his agenda to engineer the downfall of the US. Now that he has engineered the gridlock in Congress, he intends to govern by fiat for his remaining 12-1/2 months, making it all the more urgent that he be stopped or delayed at any cost before he can inflict more intentional damage.

      • KHM says:

        @FlaJim (8 hrs ago),
        The Bushes were globalists, though they did love America. Not so sure that you can claim the same for Clinton or Carter. Also what about Wilson and FDR?
        As several critics have written about Obama's Kansas speech in which he tried to "channel"" Teddy Roosevelt, obama showed his true colors and true beliefs. anyone who still believes in the Obama/Progressive/ marxist vision must be as deluded as he is.

    16. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Every time you see him on TV you can see the arrogance, he truly believes he is someone special and that he and he alone can help us, he firmly believes he is of super intelligence to all of us, his conceit along with that of his wife are sickining, I for one, want to see records to support his claim to who he is, I think he is the worse LIAR in chief we've ever had.

    17. Robert Lebischak says:

      I'm afraid it's the fault of the People. Here's a man elected to the Presidency that we the voter never really looked at. We never checked his voting record, present is a vote? We never checked his associates, who he listened to and read about, we believed him when he said he went to a church for years, but never really listened to what the preacher said. We never really listened when his wife said she has never been proud of the USA till now, in her adult life. We the voter took the crap the medial handed out and never questioned it, we just sold our Country out with our vote. We can argue all we want, we can say this and that, but what it comes down to is the voter, instead of arguing, shouldn't we be teaching the voter what America is and what it's become. Once the votes are counted, it's too late. Learn now or lose a Nation.

      • Bruce Guercio says:

        Sorry Robert, but "Not WE". I and many like me, were screaming from every portal available, "This Obama guy is a Socialist, wanting to make America a Euro-styled Socialist Nation." We were called every name one nasty mind could think of, from Racist, to Fear mongers. No sir, we tried to tell you all that "The Emperor Has No Clothes". It was all out there plain to see, if one just would have taken a look. Now, "Don't get fooled again." Be vigilant. Remember, an informed electorate is a most powerful force.

      • Peabody1911 says:

        The Constitution, Delaration of Independence, and the Federalist Papers need to be taught in high school. And more importantly, no mention of any court decisions nor comments from "learned scholars" interpreting on what it all means should enter into any discussion.

        The present generation, apparently, is not capable of preventing the coming train wreck but, perhaps, the next generation might be better prepared to get the once great United States back on the rails.

      • It's the fault of the media…It should have outed his agenda. Instead it kept quiet.

    18. A Lil Wacked says:

      The[ir] plan is laid out… they're following it.. he's implementing it… by hook or crook..

    19. Every "expression" is the "Reality" of life. So be very careful that what you say is what you mean.
      If you give a man an inch he will take a mile.
      If you give God an inch he will safely guide you through the next mile.
      If you follow man's laws the beneficiary will be the "law maker".
      If you follow God's laws the beneficiary will be the "law abider".

    20. Mary Jane Hillery says:

      He had to have gotten in by voter fraud.
      Nothing else explains it.


      • RICHARD J. says:

        How about the unions………….follow the money. Payback in the form of auto industry bailout?

    21. sdfultz says:

      You guys and your comments won't hold up to scrutiny, maybe you all should re read your American history.
      I do have a question, if Senator McCain had been elected, would he too have started off with the budget as a deficit?

      • MJF in CT says:

        To answer your question, yes, there would have been a deficit. Would it have gotten worse? That is hard to say. Would a McCain Administration allowed capitalism to run on its own and take care of itself (bail outs and such)? If so, then the deficit would not have gotten as bad. unemployment would not be as bad and businesses that can't cut it fall instead of sucking up taxpayer money. Unions would not be in charge of companies (UAW) and the government would not be in the business of banking and running businesses. The Military would not be facing loosing funding, making us prime targets. In other words, if McCain followed proper procedure, we would not be as bad off as we are with Mr. Obama. Starting with a deficit is one thing…… making it 1000 times worse is abhorrent (ala Mr. Obama).

      • Ben C. says:

        Please give examples of errors rather than making a generalized statement. And yes, McCain would have been faced with the same problems as Obama. It is pure speculation as to his handling of our nation – but rest assured he would have received the SAME criticism if he had the same policies as Obama.

    22. Rob Larose says:

      Mr. Roosevelt’s speech in Osawatomie, Kansas at the turn of the century was at a time when there was no Federal income tax and very little state taxes for the rich or anyone else to contribute towards. So Mr. Teddy Roosevelt was correct is making a stand that this situation needed to be corrected because there was a huge divide between the people of the day.
      In 1913, the 16th Amendment to the Constitution made the income tax a permanent fixture in the U.S. tax system. The amendment gave Congress legal authority to tax income and resulted in a revenue law that taxed incomes of both individuals and corporations. In fiscal year 1918, annual internal revenue collections for the first time passed the billion-dollar mark, rising to $5.4 billion by 1920

      Obama had the audacity to try to relate the republican Teddy Roosevelt’s speech to modern day 2011 whereby the rich are not doing their fair share. This is shameful.

    23. Paul G. Littlefield says:

      I am angry that there are still people who should know their history, but continue to deny the plain facts about Obama, that he is out to kill the goose that lays the golden egg, namely the U.S.A., belligerently and decidedly. In his speech, the other day, he blatantly exposed his anti-American political agenda, for any one who has "eyes to see and ears to hear."
      Our every freedom is under attack by our very own government. Attorney General Holder tells Senator Issa that he didn't lie when he didn't tell Congress the truth about operation Fast and Furious, sending guns to Mexican drug gangs by the AFTA, because "I didn't intend to lie." And FEMA sends police agents to wheedle information from a Mormon canning warehouse about to whom and where large stocks of food are going. Secretary Napolitano issues orders to harass elderly and disabled passengers while giving a pass to those who meet the profile of a terrorist. The list of examples goes on and on about government abuses of our freedoms. No American who holds "These truths to be self evident" is safe.

    24. Dave says:

      A man can fail many times, but he is not a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.

    25. SCOTT M says:

      He [the president] is a easy fella to follow. There is NO intellectualism to figure out. The country is being ran by Children. The play book is a 3rd grade read. The Silent Majority will go to the polls in 2012. We did during the Reagan election. The wall street people have their man in office. This reflects our country's moral status. THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES HAS NOT FAILED. MEN HAVE FAILED IT!

      • Wayne Peterkin says:

        I disagree. I think everything he has done has been very intentional. The is the "fundamental transformation of America" engineered by a Marxist.

    26. reasonableview says:

      Consider how superficially absurd the President's explanation for our malaise is. There are 25 million unemployed or underemployed, and yesterday's Fed report shows a record $2.12 trillion in cash languishing in corporate accounts. Why all the resources sitting unproductive? Could it be that taxes are too low? Or, there's too much greed? Doesn't sound likely to me… http://bit.ly/tNMKuO

    27. John Z says:

      Forecast: Enactment of Martial Law as well as another war, this time in Central America, then, the reelection of the Impostor and Chief. As a Viet Nam Veteran, I knew we had won the war. It was the media that forced our disengagement. The same thing is now occurring in the Middle East. What a shame our "elected" leaders have contributed.

    28. Andrew Colon says:

      Great article. I would like to see a side by side comparsion of the economic theories employed in the 20s, 60s and 80s vice those employed in the 30s (under FDR) and 70s (under Carter). I think this type of comparsion and contrast will better illustrate the pro and cons of those economic philosophies.

    29. steve h says:

      Look at what led the country into the Great Depression. It was the ultimate tea party solution of slashing government spending by Hoover. He cut, cut, cut – and cut the country into the worst depression in our history. And much like it's takign Obama some time to dig out of the massive GW/Repub hole that he was given, it took FDR some time to get out of the Depression, but he did. It was the FDR policies that got our country out of the great Depression.

      Conservative economics has NEVER worked. All it does is create massive deficits – see Reagan (where was deficit when he took over and when he left) and see Bush. No presidents in the last 5 decades increased the deficit (in terms of percentage) more than Reagan and Bush – they are the reason we are in such a mess. The facts are Carter and Clinton shrank the debt, while Reagan and the Bushes greatly expended it – far more than Obama. Conservative economics does nothign for the economy except pad the bank accounts of the super rich.

      • BobNY says:

        Actually what led to the Depression was the fact that the Democrat Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act and gave all powers to regulate money, interest, and inflation to a privately owned company.

        Another false representation by you is the massive GW/Repub hole, you are talking about what brought this country to the recession we've recently had, and the cause of that was the CRA (Community Redevelopment Act) which was first imposed by Carter, and greatly increased under Clinton, and pushe by Dodd, Frank, Cuomo, and Obama, with help from the Fed (The same privately owned corporation that helped usher in the Great Depression) and their allowance of turning the sub-prime loans onto derivitives!

      Since 1980, 3 Heritage Presidents:
      600 budget to 3500-less wjc itsy btsy
      1000 debt to 10000
      240 suplus to 1400 deficts as far as eye can see
      218,00 jobs per month to 99,000 per month
      Peace on Earth to Hell on Earth via 10 foreign confllcts
      Great Recession
      Killed 8,000,000 jobs in one year
      Ruined worldwide financial system via Wall Street Derivative Casino
      Redistributed Wealth so today
      10% own 70% net wealth———–80% own 15%
      10% own 70% financial wealth—-80% own 7%
      10% get almost 50% individual income—70,000,000 get 13%
      Bless their lil hearts they need tax cuts
      In 8 of Busheloon they created lowest number of jobs per year since Hoover ( not J. Edgar)

    31. toledofan says:

      Great article and it's too bad that nobody in the White House is even paying attention. I guess what is really sad is the price for the failed policies we've already paid, I mean just imagine the hardships, both personal and financial, that just the unemployment rate has cauised. Think about the number of families that have disintegrated or the homes that were foreclosed because of the failed policies or the lack of changing course. I think histroy will write that the Obama Administraion was probably the most corrupt in modern times.

    32. Whicket Williams says:

      We old guys, I'm 59, were educated back before the education in this country was destroyed, and we know how to think, and how to find out the truth, all we gotta do is get motivated, take action and defeat these brain dead citizens who went to school after education was destroyed. We know lies when we hear them no matter where they come from, and once someone is outed as a liar and a crook, we remember, know matter who they are. RON PAUL is the only person running whp won't continue the destruction af America.

    33. Well, let me tell you…it is not often I disagree with Heritage's Mike Brownfield. "Indeed, what was glaringly absent from the President’s portrait was the fact that his economic policies have failed to put Americans back to work and his absolute inability to lead Washington toward combating rampant government spending."
      Mike, you can't say it but I can. "What was missing" was President Barack Husein Obama's truth; he is achieving every objective he imagined; running the capitalist economy, driving a deep, deep wedge between economic classes in our country (class warfare) as well as our ethnic groups (race warfare) and much more Anti-American and Anti-Capitalism objectives best detailed at other places.

      God Bless Heritage for maintaining the high ground!

      However some of us must reach into the dIrt and START SLINGING BACK. The mainstream media won't and Heritage can't. I will but not here.

    34. Alice Steinbacher says:

      How many times can Obama rule by Executive Order before he's accused of Tyranny? He's not upholding the Constitution or even respecting it? He makes important decisions in secret??What does it take?

      Alice Steinbacher

    35. Bob Eric says:

      The president has said many times that he is a redristributionist. And that is exactally what he is doing. He demonizes the "wealthy". Here are some interesting facts. The top 1% of income earners pay 40% of the income taxes while earning 28% of the total income. Therefore if the Gov't took 100% of their income it would run the gov't for less than 3 months, and the next year there would be zero income from the "top" 1%. And Obama has said the "rich" don't pay their fair share. Who determines what a fair is? In many states someone in the top brackets pays about 65% of their income in taxes. Is that enough?

    36. Bryan says:

      80% of you are the reason the country has become what it is, divided and failing. You yell about voter fraud, yet you laud G.W.Bush's victory in 2004 as a victory. You say Obama WANTS to kill America, which anyone in politics would call you loony or a bigot.

      We all have differing opinions on how things should be fixed. Stick to the points instead of falling to your argumentative fallacies: straw man, red haring, and attacking his character. Explain why you think his policies are wrong, *in detail*. Offer other policies you think may work better, *in detail*.

      Many of you favor trickle down economics, but I would argue that that's one reason why a majority of us are teetering on financial ruin. If it has worked in the past, it's not working now. Every recent statistic you look at shows big business profits improving, but the salary of the common worker at that business is still frozen. CEO and executives bring in every increasing salaries and mind blowing bonuses. If trickle down worked, then the common worker at these businesses should be seeing a proportional increase in their salary.

      I think we all agree we need energy independence, but we have differing opinions on how to get there. Why does our government give existing energy industries such huge subsidies when they make BILLIONS in profit each year? If even a portion of those subsidies were redirected to renewable energy research, we would be tons better off. Many of you favor more drilling on our own land, but that's only a temporary solution. The only way to guarantee energy independence for us and our children is investing in renewable energies.

      Corporations, organizations, and people of all creeds can all donate to help fund any particular candidate's campaign. Some call the donation of their money free speech; it's their money, let them do with it what they want. I would say it gives an unfairly amplified voice to the people blessed with more assets. If you want a true democracy, candidates should be forced to only spend from a set public campaign fund. Any money accepted for their campaign from any other source should be seen as bribery and corruption and it should be punished as such. Once we get candidates' interest back in the majority, the better off we'll be.

      Elected public officials in general have a hard time seeing past the next election cycle. They favor short term solutions that show immediate results instead of potentially more lengthy, but better solutions. I don't have a good solution to this, but it needs to be addressed.

      • Phil Clock says:

        So killing the free economy with government cronyism, regulations and taxes is your solution, because whatever outcomes YOU say are happening' don't meet your social engineering model?

        You GOTTA be kidding, how the heck did America become the beacon of freedom , dreams, hope?? Because the power protected by the Constitution is INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM, the right for ME to choose my life, not you and your social engineers!! Otherwise America would've ended up just another elite-controlled English colony, and you'd be speaking German after WWII.

      • Bobbie says:

        Explain why you think his policies are wrong, *in detail*. Offer other policies you think may work better, *in detail*.

        how much detail do you need other than he's unconstitutional, undisciplined, unruly and people of America are self governing where this president is intruding in the ability to self govern at costs in more ways than one? everywhere this country is hurting is everywhere unconstitutional government took over! His work continues to set America(ns) up for crisis as he refuses common sense and common decencies and solid advice.

        This man cheats, lies and steals. He gives no credit were credit is due and he communicates in half truths that misinform and misleads used to excuse or cover his true agenda! what kind of people would put faith in a man that blatantly lies and draws hatred between us? this president focuses more on personal issues than his rightful duty. not the role of government…

      • BobNY says:

        Tell me when was the last time that our economic system was left to run on its own? For almost 100 years, there have been outside influences (The Fed, The Democrats) that have made policies to make things "More fair" that have acted agains t the market running unfettered.

    37. Faye Stephens says:

      He has used the description of American as Middle Class Citizens a number of times and he put MUCH emphasis on MIDDLE CLASS CITIZENS. Who is he describing? It is my opinion that he wants all Americans (except, of course, the rich) to start thinking MIDDLE CLASS CITIZEN. WHO does he consider rich? Rich in
      what? Is he separating us by, money, resources, education, talent, religion, etc?

      It is my opinion his goal is to make us a Third World Country and he is leading us in that direction at a fast pace.

      • Jan says:

        It is his words about the Middle Class Citizen that indicates he is deliberately targeting out Middle Class Citizens ( those who are average working citizens), to fail them, thus creating 2 layers-a few rich, and the majority of people in poverty. It is clear that Obama is leading us to be a nation of poverty and desperation for those young people who will never know what to be a true American is all about, because they will not have the skills to be strong Americans.

    38. haroldson says:

      Obama is a failure , He is in a job he has no idea of how to work it, he started his role of as a mover and shaker, So far he has moved this country to the shakes ground it has been on in years, But of course every thing is the fault of some one else, and also proved there is no transparent government, He has shaken this country dam near in to bankruptcy and spent more of our money on his travels and vacations for him and his family then most of us will ever see. and still trying to bleed us, he keeps all info on himself secret, what is he hiding?refuses to go by our constitution and by laws so if you stop and think as to all his promises he is living on lies and has never made a effort to do any thing that does not benefit him

    39. Jim/Dayton, Ohio says:

      A very well-written article. Yet, as abominable as Obama’s policies are – and they could not be more so – one of the most troubling aspects of the article is that so many are surprised by its contents. The evidence abounds for all to see, if we’ll only look. Obama has:
      - Decimated anything that displays American exceptionalism: The space program; the magnificent F-22 aircraft program; our formerly wonderful economy (although he had help from Bush on this); and a myriad of other examples;
      - Followed the same script from day one of his presidency: Alinsky: isolate the opposition and destroy it (Republican front-runners; the rich; opposition news sources); Cloward & Piven: overload the system (e.g., generate so many rules and regulations that the Congress cannot act in sufficient time to prevent the intended harm); Communist Manifesto (power to the proletariat; redistribution of wealth; reduce the elite class to paupers (Liberals/”progressives” wise up!); paint misstatements of facts, partial truths, and outright lies as the real truth: when the Soviets claimed that we were doing something nasty, you could rest assured that they were already doing it.)
      - Attempted to control the national dialog using his Propaganda Ministry (what we have come to know as the Main Stream Media), his Cabinet Secretaries, e.g., Eric Holder in Congressional testimony, and his own teleprompted “speeches”: Don’t bother to research what we tell you to say or write, but simply say/print it and move on – the proletariat sheep will not question us; cripple and attempt to control any alternative media, e.g., “fairness doctrine”, net neutrality (talk radio, internet).
      So, since we know about it, how are we to help stop this evil that has infested our government from the White House and down through all levels? My suggestions are (somewhat in order of increasing difficulty):
      1) Write comments on worthwhile articles such as the one that prompted this response, and provide material support to the organizations that produce such articles;
      2) Forward worthwhile articles to your friends, whether conservative or liberal, in the hope that they will gain from the information contained;
      3) Write letters to your local newspaper;
      4) Be aware of, and knowledgeable about, bills that are coming before either house of Congress. Write or call your Senators or Representative (local, state and federal) indicating how you’d prefer that they vote on a particular issue or bill when it comes up for vote;
      5) Contact the offices of your Senators and Representative frequently to let them know how you think they are doing;
      6) If you feel sufficiently strongly about an issue or bill, actually visit the offices of your Senators and your Representative, either their local offices, or – if you’re really concerned, get appointments and visit the DC offices for national representatives, either singly or with a small group;
      7) Support fiscally conservative candidates for offices, from local school board candidates to city, county, state and national offices, including judges;
      8) Help to get like-minded voters registered
      9) Help to get out the vote for elections at all levels;
      10) Be knowledgeable of issues.
      As a final thought, your local Tea Party can be a wonderful source of information; if it is not so already, help to make it so!

    40. Wayne Peterkin says:

      Cloward and Pivens economics at work. Intentional and predictable, it is Mr. Obama's "fundamental transformation". He cannot admit it and get re-elected, so he blows smoke instead.

    41. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      About "Under President Kennedy, the top (tax) rate dropped from 91 percent in 1963 to 70 percent by 1965", correction: JFK proposed such a tax cut shortly before he was killed in November 1963, but it wasn't enacted until 1964. Still, even JFK knew, and said, "A tax cut means higher family income and higher business profits and a balanced budget. Every taxpayer and his family will have more money left over after taxes for a new car, a new home, new conveniences, education and investment. Every businessman can keep a higher percentage of his profits in his cash register or put it to work expanding or improving his business, and as the national income grows, the federal government will ultimately end up with more revenues." That IS "supply-side economics", and, as repeatedly shown and proven, it works every time, and it is Statist economics, such as "Keynesian economics", that fails every time at being anything other than the road to serfdom of the people.

    42. Harry Adams says:

      When will Americans wake up and realize that Obama's objective is to bankrupt America. He sincerely hates America and wants it to become a third world nation.

    43. Salient Rhstoric says:

      The problem is no one (in government) talks of reductions in spending – reducing deficits only is discussed – this means they want to just do the same old thing with more money. Balancing deficits does nothing about debt. Spending cuts do. JUST DO IT!

    44. Kim Newlin says:

      Very true, good article

    45. Jan says:

      It truly saddens me that he is in the White House. Let's pray that he does not return in 2012, for the sake of our country and the world.

    46. soulstraw says:

      Now with 24/7 cable news and the "must conquer" mindset of conservatives, they've now made our own government the enemy that must be conquered, and must be replaced with fascist corporate state. Obama is not the enemy, our government is not the enemy. You conservatives better be careful of what you wish for.
      Republicans, Democrats and George Bush is the cause of all the problems we are having now. President Obama is trying to fix them. However, President Obama is stuck with an obstructionist Republican Congress that won't let him do anything. I blame the Republicans for this mess because they are to blame. George Bush was the absolute worst president that will ever have been president of this country.

    47. American Idiot says:

      You know what's absurd? Americans' total historical illiteracy. It's the likes of the Heritage Foundation that whitewashes history. Read *Their Own Sources Cited!* This article is garbage. "the Keynesian economic policies he enacted fell flat on their face, just as they have throughout history." Baloney! Read the article behind the link. *Check His Facts.*

    48. Stephen says:

      If Obama was vetted properly we would have the answers to who he is, where he came from, who paid for his financial rise and his education. Where his records went if he even went to college. How he got the money to buy his beautiful home in Illinois. How he got elected to state and federal senate. Who his backers and sponsors are. Finally we would know his motives and plans. He is the product of a hidden plot. Anyone who hides his background has something to hide. He is a danger to this country. If he is reelected which is beyond my wildest imagination this country will go down and stay down. He isn't really trying to get reelected which suggests there may already be a fix in place. watch for it. A change in election rules? Thugs at the polls? I hae no idea but watch for it.

    49. Ed Gallagher says:

      Great observational piece. Right up to the end where you ruined the entire thought process you laid out by using the newspeak term "progressive". Their entire agenda is to force those who produce to support those who don't with the gun to the forehead force of law. A political faction whose entire focus is to regulate society into accepting less of what they earn and to reduce aspirations to acceptance of government handouts stolen from others. Energy rationing is not a step forward or progressive but is an easily forseen consequence of the current energy policy. The entire agenda of the left is force society to make due with less, hardly progressive.

    50. TracyJayne says:

      Whitewash….yes! Hogwash…definitely!!

    51. DocJohnM says:

      Obama's arrogance is second to none, I truly believe he is attempting to gut our economy and if that's his idea, it's the only thing that's working. He will go down in history as the worst president thus far in our county's heritage. He is goading the weak minded into a class war that he hopes will result in violence. Like all good Marxists, he wishes to outlaw religion accept for his native Islam. We are in serious trouble as long as he's in office and I truly believe he is in danger of destroying the 2nd amendment so there is little resistance when his goons start kicking in doors…….

    52. Dave says:

      If one assumes that President Obama is striving to overcome the joblessness, recession, slow growth, and political infighting, then he has been an unmitigated failure as a leader and as president. However, if one takes a more accurate perspective on his time in office, i.e., he is a Neo-marxist whose goal is the collapse of the free market economy, the denigration of the Constitution (if not outright destruction), and the creation of the ultimate welfare state with the Federal Government as Nanny, then he has been more than marginally successful and the Country has suffered inconceivable losses at his hand.

    53. frank says:

      While we continue to bash Obama & his team, we promote another group of candidates who promote a 180 turn with no clear cut plan of what they'll do to right the ship. I find it sad that we as a people cannot come up with a candidate who is candid and can define his goals to return us to prosperity. Honesty & integrity have apparently gotten lost in our zeal to find a quick fix. There is no quick fix, only the painful road to repair what we've broken. It's obvious that the Obama election was a giant leap in the wrong direction, let's not do it again. We still have time to find a real leader to run against Obama and win; no one on the stage last night is that person.

    54. Gary W. says:

      As disgusted as I am with Mr. Obama, he is one person. I am equally if not more outraged by the fact that there are so many in Congress who are like-minded…who support the man. I am particularly discouraged by the fact that so many Americans still support Mr. Obama regardless of all that he has done to dismantle this country. I no longer recognize my own country. I am no longer proud to be an American. The America that I knew has ceased to exist.

    55. Pat from Texas says:

      The plain truth is that obama is an abject failure. There is nothing he could do at this late stage to make his presidency any different. We can only wait until the elections when we will get someone elected who is qualified and capable to lead this country. Obviously obama was not the ONE.

    56. Jon Metes says:

      There are none so blind as those who will not see!

    57. BobNY says:

      Obama won't look at any other models but his own. He is following lock-step with the Clover -Piven stratgedy to lead us into complete socialism. Everything he says is just fluff so that we feel good that he is "working for us" when he is working against us every step of the way!

    58. S Rubicon says:

      When in his speech in Iowa he declared the 'free market has never worked" after all those speeches where he told us he wa a supporter of the free market, it became blatantly obvious he really is the socialist he has denied being. Once defeated in November 2012, our fears really start, since I suspect this guy will act vindictively to push Executive Orders that punish those disloyal Americans who failed to re-elect him. God help us!

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