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  • Huntsman Rejects 'Unilateral Disarmament' to Combat Global Warming

    Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman clarified his position on how policymakers should deal with climate change.  In a speech Tuesday at The Heritage Foundation he said, “There’s not enough information right now to be able to formulate policies.”

    Even if there were a consensus that there is global warming, and it’s man-made, then the United States  might still choose not to take unilateral action, he added.

    Premature political action, he noted, could jeopardize economic recovery for a potentially ineffectual attempt to tackle the issue.  “The scientific community owes us more,” Huntsman, also a former U.S. ambassador to China, told a group assembled for the weekly Bloggers Briefing at Heritage.

    Absent such information, Huntsman said he would not “unilaterally disarm our economy or our job creators.”

    Asked about his previous expressions of confidence in a scientific consensus not just that the earth is warming, but that man’s actions have contributed to it, Huntsman said he still believed that scientific consensus should dictate policy, but that the consensus had been shaken.

    When there is an “interruption or disconnect” in such an established theory, he noted, “I think the onus is on the scientific community to help clarify the situation.” Huntsman cited leaked emails from Great Britain’s East Anglia Climate Research Unit, which showed renowned climate scientists discussing efforts to subvert their more vocal critics.

    But even granting such a scientific consensus within the United States, Huntsman added, it would not likely be enough to adequately address the problem. “If we’re reading from a different scientific text than the Chinese or than, say, the Indians,” he noted, “then I think we’re going to come up with different policy fixes that might make our own journey more onerous than that that the Chinese are taking.”

    In other words, if other large emitters do not acknowledge the same scientific facts as the United States, and hence do not pursue policies as aggressive as those on the home front, American policymakers could wind up enacting punitive restrictions on the American economy for a relatively small reduction in global carbon emissions.

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    6 Responses to Huntsman Rejects 'Unilateral Disarmament' to Combat Global Warming

    1. 6 billion year old planet, 50 years of good weather records in the USA, but not the entire planet, and anyone who sat in a BASIC statistics class would clearly see, there isn't enough data to make a valid scientific guess as to whether there even is climate change, let alone an even occurring now. However, should we study climate, including climate change? Of course we should. It just there is so much money to be made in fear mongering.

    2. Bobbie says:

      Mr Huntsman, what do you mean "wind up with punitive restrictions?" what do you think the main hardship is holding back this economy? and you also stated "scientific consensus should dictate policy, but that the consensus had been shaken." right Mr. Huntsman, by the acts of these corrupt scientists and the white house support of them, allows us sound judgment neither are to be trusted.

    3. chatmandu002 says:

      Do not give our sovereignty away!!!!!

    4. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      It is good to hear one of these candidates at least questioning the so-called scientific consensus of man-made global climate change and the potential destruction of the economy due to policies intended to mitigate it. Huntsman has moved to the right on this issue after seeing evidence of cover-ups at East Anglia, but will he pledge and demonstrate a desire to roll-back the assaults by the EPA and other bureaucracies on the energy sector and the economy in general especially in the last three years?

    5. evermyrtle says:

      What global warming? That has been proved a farce, the fantasy of an idiot!

    6. Laura Henning` says:

      I just saw a program on the History Channel about how the ancient Egyptian culture collapsed 4,000 BC due to climate change. It seems that the Gulf Stream, which flows into other streams and is a major climate maker, stopped for some reason, turning a verdant North Africa into sand dunes. So climate change happens for all sorts of complicated reasons. We're just at the infancy of the study of climate.

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