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  • EPA: Drinking Water in Dimock, PA Uncontaminated by Fracking

    Federal authorities have ruled that the drinking water in Dimock, Pennsylvania, which some claimed had been contaminated by nearby natural gas drilling efforts, is safe to drink. The statement lends some factual weight to a political debate wrought with emotion and more than the occasional doom-and-gloom proclamation.

    Dimock has become a lightning rod in the fight against the natural gas extraction technique hydraulic fracturing. Anti-natural gas activists have used the town in a years-long campaign to prevent the practice, which they insist contaminates drinking water supplies.

    But the Environmental Protection Agency says otherwise. The EPA sent an email to Dimock residents informing them of the agency’s findings regarding the state of the town’s drinking water supply. “While we are continuing our review,” Community Involvement Coordinator Trish Taylor wrote, “to date, the data does not indicate that the well water [in Dimock] presents an immediate health threat to users.”

    That finding supported claims by Cabot Oil and Gas, which has been sued by Dimock residents. A judge from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection recently ruled that Cabot had satisfied its requirements under the law to provide potable water to Dimock residents, and the company has announced plans to discontinue water deliveries.

    EPA’s findings comport with administrator Lisa Jackson’s previous statements regarding the effects – or lack thereof – of hydraulic fracturing on drinking water. Earlier this year, Jackson told a House committee that she was “not aware of any proven case where the fracking process itself has affected water.”

    Scott Perry, director of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Bureau of Oil and Gas Management, echoed that position. “There has never been any evidence of fracking ever causing direct contamination of fresh groundwater in Pennsylvania or anywhere else,” Perry said in April.

    Despite these findings, Cabot has offered to install methane treatment mechanisms free of charge in any Dimock household that requested one. “I know contamination,” declared one resident who had such a system installed, “and there’s none in Dimock!” That resident also boasts a professional background in water quality.

    Nevertheless, anti-natural gas activists continue the campaign against hydraulic fracturing in and around Dimock. Actor Mark Ruffalo and Josh Fox, director of the anti-natural gas documentary “Gasland,” will hold an event at Dimock city hall on Tuesday to protest the state DEP’s decision and the continued use of hydraulic fracturing.

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    15 Responses to EPA: Drinking Water in Dimock, PA Uncontaminated by Fracking

    1. Al B says:

      Actor Mark Rufallo and director Josh Fox will not be providing drinking water, methane treatment kits nor JOBS to any Dimock area residents. But by all means, go to their event and look to them for sound advice. And be sure to go to their film and support other environmentally concerned "artists". Hahahaha!

    2. Honestly… they simply will make up any story they can to scare people into not using any kind of energy source that is not wind or water related. At some point, they're going to be upset that you need to build dams to harness the power of water and metal bird-killing windmills as well. They won't be happy until we're some version of the Vegan Flintstones.

      • denialator says:

        Of course, the environmentalists will object to any part of the energy private sector making progress. It will severely curtail their abilities to gain massive alternative "green" energy subsidies from the government. Have you every looked over the percentage of the federal budget allotted to production of alternative, renewable energy? Wind, solar and bio-fuels, e.g. alcohol fuels, consume over half the total amount, and contribute less than 2% of the total energy we use. How's that for consumer (taxpayer) benefits? Remember the "Solyndra" deal. More to come.

      • D.Renee says:

        Haha, I'll send you an open invitation to our old home in penn, let you turn on the faucet and see if you would even attempt to make this statement again. Though, our all of the sudden beautifully "uncontaminated" yellow-brown water that comes from our faucet is probably just our imagination. Also, we are sure that the fact that it tastes like the bottom of a mop bucket is probably from something natural, and magical. We're country people and obviously ignorant and couldn't possible know pollution from our own asses, as so says the energy companies and their "testing".

    3. Laurie Davis says:

      I think the gas companies should sue individuals who claim nonsense about gas drilling….. I mean individuals who stand up and scream about our environment and how the evil oil and gas companies are destroying our environment. These nutjobs are destroying our economy and preventing us from providing our own energy – - a national security issue of great magnitude.

      Honest people need to speak out and tell them to shut the hell up.

    4. sss says:

      Mr. Ruffalo and Mr. Fox: Don't let the fact get in the way of your protest…

    5. rsklaroff says:

      On CNN, he is pivoting away from this finding, claiming the entire aquifur has been contaminated.

    6. @dhmeiser says:

      Boy your scathing email from the EPA said nothing,

    7. Shermanater says:

      Amazing, once again, the industry takes things out of context and of course, does not reveal the ALL the facts. The fact that Trish Taylor said that they would continue to investigate. The fact that the water was supplied by Cabot and the PA DEP and we all know that Michael Krancer was politically appointed by Tom Corbett (over 1 million in campaign contributions from the gas industry). The fact that they only supplied 2 samples. And, the fact that the EPA didn't even test those 2 samples but reviewed the report submitted by Cabot. You all should be sued for fraud. How dare you. Tell this one to your maker.
      BOYCOTT NATURAL GAS. It worked on sugar in the 70's and it will work now. Get educated people, if only 19% of the world had solar panels, that would fuel the entire earth. Are we really this stupid that we have to create man made earthquakes and make swiss cheese out of the earths crust so a few 'fat hogs' can get richer?

      • dwars927 says:

        ONLY 19% of the WORLD? Are you delusional? Please cost that out and let us know how we PAY for that? Oh I forgot carbon taxes on the "rich"..Try dealing with REALITY for once

    8. JMBell says:

      I got some fracked water from Connoquenessing Township, PA. You are all welcome to come have a drink.

    9. Soonerliberal says:

      Oops! Looks like the author jumped the gun. Also, I challenge the author and all you other teaderps on here to go to the township and SAMPLE THE WATER YOURSELVES!
      If you read the complaints (which I doubt you have), you would see that the water is cloudy with a foul smell….right out of the tap!

      Geeze! Put your LIFE where your mouth is…

      • huuligan says:

        Yes, the water is cloudy and smells bad. It's been that way for a hundred years!!!! A little self education goes a long way. All you that jump on these enviro band wagons need something better to do that actually contributes to society! We'd all be better off.

    10. D. Renee says:

      Our water was NEVER cloudy or smelled bad. NEVER EVER. Well, not until…..

      If you actually really experienced this, you wouldn't be making these statements. You be trying to help those of us who have no access to clean water, who HAD clean water, and are now being told that we have no idea what we are talking about and that all of us, who have the same EXACT problem, are ALL just well….shit out of luck and should deal with it

    11. Wow you people don’t care if peoples water is screwed up forever do ya? You really don’t care. I don’t know who to feel worse for, the folks who lost their water for good or you sorry sacks who don’t care about anybody. Why don’t you find out for yourself if the water is bad or not, go door to door, find out what it is like to be a true human who has a heart for a change. You might find out who you are.

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