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  • Monthly Archives: November 2011

    What Limited Government Looks Like: Adopting a Foster Child


    Many of us will give thanks for family this week. Sadly, more than one hundred thousand children awaiting adoption from the foster care system don’t have a family to be thankful for. More than 400,000 children are in the foster care system, and about a quarter are in circumstances that … More

    Dinner with Putin: And What About Russia's Foreign Policy?

    Putin and Medvedev

    Last Friday, this author had the opportunity to dine in the company of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, his senior staff, and the attendees of the annual Valdai Club meeting at Le Cheval Blanc, a gourmet restaurant in Moscow. Responding to the Valdai Club report that found Russia’s “managed democracy” … More

    Morning Bell: The GOP Debate over Protecting America


    They came, they saw, and they debated. Last night in Washington, D.C.’s, Constitution Hall, eight Republican contenders for the presidency engaged in a debate on foreign policy and national security co-hosted by The Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, and CNN. When the dust had settled after the two-hour debate, Americans … More

    Obamacare Oral Argument: What the High Court's Order Suggests


    When the Supreme Court agreed this month to hear the Obamacare constitutional challenge, it didn’t surprise most Court watchers, but the amount of time it set aside for oral argument is highly unusual. That is surprising for a few reasons, most of which should be unsettling to the current administration … More

    Global Investors Prefer the United States, Not China


    Conventional wisdom has it that China’s growing economy poses a serious threat to America’s status as a global economic superpower. The media and politicians repeat time and again that the United States is losing much of its manufacturing base to China and that American jobs are disappearing as a result. … More

    REACTION ROUNDUP: GOP Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy


    North Korea: A Neglected National Security Threat – Bruce Klingner It’s hard to overlook half of the globe, but that’s what happened during the Republican presidential debate on national security. Despite the critical importance of Asia to U.S. economic and security interests, the region was largely ignored. China was mentioned … More

    Congress's Unrealistic Demands on Air Cargo Security Continue


    Congress is at it again. Earlier this month, Representatives Bennie Thompson (D–MS), Edward Markey (D–MA), and Sheila Jackson Lee (D–TX), sent a letter to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) demanding to know how the agency planned to meet the congressional mandate requiring the 100 percent screening of air cargo. This … More

    Debate Night: How Should Americans Think About International Organizations?


    Tonight, the GOP presidential candidates square off in Washington, D.C., at the CNN/Heritage/AEI debate to discuss foreign policy and national security. But so much of U.S. foreign policy depends on how to secure American independence in an age of global governance. How, then, should we think about international organizations? In … More

    Super Failure: No Spending Cuts, and the Debt Keeps Rising


    With the failure of the super committee to recommend at least $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction, Congress’s latest attempt at budget control has collapsed. There will be many analyses of why the process did not work, but it’s worth stepping back to recall what generated the need for this extraordinary … More

    New York Students Riot Against Proposed $300 Tuition Hike

    Occupy Wall Street Holds Day Of Action- NYC - EP

    Students at the City University of New York rioted yesterday in protest of the school’s planned tuition hike. The proposed change: an extra $300 per year, bringing the total in-state tuition for full-time students to $5,430 per year – significantly less than the $8,244 nationwide average for in-state students at … More