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  • The Red Card Solution: A Different Approach to Immigration, Prosperity, and Security

    Following last week’s GOP presidential debate, the phrase “red card” has been thrown around quite a bit. No, we’re not talking about soccer penalties or black Friday shopping at Target. We’re talking about the Krieble Foundation’s “Red Card Solution” for U.S. immigration and border security.

    Since the concept was raised in last week’s debate, critics have dismissed the proposal, claiming it is nothing more than a back-door amnesty and would serve only to make the problem of illegal immigration worse. Hellen E. Krieble, founder and president of the Krieble Foundation, begs to differ:

    It absolutely isn’t amnesty.… There’s no amnesty involved.… And it’s not about citizenship or green cards or any of those things, which are clearly the federal government’s job. It gives anybody who is working in the US illegally and has never committed a crime an opportunity to leave the borders, go through the process, and come back legally in one week.

    Krieble is exactly right. Let’s take a second to look at the facts.

    The Red Card Solution does not propose that illegal immigrants be granted a “path to citizenship”; in fact, it does much the opposite. Citing the fact that many illegal immigrants are not really immigrants at all—many so-called illegal immigrants aren’t here seeking citizenship or even permanent resident status but rather are here for employment, making them illegal temporary workers more than anything else—the Krieble plan seeks to create to separate paths for dealing with the alien population.

    One path would deal with permanent-resident, green-card status and citizenship and would fall within the responsibility of the federal government. The other process, however—facilitating a temporary worker program—would fall to the private sector, which would help to match employers with potential employees.

    The plan would also require that anyone illegally present in the United States first return home before applying for legal work permit, or red card.

    So, not only is the Red Card Solution not amnesty, but it would also adhere to free market principles and help to meet the needs of employers across the United States. Government-certified private-sector entities would work with Mexico and other host nations to open offices abroad and help connect workers with employers so that nobody comes into the country as a guest worker without a job. The private-sector offices would also be responsible for running background checks to make sure criminal aliens would not be admitted into the U.S.

    The plan would also alleviate some of the strain on the already overburdened immigration system, and it wouldn’t cost the taxpayers a cent, being funded entirely through user fees. Not to mention the fact that increasing legal avenues for temporary workers to enter the United States would help lower the number of individuals seeking to cross the border illegally, substantially easing the burden placed on border agents.

    With the Red Card Solution, “the American people get secure borders, a strong economy, and a safer America.” See for yourself here.

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    6 Responses to The Red Card Solution: A Different Approach to Immigration, Prosperity, and Security

    1. Halibut says:

      This s a dumb and meaningless plan. First of all, most people who were eligible for the 1986 amnesty were given a legal status. By going back 25 years, you will go back to just about that date so there would be very few if any illegal aliens who would qualify who havn't already become legal, but for criminals who didn't qualify at the time. Congress could do this by a mere stroke of the pen because anyone who has been here prior to 1971 (who isn't a criminal) can get a legal status. All congress has to do is move that date up to 1986, 1987 or whatever, and anyone who was here befrore that date and not a criminal, would qualify. It will do little for the 12 million illegal aliens , most of whome came after the 1986 amnesty

    2. Jan Taylor says:

      I have followed the Red Card 'solution' to illegal immigration, and I do not believe it will work. I have asked Ms. Helen Krieble to request a pilot program on a small scale to determine whether such a program might be feasible. To date, this has never taken place. All assurances do not convince me, since I was involved in the 1986 Immigration Reform. The solution is E-Verify and enforcement of existent immigration laws, and not another program or law, and not our Justice Department suing AZ and AL, etc. We must also eliminate birthright citizenship.

    3. wigglwagon says:

      "So, not only is the Red Card Solution not amnesty, but it would also adhere to free market principles and help to meet the needs of employers across the United States."

      It is nothing but an attempt to allow employers to circumvent US labor laws. Any socalled solution that leaves the illegal aliens employed is amnesty for the illegals and the criminal employers!

    4. Musson1 says:

      We need to do what is best for the country. That means anyone who has a valuable skill or business should be allowed to stay legally with a seven year non-citizen status with restriction against utilizing social welfare programs.

      Everyone else needs to go back home. Just because you have been here a while does not mean you created an easement or legal entitlement.

    5. carol,az says:

      Helens' Kirebles's Red Card solution _to bring more "dish washers" to American and fill jobs that, _"Americans won't do "_is as misguided as_ increasing skill labor Visa because in American, "we don't have enough skilled labor"_
      Who in sand hell is stupid enough to believe this with 14 million people unemployed and ? more that dropped off the stat rolls.
      Send Helen a copy of this video.
      She and all other American Buss supporting this horror is directly or indirectly responsible for this. http://www.borderlandbeat.com/2011/12/interceptor…. ( embed video)

    6. tucanofulano says:

      I'd prefer seeing wet, red, bloody corpses strung up all along our southern border as a sign of new times

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