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  • Morning Bell: How the EPA May Cost You Thousands

    Brace yourself. The cost of a new car in America is set to explode, skyrocketing by thousands of dollars, all thanks to a new regulation proposed by President Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

    Under a new 893-page proposal unveiled last week, automakers must hit a fleet-wide fuel economy average of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025–double today’s 27.3 standard. The government says it would cost automakers $8.5 billion per year to comply, which means a spike in sticker prices of at least $2,000 to $2,800, according to official projections. Other estimates peg the added costs at $3,100, and that could go even higher. As The Wall Street Journal writes, “Vehicles that currently cost $15,000 or less will effectively be regulated out of existence.”

    Apart from increased costs, the new regulations would have other impacts on consumers as well. In a new paper, Heritage’s Diane Katz warns that another unacceptable consequence is loss of life resulting from smaller vehicles:

    In past years, the structure of the regulations induced automakers to dramatically downsize some vehicles to meet the standard, which increased traffic fatalities by the thousands. The new standards would require downsizing to both small and large models, which the government contends will neutralize the risk. However, the NHTSA and the EPA disagree on the extent of the risk, while outside experts say that the danger would be heightened by the extreme stringency of the proposed standards.

    While consumers struggle to pay the price of higher cost vehicles, U.S. automakers would likely take a hit as well. They would be forced to change the lineup of vehicles they offer in order to meet their fuel efficiency targets, and they would produce cars and trucks that Americans don’t even want. The Wall Street Journal explains:

    The only way Detroit can hit these averages will be by turning at least 25% of its fleet into hybrids. But hybrid sales peaked in the U.S. two years ago at 3% of the market and are declining. The EPA’s $157 billion price tag includes only the estimate of what manufacturers will have to invest in new technology, not the billions more that will hemorrhage when nobody buys their EPA-approved products.

    And all this comes as the former “Detroit Three” are struggling with weak auto sales, projected to be down by 17.9 percent in 2011 from where they stood at the onset of the recession. Ironically, the federal government that bailed out the industry is now imposing regulations that could once again threaten its existence. The Obama Administration is pointing to the supposed benefits of the new standards–including a fuel savings of $1.7 trillion–but as Katz writes, that number is “pure speculation given that actual savings would depend on the price of gasoline,” which can’t be predicted 14 years into the future, much less next summer.

    There’s another point to be made, as well: American consumers would face higher-priced vehicles and fewer choices all at the hands of unelected bureaucrats at the EPA who have never been authorized by Congress to set fuel-efficiency standards for any purpose. That, though, is consistent with President Obama’s modus operandi–to regulate where he cannot legislate. There is something Congress can and should do: bar the EPA and the NHTSA from implementing and enforcing the new standards by withholding funds or passing a law prohibiting the regulation.

    The EPA should not be in the business of picking and choosing what kind of cars and trucks Americans can drive, and neither should President Obama. But if Congress does not take action, that could certainly be the result.

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    95 Responses to Morning Bell: How the EPA May Cost You Thousands

    1. bentonmarder says:

      It is obvious what the result wil be. Americans will use their present vehicles to the limit. They will purchase used vehicles that suit their requirements. They will not be purchasing new vehicles unless they do meet their requirements. Result: a major decline in sales of new vehicles as the process continues.
      An intriguing question might be why the government has not tried to impose such mileage requirements upon aircraft, the airlines, the airplane manufacturers. Are propellor aircraft going to make a comeback? Dirigibles/blimps/Zeppelins?

      • bobby nealey says:

        the EPA and the unions are killing this country and that fat bunch of over paid politations and so called president are pushing for more, they could care less about how their children live let alone ours.

    2. Russ says:

      The EPA is now nothing more than a "tool of the Marxist revolution", an arm that we have seen come to being after many decades of our national indifference to the UnConstitutional changes that have been put into place by dead head congresses, which have assisted and permitted the "fundamental changes in America" that we have seen take place.

      The 2012 elections will be the very last opportunity for this nation to reclaim its Sovereignty. After that, I believe fully that it will take a civil revolt (no honest and loyal American wants that ever to happen again) to bring us back to the status of a Constitutional Republic.


      • ThomNJ says:

        I share your opinions and concern completely. If we don't have some people in our government who want to remain free and will follow our brilliant Constitution, then the only recourse will be an eventual revolt. Not something any of us should want to see, but if we don't start winning at the ballot box and seeing some serious returns to what is supposed to be, then we are all screwed.

    3. Robert, TX says:

      A good, informative article. The best part was the closing line "but if Congress does not take action…"
      Congress has not taken any action since that massive victory Rush told us about last November. And that makes Congress THE problem. FIRE CONGRESS, then FIRE Obama.

      • The Quadfather says:

        The house has taken action. It is the senate that has stalled action. Congress, (the house) has voted to repeal Obamacare, but nothing gets past the Democrat controlled Senate. If you want action, you must give the house and the senate and the presidency to the Tea Party, not the Democrats (marxists) and the Republican establishment (RINO's). You must vote on quality of the candidate, not on fad or "coolness", or whether they look good on television. Gridlock at this time is good. It keeps bad bills from being passed. Remember that presidential executive orders can be reversed immediately upon electing a better president who will do it. Also the same with EPA edicts. It is time, however, to abolish the EPA. It has been nothing but a thorn in the paw of industry from it's beginning, but now it's destroying the very industries it regulates. It has usurped property rights and now threatens to make our cars unsafe based on bogus "science". And much more.

    4. Robert Grace says:

      The EPA is out of control, the auto industry is in enough trouble already due to gov edicts.

    5. exsnipe says:

      The best thing I can think of, is to abolish the EPA. When are we going to get some sanity back in Washington?

      • momgo says:

        i can hardly wait to get someone in DC to close the whole outfit (the EP. These guys have no common sense. They surround themselves with advocates who like them live in the ivory tower of academia, not the normal – vast majority- of people. I wonder how many of them have hybreds or curly light bulbs!?!

    6. Whicket Williams says:

      It's moot, as nobody has a job, and nobody will buy anything until the Gov is turned around, Epa cut, regulations repealed

    7. 2wheels2lanes1camera says:

      Geeez, I'm still driving a 91 Corsica and a 95 Silverado. Good maintenance keeps them on the road — and will have to for years to come. If I can't afford a new car now, how will I in 10 years?

    8. Bud Griffin says:

      Along similar lines, I tried to build a boat dock in Florida. The original design cost $50,000. After 2.5 years of countless reviews by and concessions to 5 different government agencies (Fed & local), I got approved and the cost was $72,000. There is no end to this and some restrictions are now way over the top.

    9. Carol M Kite says:

      Congress better get off the pot and do what's necessary to stop this nonsense–the EPA & president should NOT have the right to regulate where lives (and cost at this time) can be affected. Any fuel savings can only happen under the hood, in the engine, the ability has been known for decades but denied the light of day! What a world, one challenge after another but none to look out for us.

    10. blondenblueeyed says:

      This is the most assinine proposal from Obama and HIS minions yet. We own a ranch with cattle and horses. This is our family's livelihood. How in the world are we supposed to move our animals to pasture, veternarians, market, shows and rodeos in a minature car or pickup truck? STUPID proposal just plain STUPID!

      Obama is completely OUT OF TOUCH with reality! It's hardworking, self-sufficient folks like our family
      that produce the beef steaks and other cuts of meats for him and his cronies. 2012 please get here soon or there will be NOTHING left of our country and our freedom.

    11. The Farmer GR MI says:

      Voters!!!!! Must use the broom and vote out, all of those who have been in office for three terms or more and the President, or quite crying as you see the country going down in flames!!!!

    12. W Kerrigan says:

      The Republican candidate that will eleminate the EPA and recend their decrees will get the vote of most US voters. That group has killed more jobs and raised the cost of doing business in the US; it's no wonder that so many of our jobs are going overseas.

      • bobby nealey says:

        Can you tell me which candidate will do that; most of them are lawyers and all of them that have been in office over a year are profecinal liers, and after 6 months to 1 year the new ones are trained. you can't vote them out all at one time so when you bring others you lose them to the lobbyist and the ones you could not vote out.

    13. evermyrtle says:

      Everybody, keep your old car and the prices will go down not up. I've had mine for 13 years!! Yes, it is still running good.

      • ThomNJ says:

        Do you mean the prices of new cars will go down? Perhaps, but more likely the governemtn will just use our money to continue to bailout the industry instead. Also, the used car market will, once again, get expensive.

    14. JohnInFla says:

      Hopefully this will be ANOTHER of the things we can reverse in 2013 because it sure is one that needs "reversin" ….

      • alex cali says:

        In 2013??? u mean 2016…. Who of the clowns the Republican party has to offer will beat Obama? Romney ? the flip floper who passed health care like Obama? but thinks its ok because it only benefits 8% of the population.
        Cain? hes done!! no argument there.
        Gingrich? hes got too much baggage.. I wonder what else will come out???
        Perry? jajajaja
        None of them will win the independent vote.

      • bobby nealey says:

        I hope you are right but I don't think you can get of them to tell the truth if you put a gun to their head and I don't think any of them care about this country , they are to full of themselves like boxer(call me senator) I worked hard for that when she got it by lieing better than the other person and convinced a bunch of idiots to vote for her.

    15. Edward Shick says:

      When do we Get rid of the do nothing ,Washington goverment , They can not come up with a Budget , Not only Obama , but about 75% of congress appear To hate the American people, We have many Benidict Arnolds in Our Goverment , We do not need EPA, Dept of energy , UN or keep sending , Aid to 152 nations which hate us, Federal reserve is completly out of control

    16. Red Baker says:

      Regulating vehicle mileage is "progressive" – perfecting America through bureaucratic edict. It is virtual socialism. Although the state does not have ownership of business, it controls business through extensive regulation. In this case and many others, the bureaucracy and the executive decide to take actions which the legislature considered and declined. The bureaucracy often defies the courts as well. It has become a 4th branch of the federal government, a very powerful and economically damaging one. Such agencies ought to be severely punished by the legislature – defunded and disbanded, with important functions turned over to a new agency under strict control.

    17. rmgdonnow says:

      Another 900 page bill to give bureaucrats more power to control U.S. citizens. Another of the dozen or so areas that the Obama gang (most of the Democrat party) is seeking to control. Of course, the politicians and bureaucrats will be shielded from the strictures. But BHO promised explicitly to "transform" our country, he just didn't give any details at the time, except perhaps "your electric bills will skyrocket." Has anyone considered just what a 50+ mpg automobile would look and drive like? Are there sufficient resources available to manufacture millions of "hybrids" every year? Would the U.S. be given access to them? Would other nations follow suit and demand 50+ mpg? Mercedes? Toyota? Volvo? Assuming that Obama doesn't actually want to ruin the U.S. economy and standard of living, what would he (and his allies) be doing different if he did??? By the way, I just counted at least fourteen (14) areas which Obama and his gang are trying to ruin our nation.

      • alec cali says:

        And what happens when gas hits 6 or 7 dollars a gallon? Its going to happen… And then what would you say?

    18. John R Warner says:

      God help us to get our houses in order
      Where will siners find the difference when on fixed incomes
      The EPA has to go
      John RWarner

    19. Gussy says:

      Why is it thar not too many realize where the energy comes from for plug in cars? Why it's coal and nuclear fired plants!! I call them coal fired cars rather than hybrids or electrical. When I say that, folks look at me like I'm some alien but that's OK – it's the truth.

    20. sdfultz says:

      Isn't this great for our fuel independence? How does your article rate the cost saved from importing oil from people who hate us?

    21. chatmandu002 says:

      All hail our ruler and masta King Obama.

    22. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Again, the EPA is not acting on it's own. This EPA is doing exactly what Obama has instructed them to do.
      This is yet another nail the coffen of our way of life. Don't we understand this is all part of Obama's grand plan to drive us into a socialist society by collapsing our economical system.

    23. Robert Koven says:

      Excellent article, but extremely discouraging.

    24. Gilbert Doan says:

      …..and what did you EXPECT from Obama?

    25. J E Houser says:

      We DRASTICALLY NEED two term limits for members of Congress.

    26. Barbara Lowe says:

      this is strange that Obama is threatening the industries he help such a short time ago. Of course, more people will start buying from other countries and one more american enterprise will bite the dust. I believe that the only goal this president has is to ruin America. He truly has brought change, desolating change. My opinion

    27. President Obama, absent when any major decisions are to be made before the public eye. Absent from the public view and Congress view when he wants to make decisions without approval of either group by using his network of Czar controlled government departments and initiated by his "shadow government" after midnight and on weekends. "Present" only when campaigning and supported by telemonitors that bring him up to date on issues he has before been "absent" as President. Establishing road blocks and imposing regulation after regulation after regulation to control the economy and the people is something I have yet to find in our Constitution. The powers of a United States President are very well-defined in that document. I wonder if a copy of that document should be displayed on one of his "telemonitors".

    28. Mark Trudeau says:

      There are, of course, other concerns as well. A portion of the increase in fuel economy comes from increasingly involved computer operated on-board functions that measure and adjust engine and transmission controls. These systems are not only very expensive to design and integrate into the vehicle, but are very costly to maintain and/ or replace should they go bad, thus negatively impacting total relaibility and cost of maintenance. Not many consumers know that the worldwide automobile industry has seen a large reduction in vehicle reliability (measured across all brands and models) as technology in vehicle design has ramped up. This trend began in the 1980's when CD players were first introduced. On average, new technology systems take between 4 and 5 years to become fully reliable–meaning that the various bugs have been mostly worked out. The case is still open on Toyota's breaking and acceleration troubles of a couple of years ago. The recent battery fires in the Chevy Volt are thought to be due to technology systems and not the fault of the actual battery. And speaking of Hybrids and batteries, no one mentions the high cost of battery maintenance/ replacement/ disposal/ and clean up from accidents if the battery is damaged/ exposed.

    29. MN J says:

      Can't these legislators write a SMALL bill? IF the Rs can win, they need a list of bills/laws that will be recalled effective Jan. 20, 2013 – we cannot afford this level of minutia stupidity.

    30. Chris Baker says:

      I have an 8,000 pound pickup that gets 20+ mpg and a 3200 pound sporty car that gets 25 mpg. I bought the sporty car to same miles on my pickup though I'd really rather drive it. I couldn't afford to get a car that gets much better fuel mileage because I didn't have the money. Everything they do in the EPA hurts us little guys. I don't expect to ever buy a new car again.

    31. Hillbilly says:

      Miles per Gallon is not an applicable measure of efficiency when much of the efficiency is Kilowatts per Hour. Are we so stupid as to believe the half-truths (false-truths) ? Too many of our leaders are better educated in Sophistic Reasoning than Engineering..

    32. Robert A Hirschmann says:

      Another place where Obummer sticks his nose where it doesn't belong. If the wimps in congress do not fight this and knock it down we know for sure that we will have to get rid of all of them! I'm getting very tired of this illegal, anti-American that resides in the white house dictating all these orders that is wrecking this country. How come congress lets him get away with these "grand schemes" ? He should have been impeached a long time ago!

    33. Joel Corbin says:

      And the rest of world keeps on lauging.

    34. Leo from Virginia says:

      Looks like the EPA is trying to turn the US into Cuba. We will have to keep the cars we have now running forever.

    35. Lawrence says:

      The elite want to get you off the road and make it easier and safer for them.

    36. Roy S. Mallmann says:

      Please just visualize or imagine this. If our worst enemy like Iran or even North Korea managed to get a candidate elected as President of The United States, would he do ANYTHING any differently than Barack Obama has done, to hurt this country? We are in a self-inflicted recession with reported unemployment of 9% or more as a result of his war on business in general, and oil specifically. Gas is also $3.25 to $4.00 per gallon, prices on everything are up; we have prescription drug shortages; Mexican drug cartels (Zeta"s) are killing people in Houston, Texas with automatic weapons; we have government sponsored anarchists in our city parks and have had for months; we are verging on class warfare stimulated by the administration. This is only a thought. Does anybody else notice this or is it just me????

    37. Cy Hilterman says:

      I would love to see any of our leaders (??) find a vehicle that will carry a power wheelchair and have a mileage of over 50 mpg. Our legislators have no idea how most Americans are struggling to exist. In our situation, purchasing a new or used car is out of the question. What the economy has done to almost all of us is impossible for those to understand unless they are in the same situation.

    38. Vafirebrand says:

      I have a better idea – limit the EPA in their efforts to take over and dictate what Americans drive, use, etc.

    39. Kenneth Hartman says:

      Another example of the Obama administration to eliminate the middle class. What's next? Higher energy costs, higher health costs, higher food costs, oops, these are already here. Nice job democrats and republicans for watching out for your constituents. How about you taking a big cut in pay and eliminating your pension. Is that your reward for incompetence just like the banks?

      • Robert A Hirschmann says:

        I wrote an article in jest on how to fix the economy. Little did I know that our esteemed president would take it literally and put it into effect.


        Saturday, September 12, 2009, 6:26:45 AM
        This is easy. All you have to do is give the billionaires a few more gazillion dollars or so and tell them to spend it and that will stimulate the economy. Of course you will have to increase the taxes on the poor unwashed masses a few thousand percent to pay for it but you have to take the good with the bad. That way we can get rid of a whole class of people. We would only have the rich and the poor. No more middle class. Wouldn't that be great? And when we help the poor to die out by taking away food stamps, social security, health care and welfare we will only have one class. Everybody would be rich! Now isn't that the Utopia that everybody is shooting for? Of course it is!

        Now I want everybody to write a letter to their congressmen to draft up a bill and let's get this plan moving. Come on, START WRITING!!! Of course there will be a few dissenters as there always is when somebody comes up with a good idea. Well, that's the way it goes sometimes. You just can't please everyone. Hey! I don't see anyone writing out there. Come on, get off your duff an start scribbling. It would be un American to not want to get this world running smoothly again. After all, isn't that what we were put on this earth for? Our congress will listen to everybody that backs this movement because they are used to giving to the rich. They do it all the time.

    40. Darren says:

      God is in control …do not forget that. Maybe we will move it Israel

    41. Violet says:

      Another nail in the coffin of industry.

    42. cewest says:

      Ebony against Gibson guitars; removal of a family home in place for 50 years because of a "threat" define, inspected, declared, adjudicated, and punished –; stopping all asset development of the United States of America as nuclear and petroleum–; using Federal taxpayer money to fine 'city planning department' taxpayer money for NOT allowing the TAXPAYER PAID EIP – "CONSULTANT" to continue exploration of smog or bad air below the hills which stop the Pacific Ocean breezes — present since before mankind probably and certainly since noted by Indian tribes up and down CA Coastline. Then, charging the city 1/4 Million dollars to allow that consultant to finish his pre-judged, determined 'contaminated air' as a limit to what the city may do on its, taxpayer-owned land. This city-land use determination is sanctioned by the United Nation's 100% declared affirmation of complete responsibility over all member nations regarding Global Warming in the environment — aka Agenda 21's soft treaty which eliminates the United States of America's sovereignty of our Nation (it did happen before Obama – even before the signers of the soft Treaty had an inkling, that the 'soft treaty' was a prelude to Socialism through Obama's mentor G.. Soros.

      We the People including elected Representatives, don't you think it is past time these demagogues of dictate, decree, and insult of violation against "The Rule of Law" each-one-taxpayer-supported employee commits, NEED removal ASAP!? Preferably before the January primaries due back east!!!

    43. cewest says:

      approval is also unconstitutional and judgmental..invisible, judges of the internet who cannot handle the First Amendment!

    44. Casey Carlton says:

      This is a powerful argument for abolishing the EPA. First, though, we must abolish the Obama administration.

    45. Brad - Detroit says:

      Only liberals would be arrogant enough to legislate technology. Why stop at a CAFE of 54.5 MPG ? Why not 100 MPG ? 200MPG ? I mean, if the goal is to legislate the internal combustion engine out of existence, don't go half-way – go full-court press. There are so many unintended consequences with mandates and regulations that are not even considered in this article. A microcosm of stupid laws and regulations is the Cash for Clunkers debacle. In the end, it did absolutely NOTHING to spur demand – it simply shifted new cars being purchased 6 months to a year earlier than anticipated. But, what was the unintended consequence ? Spike in Used Car prices which hurt – you guessed it – the poor or fixed income people that cannot afford a new car and were now paying much more for a used car. This is just plain stupid. Oh, and I'm sure there is some conspiracy out there to suppress existing technology to keep big oil in business.

    46. Neal Davis, Sr. says:

      The EPA, along with other massive governmental agencies, has too much power and we have created a dictatorial type agency. Freedom, (free enterrise) and liberties are disappearing in the United States of America and it begs the question, how do we put the brakes on this monster?

      Neal Davis, Sr.
      Freelance Writer & Photographer

    47. DIck says:

      Gimme a break guys. We all like our big comfortable cars we also would like great gas mileage. The car of the future will be smaller, comfortably appointed and fuel efficient. We in the US can do anything but we are so spoiled we want what we want. I think the technology is out there or wilthin our capablility to develop that will enable us to get what we want and use less gas. Why don't we once in a while attack a plan from the point of view of how can WE make this work? I am a conservatilve but I am tired of all the knee jerk whinning get over it and let's pursue this new frontier there is a finite amount of oil out there ya know.

      • ThomNJ says:

        I think of lot of folks here have raised specific issues and why smaller vehicles won't cut it. I am 6'6" tall and already cannot find too many cars that I can comfortably drive – none of the electric cars will do – they are all too tiny. As an engineer, I say let the technology and the marketplace do its magic – one cannot legislate physics. Oil will be displaced if and when we find a better solution – and the government has no business picking the technology for us.

      • ThomNJ says:

        One other note – we can do a better job of getting higher mileage out of our fuel by getting rid of ethanol and sticking with just gasoline. Ethanol is weaker than gasoline; so the EPA is mandating better fuel economy while they are forcing a less efficient fuel on the auto manufacturers at the same time. The material costs also increase with having to use the very corrosive ethanol.

    48. Stirling says:

      This is why progressives have no sense of reality. Everything sounds good, but the end product is a pipe dream that causes more distruction then benefit.. If the government can mandate health care then I'm sure (Tin-Can) Electric cars will be the next step.

    49. Bobbie says:

      for what specific purpose are automakers mandated by unconstitutional government interference to hit a fleet-wide fuel economy average of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025? what is the urgency? what is the result to implement this costly urgency that isn't based on speculation? why aren't business owners left alone to conduct their business freely using their better judgment with sound reasoning, the government is clearly incapable of? Congress, please do what's necessary to live up to your word!

    50. Monte Crooks says:

      Constitutionally speaking, the Executive Branch (President) was never to be a gigantic, bloated, extra-Congressional law making bureaucracy. It's the fault of "We the People." "We" forgot who and what the Federal Government Constitutionallywas supposed to be and do. "We" forgot that God gives us our rights, not Washington D.C. "We" forgot to hold our elected representatives accountable to each of us, ergo, our very lives, our liberties, and any hope of pursuing happiness is now out of our hands and in the hands of faceless, nameless, unelected, and unaccountable bureaucrats. Only "We" can take back our individual sovereignty. "We" can, "We" must, and I have faith "We" will. Maybe then, only former faceless, nameless, unelected, and unaccountable bureaucrats will drive impracticable, useless hybrid cars. Now, that's change for which "We" can really hope!

      • Bobbie says:

        Monte, it isn't the fault of "we the people?" It's the fault of those once trusted in positions of government authority now controlled by government, using advantageously and abusively their positions against the principles, values and will of America, "we the people." the elected representatives fail to hold accountability when we the people know they're accountable. irrationality, impracticality, pomp characteristics of weak leadership. I believe you that yes America, "we can" without the unconstitutional overreach of government interference who is the root cause of all economic issues stunting economic growth.

    51. Bobbie says:

      I mean my Lord, the government already determines the financial crisis the costs of unconstitutional government is putting on freedom!

    52. FlaJim says:

      The WSJ makes no sense since we know that ethanol has at least 20% less efficiency vs fossil fuels.

      One thing this new regulation points to, if it stands, is the resale market. This ought to create a boom in rebuilding drive trains, refurbishing interiors, and selling used cars. Americans aren't stupid and they won't put up with driving lawn mowers with tiny auto bodies enshrouding them. Personally, I'd love to drive down the street in a 73 Buick Le Sabre and daring anyone in a little clown car to cut me off.

    53. Gary says:

      I read the Morning Bell about the EPA" and have read many similar articles on this topic and others. All indicate the "out of control" nature of the regulatory agencies and the destructive nature of their rulings. The problem is, no one seems to be doing anything about getting them under control. It seems that many people recognize that the Obama Administration is destorying the very fabric of our nation and all I see is people are writing books saying how bad it is.

      One simple example is Eric Holder. Why is he still in office?

    54. Recce1 says:

      Why would the administration want to make affordable cars a thing of the past for most Americans? Could it be that they want to take away the sense of independence Americans have and force them to abandon suburbia for the concentrated cities? Could it be that by forcing people to use public transportation, likely using passes, that tracking our movements might be made easier?

      Of course not. Mr. Obama is a staunch supporter of the Constitution and firmly believes in individual rights under a free market capitalist system.

    55. swahls says:

      Another fine example of BO looking out for the little guy by reducing traffic deaths by reducing traffic and forcing commuters to public transportation. Easier to keep track of everybody too.

    56. joho says:

      Oh, the power Obama loves to yield. 2025? All that will change after he is out of office. Defeat him in 2012 and that is a great start.

    57. Ben C. says:

      Not to worry. If the legislation proposed by Levin and McCain passes we will be declared enemies of the State by Obama and we will all be sent to Gitmo. Hmmmm, perhaps Gitmo is not all bad given the weather and goodies the "detainees" experience. And just think – we won't need an automobile!

    58. The Farmer GR MI says:

      One term 6 or 8 years for anyone in Washington, NO RE-ELECTIONS…….

    59. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      In reference to the article titled "How the EPA May Cost You Thousands", while that does put it in rather mercenary terms, which is evidently enough how Obama and his accomplices think and act (meaning for gain of political and material power), perhaps the title should be more like "How the EPA May Cost Thousands More Lives".

      Why? Because the fact is that as the size and weight of cars and trucks are reduced, consequential serious injury and death rates are increased.

      The bottom line here is no gallon (or other measure of any form of energy) is worth a human life. But Obama and his EPA and other accomplices evidently don't care about that as they are so evidently determined to impose at any cost and in any way, including by ignoring the Constitution and bypassing Congress.

    60. E. Gargasz says:

      The new automobile regulations are only part one of a two-stage plan. Part two is to increase the cost of fuel by limiting domestic drilling via the EPA and environmental extreemist generated lawsuits. It will result in forcing us to use public transportation. How many of us work where we can utilize a train or bus to get to our jobs? What jobs will remain if energy costs sky-rocket? Obama and his ilk will have finally reduced us to a third world country. They will be viewed as hero's by the other third world countries.

    61. Edmund says:

      I wish I could be the next President and walk into the EPA mauseleum and fire everyone of those marxists!!!
      Then go into the Fish & Wildlife departments, the Education Department, the Commerce Dept. and the Energy Department and do thesame thing!!!!!

    62. How will the EPA cost us thousands, AGAIN is how the headline should read.

    63. LEP says:

      This is a long-run money saver.

      Assuming $3/gallon, a car going from 27 to 54 mpg will save $2,750 in gas costs if it's driven 50,000 miles.

      Modern cars, of course, last far longer than 50K.

    64. Bill Hendrickson says:

      With this wonderful 50+ MPG level, don't forget that by 2025 the price of gasoline for these high priced, but fuel efficient autos will be AT LEAST $10.00 per gallon based on the world wide expansion of autos and consumption levels. Therefore, while the cars will be efficient, it will cost too much to fuel them, so auto sales may be limited to the very few, including taxis and rental companies.

    65. Ruth Steyn says:

      I simply don't understand by what authority the government can regulate fuel economy for cars since there are no health or safety reasons for doing so. CO2 is NOT a pollutant. Shifting large numbers of vehicles to electric or hybrid models simply introduces a less-efficient energy source. Get rid of fuel economy standards and let the market price of gas vs the price of electricity direct who drives what type of car.

    66. jimmyd123 says:

      Here's a scary but very possible scenario, when it gets close to the election, BHO will manufacture a "situation" much like the OWS "riots" in the major cities, and declare martial law, suspend the constitution, disband congress, and install himself as "temporary" dictator. He then sends the military thruout the country to start collecting the citizens guns and controlling access to basic necessities.
      Now having set out this scenario, some will think I've been smokin' something really good! But just look at it objectivly…Obama can't win another term as long as Gingrich or (gag) Romney is the nominee, so he will have to take the action above to stay in office.
      My only hope is that the military will not follow orders and turn around and arrest him for high treason and throw his sorry a$$ into a rat infested solitary jail cell.
      This country is in serious trouble and danger. Be ready to take action if something like this happens!!

      • ThomNJ says:

        There are undoubtedly some police forces that have partaken of the progressive kool-aid, but I seriously doubt the military will come and collect the citizens' guns. I agree that obama is not to be trusted and very likely would love to be able to manufacture a crisis, but if he tries to suspend the election – I know that a whole lot of people will be out looking for him and any congresscritters who would support that kind of action. I believe that it would be a major miscalculation on his part. But you are right – be prepared!

    67. diverjimk says:

      I WANT MY GEO METRO BACK!!! The thing got over 56 mpg highway consistently. Best mpg hwy was 61.4 at 55 mph. Loved that car! Stupid for selling it.

    68. Gary Sheldon says:

      The EPA is rogue and needs to be exterminated for the vicious beast it has become as well as the lowlife politicians who have unleashed their socialist agendas through this and other unconstitutional commissions , tsars, laws and control freak rules. They should ALL lose their golden parachute retirement benefits and be reduced to the same existence they are forcing on those who trusted the untrustworthy. They deserve NOTHING unless approved by those they have seduced into giving them an eternity as little gods in gumMINT!

    69. ThomNJ says:

      I'd also like to point out – as a friend of mine quite correctly observed – watch those insurance premiums rise with smaller more deadly cars.

    70. Harry Ward says:

      The responses are great and right on-obama has got to go-the SOONER the better.Congress is a VAST dissapointment – the crying towel must have been brought out when our esteemed Chairman forsaw hi income slididg down the tube-once he settled in he went back to sleep.

    71. jeffersontom says:

      Abolish the EPA, DOE, DOT, DEA, NLRB, TSA , FDA and the entire Civil Service Labor Union scheme.

    72. 2cents says:

      More "Change" from Obama that is not thought through well. Can these people do anything right?
      The average family and young people especially those in college will not be able to afford these vehicles. It is an unrealistic goal except for the rich like those that pass these asinine requirements.
      The auto makers can not afford to implement these changes this fast so I would surmise that many jobs will be given to China, etc. to cut costs. Another slap in the face for Americans.

      The unions are requiring higher salaries as it is and the corporations can not afford to handle all of the financial increases. I suppose Obama thinks he is paying back the unions through this legislation in order to garner votes and political campaign funds.

    73. stan says:

      I gues none of The Foundry's writers or readers will care for the facts. Please see:

    74. Lee Hazel says:

      Write this down in big block letters and keep it by your newspaper, TV and PC. When reading or listening to news about what the government is busy doing REMEMBER These People, These Bureaucrats safely ensconced in the Departments of EPA, Energy, Education et al Are NOT Your Friends. They are swiftly becoming your mortal enemies. Add to this our political class and you have the worlds most potent martini and you are getting it by IV.
      2012 Is going to be unbelievably ugly. Get a good seat and tie it down. The earth will move.

    75. billstanley1 says:

      "former Detroit Three” is true. 53.5% of Chyrsler is owned by Italy's Fiat and Fiat manages Chrysler. http://www.newsandopinions.net

    76. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      The EPA should be clipped.

    77. Meena The Hun says:

      LoL, I had a Convertible Volkswagen Rabbit (Wolfsburg Edition) that got 49 MPG back in 93. The auto industry chose to make bad cars, now they can choose to make less bad cars. Oil is finite, no matter how much we wish it wasn't. This whole argument will seem silly in 200 years. When everything and every decision is about money, then we are doomed any way.

    78. TadCF says:

      Right-wingers are always crying about the negative effects of progressive legislation. But their ominous warning never come true.

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