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  • Does Obama Know the Difference between Great Britain and England?

    It is gratifying to see President Barack Obama condemn the disgraceful storming of the British Embassy in Tehran by thugs acting at the behest of the Iranian regime. After all, Obama has been notoriously slow in the past to criticise the brutal actions of the Iranian government after initially extending the hand of friendship to it. But did he really need to make another embarrassing foreign policy gaffe while doing so?

    In a press conference this evening, the president referred in stumbling fashion to the “English Embassy” in Iran instead of the British Embassy. One can only imagine the kind of howls of derision that would greet any presidential contender if that kind of basic error were made before, say, the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. You can watch the video above.

    In case the president is unaware, England forms part of Great Britain, which also includes Scotland and Wales, though not Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. There is no such thing as an “English” embassy anywhere in the world, and there hasn’t been one for several centuries.

    Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by this latest slip-up by President Obama. After all he recently described France as America’s closest ally, and famously declared that he has traveled to no less than 57 states. But it would be nice if the leader of the free world bothered to look at a map once in a while, or even paid a visit to the British Embassy in Washington, currently housing the Churchill bust that Mr. Obama unceremoniously threw out of the Oval Office soon after his inauguration.

    Obama’s latest gaffe also raises questions about his overall approach to the Special Relationship. This has been a presidency that has significantly downgraded traditional US alliances, from Britain and Israel to eastern and central Europe, while appeasing brutal enemies like Iran as well as strategic adversaries such as Russia. All too often, Washington’s allies have been taken for granted, and even undermined. As a senior State Department official put it in 2009, in the eyes of the current administration: “there’s nothing special about Britain. You’re just the same as the other 190 countries in the world. You shouldn’t expect special treatment.”

    From siding with Argentina on its call for UN-brokered negotiations over the sovereignty of the Falklands, to placing “a boot on the throat” of BP, Britain’s largest company, the Obama administration has downgraded relations with America’s closest friend and partner on the world stage. The Special Relationship still matters greatly on several key fronts for the United States, from the NATO-led operation in Afghanistan to the global war against Islamist terrorism. US-British military and intelligence cooperation remains vital to the defense of the free world, and cooperation between London and Washington will be imperative in standing up to an increasingly aggressive Iran. The White House will no doubt dismiss this latest faux pas by the president as a slip of the tongue, but it cannot disguise the fact that it has on many occasions treated Britain and other key allies with an air of disdain, and even contempt.

    Did you like Heritage’s exposé of President Obama’s foreign policy? Find out what else we can do right now to get America back on track.

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    550 Responses to Does Obama Know the Difference between Great Britain and England?

    1. Skating on Glue says:

      Interesting- he condemns people occupying property that isn't theirs in Iran, but encourages all over the country he purportedly serves as president in.

      Pathetic, epic fail.

      • Libtard says:

        That's the Theif n Chief, ObaFail!

      • Boxhawker says:

        I never thought of that. It would have been so ironic if the Iranians had called themselves an occupy name.

        • Stan says:

          Great post Skating, that is what I wanted to post. I thought of the Occupy Wall Street thugs when listening to Obama.

      • Jay says:

        Maybe the most poorly constructed sentence I've ever seen on this or any other blog. Kudos!

      • GrizTheBear says:

        Good Point. Well Said.

      • BOB SELF says:



      • JoeKidd says:

        Wow. The supposedly smartest guy in whatever room he walks into makes yet another embarrassing foreign policy gaffe by calling the British Embassy the “English” Embassy. What a joke. But why are we not surprised?!?

        Because we remember when Obama thought putting Biden on the ticket would add “foreign policy experience and statesmanship.” <–I’m still laughing at that. Yes, I’m talking about the very same Biden (you could substitute Obama here, too) who as senator(s) did EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO LOSE THE WAR against terrorism, yet claim its success as? their “great achievement” — that’s the guise, er, I mean, guy(s).

        We also remember Obama choosing the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Invasion of Poland to announce he? was SCRAPPING the missile defense system designed to protect Poland and other eastern European countries against Russia. Talk about the Obama gang that couldn’t shoot straight! Personally, I think the bust of Winston Churchill would do a better job as president. Too bad Obama sent it back…

      • Elray Estes says:

        I guess his teleprompter broke down

      • escher7 says:

        England = Britain – English = British. So?

    2. Bobbie says:

      hopefully there's no mistaking around the world?

    3. bitterweed says:

      I guess if I were English/British/whateverish..it would upset me..But I think this is somewhat nitpicky and while I don't care for Obama..I'll not waste my time on splinters when there are logs available to worry about.

      • roberta pinn says:

        OK fine. Point taken.

        HOWEVER, this stupid twit that is representing me ( and you, BTW) is an embarrassment. He makes me cringe. His behaviour is an insult to our country. I take that personally.

        • Nina says:

          NinaNI am amazed as to how many Americans believe that Great Britain means that that little island is all England, I was born in England and immigrated in 1960 and am not upset that the president would not know any difference. Britain or British is so associated with England that unless you have studied English history you are unaware of the true meaning of Great Britain. To this day people ask me if I am British, not English as I would expect so you see Obama is just like most Americans thank goodness.

      • MilkToast says:

        English/British/whateverish……..kinda like not knowing the difference between North America/United States/Ohio. Embarrasing, but that's are President.

        • AlistZ says:

          'our' President

        • Nunnya Business says:

          It really is amazing that you decided to post this with multiple spelling errors — even though there is a "check spelling" option in the very field you typed. Hypocrisy knows no bounds!

          • Grammar Police says:

            In all fairness, "are" is a correctly spelled word. With that said, your logic of clicking the "check spelling" button to catch it as a mistake is flawed…. unless it has a grammar check as well.

            Just sayin'.

        • jason says:

          you mean, MilkToast, "but that's [OUR] President," don't you? I mean, I can see how such small, picayune points are so embarrassing to you.

      • Don says:

        I'll bet you were right out there condemning the "nitpicky" comments made during the Bush administration, too, weren't you?

        • jekyllisland says:

          No need to. The main stream media was all over him, this guy seems to get a free pass on a daily babsis

        • emily says:

          I think that's part of the issue — not that this comment is going to start WWIII between us and Great Britian, but had President Bush made this mistake, the press would have had a non stop field day for about a week with it and continued to trot it out any time they wanted to remind us all how stupid Bush was.

          Obama makes these gaffes all the time but gets a pass from the bulk of the media.

          And then there is the general foreign policy ignorance he displays, not knowing (or caring?) about our Special Relationship with Britian.

      • Jeffm says:

        It's not being "nitpicky". This shows how inept our current President is when it comes to foreign affairs. Mr. Obama has demonstrated time and time again he is a complete novice when it comes to foreign affairs, foreign policy and proper etiquette and knowledge towards our allies and our enemies. He has bowed to dictators, given inappropriate "presents" to our Allies and has verbally bashed his own country while in foreign lands. If it wasn't for the media/press protecting him and covering for him, this man would be made to look like the imbecile he truly is when it comes to all things foreign (and domestic)!

      • gobnait says:

        When taken as an isolated moment, it is 'nitpicky'. When taken as yet one more gaffe in the aggregate, it suggests something that we on the right have long suspected: that Obama is most definitely NOT the 'smartest guy in the room'. Rather he is an unctuous sock puppet of the left.

      • RocketGirl says:

        Bitterweed — The press crucified Bush for much, much less. Don't be so thin-skinned. Obama's a dolt, and the whole world knows it. This is what we get for voting to "feel good/pat ourselves on the back for this historic election", rather than putting a capable leader in the White House. Duh.

      • hasmat77 says:

        bitterweed … of course it's nitpicky … and that's the point! If a Republican president or presidential candidate said that, the media would be all over him… and the TV comedians would be having a field day …. Most Democrat politcians simply get a pass "Gee, we all make mistakes!" would be the media's response if called on it by the few honest reporters remaining.

      • Yeah, always give socialists a pass and always put caring conservatives under a microscope. Shhhh, I don't think anyone notices your hypocrisy.

      • Joel Weymouth says:

        Not is isn't. That statement he made – essentially insulted the Scottish and the Welsh, who are part of Britain. It is akin to restricting the United States to New York and LA – and ignoring "flyover" country. England has been part of Great Britain for over 300 years and it shows how "ill-equipped" Obama is to be president. The History of England ends approximately 1707, and is replaced by the History of Great Britain (including Wales and Scotland).

        This is continued proof that Obama is a poltroon and I am not so gullible to think because he refers to Pakistan as pakEstan, that makes him a a foreign policy expert.

      • seanster77 says:

        It is just sad to have the most senior statesman of this nation make gaffes like that and sutff like calling a corpsman in the marines a corpse – man. Its just an embarrassment.

        • ex8404 says:

          I am tired of hearing this one. As a former NAVY Corpsman who had the honor of serving with the Marines, I was called a corpsman and a corpse-man. Big deal. The Marines called me "Doc" and that was all I needed. Calling me a "corpse-man" was such a minor mistake, I never bothered to correct it.

          And speaking of gaffes, there is no such thing as a Marine Corpsman. In the greatest tradition of service, the Navy Hospital Corps serves WITH the Marines but never IN the Marines. All Marines are riflemen but a Corpsman is bound by law to serve as a non-combatant.

          • Rodger Clemons says:

            Semper Fi Doc
            A 1/4 RVN 68 69

          • J. McAllen says:

            Good points, except for two. I bet whoseover called you a "corpse-man" wasn't elected to the highest office in this nation, while presenting himself as a well-read, worldly intellectual. Also, springing to the defense of a traitor and a demagogue is bad form, Marine.

            • ex8404 says:

              Marine? Sorry. Marines do not have their own medics. Serving WITH the Marines is not the same as serving IN the Marines. But that's either a reading comprehension issue or a total lack knowledge on the subject you're arguing over.

              So Barak Obama mispronounced Corpsman. Big deal. I WAS a corpsman and don't care. Why should you?

              And calling the president a traitor is just hyperbole. No. The real traitors are the members of the federal government who have forsworn their oath of office to "bear true faith and allegiance to" the United Sates of America and have, instead, elected to follow, with "true faith and allegiance", a lobbyist. Now THAT'S treason.

      • johnrae says:

        Words have meaning

      • Dave says:

        Dude.. its about the double standard.. .not the mispeak… as the article points out…. if a GOP candidate made this kind of mistake the NYTs would be telling us they were unfit to be president

      • leestauf says:

        Yes, I'm sure you are just as open minded and forgiving if a conservative makes a similar error aren't you?!

      • ss12 says:

        Yeah, the Colonist Embassy is safe, and the Colonist 57 states are safe, and the bust of Winston Churchill (a gift) was sent back to our friends in the English Embassy but the treasured gift to the English Queen from our Colonist President (a iPod with all of our Colonist Presidents speeches loaded on it) was graciously accepted. Boy, I bet all the Colonists wish they had one of those gifts.
        Yeah, we are nitpickers. At least the world likes the Colonist more today than they did 3 years ago. Amazing how many friends you can buy if you just print money and give it to the non-nitpickers.

      • Stan says:

        Very true. However, we heared about every mis-spoken word that came out of GW's mouth. They even mocked his southern drawl.

      • Wonderthing says:

        Speaking of nitpicky: "…but that's ARE President." Pot. Kettle. Etc.

      • JustAGuy says:

        Hey you guys are all jumping on bitterweed. He's right this is a splinter, Its uptight third grade teacher bulls**t, and meanwhile Obama is driving a steak right into the heart of America. Its the sort of mental slip I and most people make everyday. What isn't a mental slip is not getting involved in the supercommittee Like Gov. Christie pointed out. Flushing billions and trillions of dollars down the public welfare toilet, and weakening our military without any strategic plan to lessen our treaty commitments.

        You guys need to figure out how to focus attention on what needs attending!

      • Danno says:

        It's called "attention to details"..and it is extreemly important for the POTUS. My God, if you can't get the little stuff right, the basic grade school information, how do we get the big stuff….oh, yea,

        never mind, we see the results taday and everyday since he took office.

      • sophie says:

        No it kind of matters a LOT. There is a huge distinction between great britain and england. They aren't the same so they shouldn't be used interchangeably. It would be as if Texas was used interchangeably with the United States. It's not a "splinter", and it does matter.

      • gbsteve says:

        Shows your ignorance…and Obama's. It's not being nitpicky but a fundamental understanding of Great Britain. To even remotely imply that Great Britain is England is resoundingly stupid….especially for a genius from Harvard. But you're right, he's done worse (57 states, Medal of Honor gaffe, Hawaii as a part of Asia…list goes on).

      • 2discern says:

        So the Quayle thing of Tomatoe or Tomato was or wasn't an attack ?

      • Kurt says:

        Here is the thing which should not be missed. The press was all over Bush, Bush Sr.,and Reagen waiting for any stumble on the worls stage and promptly calling the buffoons and clowns. I agree with you, why search for splinters when Obama gives us lumber yards, but ask yourself…have you even seen a snippet of this story in the mainstream media?

      • Sister_Mary says:

        Let's just say I'm as old as Obama and I would have never even thought of saying "English" Embassy !!!! Makes no sense to say it unless you have NO CLUE on History !! That was not a slip up ….He just had o clue on what to say …

      • Termite says:

        I agree as an American in Europe for a very long time. Who cares if he said English instead of British? He had to respond immediately to an ally, and don't we have more interesting things to consider rather than the thousands of historical blunders? I mean, if you are perfect, step up for this horrible job. If you had the money, would YOU take it?

      • Bill says:

        I am sure you laughed at this though. It is not the gaffe it is the double standard.

        Jay Leno was poking fun at some gaffe by George W. Bush, whose picture morphed into a photograph of Dan Quayle on the screen behind the comic.

        Gaffe:A clumsy social error; a faux pas: "The excursion had in his eyes been a monstrous gaffe, a breach of sensibility and good taste.

      • Bill in VA says:

        this isn't nitpicky in the least, omg.

      • rich7292 says:

        I have to remember things like this when I see the press attacking Perry for making a mistake on the voting age. Of course you are an Obama lover. It seeps right through.

      • Mark One says:

        Should Newt Gingrich make a similar gaff would you still spaek the same as being nitpicky? It looks like he had brain freeze and couldn't remember it is British Embassy. He does this continual basis and always gets a pass because he is the Liberal anoited one.

      • Lissa says:

        Gee, you took time to read this and comment on it……….Why don't you find something that is productive?
        However, You and I are on the same page with Mr. O. Myself, Husband and all of our friends do not like or trust "O" or his lovely (?) Wife, They have divided this Country of ours more than anyone else in the History of Mankind.

      • Tom says:

        When I have asked fellow Americans, "what's the difference between England, Great Britain,
        the United Kingdom" they tell me they have no idea.

    4. Gee Pres, we thought you came from Haaaaarrrrvaaaarddd! Didn't you learn basic Geography and World History in Elementary and Middle School?????? For cryin' out loud, get a brain, because apparently your's went on a long vacation as soon as you stepped into the White House and btw, your Cabinet members can't always coach you on what to say to the press so here's to another faux pas by our hopefully-to-be-voted-out Pres next year! Maybe we'll luck up and get somebody with actual world knowledge! Ya think????!!!!

      • John says:

        Remember, he went to elementary school in Indonesia! Don't know what they teach there – certainly not American values, though!

      • Richard says:


      • Stuart says:

        There is a reason why he has had all of his academic records sealed. He probably wasn't much of a student judging from his handling of the economy, frequent gaffes, and totally tin ear. He probably has poor comprehension and cognitive skills.

      • John says:

        Right on

      • dan says:

        im sure this was an unintended remark. im sure his mind was on the new dvd he is making to send to the queen to show the word how wonderful he is. you will never hear anything about his from the likes of msnbc, abc, cbs pbs cnn. let a republician whos running for presiden say something like you have to be 21 to vote and they cant run it enough to try and ruin any conservative they can.

      • Maybe a REAL foreign policy wonk – like Cain?

      • Terri says:

        Exactly, I suppose his teleprompters were on vacation! He is such an embarrassment to our country. I guess Geography just was not offered at HARVARD!!!!! He is an IDIOT!!!

      • Stattr says:

        Wow….I actually agree with you their…

        I can tell the differance and I was just flabberghasted… I mean my brother who has the brain of a 5th grader can tell where England is…and say "british Embassy" not "English Embassy"…personally, Obama is the worst president ever, and the first black american…i mena yeah everyone liked that…but honeslty…he is just ambrassing our nation…

        He also redsa what his cabinet members say he should say…There's a reson I'm a republican….on thi si am but on others…I'm a democrate…But…Obama is nto a democrate…he's not doing squat.

        • J. McAllen says:

          He didn't misspell a word. He's continually demonstrated a lack of geographic and cultural knowledge that any Western head of state, post-Renaissance, should know by memory. Your attempt at satire fails because you miss the point entirely… unless you simply meant to make fun of some random jerks' spelling.

      • Indiepalin says:

        The shock here is that nobody asked the President why he raised the voting age from 18 to 21 yesterday.

      • Dennis Farmer says:

        Affirmative Action Harvard results for all to see.

      • Joe159 says:

        You are mostly right except that his brain was always on vacation even before the WH.

      • Guest says:

        You can criticize Obama after you stop capitalizing the phrase "middle school." It seriously makes me question if you passed

      • termite says:

        Barbara, it seems to me that you have perhaps never visited anywhere out of the US, and probably only have a high school diploma. Believe me, had you travelled, lived anywhere else but the US, or even camped in a desolate region, you would understand how important Obama's foreign policy is. Did you go to Harvard with no money, and nothing helping you? If you did, you have the stage. I'm from a white, Texan, Republican background. Living in Europe for over 13 years. You can only rail about things, if you have actually experienced it. Obama has made leaps and bounds in foreign policy. When you become an expert, you can judge. Until then, sit back and munch on some Doritos.

      • getalife22 says:

        Get a life, people. Watch the video and you see that he corrects himself 3 seconds later.

        We get it. You hate the guy. But going off about something this petty without even bothering to watch the full video just reveals what a small, hateful person you must be.

      • Jerry Stroud says:

        Alledgely attended Harvard. This probably more of a language issue since Obama only took English courses and never studied "British". This is the same man who has campaigned in all 57 states during his campaign.

    5. J.R. says:

      President Obama continues to prove that he doesn't even have a basic knowledge of the world in which he lives. Is he smarter than a 5th grader? Not even a 5th grader in a middling public school.

    6. Well, at least the Marine Corpse has his back.

    7. J. McNeer says:

      Come on, my greatest hope is that Obama loses as badly as Carter did in 1980 but he immediately referred to embassy as the "Embassy of the United Kingdom" right after calling it the English Embassy. He clearly recognizes he made a misstatement and corrects it right away. It may not be the smoothest of statements but it's hardly a gaffe. Giving Queen Elizabeth II an ipod with his speches on it or dvds with a US, not European format is a gaffe. Screwing up the negotiations with the Iraqis to keep troops in Iraq was disgraceful, Obamacare is a disaster, this is a non-event. You should pull this story off your website.

      • RyanDmurphy says:

        Would any Republican, anywhere, ever, be able to 'take back' that mistake and not be reamed for it? They can't even take back mistakes they DIDN'T MAKE and not get reamed for them. . .

      • dabba says:

        It's not the "Embassy of the United Kingdom" either. As the article states, the United Kingdom includes northern Ireland which is not part of Great Britain. The only correct way to refer to the embassy is to call it the British Embassy.

        • Gaffer says:

          No, you have it exactly backwards. BRITAIN is the island consisting of England, Wales, and Scotland, and associated minor islands. The UNITED KINGDOM consists of Britain and Northern Ireland.


        • Oskee says:

          No. No. No. Dabba's comically inept reply indicates the commenters on this board don't understand the distinctions, either. No, buddy, it is the embassy of the United Kingdom. It is also the British embassy. Great Britain is the biggest island in the British Isles and it contains England, Scotland and Wales. Northern Ireland and the state known as Ireland are located on the island also known as Ireland, which is also part of the British Isles. Northern Ireland isn't part of Great Britain, but it is part of what is known as Britain and, officially, the state known as the United Kingdom, which are pretty much interchangeable. To hear you tell it, N.I. must be some autonomous entity that has its own embassies.

      • Tim says:

        Well, J., that would be true but for the fact that BO was referring to the British Embassy, not the U.K. Embassy. He corrected his mistake with another mistake (do you see a pattern there?). The fact that BO's operatives make great hay out of every misstatement or mis-pronounced word that his opponents utter makes this an extremely relevant story. When you draw up the rules of the game, you have to play by them. At least everyone but BO.

        • Odysseus says:

          Wait, making someone play by their own rules is an Alinsky tactic. It is only to be used against those on the right.

        • QUidam says:

          It's the Embassy of the 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland' to be precise. However it's usually abreviated to 'Britain' or 'UK'. Either is acceptable, although technically 'Britain' excludes Scotland and Northern Ireland. But you have to wear a kilt to object.

        • @ToryLynx says:

          The website for the British Embassy in Tehran used both the terms, "British Embassy" and "UK Embassy".

      • Jan K says:

        couldn't agree more

      • Don says:

        AND, you made the same requests for removal of what you consider non-news when GWB was president, right? Obama is far worse in his "misstatements" than Bush ever was. Just wait until someone compiles the totality of gaffes, miscues, misstatements and sundry other stupid comments made by Obama. Maybe then you'll see how lame-brained this character is.

      • hasmat77 says:

        Of course he corrected himself – AFTER he was told of his rather silly mistake …. seems to me that Barry simply has NOT forgiven the English (GB) for its colonialism in Kenya (Barry's homeland).

        • @ToryLynx says:

          His homeland is the US; deal with it. And it is British colonialism, with the Scottish being a disproportionately large percentage of the Empire's colonists.

      • E. Fox says:

        Good point, McNeer. I wouldn't have known of his correction because I can't listen to him for more than a couple of seconds at a stretch. I commend you on your fortitude.

      • Joe Scott says:

        I basically agree with your point, however in a country where the "media" are constantly telling us all how brilliant every Dem is (Clinton, Obama, Smartest women in the country(!) Hillary etc) and what idiots every Republican is (Reagan, Bush, Cheney) its important to show the world that our affirmative action President is truly an embarrasing statesman.

      • Longdrycreek says:

        We've know for some time Obama is an affirmative action president. The brush with Harvard and Columbia did little good, because his role in life is not the law but merely a community aggitator or organizer.
        His world view is good enough for the Chicago ghetto mentality: hoops and walking around a chatting
        with the Brothers.

      • marvl says:

        Obama "clearly recognizes" nothing. The man is an ignorant, incompetent imbecile.

      • Stargate says:

        Don't forget that right after he (Obama) took Office, he sent the bust of Sir Winston Churchhill back to the British. Granted that he replaced it with a bust of Abraham Lincoln, but President Obama doesn't know the meaning of the word, "tact" either. That bust was a gift to the White House & had a prominent place in the Oval Office. He (Obama) showed the utmost disrespect to our English brothers in doing that. GOD, I hoping soooo much that He loses in 2012. Enough of this Guy!

      • He didn't correct himself, he simply dug deeper in trying to correct himself. As the article you are commenting on clearly states, it is the British Embassy or the Embassy of Great Britain, not the United Kingdom.
        And yes, it is a gaffe for the "leader of the free world" to not have a basic understanding of the facts of a foreign policy situation involving the country that has historically been this countries greatest ally.

      • Hank S says:

        He compounded his error, lack of knowledge. Its Great Britin's embassy. The United Kingdom includes all those other countries–like Canada, Australia, etc.

      • beachkrp says:

        You're really missing the point. This is like in 1992, when George H. W. Bush, was killing time during a photo op at a grocery store and trying to make small talk with a cashier asking a simple question to put the cashier at ease : "What does this thing do?" referring to the barcode scanner, and the press just made an uproar over the incident, claiming how "out of touch" he was with the general population and the common man.

        You must understand that most of language is repetitive, No one, in no newspaper article, in no news report, in no travel guide, or even among backpackers staying at youth hostel in Prague, is the British embassy referred to as the "English Embassy" or even the "Embassy of the United Kingdom". It is referred to as the British Embassy, or less frequently as the UK Embassy, but in either case it is indicated on maps with an oval and a "GB" emblem, not a "UK" emblem.
        Where does he get the term "English Embassy"? In what circles does he travel to pick up that nonsense? If he made it up, then it indicates that he is not familiar with the standard parlance, and demonstrates that he is "out of touch" with the general population and the common man. because he is not even remotely familiar with the speech of the general population or the common man.

      • rich7292 says:

        here we go again. This is being shown because it shows the double standard by the msm. Obama gets away with talking about 57 states, doesn't know that there is no Austrian language, talks about corpsman, and then talks about how he wants to honor the people who died in all the wars over the years and says he sees many of them in front of him right now. Everything that a republican candidate says is watched and even twisted to make it look like a gaffe. It should worry you and everyone when the president of this country knows so little about the countries he is visiting.

      • J. McAllen says:

        The balance of power between our branches of government has been so upset, between the most recent two sitting presidents, that we find ourselves in a unique place. Without recourse, without due process, and without a voice in the media, we who saw the folly in all of these things you mention (and more) have been forced to stomach grievous insults of grandiose magnitude. And you find fault with us for calling out the Great Charlatan of our times, when he demonstrates such impropriety? What kind of apologist you are, this nation should not tolerate.

      • Bobby says:

        J – You're absolutely right, this is not a show-stopper. However, it does lend continuity to a pattern of ineptness unparalleled by any recent Harvard grads from which most of us have heard.

        I'm happy to see this story.


      • Paul says:

        nicely stated – we don't need microbial examples to obsess over – there are enough material matters to pay attention to – pull this nitpick article is sound advise.

    8. daviru says:

      Since he felt it necessary to apologize to the world on behalf of the US……I feel obligated to apologize to the world for this president!!

    9. Laurie Davis says:

      I recall a reference he made while campaigning on how the American people traveled around the world and were only able to speak English; unlike "Europeans". Of course European countries are small and close together, which might explain the necessity of learning different languages. This country is enormous by comparison and English has always been the primary language…. also the official language of the EU by the way. He implied arrogance on our part, which is a habit with him. The fact that HE only spoke English didn't seem to matter to him …. after all he did go to HARVARD… surely he is multilingual.

      My 3 year old granddaughter speaks 3 languages fluently. Two more than the President does.

      • Billy says:

        Your 3-year-old granddaughter doesn't speak ANY languages fluently. She's 3 for chrissake. She's still learning how to speak any language at all.

      • Jim Harvey says:

        Sorry, you're mistaken. Your 3 year old Granddaughter speaks 3 more languages flutently than the president.

      • Ted says:

        Actually that's 3 more than he does, he has a big problem with English when he's off the teleprompter.

      • Son of Bob says:

        Actually, three more than the president does…even with a teleprompter.

      • john says:

        I'd offer you made a small error. She speaks three more than our President.

      • IronMaidenF14 says:

        Well, Laurie……make that "3" more……..!

      • Ethel Weiss says:

        I believe you meant 3.

      • Greg Harris says:

        Actually, don't you mean "Three more"… after all, you did say "fluently".

      • Bobby says:

        Laurie –

        Great post, although I beg to differ with you on one significant point. You said that your three year-old granddaughter speaks two more languages fluently than the president. I would argue that perhaps your granddaughter speaks THREE languages more fluently than the president. The third being English. (Remember "Corpesman"?

        Merry Christmas!


      • beachkrp says:

        Truth be told, I know a lot of "Americans",many of whom I grew up with, that don't even speak English correctly. It's amazing at the people that will sh!t a brick if they hear someone speak 2 words in Spanish while they themselves cannot speak English correctly. And that includes my own parents.

        The main reason for learning a foreign language is to understand your native language better. And most "Americans" don't even know their own native language.

    10. DKK says:

      This is nit picking. England is the implied name for Great Britain or the UK. England consists of the vast majority of the UK so its not a big deal. Israel is a burden to the US, not a true ally like Great Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, etc. Israel is being shoved down our throats by the very powerful Jewish lobby.

      • Cynthia Moak says:

        Review history. The long and short of it is that nations which harm Israel, by omission or commission, end up in the ash bin of history. Little Britain is a prime and recent example of that. Less recent but timely is Germany and France, Spain and Italy. All once mighty nations. Now dependent on the United States for protection militarily and economically. Review the actions and results of the ancient empires of Greece, Rome, Babylon, Medes and the Persians and the Assyrians, not to mention Egypt. They have one thing in common: mistreatment of ancient Israel followed by the destruction of their empires. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

      • Tiger says:

        You need to travel some DKK – England is NOT the implied name for the U.K. Try telling that to the Brits and get laughed out of London!

      • galocke says:

        Ok, fine. Then "potatoe" is close enough to "potato" not to matter, right? Tell THAT to the media critics and dems who hounded Dan Quayle into political oblivion.

      • George says:

        Your ignorance is only surpassed by your stupidity.

      • Tell that to the Brits. They just might disagree with you

      • Charlie says:

        DKK Your argument is invalid. You went from defending the President's gaffe into anti-semitic rhetoric. No linkage between the two, therefore your comment is moot.

      • ABC says:

        Relax DKK, Nobody cares that you're gay.

        • Sam says:

          I just had to reply to you, ABC. I have never laughed so hard at a comment on a website before. Thank you! You truly made my day brighter.

      • Makka says:

        You clearly are as ignorant as Obama. That's like saying the 1979 Tehran hostages were from the DC embassy.

      • friend of Britain says:

        You wouldn't be saying that if you were from Scotland or Wales.

      • Annon says:

        I'm Scots England is a specific and distinct part of the greater UK. Some geographical whiz you are.

      • hwy505 says:

        Amazing how you were able to bash Israel in a topic not involving them. You certainly are a putz!

      • Scot says:

        Nonsense. Britain is referred to as 'England' through error and ignorance.

        • Capercaillie says:

          Scotland has its own laws and Government.
          DKK is obviously an arrogant Englishman or a poorly educated American.

      • NCMike says:

        So I suppose it's reasonable to refer to the US as Texas. The only thing more irritating that the double standard, and self-righteous BS of the lefties, is the contorted mental gymnastics they utilize to defend their ignorant and unprincipled idiocies after uttering them.

        • xRedfoxx says:

          If it weren't for Texas, the US would be no more…so yes..you are right. We might as well call the US Texas.

        • scott says:

          Refer to the US as Texas?! We don't want that moniker, that would imply that Texans like bloated government, overbearing bureacracy, and would rather steal (aka tax) from weathy to give to non-workers. In the current scheme of things, entrepreneurs are ripped to pieces by the K Street crowd and Congress in the name of capital cronyism, so our brand of "let's get 'er done" vs. whining until someone else fixes the problem just wouldn't work in DC. Did I mention that we let failing businesses do just that?

          No, I don't want any substitutions of Texas for the US. At least until we get DC straightened out.

      • Steve says:

        Of course it is nit picking. No one is complaining that the author of this article refers to the "American Embassy" rather than the US Embassy. America is a continental reference, the US is a country… The government web address for is us embassy.gov!

      • Dave says:

        Apparently it's never a bad time to bash Israel. Get a life, anti-Semite.

        • mat says:

          Disagreeing with Israel's foreign policy/tactics doesnt make someone an anti-semite. Would you call a Republican who is against Obama and his policies anti-american? Of course not, so stop playing the anti-semite card.

      • xRedfoxx says:

        Why is Israel considered by so many to be such a 'great' ally? For most, it is for religous reasons. For a few, it is for national defense. I have tried to articulate it here: http://www.libertyandhope.blogspot.com

      • ejl says:

        Right On my friend!

      • Tweety58 says:

        Dat's RIGHT !!!! It's da Joooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosssssssss !!!!!!!

      • captgrumpy says:

        If you are British,it is important. talk about something for which you have the knowledge.

      • Bill says:

        France is not an ally. At best they go to the highest bidder.

      • Peter says:

        Get your facts straight. It is no way implied as you state in your ignorance. Try and be a bit more intelligent.

      • DPS says:

        England in no way implies Great Britain or the UK. You should really verify your facts before making ignorant statements. The president of the US as a representative of this country and a college graduate should be able to articulate the difference.

      • onthedot says:

        I don't think Paul Revere rode through the streets yelling "The English are coming. The English are coming."

      • Guest says:

        So it is nitpicking when the President clearly demonstrates his ignorance, but it's legitimate for Herman Cain to get crucified, not for saying something stupid, but for taking 5 seconds to compose his thoughts. Where's the nitpicking?

      • guest says:

        My name has many diminutives…and it is especially grating when someone I hardly know uses one of these instead of my given name…thinking it all means the same thing. From your initials I could imply that your name is DICK…but it would be impolite of me to presume that and to call you that. I come from NY a part of the US…they are not interchangeable. England is not Great Britain…it is a part of Great Britain. They are not interchangeable. France is PART of the European Union…it is not the European Union. Not taking the time to find out the name of the players on the world stage is just laziness and ignorance…if not arrogance. Obama is a failure on so many levels..not the least of which is the fact he appears to have a less than average intelligence.

        • A_T_2012 says:

          I love your comment! :D Thank you for not being as ignorant as your fellow Americans.

      • beachkrp says:

        You are a real idiot. That is like saying that California is just another name for the United States.

    11. Chuck DeVore says:

      Glad you picked up on this Nile, I think we've been the only two to do so. I tweeted about it earlier today:

      TelePrompter #Fail – #Obama refers to "English Embassy" trashed in Iran. Has there EVER been an "English Embassy"? Ever?

      Re: #Obama's "English Embassy" gaff, doubt media will report – too busy gothcha-ing on Republican candidates #RS #tcot

      And finally:
      Re: #Obama's "English Embassy" gaff, don't tell the Scots that the English have an embassy in Iran, they'll want 1 too. #rs

      Given that the first diplomatic missions were temporary and lacked a permanent home, an "embassy" or more formally, a "chancery," I wonder if England, ever had an "embassy"? "England" ceased to exist for diplomatic purposes in 1707 after the union with Scotland.

      • Steve says:

        NOBODY in the State Department, for example, EVER calls a British embassy an "English embassy". Obama doesn't have the basic knowledge of the lowest employee in either State or any of our Intelligence agencies. Especially with his bowing to Arab and Japanese leaders and other diplomatic gaffs..

    12. @LawlessKO says:

      Given, Obama is an idiot when left to his own devices…but, I wouldn't put it past him to have said it as a dig at the colonialist British, his wife did write the most important paper in her life at Princeton on the evils of the British, his grandfather was held as a political prisoner by the British in Kenya, he did as his first foreign policy act as POTUS send back the bust of Winston Churchhill, he does put his feet up on the "Resolute desk" all the damn time.

      • Cynthia Moak says:

        The story of his grandfather being held as a political prisoner by the British has been shown to be untrue.

      • Gary Levine says:

        He is now the greatest actor to become President. First Ronald how did a great job and now Obama who is trying to act as a President because he certainly is not one or worthy of being one. This has been a joke and he will get security and money for life for %#*&&% this place up.

      • gbsteve says:

        I would buy that theory. But the price of looking like a complete fool is a big one to pay just to insult the British.

    13. Ben says:

      Maybe he was speaking the Austrian language, with the President of Canada, discussing our 57 states.

      • stumpypete says:

        It's time for the Press to demand the most transparent President in history show us his grades and prove he isn't an idiot who's in way over his head.

    14. Really. Too much party at Harvard and he needs to get back to school.

    15. Joshuapundit says:

      I'm surprised our president didn't make his remarks in Austrian.

      I must say, however that if the Brits are upset ( and justifiably so, in my opinion) they have no one to blame but themselves. They and the other Western European allies did everything but endorse this man when he toured Europe as a candidate, giving credence to his claim that he would improve things with our European allies after 'cowboy Bush'.

      Ah well…I suppose he fooled you too.

      • Rose says:

        Actually Joshua, they didn't. Although US media would have us believe they were falling over themselves to fete him. Some in the media pushed him but most saw him for what he was … and saw the lies even then. Like the German visit where he was greeted by thousands of people onstage … touted here as them being there for him when in fact it was a rock concert event and the fans were there and he had a 5 minute walk on. They weren't there for him, they were there for the concert, yet media here had it as though they'd just shown up to greet the great one.

        • Deborah says:

          Unfortunately, international support for Obama was and is high. I live overseas and interact with Europeans regularly (although we actually live in Asia now, and in Egypt back when he was elected), and almost all I've spoken with support him. They're very surprised to learn that I don't.

        • James says:

          The Germans were also smart enough to DENY the obama's request to give their speeches at Brandenburg Gate. Even before he/it was anointed there was the audacity to want to speak at the same place two Presidents (Reagan and Kennedy) spoke at. The gimp was only running for President, wasn't the gimp-in-chief yet.

          I'm REALLY glad they denied it. The fool makes the US look bad daily, I would hate to see how a 'shout out' would have gone before the speech…

      • redpillplease says:

        Speak for yourself, he never fooled me!

      • A_T_2012 says:

        There are no "Brits"

    16. Jeroboam says:

      Reminds me of the time he made reference to a language called "Austrian."

    17. Glitchus says:

      Which of our fifty seven states has an embassy in friendly Iran? Oh, that must be England, that new state on the East Coast, I believe that they even speak American. -the 0

    18. @quidpro says:

      I apologize to the internet for this article and the people who commented on it.

    19. Rich Vail says:

      What do you expect…he's an idiot…a well credentialed idiot, but an idiot none the less…just as pretty much all of our ruling 'elites" are…they have papers saying they're educated, butt (subtle pun inteneded) every time they open their's mouths, they prove the opposite.__Rich Vail_Pikesville, maryland _http://thevailspot.blogspot.com

      • Cynthia Moak says:

        We live in an era of low intellectualism not to be confused with a scientific era or an era of education which many possess. We citizens have our own neglect to thank for allowing the government schools to be turned into social experiments which fail to teach the basics, including critical thinking. Thus, a majority are easily impressed with something as vapid as empty and meaningless oration and they vote accordingly.

      • Hedley Lamar says:

        What credentials are you referring to? I've never seen any. I'm not sure he even graduated.

      • James says:

        Kind of like the CAD guy I have to work with. He says he's the most certified person who works for our company. After seeing a few of his papers that were sitting on his desk one day when he went to lunch he was right. TONS of certificates of attendance.

        NONE of completion though.

    20. goshawk699 says:

      Put this down as speaking error number 375 (at least the ones we know about) by this 'gifted orator' who is the biggest sham since the Wizard of Oz

      • George says:

        But the wizard came thru in the end. I don't see that happening with Barry.

        • Robert Nagel says:

          Actually the wizard didn't. The balloon with the wizard left Oz without Dorothy and Toto. it was then that Glenda informed her that her ruby slippers would take her back if she clicked them together and wished. But,
          I understand what you were saying.

      • Rose says:

        Sad when he goofs even WITH a teleprompter at every turn!

    21. Big Al says:

      …..and 57 states!

    22. Tyler says:

      This may explain why he refuses to reveal his education records.

    23. Mike Weidner says:

      Of course he knows the difference. And most educated Americans use England and UK intrechangeably even they know the difference.

      • PDK says:

        Nice try but wrong Mike. It isamazing the lengths folks like you will go to pervert facts in order to accomodate the idiots (i.e. Obama) that populate your party. Educated Americans know that British, as in Great Britian refers to the United Kingdom (England, Whales, Scotland, etc.).

      • kit hogan says:

        No, educated Americans say UK not England…..or we say Great Britain……

      • zoyclem says:

        Oh look! Another Obama sycophant. I suppose most 'educated' Americans think people who live in Austria speak Austrian too.

      • LibertyOrWhat says:

        Sorry Mike, but you are wrong. Anybody who is well educated knows that there is no such thing as an English Embassy.

      • hardcorps says:

        The distinction is important to the British and the English.

      • beachkrp says:

        I don't. I use UK and British almost interchangeably, but not English and UK.

        • A_T_2012 says:

          However, there is a difference between Britain and UK. Britain does not include Northern Ireland

    24. Steve Roberts says:

      "Does Obama Know the Difference between Great Britain and England?"

      Of course he does. England is where they speak English and Great Britain is where they speak British.

      • galocke says:

        I think they speak Greatish in Great Britain.

        • Hedley Lamar says:

          Not any more. After the War of 1812, they were forced to speak British as a treaty condition. However, Greatish is still spoken in some remote villages.

        • guestly hallows says:

          shhhh… He'll hear you! It'll be your FAULT when he says THAT one on world-TV! hehe.

      • thsldu says:

        Great analysis Steve.

      • TBoneMalone says:

        And Obama thinks they speak "Austrian" in Austria.

      • redhawk says:

        Well give him a break… Betwen playing golf, vacationing and Trolling for BUCKS at our expense while finding someone to Blame for all of his mistakes while abdicating his Duties to Pelosi and Reid… he's entitled to at least a SCREW UP!

      • tinkerer says:

        I beg to differ.

        I think there's a very good possibility they speak great- maybe even fantastic- British.

        • A_T_2012 says:

          No one speaks British, there are no British people. The British language went extinct 1400 years ago and was replaced with English.

    25. Uncle_Grumpy says:

      "my greatest hope is that Obama loses as badly as Carter did in 1980"

      To whom? At least in 1980 we had Governor Reagan.

    26. Halwork says:

      It's common knowledge that's it's the British Embassy. Liberals always dismiss these Obama gaffes because they have told us ovre and over how smart he is. Well he's proven that he is not that smart. 57 states,P/E ratio,Austrian language, "corpsman,3x" not knowing the type of medal he presented to a soldier, Hawaii is Asia, etc… the list goes on and on but liberals are not interested. They are only interested in Palin,Bachman, Perry,Cain, – people who ARE NOT the President of the US. Just like the all the dems that complained about Bush foreign policy(rendition,indefinite detention,lack of due process) Obama continued all as well as "kill not capture" . Kill vs. waterboard, and the Dems choose kill. And the 5 trillion Bush added to our deficit(wars included) in 8 years, Obama has passed 5 trillion in deficit spending in less than 3 years but liberals are OK with that record spending level, even though the country is 15 trillion in debt. The hypocracy is sickening.

    27. Whit E. Kracker says:

      What a fine specimen of his Genius!

    28. DaveintheD says:

      Isn't he brilliant? (slobber…slobber)

    29. John says:

      According to one author, Obama's dislike for Churchill stems from British policy in Kenya and the Brits persecution of his African grandfather – that's why he returned the bust of Churchill…

    30. Robb says:

      Unseal all of Obama's records! Er, I mean Barry Seotoro.

    31. ret says:

      The person in his ear helped him immediately correct his dumb statement. He has made many on his own before the secret service finally put a little voice in his ear so he would not make so many foot in mouth statements.

    32. Obamaroid Ointment says:

      Maybe Barry was speaking in Austrian and maybe "English" does translate to "Great Britain" in English from Austrian, or something.

    33. jakartaman says:

      Our 51st through 57th states also agree!!
      If this was a conservative president the media would be all over him

    34. Max says:

      "…currently housing the Churchill bust that Mr. Obama unceremoniously threw out of the Oval Office soon after his inauguration."

      An personal vendetta for his grandfather Onyango that had fought against Great Britan.

      "the Obama's: the untold story"

    35. Wigglesworth says:

      Why didn't the Iranians also storm the Scottish embassy?

    36. ISAIAH5417 says:

      The pre-election speech Obama gave 2008 to stem the firestorm of revelations re: Jeremiah Wright warned me then that Obama would use any kind of rhetorical device to confuse his audience. Then the "corpse-man" gaffe happened and I concluded that Obama ain't real bright. His speechifying is a robotic technique for delivering words other people put in his mouth. Obama is a dolt.

    37. hillcoguy says:

      In a press conference this evening, the president referred in stumbling fashion to the “English Embassy” in Iran instead of the British Embassy.

      Lets be absolutely correct here…..it was BUSH that said that and erroneously credited to Obama

    38. Sapient says:

      For those who consider it a minor event….

      Such things are hardly minor for one who considers themselves omniscient as Obama does. Pointing out his inanity, and incompetence on even the simplest of points is a strike at the heart of the issue–his and his ilk's elitist belief that they are above us, the law, and even above history..

      Small wonder Newt said he would allow Obama to use his teleprompter during debates.

    39. Jan K says:

      Wow! What an intellectually dishonest article. Comparing a president's short list of gaffes that stretch over 3 years to those of a presidential candidate who not only has amassed more gaffes in 3 months but clearly shows a lack of knowledge on policy and a total lack of intellectual curiosity by actually saying he doesn't need to know the president of "bekibekistan." It might well be true that Obama has neglected our partnership with the UK, and that is unacceptable. However to call him out for being tough on BP, a company responsible for the loss of livelihood of tens of thousands of Americans is outrageous. When is America going to wake up. It is dishonest, biased reports like these that are causing us to polarize without looking at the facts. For what its worth I am no Obama sympathizer and I will not be voting for him. I simply feel that there are many other legitimate criticism that can be made of this president without having to exaggerate and misrepresent such meaningless acts as returning a bust whose loan term had expired.

      • Cynthia Moak says:

        What you are reading is the natural frustration of a people are standing by observing their beloved nation brought low, perhaps beyond repair, by someone who not only has no love of the nation but has clear ideological reasons for his intentional legislative and para activities such as the use of the Executive order to breach the confines of the U.S. Constitution to turn a nation of laws into a lawless nation. The citizen writers are living in the consequences of policies which have destroyed their ability to support themselves and their families to some extent with more to come. They have found that they have very little power to affect change and that many of their legislators will not act to stop this illegal activity.

      • guestly hallows says:

        Jan. You are ruining the fun.

        • Javlin says:

          I live on the Gulf Coast NNE of the spill and the economy is still reeling some 1)the man's in-action for what 30-60 days 2) we are still not drilling.The time for oil drill permits is 3X longer if I remember right.From the people that make the foods for the crew boats and rigs, to vehicles moving it,the whole system has been shut down.That my sir is an idiot who cares little about us Americans more about idealogy and more about our enemys.All items expressed in this article to some degree.

    40. Ranger_Ric says:

      Don't fret Brits… we are going to correct the obama mistake in about 11 months.

    41. Ellsworth says:

      Mr Obama doesn't know his history or his geography – or! national anthems of countrys. Just ask those at the last State banquet he attended in Buckingham Palace. How did this myth of his brilliance or competence get started? Can you imagine if George Bush had said that?

    42. Kelvin says:

      Has Obama found anyone who speaks Austrian yet?

    43. jlburdge says:

      What do you expect from a Socialistic, Marxist, Community Organizer in Chief? Give him a break,,, he's doing all he can to bring America down to it's proper placement in the world, Say, Right next to, and inbetween, North Korea and Somolia. That'll teach us a lesson ot two. Afterall, "somebody " had to vote for him.

    44. gyberko says:

      He is a nice man. And he should be back on the streets of the South Side of Chicago organizing the Community. The Community wants him back badly.

    45. ropati says:

      As a langauge teacher, my favorite is still "the beautiful Austrian language."

    46. Sidney says:

      It's that damm Telepromter's fault

    47. Tamalezebra says:

      Folks, this is what a FREE education at HARVARD will get you. You get what you pay for, NOTHING EARNED AND NOTHING LEARNED!

    48. katia swartz says:

      Since O became bystander-in-chief it feels like our nation is experiencing a grotesque nightmare that we are struggling to wake up from.

    49. JacqueBauer says:

      They speak Austrian in England, you know, which is one of the 57 US states…

    50. polihobby says:

      Journolisters have taken corrupt journalism from it-cannot-get-worse level even lower and more corrupt, void of morals and ethics — to the abyss. Without doubt, the MSNBC-Politico degenerate-type of journalism would have made a heyday, a spectacle if a tea party conservative or President Bush #43 had uttered such a gaffe.

    51. jvu says:

      Without his teleprompter or George Soros' hand pulling the puppet strings the man is usless as teats on a boar hog. He is an embarassent and his wife is a hypocrite…eating swordfish sliders and gorging on chocolate sculptures (on our dime) while telling the rest of the nation to tighten our belts and eat properly. For the first time in my life, I feel shame for my country.

    52. tinkerer says:

      Much ado about nothing. President Obama has been hinting from the beginning that 'special relationships' are in for a downgrade and it's not just the UK that's affected. Get over it, he mis-spoke- it's not that important.
      There's better ways for conservative minded people to use their time and energy.

    53. Charles says:

      I guess it's okay to threaten to bomb iran because they 'might' build a bomb. Wherever the logic is in that. But oh, Heaven forbide the iranians do anything to the West! Why,… that's not allowed!!! We must uphold the double standard here! Onward NATO bombers – bomb the next country that dares stand up for itself!!! Soveriegnty will not be tolerated.

      • dave says:

        In what universe do you live in? I guess in your thinking, it's ok to allow a psychotic dictator acquire nuclear weapons just because we and a few other countries have them? This is a person who has advocated the destruction of Israel.

    54. jff says:

      Obama also thinks people in Austria speak 'Austrian', a language that doesn't exist.

    55. satch39 says:

      It's his own fault he doen't have a portable laptop podium.

    56. ounceoflogic says:

      Typical that Obama's "gaffs" are virtually ignored by the media, while mistakes made by Republican candidates are played and replayed until the candidate falls off the map. Agenda anyone?

    57. Max T., Houston says:

      We're really sorry about this and are diligently working to correct the problem.

    58. chickenwangstaff says:

      Remember, the same media that tells you how brilliant Obumbles is, is the same media that told you how great Obamacare would be and how stupid Bush, Palin, etc. are….
      There is no independent evidence that proves Obumbles is smarter than Bush….none.

    59. k962 says:

      Now you know why his educational records are sealed!!

    60. Ken says:

      Barack O'bama, without a teleprompter, is a stumbling fool.

      • dave says:

        Obama is basically Chauncey Gardner, the Peter Sellers character. A person who is so simple minded that people mistake him for being wise and prophetic.

    61. lensmanct says:

      Obama will get a pass on this, just like everything else. Hawaii, according to him, is now in Asia. There are 57 states.Still, the butt kissers on MSNBC and the other members of the Obama network will continue to describe him as "brilliant."

    62. DVD_Charlie says:

      Shades of Jimmy Carter, the parallel between him and Obama continues.

    63. Dutra says:

      Believe me, the Welsh, Irish, and Scots know the difference. Obama is not well schooled.

    64. grumpyolguy says:

      If George Bush had made a gaff like that, he would have been roundly denounced as a, dunce, ignorant cowboy, frat boy. etc. on the front pages and evening news. Obama however, gets a pass. What else is new?

    65. snoopy1234 says:

      Obama will always see Great Britian as England because of his father,colonialism,and his own bigotted view
      from a historical perspective.This little neophyte of a president has disrespected our allies form day one of his reign.It is despicable just like him.

    66. Walter says:

      What were this man's grades anyway?

    67. farmerAaron says:

      Obama is just an actor playing a part… so he forgets his lines just like Rick Perry and Herman Cain keep doing when they don't have notes or telepromptors telling them what to say. That's why Obama has to have his telepromptor… he's not very good at remembering his lines. They're all just actors auditioning for a job… a job doing what their told by the corporate interests who finance their campaigns. Sad nobody seems to realize these men actually run nothing except around the block some mornings for a jog.

    68. DDRED says:

      Obama is in over his head. He will also be a one term president.

    69. MacCane says:

      The 'Special Relationship' will continue regardless.

    70. Christian Newton says:

      King of England, Wales, Scotland, the Isle of Man, Ulster, and sovereign of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith? Since when did England break away from the United Kindgom and start establishing embassies on its own? Did Prince Charles declare against his mother? He is awfully stupid. Does Parliament know?

    71. Rick says:

      Free World? Did you forget those licenses or the proctology (sp?) exam at the airport? You have no idea what the word 'freedom' means.

    72. Publius says:

      Either there is very little to actually critisize about our President's handling of the economy, international relations, and other major issues, or the Heritage Foundation (and the Drudge Report which is driving traffic to this story) has become useless.

      I tend to think it's the former. We all knew that the disastrous Bush-Cheney policies were leading the US into decades of trouble. President Obama has done remarkably well given this legacy, despite the minority of Republicans who are trying to sabotage him and thereby hurting the entire US population in their partisan cross-fire.

      A quickly-corrected slip-of-the-tongue about England/United Kingdom? C'mon, drop your ideology and start caring about your country.

      • dave says:

        Why don't you use facts and give credit where credit is due. It started with Clinton. The housing bubble started during his administration. So quick to blame Bush…typical lib.

      • Matman says:

        Publius….your ideology is showing and it isn't pretty…….and if you care for this country you won't vote for him…

    73. Sara says:

      On should also remember that BO considered Iran to be a small country and not of any concern when he was running for president. Goes to show you, this is what people get when they think they are voting for the next American Idol. Time to vote, Anybody but Obama!

    74. 1redstar says:

      Gawd this guy is such and embarrassment and a joke. Hard to believe that there are still people who believe in it. At least they could throw a pie….

    75. dareisay says:

      Don't worry he also disses US citizens too!

      He thinks we are serfs, our paycheck belongs to him so he can throw it at his buddies!

    76. PhillySportsGuy says:

      seriously?!?!? Who gives a crap, any nation that has 2 or 3 different names is bound to get screwed up now and then. We beat England in 76, and they still have land conquests (Scotland, the 6 counties in Ireland), etc. Yet everyone is up in arms about Israel and Palestine all the time….

      • southwood says:

        Scotland is not a "conquest". Check your history. Scotland and England united democratically in 1707. There was no conquest. In fact, Scotland held off England from ruling her for centuries although it was not from any lack of ambition by the English.

    77. jdel says:

      Who cares? this type of petty politics is why I left the conservative party

    78. Mike says:

      To my British Cousins:
      Please help us sack Obama. Part of Obama's appeal in 2008 was that he looked to be an remarkable embassador oozing with universal appeal. Press from around the world showered him with a glowing endorsement, while failing to conduct any credible investigation that would have easily exposed him as the dodgy character he is, replete with deep hatreds and biases that have steadily undermined historic relationships and exposed the free world to new threats. The trail from the Churchill bust incident to the English Embassy comment is one of not only a failed leader, but also a fraud. You may not have a vote in the election, but your opinion does have an impact.

    79. Bill says:

      This obama is always the least qualified person in the room.

    80. Bill says:

      This is the kind of thing tha happens when there is no teleprompter available.

    81. guest says:

      people generally use british and english interchangeably. It may not be technically correct but it is nothing to get offended or upset over. Also, you said in the article that Britain, Israel and Central and Eastern Europe have been "traditional" US Allies. Britain, yes. Isreal? Well only for the past few decades. Eastern and Central Europe? Only since the fall of the USSR. Not really a "traditional" ally.

    82. jimconch says:

      Just one more proof that he is an empty suit.

    83. fantum says:

      Whotta dope!

    84. kyslim says:

      Why didnt we see this on MSNBC"CBS"NBC"ABC"CNN? Because they are covering up what a dumb azz he realy is. No wounder he carries his teleprompter with him to speak to 6th grade Kids.

    85. J.Thorn says:

      Its Bush's fault.

    86. David D says:

      This is misleading. Two seconds after he said English embassy he corrected himself and said the UK embassy. I watched the speech. All the anti intellectuals who support real inarticulate morons like Bush and Perry can't wait for Obama, a truly educated man, to slip up in the slightest. That dewalt tool you use at the jobsite was designed by a college educated engineer. Oh yeah, I have a masters in history and I know the cowboy persona that Bush and Perry portray is a myth. Cowhands, Hands, or Hoss Stinks were never called "Cowboys". Cowboy was a derogatory term used for drunks and horse thiefs. Also, most cowhands were not anglo middle aged men. They were mostly Mexican, Black, or Asian and ranged from 16 to 24. John Wayne is a lie. Bush's fake cowboy routine is a lie. Obama is a genuine self made man, more befitting the "American dream" than any blue blood fake cowboy.

      • Not misleading says:

        David D either lives in California or New York, has never rode a horse or fired a gun, and is a misinformed idiot. Your Cowboy "facts" are pure BS. That means not true!

    87. Roland Day says:

      One remembers that one of BO's first acts as President was to send the bust of Winston Churchill, which had been in the White House for decades, back to the British Embassy.

      It is clear that this Kenyan bears resentment toward the nation that one made Kenya a colony.

    88. bandit2010 says:

      The value of an affirmative action education

    89. Tom says:

      Maybe The "English Embassy" Is In One Of The Other 57 States?

    90. Steve says:

      This article hides the fact that he corrected himself two seconds after he said English Embassy. He corrected it and said the UK embassy. Misleading and lacking in journalistic integrity.

    91. Wealwaysknew says:

      And just who are the 'stooges' that have been trying to convince us that Obama is the smartest thing since the invention of bell-bottom jeans??

    92. katekody says:

      the "0" man has no class. He is a disgrace to the office of the president and the American people. He is in love with himself and only has eyes for him. He hasn't done a days worth of work and he and his wifey have spent the American tax payers money like it was water and their personal bank accocunts. He has allowed the reid's and pelosie's to also us our tax dollars for their personal use as well. We would be hard pressed to find a dem who hasn't raped the American Tax payer…

    93. AFSGTSAM says:

      I wonder how the liberal media would react to this if say…..Bush had made the same mistake?

    94. Javmanbillymac says:

      Barry's Wiki has: "Later in 1981, he transferred to Columbia University in New York City, where he majored in political science with a specialty in international relations[26] and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1983." He was not a business major or a sociology major. He should know better. But why the mistake?

    95. enoughisenough says:

      Now, he's dviding other countries by race and nationality.

    96. rawheadrex says:

      Brilliance has many parents, but ignorance only has the democrat party. Of course, that means it will have cradle to grave security and occasional WH residence.

    97. dunce says:

      He put in his book how much he hated England for making his father obey the law so he has delete all the expletives in his mind whenever the duties of his office oblige him to refer to the country. He is irritated that he can not use the ghetto trash talk that is in his heart and on the tip of his tongue.

    98. moriah says:

      "Crashing" the English embassy? Do his advisers have to interrupt him watching basketball on cable to inform him of what's going on in the world? Yikes,…excuse me, I'm gonna go dig a bunker….

    99. GOLDCLAW says:

      I detest obama and hope he LOSES worse than Carter did in 1980–He came out of no-where(no birth certificates–no school records==no one even knew him when he was young!!!–Hell we know more about Lee Harvey Oswald than we do about obama and he has proven he is NO LEADER!–I still believe he is the Manchurian Candidate!!

    100. Bill Diller says:

      Well after all, he's a regular passenger on the intercontinental railroad with stops in all 57 states.

    101. LairdKeir says:

      I'm not troubled by the slip-up; no-one in Canada or Brazil seems to write articles about how so-and-so refers to America rather than the United States of America. But I am very grateful that Mr.Gardiner has put succinctly the deep worries I have about the direction the US is taking- moving away from the bedrock of an alliance that defeated totalitarianism in one World War, worldwide fascism is another, and stood down communism after the Cold War. Churchill's clarion appeal for an alliance of countries united by a common language, identity, and set of cherished values remains for me ever more urgent with the growth of fascist power from Peking to Peshawar. Obama's unseemly haste in removing the bust of the first honorary American was the first in a consistent series of actions that shows where his own values lie. I mourn the ending of what had formed the greatest force for stability in the world since the Pax Britannica. http://tracesofevil.com

    102. mark marchiafava says:

      it's YOUR dog, Charlie Brown.

    103. Henry IX says:

      If i remember correctly, after saying he has campaigned in 57 states, Mr. Obama said he had one more to go. Why do so many not recognize that makes 58?

    104. Mr E says:

      Come on people…..Obama's father was a colonial subject of GB……do you really think this was accidental? He wears his hand-me-down disdain for all things British like a badge of honor.

    105. gwnytaxpawn says:

      The only thing keeping this president alive is Joe Biden. As far as this slip goes, we all know he can't stay focused without a teleprompter.

    106. Pony Runner says:

      BHS is completely out of his depth. This is the guy that won the Pulitzer peace prize? Must have been a really thin field. Soon amateur hour at the White House will be over. And for all you libs whining about calling him out on his gaffes – get over it. Everytime GWB mispoke you were shouting it from the rooftops.

    107. ronam says:

      Teleprompter issues.

    108. Radioman777 says:

      Was the state of confusion one of the 57 he visited?

    109. ECHock says:

      While it is surprising that Obama has not yet over come a basic gaff like the English/british distinction, obviously his support staff continues to be incompetent about protocols. Mistakes like that with an old ally make us look ignorant and foolish. If he knew the deep issues behind that age-old distinction, he would have been more circumspect. Average Americans typically make that mistake, but it ought happen to a person of state. One might as well call Gaza "Israel," as it nearly has the same impact. Ask any Scot or Irishman, or Welshman. The term, "English," laddy has fight'n connotations regarding national identity.

    110. Michael says:

      Shameful headline…..remember this is the most intelligent, intellectual president since Thomas Jefferson…..or at least the media tells us so. Those of us who have observed this man over the past three years know he is a blivering idiot out to destroy our coutry.

    111. Jamesb says:

      ..and the media continues to fawn amd coo, "he's soooooo smart! I wish I was as smart as Obama!" yada, yada, yada….

      Obama is a phuquing MORON who HATES Great Britian and HATES America…

    112. Sammy says:

      No he does not. Next question about anything that has to with anything about anything except organizing.

    113. Jullou says:

      Another example of being innapropriate: When Michelle put her hand on the Queen's back.

    114. GWB_nyc says:

      I don't believe he condemned the actions- he said he was "disturbed".

      Obama is a product of the Academe Post Colonial BS Mindset; he probably loved every minute of it, especially the destruction of Churchill's portrait- gets a lot of mileage in the faculty lounge and at cocktail parties for the right people.

    115. Blaidd Drwg says:

      Come on. You're being too harsh. It's not Obama's fault. If the teleprompter says "English" rather than "British", it's the fault of whoever was running the teleprompter.

    116. steve-nyc says:

      It was a minor mistake. As is always the case with a democrat president, he and his wife are the 2 most intelligent people who ever lived. We should dismiss this incident and just resume worshipping them!

    117. Rosemary Peppercorn says:

      No matter what Obama does or says, he cannot compare in any way to the idiocy, lack of morals, lies, and ignorance of the Republican Party candidates. What an fascinating array of morons it has been.

      Keep trying to make mountains out of molehills, though. Ulimately, you're digging yourself into one big fat hole.

    118. Skip Granberry says:

      English Embassy? That should move the Scots from "Pissed off" to "Let's go get the bastards!"

    119. galocke says:

      Obama needs to learn more about Great Britain and the rest of our Asian allies.

    120. Joe Kidd says:

      Gee. And some said Obama was the smartest guy in the room. Then again, what would you expect from a guy who thought adding Biden to the ticket would add “foreign policy experience and statesmanship.”<–I’m still laughing at that!

      Personally, I think the bust of Winston Churchill would do a better? job as president.
      Too bad Obama sent it back…

    121. Netshark7 says:

      The president and his wife have no interest our own national traditions or institutions let alone anywhere else on the planet. His lack of knowledge is stunning and his lack of giving a damn is insulting.

    122. Jean Poole says:

      This guy is an educated idiot.

    123. RightUnite says:

      I don't know… Obama is pretty ignorant about pretty much everything, isn't he??

    124. josetoyou1 says:

      This so called smart guy just keeps showing his ignorance. I can hardly wait till he is removed from office one way or another…

    125. Granger says:

      same whacky prez that says there are 57 states -eh?

    126. Dgarfish says:

      One word – DOLT

    127. Jay says:

      Does Nile know the difference between real journalism and a fluff piece?

    128. 6musket6 says:

      It wasn't on the script he got from Podesta at the center for destroying America……

    129. gram says:

      Its 'Bush speek'… silly…English was one of the origonal 57 colonies too..

    130. Aaron says:

      I think that the bust of Churchill would have provided more leadership than we have received lately. We should have propped the bust on a podium and broadcast some of Churchill's quotes as an alternative to Obama.

    131. Cha Cha says:

      ( In a loud whisper) I think Obama has Multiple Personality Disorder, I've counted at least 3…but don't tell the others…OK??? I'm the only normal one….Hmmmm….Am I???

    132. U Get Paid For This? says:

      This is a stupid post, even by Heritage Foundation standards.

    133. kit hogan says:

      We apologize for the idiot president…he thought there were 57 states in the US too…..and, he calls our brave fighting men "Marine Corpse" members. We are praying for time passing quickly until 2012 and he gets kicked out of office.

    134. mrsharfer says:

      It is a mistake like this that confirms my original concept of the obamination. He is not all that bright. Any GW Bush error went viral by the press. This kind of idiocy never ceases to amaze and entertain me. Maybe he can get a late night show when this gig is over in January 2012!

    135. Jondoe says:

      This is a big deal?

    136. Linda says:

      I would love to see his college and law school transcripts, I really don't think he graduated from either.

    137. Disque-0-Duc says:

      He said "English Embassy" while counting up all the 57 states in the Union in his head, pronouncing corpsmen as corpse-men, thinking he was in Asia while speaking in Hawaii, and bowing to foreign monarchs. And this guy was touted by the press as a person endowed with an IQ that was off the charts? The world is a funny place and the press is the jester.

    138. GOLDCLAW says:

      We need another Ronald Reagan to beat obama!!–obama must be voted out in 2012 or America is doomed!

    139. L188188 says:

      It's hilarious reading these posts from all these people who are lots more intelligent than Obama! What a great laugh! Pat yourselves on the back, you purveyors of wisdom!

    140. OneMoreMrSmith says:

      I guess he could have condemned Britain for putting a building in the center of the riot.

    141. What do you expect from a community organizer?????

    142. Maxine Farler says:

      No wonder our allies think we are all rude and uneducated, look who we put in charge-a mental midget that can't be trusted with a potato gun.

    143. ECHock says:

      Oops, must have been another mistake on the tele-prompter. Obama is all script when it comes to the president. It's that or his support staff are incredibly ignorant and careless in preping and double-checking his lines.

    144. Crotte says:

      It's hard looking at a map when you are shooting hoops and on a golf course.

    145. AWelshMan says:

      Technically Barry is correct. The United Kingdom (England, Wales and Scotland) was united through the English conquering Wales and Scotland (to a lesser extent). As for 'Great Britain', Thats an Imperial term left over from its days of empire

      • southwood says:

        Hey, Welsh man, maybe they conquered Wales but the English never conquered Scotland. Scots (or their nobility) VOTED to join the Union in 1707.

        Learn you history, Taff.

        As for "Great Britain", it has nothing to do with history but is to do with its size. Brittany is little Britain and the big island is Great Britain.

        Did you go to school, Taff ?

      • Sandra says:

        to: AWelshMan
        they didn't "conquer" the Scots lackwit – why do you think all things Scottish continue to be worshipped and made into legend? The Scots forced the lowly english to agree to co-equal rulership. Bottom line…. the Scottish are sublime and Obama is a raggedy affirmative action poseur who slipped through the net and is infecting our country with his genetically JINXED heritage. He is legally speaking an actual Bastard since his mother's fraudulent marriage was legally annulled. He is weak, he is a betrayer, he is mediocre on his best day and he has betrayed every important platform of our democratic spirit. Consider this…. those things formerly known as the Bush Tax Cuts were revived and put into effect only because Obama SIGNED them into law. By his signature those tax cuts to the rich are still alive – he didn't have to do it but he did. In one of his endless selfish campaign stops he said to the crowd about a month ago "Vote me in for a second term and I will undo THE BUSH TAX CUTS" in other words Obama has literally on videotape asked for a second term to reverse one of the few things he has done. Someone should turn that moment into a commercial. Romney start your team on this.

    146. tdrag says:

      This is just the imcompetant Obama showing his hatred of Great Britain and it's traditions while the US circles the drain. More of his father's dreams? Meanwhile, Conservatives are nit picking about Newt buying jewelry for his wife (with his own money), a gaggle of questionable women accusing Herman Cain of ….what?, Mitt Romney's hair, Rick Perry's verbal gaffes, and Michelle Bachmann because she is a woman. Wake up people!!!!

    147. Gunny Hiway says:

      Read "The Roots of Obama's Rage" by D'Sousa and it will all become crystal clear to you. Obama seems to be stuck in a pre-WWII anti-colonialist mindset. This man may have been born an American, but he certainly wasn't raised as one!

    148. John_B says:

      Well, once it is all said and done, given the lack school records or political accomplishments, we won't need a presidential library. Something along the size of a phone booth will do.

    149. Expat says:

      Northern Ireland is part of Britain.

      • southwood says:

        No, it's not. NI is part of the UK.

      • William says:

        No it isn't. It is geographically part of Ireland and politically part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. I suppose you could use correct terminology and say the Northern Irish are British, but saying it is part of Britain confuses a couple issues together.

    150. Will Stockdale says:

      Hey Ben, maybe you'll get to like the Air Force. Zooming all over the sky and shouting ROGER and WILCO and everything. Maybe it won't be so bad.

    151. sfk says:

      Where's the video, Nile?

    152. Fidlin1 says:

      Every President writes a book once they leave office. I'll be looking for 'Learning President for Dummies'
      on shelves in '13.

    153. elizabeth nolan says:

      An article like this would benefit from a map showing this part of the world, which may be unfamiliar to some. Readers could benefit from the occasional use of graphics readily available for use on the internet — writers would do well to occasionally add maps to these writings.

    154. GTR says:

      Goodness sakes, People. Don't get your panties all in a knot. Pres has been doing a lot worse stuff to everyone, in the U.S. and throughout the world, too, for a long time. This little show of "whatever you want to call it" is a big nothing compared to all of the rest of his nonsense.

    155. So Long America says:

      Oh come on, give the Campaigner and Blamer a break. He didn't have his teleprompter with him.

    156. Vic says:

      What happened to the video link? You know, the one where Obama corrects himself seconds after he makes the mistake.

    157. Brad Jamison says:

      Say what you want about Bush. He at least knew the difference between corps and corpse, was square on the 50 states thing and didn't need a teleprompter to talk to 2nd graders.

    158. Dear David, Steve, and all the others who cover for Obama by stating he corrected himself by going from a reference about the "English" embassy, to calling it the "UK" Embassy:

      There is no such thing as a United Kingdom Embassy. The government refers to its embassy as a British Embassy. Great Britain and the United Kingdom are not the same thing. You obviously are too ignorant to know the difference.

      So even his so-called correction was a mistake about a name that doesn't exist.

      He really is an ignorant fool who is enabled by others – and is so insecure that he runs away from his responsibilities as president every month for another taxpayer-funded "vacation," or just leaves the meeting because he has nothing to contribute; no leadership – just leave-'er-ship sinking in a crisis.

      Even more amazing is that as you try to cover for him, you make a fool of yourself by showing you don't know the difference either. David, Steve, and the others: "I throw my shoe at you!"

      Then you want to beat upon those who note this – and dozens of other Obama errors that would humiliate anyone else, but his fantasy self-concept can't deal with admitting his errors ("Police acted stupidly" comes to mind as one not yet mentioned. How about dating his sign-in to Westminster as 2008, when in fact the date was 2011? He doesn't even know what year it is? It's endless with this dolt.)

      Three things are clear:

      1) Obama supporters are uneducated themselves, thus explaining why they aren't upset that Obama is equally ignorant – they don't know any better so they neither recognize the errors (don't know UK Embassy is equally as ignorant as English Embassy), nor do they understand the importance of his errors;

      2) They are intellectually dishonest; thus explaining why they allow Obama to lie relentlessly (Like in his fictional so-called auto-biography "My Father's Dreams" – documented by a Chicago daily as stuffed with lies that occurred only in Barry's dreams);

      3) The truth is meaningless to them. If reality doesn't fit their worldview, they just pretend their fantasy is reality and proceed from there to criticize others (like ignoring Obama's ignorance of basic world affairs while throwing stones at Mr. Gardiner for writing about it.).

      You see, it really does matter that Michelle hugged the Queen – it proves she is culturally ignorant; a very Ugly American protocol-wise;

      It really does matter that Obama spoke over the British national anthem – it shows he didn't even know what "God Save the Queen" is to the British national culture – and how insulting he was to it;

      It really does matter that he can't speak to so much as a group of 10 and 11-year old children without a teleprompter – it proves he is a reader, not an orator.

      However, there is something they do relentlessly that really doesn't matter:

      What really doesn't matter is what Bush, or any other president before Obama did – Obama excuse-makers basically are like 5-year old children who say, "Well Tommy did it! So that makes it OK for me to do wrong also!"

      Who cares what Bush did – we aren't discussing him, we are discussing Obama's failures.

      Sorry, but you don't get graded by what others do; you are graded by what you do.

      And Obama fails relentlessly.

      For people like the Obama excuse-makers here – all that matters is covering for the most ignorant, lazy, untruthful, person ever to occupy the WH.

      And they are too ignorant, lazy, and untruthful themselves to understand why that matters.

    159. Machismo says:

      Does Obama Know the Difference between Great Britain and England? Answer is NO!

    160. Kunta Kinte says:

      Organizing a community is a little different than being the leader of the greatest country on Earth. Hence, is this surprising?

    161. aceinspace says:

      With all that, and his dismal record as President, over 45% of Americans will vote for him again. Seems to me the angst should be directed toward a dying nation instead of a brain dead president.

    162. Mike Brooks says:

      As a rather proud McLeod, I'd say, for once, Obama got it right. The English have occupied Scotland and Wales and have no right nor business being there. The English Embassy represents English interests and ignores those of the occupied areas.

    163. Jim says:

      Really? This is the best "gaffe" that you can come up with? Was a riot building in Cardiff in the mere seconds it took him to correct his statement? I thought Heritage was better than this.

    164. skyehawk says:

      The real test is whether the 'late night boyz" pick up on this major gaffe…and it is a major gaffe make no mistake about it …

    165. Robert W. Jones says:

      The name of that country is United Kingdom. England, Britain, Great Britain, the British Commonwealth etc are former names of some of all of that country. It has officially been the United Kingdom since, I think, 1922.

    166. Maxx Katt says:

      I think the 57 states he was referring to was his dream of adding countries like Haiti to the US.

    167. Stewart says:

      If you really check all the information, Israel is the best friend of the USA. It gives us far more information, science, technology, medicine, and although cannot supply troups, gives us military knowledge and improvements worth literally trillions of dollars. The U.K. is moral support, but otherwise, besides grudgingly supplying some troops, is not that great a friend anymore.

    168. Makka says:

      This is from the same man who said he had been to 57 states and also didn't speak "Austrian". Just imagine if GW Bush had said these etchings – yet the compliant, spineless US press just ignore it.
      The problem with Obama is that he's nowhere near as smart as he thinks he is. This is the man who, 6 weeks into office, confided in some journalists (off the record so it's never been printed) that "I'm really enjoying the job. And you know what? Turns out I'm pretty good at it".
      Narcissism is no substitute for ability.

    169. NotSurprised says:

      These things will happen when the teleprompter has the day off….

    170. Makka says:

      This is what happens when he speaks without a teleprompter. He's lost.

    171. MEC says:

      How did this imbecile ever get elected as a president of a nation?

      According to Obamanation, the US is comprised of 57 to 58 states, Hawaii is located in Asia, once when campaigning he thought he was in a different state than he was actually in, and now he disses and subordinates the Northern Irish, the Scots, and the Welsh.

      PS: Let us not overlook the many grand faux pas (pahs) made my Michelle. She and the Bam have the history knowledge of cave dwellers and the etiquette of barn animals.

    172. @mconnor051 says:

      I am a conservative tea party supporter who is NO FAN of Obama's policies…but I got to say, this is trying to make things look like Obama gaffed. In this case, I really do not see it. I know this article really tries hard, but it was a pretty lame attempt.

      C'mon, there are plenty of real gaffes out there. This isn't one. Remember 57 states…that is one. This one? Nope.

    173. Laurie Davis says:

      I'll bet he really doesn't know …. this worldly Harvard graduate

    174. embarrassed4niles says:

      He obviously does, since he immediatly corrected himself. That someone spent the time to write up this post is pretty pathetic.

    175. Garrett says:

      I was wondering if the media would pick up on this….

    176. William says:

      Does whoever wrote your headline know the difference between Great Britain and the United Kingdom?

    177. TomGenin says:

      Given Obama's obvious hatred for England via their colonial past, is this really shocking that he's stuck on 18th terminology that fits his 18th century grudges?

    178. ShelbyBill says:

      From some whos supposed to be so smart but does not know what a CORPSMAN is how shoud he know about Great Britan.

    179. ramicio says:

      Uh, Great Britain is the island containing England, Scotland, and Wales. Was the embassy that of all three of those nations, or that of England?

      • William says:

        The embassy was not either of those things. It was the embassy of the United Kingdom which is a political union of the four nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    180. Ron Miller says:

      His omnipotent personna prevents him from being bothered or even caring about protocol or respect for anything,or anybody.

    181. Limey1 says:

      Americans generally use England as a synonym for Britain/the UK, and even those who think they're being correct still refer to the country as GREAT Britain which is also dead wrong – so the occasional Yank slip is understandable – and as JMcNeer said he corrected himself almost straightaway.


    183. Truth Detector says:

      "Does Obama Know the Difference between Great Britain and England?"

      You're kidding, right?

      He still thinks there are more than 57 states making up his own country.

      But I understand he's considering the issuance of an order to send Navy corpsemen to defend the English embassy in Angleland.

    184. RL Brain says:

      Are you guys serious? Our President demonstrates zero leadership in the face of one of our Nation's worst economic crises and this is what you come up with to criticize him on? Rational conservatives need to unite – we're not all idiots scrambling to pounce on semantic bread crumbs when there are whole loaves to be had.

    185. Guest says:

      Obama is a disgrace and embarrassment to the U.S. He's made his share of comments like this yet none are publicized by the media as they were when Bush made misstatements. Obama is arrogant and narcisstic which make his misstatements even more notable. (He called a corpsman a 'corpseman' several times during a ceremony honoring the corpsman.) This person that thinks he knows everything often shows he does not.

    186. tadchem says:

      I have to wonder what planet he's from.

    187. Shawn says:

      This tells you a lot about the schools and college Mr. Barry Soetoro attended while not getting and education.

    188. woody says:

      And people think Herman Cain is weak in Foreign Affairs….

    189. chip says:

      did bush know the differance between– nucler and nuclear ???

    190. saysomething says:

      Wow. Did you people even watch the video that was so helpfully included in this here post? You only have to watch 17 seconds to see that as soon as he said "English Embassy" he immediately corrected himself and said "the embassy of the United Kingdom in Iran."

      Criticize policy you disagree with. Heck, criticize actual gaffes. But this is no gaffe.

    191. TBoneMalone says:

      Come on…. Give the President a break!

      You need to hear the whole clip to understand he DID NOT make a mistake.

      Obama said: "The English Embassy is in the 57th state, they speak "Austrian" and the gates are guarded by corPSmen".

      WHAT A DOLT!

    192. heywood jablome says:

      I hope you folks out there are happy with your choice for president in the last election! You probably didn't know at the time, that Obummer was a do-nothing kind of slacker. Well, you do now! Still content with your vote? Ahhhh….I thought so!

    193. Pat says:

      HSBC and Vodafone are both larger than BP, FYI. That's roughly the same level of mistake as calling the British embassy English and immediately correcting it. Twat.

    194. Trav says:

      I love the way that you Obama-haters are claiming that Obama has "dissed" Great Britain by momentarily calling it England.

      Remember Donald Rumsfeld dismissing "Old Europe"? Remember "Freedom Fries"?

      /I'm not American or European, btw

      • Nina says:

        Finally someone with more than a one sided memory.

      • Daisytoo says:

        Who cares if you're an American or European? What matters is that you've missed the point, which is not that he's disrespected Great Briton, but that he's an idiot.

      • 99Wallenstein says:

        I remember being told president dumb-as-a-bag-of-hammers was some kind of water-walking super genius. Didn't quite turn out that way, did it….

    195. IrishAndProud says:

      Oh, it was a gaffe — he just immediately corrected himself from it. The problem is, he KEEPS…MAKING gaffes of this type, over and over. There's a pattern here — and couple that with his obvious dislike of England (often the focal point of his overall dislike of w hites and w hite countries) and it's too obvious to ignore.

    196. Alicea says:

      I nomally dont respond to the inane talking points espoused in these type of forums. Sincerely, many of the comments made here are very biased against the current president. I can understand the frustration many have with President Obama. Nevertheless, so many of these comments are so nonsensical that they are actually very funny. I'm sure many other world leaders have made errors in speeches as well. It is my firm belief that the voters of this country will make a reasonable choice in 2012. Those results will show the world that, as Americans, we can have a Clinton, a Nixon, an Obama, a Carter, in other words, we ELECT our leader and he is accountable to the people. When, in the course of events, we are not satisfied with the current leader, we have the liberty and freedom to change that. Now, if only we could express ourselves in a manner that would make some of our more "critical" points more respected and less comical.

    197. EWRoss says:

      Apparently he doesn't. It also appears that a military strike on Iran rapidly is becoming the only option. Recent media stories tell of an internal Israeli government debate over attacking Iran’s nuclear weapons program as an International Atomic Energy Commission (IAEA) report says that Iran could soon have its first nuclear weapon. Taking out Iran’s dispersed nuclear-weapons-related installations—many of which are deep underground—is a difficult task; and Iranian retaliation on Israel and U.S. forces in the region could set off a destructive and costly war. Nevertheless, military action by Israel and or the United States is rapidly becoming the only option, after sanctions and covert action have failed to do the job. http://ewross.com/military_strike_on_iran_rapidly

    198. Roland75 says:

      One has to believe that this Kenyan president still resents British colonialism.

      Remember that his first action was to return the bust of Winston Churchill that had been in the White House for decades to the British Embassy.

    199. Barry bin Inhalin says:

      We're gonna have to see those school records for this run, Barry. All of them – from Madrasa to fancy prep school to Occidental College, Columbia and then of course, Harvard Law. You see, whoever your opponent is on the R side is going to release their records – to great fanfare. I personally think you're slick but kind of a street kid and not very schooled. Your mouth proves it.

      So how about it Barry??

    200. You left out that when in Hawaii recently at an international conference he referred to the state of Hawaii (where he was born) as "Asia". (I guess that means he wasn't born in the U.S. after all.)
      Good lord, thank him/her that it was not Bushie who said THAT ! or Sarah Palin! OR Rick Perry!

    201. Rocketsurgery says:

      I guess according to the main stream media, he's too stupid to be President. Next!

    202. guest says:

      It looked to me like he had a Rick Perry moment and could not recall the word British. It happens.

    203. Jack White says:

      Sure there is an English embassy. It's around the corner from the East German embassy, right next door to the Czechoslovakian embassy.

    204. BcdErick says:

      I really don't like Obama. He is totally unqualified to be president. But I have to cut him some slack on this one. Most Americans don't know there is a difference between Great Britain and England. I lived in London 30 years ago for a year. Yes, I know, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It can get even more complicated linguistically if you want to make it so. I just couldn't understand what those folks in Liverpool were saying. Britain is a nice place, but a little gloomy. The sun seems to almost never shine.

    205. Shmoe says:


    206. Guest says:

      Did no one notice that he corrects himself IN THE VERY NEXT BREATH.

    207. judith says:

      BO doesn't own an original thought, he can only read what the teleprompter says. So it's the teleprompters fault,OR was GWB there?

    208. sonsandiego says:

      Making such a big deal about such slips of the tongue is ridiculous, especially when the media ignores or misrepresents other, much more important issues. Obama should resign, but not because he flubs every once in a while without his teleprompters.

    209. fitley says:

      This is so awesome.

    210. paperpushermj says:

      Is he not the poster child, for proof of the Peter Principles Validity

    211. This is what happens when affirmative action meet reality….the man is a dolt can't even read a teleprompter correctly.

    212. Htos1 says:

      Why is this "more better" than Cain?

    213. Californian7 says:

      I think the president has misunderestimated the English Brit Scots

    214. Juan says:

      Goes along well with the 57states!!

    215. JeffT says:

      There is no doubt Obama is not a bright man. Three years of not just gaffes, but outright stupidity, reveal this.Recall the pediatric doctors ripping out tonsils (psst, they don't do surgery, Mr. Obama) or doctors whacking off feet so as to get more money from insurance companies. He is not a very bright person and without TOTUS he is like a deer in the headlights.

    216. robxx says:

      I wonder if that photo op will make it on the "Best Of" DVD set the Obama's planned on giving the Queen for Christmas?

    217. JimDaytona says:

      There is no GOP contender that can beat Obama. It will be fun to watch any debate against with Obama pitted against either the historian or the flip flopper.

    218. Brian says:

      Other then being President and thus having the ability to really mess things up…. I don't care what Obama has to say and the Iranian government sure as hell doesn't either. He's a joke amongst world leaders.

    219. dwstick says:

      Visiting all 57 states during the campaign, praising our brave Navy Corpsemen, looking for a word in the Austrian language, is this latest gaffe really a surprise? Probably why the lamestream news media is ignoring it, too.

    220. really? says:

      Gee if this was a republican (any republican) the left wing liberal media would make this headlines. Don't dare another Dem insinuate that any conservative candidate is not qualified. Right now any republican is more than qualified compared to this impersonator

    221. Gab Jomarie says:

      Ah Obama the genius, I think NOT!

    222. DaBear says:

      See what a "college education" gets you?

    223. walter12 says:

      Obama is a monster and an idiot. Clever in politics and in the art of lying, yes, but in everything else, an idiot.

    224. JoeKidd says:

      Wow. The supposedly smartest guy in whatever room he walks into makes yet another embarrassing foreign policy gaffe. Why am I not surprised?!? Then again, what would you expect from a guy who thought adding Biden to the ticket would add “statesmanship.” <–I’m still laughing at that!

      Personally, I think the bust of Winston Churchill would do a better? job as president. Too bad Obama sent it back…

    225. JoeKidd says:

      Wow. The supposedly smartest guy in whatever room he walks into makes yet another embarrassing foreign policy gaffe. Why am I not surprised?!? Then again, what would you expect from a guy who thought adding Biden to the ticket would add “statesmanship.” <–I’m still laughing at that!

      Personally, I think the bust of Winston Churchill would do a better? job as president. Too bad Obama sent it back…

    226. Manny says:

      Although I do not like Mr. Obama I do think that this was a slip. Ok.. if it would have been President Bush it would have all over the news making him as a fool. Where is the media now?

    227. tinkerer says:

      Calm down everyone. He made a plausible mistake. After all, it was the Bank of ENGLAND (i.e. not Great Britain or the United Kingdom) that took coordinated action today along with the ECB, the Fed, the Bank of Canada and a bunch of others.

    228. saracofresi says:


    229. Cliff says:

      We will never see this reported in the US Media, yet let one GOP candidate stumble and he is made out to be unqualified. What's the difference… There are far more Obama/Biden Gaffes…

    230. FritzVon says:

      Thankfully the English, oops, I mean the British press, doesn't cover for Dumboma as much as the KoolAid drinkers in the U.S. do.

    231. Jim Graefe says:

      Says a lot for the Harvard University. Pres says France is are closest ally and we now have 47 states. Now, some is going to explain the difference between England and Britain. Makes ya proud be a Harvard grad.

    232. jamel says:

      Yeah, we have 57 states too, right O?

    233. News Fails says:

      seriously? serious….this is news? im dont support obama but even if you dont support him dont crucify him over something like this. Like i give a sh** if he calls the British Embassy the English Embassy…..
      Im voting Romney and i still think this is mental

    234. Gerber says:

      Over the years, I have lived in or traveled to 52 countries, (hey – that's 5 less than the number of US States according to President Obama). In all that travel, I have never heard anyone – local, foreign, diplomatic, tourist, or ignorant bystander – ever refer to the British Embassy as the "English Embassy"….

    235. mjv5301 says:

      The next president will need to apologize to only one foreign leader, The Prime Minester of the U.K. The average Brit has no idea how this President has disrespected them. Don't forget the DVD's he gave to Gordon Brown that don't work in the U.K., or the iPod for the Queen loaded with all his speeches. God save the Queen!

    236. Leslie McConney says:

      As Senator Obama he said repeatedly he taught Constitutional law at a university in Chicago. Later President Obama then said the Constitution was "a 1000 years old." There was no way he taught law at that college! Nor did he know the age of our great nation. In his Thanksgiving greeting several days ago President Obama called himself, …"as your Commander-And-Chief…"

    237. Charles Frunlozt says:

      Give him a break !! He should not be expected to know the difference between England and great Britain !! He has been practicing for the NBA supports the Obama Presidency game . It is a fundraiser for his campaign and will feature 50 of the top NBA stars ..Tix are $200 , $500 and $5000 for ringside .. I am sure Spike Lee and all the other 1% will be filling the stands …Hardly a " Poor guy " event..

    238. Matman says:

      Can you say Multiple Gaffes?……."crashing the English Embassy"…..don't partygoers "crash parties"?…English Embassy?………"and we expect to see some sort of definitive action sometime very quickly"…HUH?…what sort of definitive action?….by whom?…and how quickly?

    239. comprof says:

      Repeated gaffs are alright for Obama but not for anyone else.

    240. JadeJ says:

      True, it's a good thing Michelle Bachman is committed to shutting down the U.S. embassy in Tehran when she is elected.
      Seriously, What garbage!…. I don't get it. Are we doing propaganda work now for Britain in addition to Israel now?
      People, everything the anglo-ashkenazi media is feeding you is a lie. I was listening to a short segment on this BS story on the state-funded NPR: Neal Conan and Koppel are joining the chorus in this program and echoing the lies (and adding a few of their own). By the way, Iran was already on its way to expelling the British embassy staff last week when the staff was initially fined for burning down part of a wooded area in Tehran which it does not own: That is what this entire incident is about, and all Conan and Koppel did (what ethnicity are these names again?) was echo the myths about the "saudi embassador", a "synagog in Argentina", "rockets in basra". I think the only thing they missed was the "stoning woman". Koppel managed to squeeze in the importance of re-arming the Iraqis (so that a puppet can be installed to attack Iran again)…I am truly amazed at how many lies about Iran these jewrnalists were able to fit into a 10 minute segment.
      To NPR: I would like to know how much of our tax dollars are being spent on this program as well as on the individual stations, as your propaganda is overlapping that of VOA's and this is clearly a waste of tax payer dollars for the benefit of people with a certain agenda planted in our media (like Mr. Neal Conan and Ted Koppel), and their backers.

    241. littleleers says:

      I don't know if the stores still sell them, but a number of stationery stores were selling "GWB desk calendars". Each day featured an uttered gaffe.

      Now, where is the Obama desk calendar? I believe that it would need to be more than 365 days as Obama's gaffes are racking up rapidly.

    242. vtxphantom says:

      We are sorry England, for a president that is not ready for prime time. He tries, but always falls short. Someday he will make a fine third world tyrrant, If all goes to plan, the people will vote his sorry butt out of the WH next year.

    243. Sicario says:

      Maybe he will send his WOOKIE to England for some British lobster.
      That should make up for the gaff. What a tool this FRAUD is.
      Do hope Gingrich gets to debate him……

    244. my_balls_swing says:

      This is the same guy who said he has campaigned in 57 so give the Brits their English Embassy.

    245. Mike says:

      I counted at least 22 "uhs" in that one minute-long 'English Embassy' clip. Off-teleprompter he is a bumbling fool.

    246. Creg Gentry says:

      Now you know why he has his school grades sealed.

    247. Moose says:

      It is not a gaffe but exposes the fact that Obama thinks like a foreigner and not an American.

      This specific mistake is very common in people in other countries and Obama only be american by birth but not raised here shares the same

    248. STOP HELPING OBAMA says:

      it infuriates me when the liberal media treats Herman Cain and Rick Perry as if they are dumb or drunk every time they act HUMAN. that said, obama might not be american but ill accept that he's a mortal soul.

      you mentioned the milwaukee journal sentinel incident with cain yet deride the president (a man I am not fond of) for making similar mistakes.

      we are better than this, you are better than this. If you really believe what you're saying (like I do) than you wouldn't have to put out such a lazy piece of hypocrisy.

    249. It is absolutely embarrasing. The world has to bear with him one more year.

    250. If this had been Perry this would have made headlines! Any doubt there is a left wing media bias?

    251. Obamacide says:

      What a buffoon…

    252. PoutingPOTUS says:

      and there's uproar over Cains comments regarding Libya?? This idiot is POTUS and cant get the name of a country right… i blush in embarrassment…

    253. NlightenedCurmudgeon says:

      I wonder if they speak British in the English Embassy.

    254. redhawk says:

      So he still cannot know the REAL name of one of our allies … gets a pass by MSM , goes on campaigning, tells America that he needs a Second term to " FINISH THE JOB" ( and that is SCARY!)… but will we see this on NBC or ABC… Or cbs??? But how smart is he REALLY???

    255. Someone owes Herman Cain an apology.

    256. smhawkes says:

      The press loved to point out every little gaff that G.W. Bush made but will not cover any of Obama's.

    257. Eric C says:

      For every Brit/Englishman taking offense to this, here's something to think about the next time you refer to an American as a "Yank". Yankees are from the North and many in our country take offense to being referred to as such. We are not all Yankees. I hate Obama's politics but before you rake him over the coals for making a mistake try turning the microscope on yourself.

    258. sylvia says:

      This doesn't sound like too much of an error perhaps to many out there, but its a great big gaffe considering he gets touted as a man of eloquent words. Nothing eloquent about this man. He is not the splendid orator that the media has made him out to be, nor will he ever be.

    259. Glitchus says:

      Obama knows how to be a community organizer/campaigner…and that's about it.

    260. Bluelineman says:

      Where was the teleprompter???

    261. Roy Wilson says:

      Last night on the NBC affiliate, KING TV, Seattle, they led–LED–the 11:00 news with these words: "A REPUBLICAN candidate for President [a misstatement] flubbed again–this time TWICE–in an interview today."

      Twenty-five minutes later they played the video of Perry's screwup on 21-year-olds voting on Nov. 12.

      I will be watching closely tonight to see how they cover Obama's latest faux pas.

      I'll get back to you on that.

    262. Jason says:

      Not unusual. He gave a speech in Hawaii at an APEC conference recently and thought he was in Asia.

      I am now convinced that "world geography" was not offered in the Harvard curriculum. I'm glad I don't go to that school. Tsk, Tsk, all that money for nothin'.

    263. Barry Levy says:

      I placed a call to the White House and asked for the itinerary that allowed this clown to go to 57 states.

      I want to become as educated as the clown in chief, and see all the states that this ignoramus has seen.

    264. @ToryLynx says:

      In this article it states a difference between Great Britain and the United Kingdom. It then goes on to repeatedly use the word Britain instead of the United Kingdom, where the correct term would be the United Kingdom. As a nation state the US would deal with the nation state of the whole union; the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

      Northern Ireland can be called British because it is of Britain, though not in Britain. Possessions of the UK are called British.

      To clarify, that's not Britain, in Loudoun County, Virginia.

    265. Slick Rick says:

      What nonsense ! Surely you can find something more substantial to upbraid the President. Across the planet, the words English and British are used interchangeably without regard to geopraphy and ethnology within the United Kingdom. Why, even the British indulge in this. Have ever heard of the British Football team or the British Cricket team. Probably not. In both cases the team is referenced as England and not Great Britain even though players from both Scotland and Wales participate.

    266. John Mellor says:

      Making a stink about minor gaffes like this only distract from the things he does wrong that actually matter. Th 57 states thing is so dumb. It's obvious he made a slip of the tongue. If you stamp your feet about little things like that, the important stuff gets lost in the noise. Spend your outrage on the very many things worth drawing attention to, not this silly nonsense.

    267. dee says:

      where are the sharks that strike rick perry for every inconsequential wording? perry is the best candidate for president; obama is the worst president ever. could it be the focus of the media's slings and arrows?

    268. Ra Kas says:

      I suppose any of you critics are smarter than Obama? NO!

    269. onthedot says:

      If this had been President Bush, it would have been all over the main stream media, Steward, Colbert, and Mahr.

    270. StandingO says:

      I wouldn't be surprised if this gaffe was intentional. Obowma hates the British, as he was taught to do by his father. Recall that he sent the bust of Churchill back to No. 10 in fishwrap and insulted Her Majesty the Queen by sending her some gadget loaded with his own stupid speeches, among other things. He is the biggest mistake America has ever made, by far.

    271. Jay says:

      As a UK citizen I think you are splitting hairs over this, its a slip of the tongue that's corrected instantly, compared to the gaffes made by his predecessor this is a non entity….lets try to find a real story to report.

    272. Ra Kas says:

      So many highly intelligent comments….any of you smart enough to be POTUS? I doubt it!

    273. Strawnman says:

      And the Republican candidates are called "dunces" because. . .?

    274. bigdan says:

      Isn't it true that they speak Austrian at the English Embassy when communicating with states 51-57?

    275. rowley says:

      Anyone but Obama but Never Hillary.

    276. nunyainct says:

      Where does one start with Obama? The simple fact he did nothing to encourage the Iranian dissidents back in 2009 with the election results, saying "he didn't want to interfere with their government, yet said of Israel they needed to go back to their 1967 territories. Obama tacitly let his disdain be known for the UK when he famously returned the bust of Churchill to Gordon Brown, slapping the face of our closest ally. He has aligned himself with terrorist despots and Communists. Since I have watched him do whatever he can to advance fundamentalist Islam throughout the world, I cannot help but feel he is secretly applauding this repeat of the 1979 US embassy in Tehran, only now, it's the British embassy.

    277. JMR says:

      Well, after all he is just a community organizer!

    278. R. U. Serious says:

      He corrected hmself right away, you people are all morons.

    279. Charles Tuna says:

      Obviously the teleprompter scewed this up. Or President Bush did…

    280. tailgunnerjoe says:

      Did he correct it?

    281. Jean says:

      Whoever wrote this should know that Northern Ireland IS Great Britain along with Scotland and Wales

    282. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      The gaffes of Democrats are acceptable and understandable, but the gaffes of Republicans indicate their stupidity and are their undoing.

      Consider that he may have done this on purpose as another poke in the eye of our once great ally across the pond. Remember that he had the Churchill bust removed from the White House shortly after his immaculation.

    283. toledofan says:

      We need to get to the bottom of this, did the teleprompted malfunction, did someone type in the wrong word, was this a cyber attack to make the President look bad, the plot thickens. Wait I heard he said we had 57 states and still nobody has asked him to spell potato. Let's face it, this guy could forget his wife name or event the state he lives in and he'd probably get it wrong, he doesn't care, the media doesn't care, and it's like who else should care that the guy is a light weight. I mean everybody on the left has made him into the smatest man on earth but yet they wouldn't consider putting him against a couple of 5th graders.

    284. Zack Replica says:

      A gaffe, indeed, but not nearly bad as GWB thinking that Niger is a continent (in 2000 debate with Gore).

    285. STOP HELPING OBAMA says:

      it infuriates me when the liberal media treats Herman Cain and Rick Perry as if they are dumb or drunk every time they act HUMAN. that said, obama might not be american but ill accept that he's a mortal soul.

    286. Wrong says:


      Obama Corrected himself and stated "the embassy of the United Kingdom" but facts don't matter when your goal is simply to attack the man.

    287. andyfromamerica says:

      (the post, that is….)

    288. BigPerk says:

      I wonder if presidents past were under the same scrutiny as we have put this one under? I mean, maybe Washington or Jefferson were idiots too if one was to go back and scrutinize every word said.. I am thinking maybe the guy who wrote this might be an idiot too, maybe we should all collectively go back through his work and see. I BET there are snafu's to be found. Now, I am about as middle road as they come, independent as the day is long, why? Because I believe we have ALL been bamboozled, thinking the "other-side" whichever that maybe, is at fault, or going to fix it all.. LOL. If that were the case, then at one point it should have all been fixed, but, it never has.. thats because it is and always will be a work in progress. We as a nation are the ones to blame in many cases.. We expect things that took 30 yrs to get so screwed up to be fixed over night. We forget who was at the helm during all those "Golden Years" of spending and thrift that almost tanked the housing and banking sections and we do things like continue to buy foreign goods to save a dollar knowing one less American will have a job as a result of it. We have turned into a nation of selfishness. More then willing to help some third world county hit with disaster or disease, yet we snob our noses at our own poor, asking them to do more in an economy which was left 8 million jobs short because of poor past decisions. We continue to hire illegal aliens to save a few bucks when we know doing so will only land more Americans on unemployment or welfare and then complain that we have to contribute to those funds and we make any who are already down on their luck feel like they just aren't trying hard enough, when many if not most are. We forget that same compassion we will extend to others when it comes to our own. Are many of them useless individuals with their hands out, YES.. Sure they are. But what do we know about those we send billions too in S.Africa, Haiti and the like? We don't scrutinize them, we just give because its needed. Well, millions of children in our OWN Country are under nourished or obese because the food they are able to afford is full of sugar and lacking nutrition. Yet THEY are to blame. Our Schools are dropping in stature, world wide, and we will spend millions to get to the bottom of it, but, god forbid we actually raise taxes to help out and hold those accountable. We house and home aprox 11 MILLION Illegals, and the minute someone decides to do something about it, out come the pictures of the poor anchor babies and elderly.. I personally don't care what you have done since you came here, you came illegally, so, you need to atone for that and the problems it brings with it, like your children having to return as well. We want people to fix these things but the minute the hard decisions are made, the bleeding hearts come out of the woodwork and throw a monkey wrench in things and we end up spending more money in the effort then for the effort and the only one who continues to get fat with all this are those Democrats and Republican idiots in OUR Government. You see, our government is much like a "Pro-Wrestling" match. Before they come out to the camera's they sit around the same locker rooms, share jokes, maybe a pizza and talk sports scores, then the camera's come on and its all about kickin the crap out of each other.. each one contesting the other is the bad guy and is going down! We the fans get all excited and begin to divide our loyalty to the side we like, thinking they will be the one to win… thing is though, the outcome has already been decided, and we may even know it, but, we will yell hoop and holler at the guy holding the opposing wrestlers sign, maybe even toss him a bird or two.. we then watch the match and eventually one of them wins, or their is a disqualification or whatever.. either way it comes to an end and the camera's move on to the next set of wrestlers.. so back to the locker rooms they go.. back to finishing up that pizza, and planning on how they can put on an even better show next time around.. Well, this is our government in a nutshell.. what we see and hear is all a dog and pony act and our Congress is the WWE of all Governments.. Top showman.. and they have manipulated our time, our loyalties, and our money for their profit.. and this show seems to never end or be in jeopardy of being canceled. Funny thing is though.. WE OWN THE COMPANY in this case and STILL do nothing but fight amongst ourselves over petty BS like, did Obama say this, what an idiot.. Did Perry really ask those TWENTY ONE year olds for their vote when the legal voting age is 18? Did Cain really just deny that he did anything to woman #162? etc.. etc..etc.. We are so shallow, even when we have our own spot on the Internet and think we know it all..

    289. MissyT says:

      I hear that the republicans on their most recent strategy teleconference do not wish to go "negative" on Obama. Everyone knows there are many negatives about this President. Negative ads WIN elections and if the republicans refuse to go negative, it will be a loss – plain and simple and we will have this disaster in the white house for four more years. Republicans neeed to get some stones, come out swinging and be swinging for the next 11 months.

    290. Illusionaryr says:

      The governors of all 57 states should personally apologize to the queen of england for this embarrasment. Wait There are only 50 states darn I cant believe I did that. Whats that? the queen isnt incharge anymore gees

    291. Bella says:

      I think that if this is the most you have to complain about, you've got WAY too much time on your hands. And STOP worshiping Reagan. It feel like you're part of a cult that gets weirder ever day

    292. Preston says:

      I hate that most Americans cannot understand that England is not the United Kingdom. Therefore it is not an implied name as you would be talking about a different thing if you simply called it England.

    293. sally washington says:

      keep running your mouth because you are convicting you. go ahead an say i hate him because he is black, damn you spiritually dumb. you don't understand sowing and reaping. please read the bible and quit listening to the wrong people. you say i am a christian, but you don't have any biblical knowledge, talk peaceful, or act like a christian. "one black man makes me angry", lol!

    294. Pingback: Obama Gaffs Screw-ups and Stupid Comment List | North Saint Paul News

    295. Annoyed says:

      Although this may not seem like a big deal to an American or the English for that matter but it's at the very least extremely annoying for a Welshman or a Scotsman as the leader of the free world has just wiped us off the map or made it very clear that Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland are inconsiquential. It's this sort of reaction from so many in the US (that it's no big deal if England has swallowed up the whole of Britannia) that gives rise to extreme nationalism in Wales and Scotland. I don't for a second believe that so many Americans are too stupid to read a map, it's just ignorance.

      Wars have been fought and blood has been spilt over the centuries so that the nations that make up the Union of Great Britain can retain their national identities and in the Welsh case their own language, for the most powerful man on the planet and for so many Americans (who so many in the UK look up to) to so casually dismiss their very existence is insulting and IS clearly a big deal, get it right for heavens sake.

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