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  • Tea Party Leader Calls Comparisons to Occupy Wall Street 'Insulting'

    Media coverage of Occupy Wall Street has dominated the news lately, supplanting stories about the Tea Party movement and the grassroots uprising that took Washington by storm. For one of the movement’s early leaders, it has come as no surprise. Jenny Beth Martin is a co-founder and national coordinator for Tea Party Patriots. Today she continues to fight against big government, albeit while fending off comparisons to Occupy Wall Street.

    In an interview with Ginni Thomas at The Daily Caller, Martin talked about the early rise of Tea Party and two of its champions in Washington — Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC). But her most profound comments came on the subject of Occupy Wall Street, a movement she complained was “manufactured” by the media in search of an alternative to the Tea Party.

    “The distinctions between Occupy Wall Street and the tea party movement are so vast that it really becomes insulting, the comparisons,” Martin said.

    She added:

    I wasn’t surprised when the president or the Democrat leadership embraced Occupy Wall Street. Even with the press, they have been clamoring … for the past two-and-a-half years they couldn’t find any comparison between the Tea Party movement and anything they had going on their side. And so I think that they’ve manufactured something. They’re trying to say this is the equivalent of the Tea Party movement and it’s not. But they need that so desparetely on their side, they’re willing to embrace lawlessness just so they can say that there’s a comparison.

    That’s a similar message to the one Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner and First Coast Tea Party co-founder Billie Tucker delivered in a commentary earlier this month. They noted that Tea Party activists respect the values set forth by the Founding Fathers, while the Occupy Wall Street protesters want to dramatically change America.

    “Any comparisons between the Tea Party, which desires to liberate ‘We the People’ from big government, and the Wall Street occupiers, who want more government regulation,” Feulner and Tucker wrote, “is either misguided or made to intentionally confuse Americans.”

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    18 Responses to Tea Party Leader Calls Comparisons to Occupy Wall Street 'Insulting'

    1. Bobbie says:

      Feulner and Tucker wrote, “is either misguided or made to intentionally confuse Americans.” I'd say the latter as is evident public education and those in position, wrongfully allows intentional misinterpretation of America's constitution, the American peoples' constitution that empowers the individual, not allow government in control over ones own!

      Just think how strong America and the people on wall street wouldn't be today if EVERYONE knew their individual power and strength through the proper interpretation of The American Constitution!!!

      Thank you Jenny Beth Martin and all who stand to show the strength of America(ns)!

    2. Jeff Franks says:

      Comparing Occupy Wall Street to the Tea Party, is like comparing apples and oranges. And yes, I am not trying to insult any of them. Occupy Wall Street is about the 99% and the Tea party is only worried about taxes.

      • Lloyd Scallan says:

        Jeff – You're a fool to suggest OWS is about the 99%. OWS is about anarchisism, Marxism, communism,
        and union power. The Tea Party is about saving our American way of life. It's more like comparing food with human waste.

        • steve h says:

          The Tea Party is nothing more than pawns that are being moved about by the incredibly wealthy pulling their strings. These are a group of folks who don't have a rgeat grasp of federal policy or macro/micro economics, but are being fed misinformation via organizations and media outlets who are pushing a political agenda and political vision. The facts are most of the people out there in tea party circles would be hurt by the policies they protest in favor of.

          The OWS, to me, just seems like a group of folks who want to hang out in drum circles. I'm not sure most of them even know what the protest is about.

          Surely, some in both circles know what they are speaking about, but the majority on both have no clue what they are doing or saying and are there like blind sheep.

          • Kirt Cortez says:

            You have obviously ignored the message of the Tea Party as you have no idea other than the puppet repeated rhetorical words fed to you by MSNBC…

          • Tony Venuti says:

            Steve, I was Born in 1950. The Tea Party is an Attitude…that says…."you spoiled children of the 50's & 60's who have contempt for parents, contempt for authority…USED by Marxists who in the media defeated McCarthy….
            We are the parents of the children that stole the keys to daddy's liquor cabinet. Colleges taught you to hate, taught you NOT to think for yourself…

            Can't you see the destructive path that discontent laid out for us….we are now so contentious with one another….."keep you eyes on the NAME-CALLING…." you will have your answer..

    3. JACK MYERS says:


      • Bobbie says:

        it "appears" that way because you're narrowed on one perspective. who implements costly programs and initiates no reason for people to live free and do for themselves? that'd be the democratic party, JACK. the party consuming freedom and liberty. that's what it "appears" to me who's family is not rich, barely living independently directly the cause of government costs obligated by government on us to support their unconstitutional, dysfunctional overreach. NO! we'd like to live our lives not handed out by unconstitutional government and government costs constricting our livelihoods!

        the "rich" (who amounts to every nationality) got there with the approval of government thus far (equal opportunity,) now government spins it into a sin to achieve so you can blame the innocent? it all goes back to government being the root cause!

        we use to be democrat JACK! we found truth, strength and dignity in America and in all Americans who live free (who are by the way of every human skin color) and have unfortunately by the democrats own doing, come to despise the party of no American value.

        There is no reason to put more money in the hands of government who doesn't even know it's own job and shows not to be trusted who helps themselves in filling their pockets at outrageous salaries and benefits! all the target on the "rich" is to result in more government control! THAT'S IT!

        The tea party isn't bought which is the expected dignity of all people being paid to run matters outside OUR control. unfortunately standards in regard to government are so beneath what is necessary in true leadership.

        democrats force sacrifice on some for the all expense paid benefit to others.

        Republicans are defending the values of this country and people by putting the place of government where it belongs and where government (tax paid) service holds no racism, discrimination, bias, favoritism, culturalism. the way America's government is suppose to govern as democrats wastefully paid, playing DUMB to it, belittling society, costing unfair time trouble and tension with trillions of wasted dollars on the shoulders of America. that doesn't even TOUCH on the corruption and it's costs of this party who holds no accountability! that's not American leadership and shouldn't be forced on America to afford so I hope you can understand these blatant concerns… the democratic party receives more donations through the unconstitutional government unions and any "rich" in agreement with this government solution is either working in government or on the side of government to eliminate the equal opportunity to become rich through ones own potential. It "appears" government will appoint the "rich."

        • carol,az says:

          Hey Bobbie, I'm an X Dem also…I knew there's was a reason I liked you. Rock on !

          • Bobbie says:

            Cool, Carol. same here! I like the way you call it "X Dem!" sounds like an awesome title to a successful private business!!! The X Dem Club!?? Rock on!!

    4. Carol U says:

      I hate to break the news, but "super rich" and "large business" donate as much to the Democrat Party as they do the Republican Party. What is at stake here is PERSONAL liberty, not liberty of business. Smaller government means more PERSONAL money in our pockets and fewer regulations butting into our PERSONAL lives. And for the record, I'm neither a member of the Tea Party nor the Occupy Wall Street movement. Just a "regular Jane."

      • steve h says:

        Smaller government also means you are on your own – build your own roads and bridges and schools – make your own emergency response and military for protection – test your own food and medicine – do your own medical research – spill whatever you want into the water and air. I am one of those nutjobs that likes the FBI and FDA and likes the idea that there are regulations on harmful chemicals and materials that are allowed in things we touch and eat and buildings we live in.

        Smaller government is just a fairy tale – move to sub-sahara africa and see what countries without government are like.

        • carol,az says:

          Steve, there's a huge difference between smaller Federal Govt running our lives_ and "no govt at all" per example_ in South Africa.
          Reported now_ 31% of our workforce , work for the Federal Govt. If this stat has changed , someone please update it.
          In Europe: first Greece, now Italy, and Spain and Portugal will soon follow, declaring bankruptcy.
          Greece_ reported 71% of the population was employed by the Govt. That's why they're called "nanny states".
          The Tea Party is calling for smaller Fed. Govt and support for the developement of small Buss which is the keystone for American enterprise and African self independence.
          No one is suggesting that Federal agencies like the FBI, be dissolved.
          We need LEADERSHIP in all Fed agencies. Most will agree we have some of the dumbest people appointed to these agencies we've ever seen empowered.
          A two letter word will suffice. NO
          no more spending no Obama care, no fairy tales.

    5. chatmandu002 says:

      I am a Tea Party Patriot, mock me if you must, ridicule me if you will. But I believe in our Constitution our Republic and will vote accordingly.

    6. carol,az says:

      The Tea Party stood firmly for every patriotic position of national importance from day one.
      The Tea Party has a platform, and solid solutions, for every botched policy we are led to believe, "has no solutions."
      The current gang of googs will further bloody the waters:
      they have no platform , no agenda, to run on.
      It's redundant of the farcical role playing of the Occupiers.
      The Dems have splintered within thier own ranks are frozen with fear , backs to the wall without the benefit of pea shooter .
      If your looking for a good read: log-on to,
      The Tea Party Platform website and read in detail : solutions , American leadership, all accomplished with less Federal Govt running our lives.

      Thank You MS Martin, you've made my day!

    7. John says:

      OWS is violent?
      Tea Party proponents(Koch Bros, Palin, Limbaugh, Jenny Beth Martin, etc.) with their dialogue have created an environment that led to taunting 2nd amendment displays at an Obama appearance and resulted in a crazed shootout in California and an assassination attempt in Tucson, which left many dead, including a little girl.
      "blood of patriots for the tree of liberty", I suppose.

      • Bobbie says:

        you're so quick to judge. if WORDS of the people you just mentioned are going to effect someone's actions, those someone's and their reluctance to truth probably shouldn't be in America! don't blame words blame the ones that commit the acts of crime. everyone has a mind of their own that controls their own personal behavior regardless of someone elses WORDS! ALL democrats do is look for a way to slander their opposition while the opposition has to clean up the mess of democrats, defend themselves and do the job! what a waste of money the democratic party is! how infantile and ugly. are you privy to reality or is reality drown by your flavored kool-aid?!

    8. dan bulla says:

      Let's see, those known to have endorsed the Occupy movement to date include: American Communist Party, American Nazis, several large union bosses, assorted anti-Semitic groups/folks, various avowed socialist/Marxist personal pals of Obama, various 'freedom fighters' (convicted terrorists from assorted other countries), Nancy Pelosi and our Socialist-in-Chief, hisownself. It walks like, sounds like and looks like a socialist duck to me.

      In the 60'/70's protesters hollered "don't draft me" and socialist/Marxist babble. The Occupy protesters holler "give me more, for free" and socialist/Marxist babble. Apparently, the collapse of every socialist system on planet earth has escaped these morons.

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