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  • The Right Way to Reform Immigration

    In an op-ed for FOX News Heritage’s Jim Carafano lays out policy ideas that can lead to true immigration reform. The main argument was that immigration reform cannot begin with Amnesty. There are many other ways to confront the problem of illegal immigration, but Amnesty is a “non-starter”

    The first thing we must do, Carafano argues, is secure our borders. This will require a partnership with Mexico. Carafano states:

    …we can and must do more stateside to secure the border. But we need sensible security measures, with D.C., the states and border communities all pulling in the same direction.

    In the last few years, the borders, especially on the Mexican side, have gotten much worse. The cartels have taken hold of the borders. The Cartels used to run when they saw the police, but now they fight back. Hopefully, the tide will change soon. If we don’t secure our borders first, we won’t have meaningful reform.

    Another step to take for reform is giving employers the tools they need to prevent the from hiring illegal immigrants. Whether it is e-verify, or another policy, employers need more tools. Carafano argues:

    In addition to doing better operationally, we need to do a better job on the policy front. That includes effective, adequate temporary worker programs that get employers the employees when they need, when they need them to help grow the economy and create more jobs. It means opening the door to high-skilled immigration. It also means enforcing the immigration and workplace laws.

    Finally, Amnesty should not be a policy option. Not only would it encourage more illegal immigration, it would also reward those who have broken our laws.

    Finally, immigration reform cannot lead with amnesty. Americans will have to demonstrate wisdom and compassion in crafting strategies to deal with those are residing unlawfully in the United States now, but the campaign cannot start by granting a widespread amnesty. That would reward those who have broken our laws and undermine confidence in all other efforts to fix the problem. Amnesties just encourage more illegal entry and unlawful presence.

    Amnesty will lead to more problems and will not solve very many. One thing is clear. Our current policies are not working and they desperately need to be reformed.

    immigration reform

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    26 Responses to The Right Way to Reform Immigration

    1. Ralph says:

      And what makes these clowns in U.S. offices think that Caldreon will help us secure the border. Hell, the more mexicans that come to the United States the better for him. He can line his pockets with more money on top of what he is getting from the cartels. The Mexican Gov. are a bunch of crooks and this has being going on since the beginning of time for these people. Since way before the Mexican Revolution. What makes you think they are any better now. All they do is surpress the people and keep them where they want them, on the ground. The only reason the Mexican Gov. doen't want american guns in mexico, this due to the fact that if they fall on the hands of the people there will be another Mexican revolution. Don't worry, our Government is close behind the Mexican Government.

    2. rked says:

      "Finally, Amnesty should not be a policy option. Not only would it encourage more illegal immigration, it would also reward those who have broken our laws"

      Thank You & pass the ketsup…!!!—I have been waiting a VERY long time to see some Common Sense in the print media….cuz I was beginning to think that All idiot politcians were Blind to the fact that Amnesty just gets you More ILLEGALS … DUH !!!

    3. Richard Powell says:

      First we must have better border security. Everyone must be made aware that they will be fined if they hire someone. Fines must be high enough to make sure they do not break the law. this should apply to renting, registering a vehicle and all purchases. work permits should be issued to all who are not citizens.All family members NO EXCEPTIONS Taxes should be collected just like citizens. It should be required that work permits should be carried at all times.What is so hard about doing this??????

    4. @DocSpotts says:

      Looks remarkably similar (although less detailed) to Newt's 10 point plan on immigration. Too bad so many people would rather react than read or listen to understand. Even Bachman in the debate seemed intent on misrepresenting what Newt had just said, hoping to score political points. Newt is the only candidate that convinces me he is absolutely serious about solving problems, not just getting elected. http://www.newt.org/solutions/immigration

      • spike says:

        Newt needs to get out in the real world for a few days.He dosn't have a clue about illeagles.I live in fruit growing country and my closet neighbors are Mexicans both leagle and illeagles.A lot of them have been here for over 20 years and none of them have any desire to assimilate into American culture,They raise their anchor babies to be Mexicans and American only to use for all the freebies that this country so foolishly supplies.Most pretend to not understand or speak English,why,because then they cannot beheld responsable for not doing their jobs. Time to send them all home along with their anchor kids,let them get to the back of the line to come back into work,THEY BROKE THE LAW!Newt is pandering to yhese folks to get votes plain and simple and he has lost mine.

      • Newt's solution is if you have been here 25 years we will forgive your illegal activity…..why should coming to this country be treated any differently than any other crime?

        That is advocating the Rule of Lawlessness rather than the Rule of Law……

      • Georga says:

        Thanks, Doc, for being one of the few who actually listenend to Newt…the other candidates, like Bachmann and Romney, make themselves look bad by spinning what Newt said. So does Fox. I just pray there are lots of us who heard what he said and that there's enough reason and logic to get him, Newt, elected! :)

    5. We should use E-verify at the minimum to vet a U.S. President and the maybe we wouldn't have as many problems facing the nation today.

    6. David Nichols says:

      The E-verify Law, the I.C.E. Deportation/Incarceration Programs, and "The Worst Recession i n U.S. History" all began January 2008.

      Every Stimulus Package, Bail Out Package, Cash For Clunkers, Automotive Bail Out, Home Mortgage Bailing Program, ect. has occurred since January 2008 by two Presidents now, and has only been "Treating the Symptoms" of the Damage Deportation has done to America.

      For every Good, Hard Working Immigrant Deported since January 2008 by I.C.E. America has lost over four times as many jobs.

      Fact: The Hard Labor Immigrants used to gladly do for America was the very Foundation of our once Strong Economy, and this Hard Labor supported All other American jobs.

      The Great President Ronald Reagan facing a massive National Deficit in 1986 did two things, he lowered taxes, however most importantly he granted "Amnesty to approx: three million good, hard working Immigrants.
      Over the following twenty-two year period approx; twelve million more Immigrants came to "The Greatest Country on Earth". They came un-documented not by choice, but by the only way allowed to poor, not wealthy People. (Hard Workers.)

      This twenty-two year period was "The most Prosperous " period in Total U.S. History.

      Hey, Brilliant Economists: Tens of thousands of vacated Immigrants dwellings couldn't have cased vacant homes or a "Foreclosure Crisis", could it?

      "America is great because it is good, when it ceases to be good, it ceases to be great."
      Alex De Tocqueville

      Deporting Tens of Thousands of Parents away from their legal Citizen Children, and Families is not Good!

      We need to Remember who we are America.

      This Great Nation of Immigrants was built on far better "Principles, and Values".

      This is "The Wrong Road America is on."

      To: Good, and Brotherhood.

    7. Micheal says:

      To begin with, this is not an immigration issue but one of criminality, and should be dealt with as such. To keep referring to "immigration issues" is to play into the hands of those who play the race (or ethnicity) card to promote a pro-democrat mind-set in our Hispanic citizens. Sadly, that seems to be working. And now a legally redistricted map in Texas is about to be redrawn by two Hispanic judges with the sole intent of providing more democratic legislators in 2012. And they will vote democrat because of being brainwashed into believing this is an immigration issue they feel they are on the wrong side of.

    8. Lance says:

      Very competent of you to eliminate your share buttons.

    9. cruizin596 says:

      I agree with securing our borders. That must be done first, before anything else to stop the flow of illegals. However, at some point, amnesty will have to be part of the plan. There is no feasible to locate, pursue and aprehend the millions of illegals in this country. To say differently, in my opinion, is to live in a fairytale world. I firmly believe that any amnesty program should 1) involve self reporting 2) only be offered to those who have been in this country for a significant length of time and established themselves as productive and law abiding members of the community and 3) require that they pursue citizenship, but that they go to the back of the line. I also believe that we need to resolve the issue of citizenship by virtue of being born within the confines of our borders. Citizenship should be based upon the citizenship of the mother (unless the father is a US citizen) and how long she has been a legal resident of the US.

    10. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Secure the boarder first. Deport every person who can be found that entered this country illegally. The bottom line is they committed a crime in the first place. It makes no difference how long they've been here. Do we want citizens that began by committing a crime? No more "anchor babies". That alone is the biggest "magnet" of all. We must send a strong message that we are a nation of laws and are willing to enforce those laws. Anyone that truly want to become a citizen of this nation should be allowed to go through the normal legal process with no exceptions. In particulars exceptions for Democrat voters.

    11. C.Adli says:

      This is my belief after being an immigrant myself.I like Newt's plan but a few things are also very important.1-Completly shutting the border to illegals.2-This is very important.Stop giving citizenship to any child of non citizens.Newt's 25 yr.limit is not written on stone.Can be moved down under some circumstences.

    12. @Elvincan2 says:

      Newt's proposal is the only one so far to deal with the need for a real TEMPORARY worker program. ALL of the others both Dem & Rep are busy playing politics with the Hispanic vote. We need BORDER CONTROL FIRST and then a REAL guest worker program. Cudos to Newt and the Heritage Foundation for the balanced look. BTW – I really feel that enforcement is the Federal Gov't's responsibility first and then the States'. Employers should not be the first line of defense. Think about it. Why should businesses be held accountable for what the govenment can't even take a coherent position on? When a trumpet blows and undertain sound… what does it mean?

    13. kvoice says:

      When we all first heard who the Republican Candidates were going to be, and saw Newt's name listed, I thought… you have got to be kidding me! But after all of these debates, and watching the participants answer, I am convinced that the best choice to lead is Newt. I agree with others here that he is not only serious about fixing the immigration issue but he has a plan for everything else that this administration has bungled up. There has not been a question or topic that stumps him, and for all of those that have jumped on his comments from the last debate, well good luck. The American people will be able to differentiate between honesty and sincerity as opposed to political positioning. Bachmann and Romney should be ashamed!

      • carol,az says:

        Gingrich 's quasi-partial program is NOT good for America.
        It has more pot holes than Swiss cheese to appeal to his ultra Liberal brethren.
        We.ve had a guest work program for decades. Trouble is_ the employers pass on all cost and responsibility to you, the American tax payer. Or haven't you noticed?
        Bachman and Romney have nothing to be ashamed of_.THey want to secure our border .
        They want to enforce our Federal Laws.
        They want to protect Americans.
        If you haven't heard that would also include you and me.

    14. jack says:

      I would suggest that we should remove support for the many permentantly unemployed and require accepting a job doing what the temporary or illegal employees do. Why should we support inactivity in lieu of performance? Hunger is a great motivater!

    15. carol,az says:

      Thank You Todd for some excellent decision points. _We also agree that amnesty is not the answer._ One point to be taken seriously_ MX is in anarchy .
      All border news is skewed by our media.
      When 44,000 people are murdered by a war of terror in their own country_ it's called genocide.
      The numerous articles reported on this topic by this website_ refuses to utilize this word.
      I just got back from TX yesterday. The war there has expanded exponentially inside TX. (re: 11/03/11)
      please embed both re.

    16. steve m. burton says:

      Amnesty first is a recipe for amnesty forever. Blanket pardons for offending our immigration laws sends the message that the government will never punish those who break our immigration laws. At some point, there will have to be something that brings in the majority of the illegal population into the citizenry of America. No amount of money and manpower will accomplish finding and deporting all illegal immigrants.

      One thing I take issue with in the above article is the need for high-skilled immigrants. Maybe in the short run, but not in the long term. With all the money wasted on education in this country, there should be dedicated monies to training mor U.S. students in math, the sciences and engineering. When I was a younger man I cannot tell you how many folks from the terrorist hotbeds of the world were enrolled in just those academic programs. Why would our nation want to import those workers when the need can be filled by directing education policy domestically to produce workers qualified and trained in all those fields?

    17. Sam says:

      This is a near content free article. What would be helpful is to actually have specific proposals instead of "securing the border" and "better policy." For one, we have more border security than ever, longer fences, more ICE funding. We have finite resources to spend and it's money poorly spent. Secondly, amnesty is not a dirty word and it does little if anything to incentivize people to come here illegally. What is so attractive is our wealth and offer of opportunity. Newt had a good idea that would please most everyone but the haters – Reagan's principles were even better.

    18. Dave Kay says:

      What needs to be done is simply to enforce our current immigration laws. Period. All this talk, from all these folks, who have little to NO personal experience in dealing with out nation's immigration system should stop-down and just listen; there are no problems with our immigration laws that need to be "reformed" and our immigration system is NOT "broken." These are but TWO of the most misleading and ambiguous catch-phrases used ALL too often in this debate. My wife came to the U.S. on a 6-mos visa, we married, went through the system to fully legalize her status and I can tell you that our immigration system works PERFECTLY fine— if you go the legal route! Any other way and you jeopardize your status and hence, your right to stay here legally. But for some, who think this inconvenient, well let's change the laws! NOT!!!!!

    19. sandy says:

      Our education system must stop siding with the Mexicans even if they are legal. This is America and if my daughter wants to wear the American flag tee shit on Cinco De Mayo that is her right.

    20. Darrell Vann says:

      What if the U.S.A. adopted the same immigration laws as Mexico? It only seems fair to me that we have the similar policies as Mexico is demanding of us. Mexico will never take us seriously until we do.

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