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  • Congress: You Must Still Do Your Job, Supercommittee or Not

    The congressional Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, called the Supercommittee, announced today that it has failed to meet its statutory duty to recommend deficit reduction to Congress.  But the overspending problem is still here.  Congress does not get to quit on the American people or stall for more time.  Congress must still act to get federal spending under control, in a thoughtful, intelligent manner that meets the needs of the American people.

    Mindless across-the-board cuts to government spending — especially cuts that gut the nation’s defenses when America already faces a military readiness crisis — is not the way to proceed.  Nor is a job-killing tax hike that grows the government instead of the economy.

    Instead, Congress needs to rest a tight federal budget on three pillars:  (1) drive down federal spending, including fixing entitlement programs, toward a balanced budget, (2) maintain our ability to protect America, and (3) do so without raising taxes.  It can be done.  The Heritage Foundation showed how with Saving the American Dream:  The Heritage Plan to Fix the Debt, Cut Spending, and Restore Prosperity.

    The burden of leadership rests squarely on five people:  President Barack Obama (D-IL), Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).  Over the years, Congress has tried one procedural gimmick after another — the Supercommittee is only the latest gimmick to fail — to try to avoid the hard votes necessary to cut spending.  There is no more time for gimmicks.

    The Leadership and other Members of Congress must explain to the American people the hard, cold facts about the federal government’s overspending. America is more than $15 trillion in debt and government spending accounts for nearly one-fourth of what our economy produces every year, and both numbers are getting worse.  America needs less debt, less spending, and less government.

    The role of Members of Congress is not to perpetuate themselves in office — their role is to  support and defend the Constitution and do what the American people need done.  The Leadership must have the Members of Congress take the hard votes.  Either, as we hope, Congress will do the right thing — cut spending, maintain our defense, and without raising taxes — or it will fail to do so, and the American voters will be able to see clearly who voted for the right thing and who did not.  And then the American people can cast their votes accordingly in the next election.

    Congress cannot solve the overspending problem by gutting defense with the automatic cuts called “sequestration,” by increasing taxes on the American people, or by stalling for time.  Congress can solve the problem only by taking promptly those hard votes to cut spending, including fixing entitlement programs, and fully fund defense.  Take the hard votes.  Now.

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    11 Responses to Congress: You Must Still Do Your Job, Supercommittee or Not

    1. At the end of the day, it is Congress' responsibly to pass budgets, make cuts, and passing the buck to a Super Committee does not take even one Member of Congress off the hook. Do your job.

      • Pete Houston says:

        I guess if you can not make it in the private sector, you can be pretty incompetent in the public sector and still keep your job. This is totally unacceptable. I don't see how it should take less than a month to review the programs in the government and cut what is not necessary. Companies do this kind of work all the time when they need a turnaround. Well this is just a larger turnaround.

    2. Terry Stone says:

      The will of the American people was stated in the elections of 2010. A majority of those in the Senate and the President failed to adjust their views accordingly. Does this government still represent us anymore?

      • Ms_Mayhem says:

        Well, I would have to say that what was said in the campaign about "Change" was truth..the failure came in not stating that "chump change to all' was what was actually meant.

    3. Lloyd Scallan says:

      For anyone to suggest THIS Congress is capable or interested in solving problems, is either brain dead,
      or part of the bunch that want to only futher their political careers. Do we not recognize this president, this Senate, and this House are so out of touch with the American people, they have no chance of redemption
      and they know it. So they just continue lying and deceving the public because they know this is it before they are run down the street in 2012.

      • Citizen Sailor says:

        Lloyd, you're 2/3 correct. The American people fixed part of the problem in November 2010. The House has proposed budgets that make real spending cuts. You can fix the other 2/3 of the problem on November 6, 2012. Then it's just a matter of holding their feet to the fire.

    4. Lee Burns says:

      As former Speaker Gingrich stated so aptly, 'The super committee is a stupid idea, why appoint 12 legislators to do what the entire congress is elected to do'? He has been proven right, and all that has been accomplished is to delay action on vital issues for the country and give our "chief campaigner" more time to bully pulpit against the Republicans. We keep hearing about the proposals that the House has sent to the Senate but no vote ever takes place and no details are voiced to the general public. Perhaps it's time for the Republicans to spend as much time on television and on the road promoting their proposals as the president does. I"m sure the citizens of this country on both sides would agree that "real cuts" (not pie in the sky 10 years out reductions in the rate of growth in spending) plus tax code revisions that eliminate loopholes and improve collections would be acceptable provided that increased tax collections would be applied to the deficit and not just fund new spending. Come on Congress, get real and get busy – we're waiting.

    5. Karen A says:

      The burden of leadership falls on 5 people including Mr. Obama………and Mr. Obama has been AWOL both during the debt ceiling negotiations this past summer and now this Super Committee. He is making decisions based on the next election…appointing the Super Committee was obviously his latest stategy to place blame on the GOP…….We desperately need a leader who has America's best interests top of mind.

    6. jim says:

      This is great material. You are making an assumption that those in congress act with honor and character. It is most unfortunate that harry reid manages the senate in the manner designed to avert record on votes and open, honest debate of ideas and legislation. I agree entirely with the analysis and the conclusions, but the people and institution involved are significantly corrupt. The President / if we should call him that, has taken his office to a level of disrepair from which we may not recover in quite some time; he has not held the office with the esteem of his predecessors.

    7. Michael Green says:

      The Majority of the American People are no Longer Represented in This Country ! We Have a Dictatorial President and Senate, That Refuse to Do, What the Election of 2010 Mandated ! Cut Spending Now !

    8. Jim Golden says:

      IMHO any politician playing political games and refusing to do what they know is right with regard to the deficit and government spending is a TRAITOR. Most in congress qualify for that label.

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