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  • Scribecast: Acting 'Green' Is Now More Important Than Helping Environment

    As environmentalism has become more trendy, the value of appearing green is now more important than helping the environment, argues Todd Myers in a new book called “Eco-Fads.” He spoke at Heritage this week and joined us for Scribecast

    Myers cited the Obama administration’s $535 million Solyndra scandal as a high-profile example of how environmentalism is actually harming the environment. Myers noted that solar panels are among the worst performing as far as reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

    “Waste of money is waste of resources,” Myers said. “And anybody who believes in the free market … is against the waste of resources. That’s the power of the free market because it does more with less. That is also at the heart of environmentalism — doing more with less. And yet so many environmentalists on the left see those two things at antithetical.”

    Listen to the interview with Todd Myers on this week’s Scribecast

    Myers’ book includes many examples of eco-fads. One of the most egregious is the explosion of green buildings, particularly in his home state of Washington. Politicians there even mandated that construction of new schools be built to “green” standards such as the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

    But after conducting research using the government’s own data, Myers found that the new “green” schools consumed more energy. Those schools cost more to build and have not delivered on the benefits politicians promised.

    The podcast runs about seven minutes. It was produced with the help of Hannah Sternberg. Listen to previous interviews on Scribecast orsubscribe to future episodes.

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    8 Responses to Scribecast: Acting 'Green' Is Now More Important Than Helping Environment

    1. Bob says:

      Do ya think this may be the lastest trend in say all but doing not?? Well of course it is!

    2. paulcuenin says:

      Seems like the pod cast cut off half way through.

    3. GregW says:

      The "Green" movement has always been less about clean and efficient energy or protecting the environment than consolidation of political power. While some people actually believe or have been led to believe in the Green movement's claims about conservation of energy, they are actually a trojan horse used by leftists to co-opt policy making decisions in that sphere and eventually other areas of policy making. Crony capitalism then enables the Green leftists to reward key supporters by funding "Green" projects for the via large loan guarantees etc. based on wildly inflated claims of feasiblity or efficiency. Boiled down to its essence, the Green movement is a calculated strategy of deception and/or coercion to achieve leftist political goals.

    4. GregW says:

      In the end, we really need to replace the political class we have now–in Washington and elsewhere– with people of better moral character who can see beyond the machine politics of re-election, corruptions of the lobbyist gravy train, and actually be honest and responsive to their constituencies. A tall order? Maybe not as tall as you think: TERM LIMITS for all elected officials is the first and best single thing we can do to restore integrity, honesty and accountability to congress and the legislative process. Although not a silver bullet, it takes away much of the incentive for corruption and refocuses legislators on their consituents' and the country's needs rather than their re-election prospects. We've not been served well by our political class–the Green movement is but a small example compared to the socialistic economies of Greece and, yes, California that in danger of collapsing. The longest road begins with the first step–term limits.

    5. joe says:

      climate and birth control are both socialist,but where is the success utopia!

    6. Prfssrpah says:

      You must understand the Liberal mindset. It is intentions that matter not actions or results. So what if we blew a half billion here and there on green tech; our intentions were good and that is all that matters.

    7. Bobbie says:

      totally agree with Prfssrpah . It's time INTELLIGENCE wins over intentions! Intelligence covers all and (said) "intention"s controlled by government as we witness today, cause more destruction than good all the way around to this country. weighing her people down daily. arrests need to be made and the president needs to step down or impeached. he is "intentionally" weakening humanity and America! not man enough to take accountability! hides behind the truth to deceive. corrupts the very system that all men and women chose (immigrants) or became accustomed to (American born.)

    8. Acting says:

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