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  • Online Chat on the Foreign Policy Debate

    On Tuesday November 22, The Heritage Foundation will co-host a GOP primary debate on foreign policy and national security along with the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and CNN. There are several ways you can interact with Heritage on the night of the debate. Click here to join our live “Lunch with Heritage” chat. We are taking your questions about what defense and homeland security threats we should take more seriously, and how we should engage in foreign policy.

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    52 Responses to Online Chat on the Foreign Policy Debate

    1. Mike says:

      End federalism it has failed in the hands of liberals and is now beyoung fixable. You pay for this out of control menace if you wish but I have stoped! Not me I will no longer be extorted by you owe me libs!

      • Teddy says:

        When you say you have stopped, I take it you have dropped out of the taxpaying or filing group of citizens. I for one believe that with the exception of Ron Paul, it is too late for the ballot box to change anything. Our core system is so corrupt and criminal in its outlook and disposition, I personally believe that only a revolution led by the 5 % or so "patriots" that truly understand what is happening in this country will bring an end to the rule of tyranny wrought by the financial and political elites. We all know what the "mainstream media " thinks of Ron Paul…they marginalize him by failing to cover him despite his grass root successes. I think the time is fast approaching for some good old civil disobedience on the part of the public that pays all the bills that our rulers create. As Nancy Reagan said a long time ago, "Just say No!"

    2. gracentruth says:

      Where can I ask questions? I would like to know 2 things (1) who will be asking the questions? (2) will all the candidates have equal time during the debate?
      Reasons for questions: so far the debate questioners have been horrible horrible horrible, rude, arrogant, full of crappy questions. Some candidates have been given more questions than others, had more time at microphone and others have been pretty much ignored.
      There has been only one decent debate. After the last one, I emailed all candidates and asked them to stop debating. Peace,

    3. John R says:

      The beauty of the Founding Fathers is they built our Nation on principles and practices we could fall back on when the trail forward became unclear. Our foreign policy today (government in general for that matter) is violating basic principles and common sense. We should not be the world's parent, policeman, judge and/or financial safety net. Add to the mistakes by doing it with borrowed money and we don't need an "expert" to tell us where the trail leads.

    4. Joe says:

      Re the Middle Eastern countries/terrorists the question is, How do you deal with entities which simply don't care? No regard for their own populations, no regard for anything not "home grown". How does Sharia law & International law relate?

    5. lee cox says:

      One of the topics pertains to what threats are out there. I say the threats are in here! Norman Thomas ran for President 6 times on the Socialist Party ticket. In a speech in 1944 Thomas said "The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of "Liberalism', they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened." He went on the say "I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform."
      I also find it offensive for the Democrat Party and the Main Stream Media to refer to them as the Democratic Party! There is not one breath of Democracy in their lungs!!!

    6. rickm@wmi-t2.com says:

      We need to convene a summit with our close allies with the firm commitment to design a "resolved goal of commitment" to face the key threats to world stability; unwarrented military build-up of countries that threatens sovereign nations, Radical terrorism and mechanism to address new governments in unstable regions. The world needs to see a strong and "sensible" block of nations that STAND for peace & stability. This country cannot continue to blunder around on it's own with day to day policies.

    7. Ralph says:

      Here's a question for the debate:

      Should Iran be successful in developing a nuclear weapon and threatens Israel with it, how would you respond?

    8. Ralph says:

      Another question:

      What can/would you do to counter China's military agressiveness? Are you prepared to defend Taiwan if China attacks?

    9. Jim Carmichael says:

      As a combat Marine, Echo 2/26, Vietnam 1968 -Khe Sanh, why should men & women fight for this country when inevitably liberals destroy the purpose by, 1. making rules of engagement that beg the military to break them so they can be made an example of why liberals hate the military; 2. when the concept of containment seems to creep into the purpose inevitably, 3. winning is lost quickly & inevitably turns into "Let's win the hearts & minds". Baloney. All it does is create a lot of folks w/ PTSD & very little to show for it. We did not "win" Iraq & we will not win Afghanistan either. We will leave, the Taliban will take over & millions will be slaughtered, just like 1975 & the killing fields. Why? Certainly "they", a religious ideology, attacked us. But once again we are not allowed to win. We aren't even supposed to call the enemy "terrorists" even though terrorism is a tactic & nothing more. Why? I am as much a patriot as anyone, but fighting for a liberal government that hates you makes me wonder why we keep fighting its battles. Obama & people like him wanted to charge our military to pay for their own injuries?! Why?

    10. Jan says:

      Are the Salafis and Wahabbis friends or foes? And if they are working against our interests, what is the best way to deal with them both in the short and the long run?

    11. Bart Anderson says:

      I am very interested in hearing the candidates positions on illegal immigration and border control.

    12. Alford Klein says:

      I'm a retired Air Force pilot. I'm a Viet Nam vet. What I see is the demise of our air power in the South
      China sea. I believe this because I believe carrier defense is next to impossible in this day an age.
      This belief has been around for a long time. Remember the Fulcon Islands, what happened with the
      firing of an esoset missle. That was a big hole in Britan's carrier. Your comment? al

    13. Richard Koury says:

      I don't understand the " turn the other cheek " attitude towards China and Russia as they fight us on all the tough issues re. terrorism and more. What is the down side if we call them out as Reagan did. Liberals are always afraid they are going to get mad at us if we do. They don't like us as amatter of policy and are not going to change so why give them a free pass.?

    14. Elizabeth G. says:

      At some point I would ask that someone, whoever may have the authority, demand that President Obama provide or produce his college transcripts, a credible birth certificate, and any other documents that may be necessary to assure he is eligible to run for president. If by some way he is reelected, I do not want to go through another year of second guessing if he has the right to be in the White House. Heaven help us all if he is.

    15. DHarper says:

      Is it not time to pay more attention to our Latin and South American neighbors, to help them grow their economies, and to be pro-active allies to them, so that they do not follow the path of Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega and other socialist leaders?

    16. Dewey Switzer says:

      We have a President sworn to uphold the Constitution and the laws of this country yet refuses to do so
      I ask that he be impeached on he following counts
      1. Refuses to defend the The Defense of Marriage Act
      2.Refuses to prosecute Black Panthers in obvious voter intimidation
      3. Refuses to enforce Illegal Immigration laws

    17. Linda Gommel says:

      Question for the candidates: Will you pledge to stop attacking each other and start to exclusively focus on the job at hand, which is to defeat Barack Obama and his devastating agenda? Are you willing to share a ticket with any of the others here tonight? What do you think about Chuck Norris' idea that you all run as a slate, to fill positions of President, VP, and appropriate cabinet positions? It sounds so nuts that it might work. He calls it the 8th miracle that may save the United States as it was conceived.

    18. Thurman Alexander says:

      Why is it not obvious to everyone that if the Federal Government would abide by it's Constitutional limits most other problems would disappear?

    19. Charles F. Haber says:

      I won't be here for the chat, but I do have a question for candidate Ron Paul.

      I know this may not meet the focus of this particular debate, but I think it is an important question that has never been asked in previous debates. As a member of the Heritage Foundation, if I could pose a question to candidate Paul, I would respectfully ask him…..

      "Mr. Paul, on your recent birthday you turned 76 years of age — although you look much younger. This means that, if elected, you would reach the age of 78 during your first year in office and would reach your 80s during your first term. I respectfully ask you why American voters should seriously consider any presidential candidate who is so close to the age of 80?"

      Thank you.

    20. Penny says:

      Do you believe we should increase our National Defence? Build up Navy / armed services etc.?
      What would you do about Iran? How would you help Israel after Obama tear-down our relations. How would you get the world to respect us again after Obama tears us down. What about Russia and Putin and our missal defence. China we really need to deal with . What would you do about their spying and money exchange unfair etc. In short Iran, China and UN all are very serious.

    21. John says:

      I heard that some enemy (like Iran?) could theoretically set off a Nuclear bomb above ground (with a missile I suppose) and wipe out ALL ELECTRICITY in the U.S. for a long period of time. If we were concerned about that happening, what might we do to prepare for that?

    22. John Mccraw says:

      Would it be in the best interest of the United States to end all foreign aid, except Israel, and shutdown all foreign military bases ?

    23. RabbitMike says:

      Based on reduced US Defense Dept. budgets, how effectively can the US Navy protect the Taiwan Strait? Is the US seriously prepared to prevent such an act of Chinese aggression?

    24. D.G. Symmank says:

      Please raise the question for the candidates to answer:
      "What would you do as President to stop Congress's reckless spending of foreign aid to countries that vote against us on UN issues or otherwise oppose what we stand for?"

    25. Todd Lupold says:


      I would like to ask a question for the chat that i cannot make……with the impending cuts in defense in an effort to control expenditures, how will this effect covert action and intelligence budgets? Do we expect covert action to be increased or decreased with the drawdown in conventional military units overseas and how does this effect our foreign policy?

    26. Susanna McNeil says:

      What realistic military actions, including, but not limited to, naval blockades can the US take to check Iran's development of a nuclear bomb? Is it too late to halt or deter this program?

    27. Victor DeSa MD says:

      I suspect that money that is raised in taxes ( gas taxes, tolls) specifically meant for infrastructure are diverted to other uses. My question is how much is raised in taxes for infrastructure state/national ? How much of the money raised is actually used for upkeep of the infrastructure?
      This "shovel ready" infrastructure mantra is a diversion to give the impression that it will create jobs. Those jobs are low paying, and temporary. When the project is over, the person is back on unemployment.

    28. James Rieker says:

      Shouldn't the defense of our homeland be a priority.
      We Have Socialists who are bent on destroying Capitalism running our goverment. and we are a Capitalist society. we have a President who breaks our Constitutional laws reguarding illegals crossing from Mexico
      E. Holder with his Fast & furious is a Security Threat to the U .S. and no charges have been filed against either man: what the hell are you waiting for, more socialists to fight at election time

      The U.S. is so much like pre world war 2 Germany it is terrifying.This is where Homeland security should be concentrating, is it not??

    29. Barry says:

      Why have so many debates whereby the press helps choose the most liberal of the conservative candidates to become the Republican presidential contender? There is no way conservatives would propel Romney or Gingrich (or McCain) to the front, yet that is where we are headding (again). Unfortunately I still have to vote for the Rebublican unless there is an extremely credible third party candidate (not Paul) because voting 3rd party will put the big O in for a second term. Please try to encourage candidates not to give the press the gaffes they so bady want to be used as fodder in the general election…

    30. Mark says:

      What do you see as the biggest threat to the USA, Islam, nuclear proliferation, or finical mismanagement?

    31. Pam says:

      My primary question/concern is related to the State of Israel and her people; and how do each of the candidates ensure that the United States stands with Israel?

    32. Ingrid Neel says:

      Russia's top military commander, General Nikolai Makarov, has warned of nuclear war on its borders with Europe. He said: "Practically all the countries of the former Warsaw Pact have become Nato members."
      Among those countries who have swapped the Warsaw Pact for Nato are Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Russia still has deeply strained relations with Georgia after a 2008 war over two disputed provinces. Georgia is seeking NATO membership. These countries have no nuclear arms. Yet Makarov declares "In certain conditions, I do not rule out local and regional armed conflicts developing into a large-scale war, including using nuclear weapons." Russia is also at odds with the U.S. over plans for an American missile defence shield in Europe.
      My question to candidates: As President will you adhere to the NATO pledge to militarily support the Eastern European countries if Russia invades them. Do you support establishing the nuclear shield which the Obama administration scuttled.

      exerpts from: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2062865/N

    33. Bob says:

      With the airline flight decks hardened, and the potential of the use of the aircraft as a bomb removed, why all of the inspection of passengers. There are easier ways to to take an aircraft down without commiting suicide and the chance of being caught with sufficient explosive to not just damage the aircraft but cause it to crash.

    34. Barbara Frances Delo says:

      1. A quick scan of world news sites indicates that high level Chinese leaders have met with leaders, not only in the SE Asian region, but also with leaders in areas like Europe and Latin America. Does this raise concern that China's ambitions may reach beyond the Asian region?
      2. Our world is becoming increasingly integrated, not only economically, but through IGO's and with cooperative military and anti- terrorism efforts with both friends and competitors. Will the compromises and agreements needed for this type of global integration put American interests and values at risk?.

    35. Phyllis West says:

      Americans do not want battles fought on our soil, bombs dropped iin our neighborhoods, etc. As a parent and grandparent, I want our Armed forces to be the most powerful and feared in the wolrd, so my family can feel secure,

      #1 Why would we just abandon Iraq after all the investment there? Should we not maintain a presence, just for prevention purposes; and to demonstrate support for Israel (the only Demcratic Country in the Middle East; and keep Al Queida in check and out of power?

      #2 Why doesn't Congress privatize the Military Health Benefits program, and allow all defenders of our country seek medical care from the doctors and hospitals of their choice, including professional debriefing and counseling following combat. This would greatly minimize the devastating and debilitating impact of PTSD. Our defenders should get the best care in the country, or at least as good as Congress gets. This may serve to bring more Americans to serve voluntarily in our military when we need them.

    36. HistoryRepeats says:

      There is a real possibility in the next few years of a "North Korean Spring". How do you see the resulting power vacuum being filled? Please reference China specifically in your answer.

    37. U. Forness says:

      I would like to see questions and answers from John Huntsman. He has been placed at the end of the stage and is ignored by the interviewers. He has a good conservative record in Utah and has a great deal of experience in foreign affairs. Let's hear what he has to say!

    38. Sandy says:

      Will we continue to aid Arab countries financially? When I see how filthy rich the Arabs are especially in places like Dubai, and we continue to give money to these places that HATE us, how does this help either our economy or our relationships?
      Is anyone going to stand up to Sharia law and eliminate it from this Country?

    39. Richard Warnock says:

      Describe your foreign policy position relative to: China, Southeast Asia, India, Pakistan, Israel, Iran, the Arab states, Mexico and Venezuela.

    40. Phyllis West says:

      did my questions come through

    41. S Wallace says:

      Can we say EMP attack?

    42. thedrpete says:

      I clicked the link to submit a question for the debate. Can't find where do do that, so here it is.

      Compare the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with Detroit 66 years ago. Now compare the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki today with the City of Detroit today. Which do you think the greater threat to America and Americans in 2013 and beyond to be: (a) a nuclear North Korea and/or Iran or Islamist terrorists in possession of some of those nukes, or (b) liberal-leftist-progressives who have managed Detroit and 16 other American bankrupt cities along with that many state-constitutionally-in-violation-deficit-spending states, and as well the national agenda for now a century?

    43. David George says:

      President Obama is silent about the Muslim Brotherhood's advances in Egypt's struggle to establish a new goverment. How will you prevent the Brotherhood from gaining traction as it appears is happening now?

    44. Anje Shein says:

      My question is: If elected, what steps would you immediately take to have our existing laws (ALL of them) by applicable to EVERY citizen living in the USA or abroad. Therefore, 'insider trading' and all versions thereof would be a crime in the event their knowledge gleaned from conducting gobvernment business is being used to enrich themselves without consequences.

    45. I have three questions: 1. Why do those appointed to Czar and advisory positions by President Obama not have to undergo a congressional vetting process at any time before of after their appointment? 2. Since these positions put them in sensitive areas over the departments they advise or direct, are they beyond the scope of insider threat or congressional inquiries into their character and allegiance to this country? 3. Who would have the authority activate these investigations or inquiries that could not be dismissed by executive order?
      Frank E. Vincent
      PS If my questions are out of line please advise me of the reasoning.

    46. Robert Montague says:

      Why do we accept the premise that the federal government is responsible for fixing health care and all the other social spending? The option is to send it all back to the States, per the 10th amendment, and as a bonus we eliminate an unnecessary layer of federal bureacracy.

    47. Paul Koepper says:

      In order to explain how government has grown during the Obama administration, please discuss how many government employees there are now compared with when President Bush left office and how different governmental agencies have been expanded.

    48. Dee says:

      Will the candidates declare English as the Official language of the United States? I have never spoken the language of my heritage because my grandfather had a great respect for America and becoming an American citizen was his privelege and he was proud to assimilate. I am sick and tired of trying to find ENGLISH on boxes of products made in China!

    49. Linda says:

      The question I'd like to submit to the Tues. CNN debate is: What is your specific plan for securing the US borders with Mexico?

    50. Jas. Johnston, Ed.D. says:

      The Organization of American States has a "Gun Control Treaty" before the US senate and the United Nations is developing an "Arms Trade Treaty" to impose gun control on all nations. These treatys, if ratified by the senate, would impose firearm registration and allow eventual confiscation of all privately owned guns and ammunition. What action will each candidate take to reject and prevent international abrogation of our Second Amendment rights?

    51. Joseph Cooper says:

      I believe we have members of congress, the administration, friends of the administration, and perhaps the president who are guilty of crimes against the people of our country and our constitution. I believe many of the crimes to be of a very serious nature. If you were elected president and your attorney general came to you with evidence that serious crimes were committed. What action would you take?

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