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  • Obamacare Threatens Life and Liberty

    The Supreme Court’s announcement on Monday that it will consider the constitutionality of some of Obamacare’s provisions, including the individual mandate, has reignited discussion of the health care law’s many problematic provisions. In addition to increasing insurance premiums and hampering job growth, Obamacare poses significant threats to the religious liberty of institutions and individuals and could have a serious negative impact on families.

    For Belmont Abbey, a private Catholic college located in North Carolina, the most serious impact is Obamacare’s threats to religious freedom and conscience rights. Late last week, the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty announced it is suing the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on behalf of Belmont Abbey over a new mandate that would force the college to provide insurance plans for students and employees that cover procedures and prescriptions the college finds morally objectionable.

    Fulfilling a provision of Obamacare that requires coverage of “preventive services,” HHS adopted a rule in August that mandates nearly all insurance companies cover contraception and sterilization—without cost to the insured. The rule includes mandatory coverage of ethically controversial drugs like ella, which can act as an abortifacient. Employers with moral and ethical objections to covering such services, like Belmont Abbey, can find little recourse in the narrowly drawn religious exemption to the rule. Not wishing to subsidize contraception, sterilization, or abortion, Belmont Abbey decided to sue HHS to secure the right to provide insurance coverage in accordance with the school’s religious beliefs.

    Violations of institutional and individual conscience rights aren’t the only troublesome aspects of Obamacare. The law is replete with provisions that can be used to fund abortions and negatively impact families.

    As Heritage research has been pointing out since Obamacare first passed, the law includes multiple problematic provisions with respect to the federal role in funding elective abortion. As a result of the defects in Obamacare, a federal tax credit will be made available to assist in the purchase of private health plans that cover abortion. Additionally, the limited and loose conscience protections outlined in the law are inadequate to protect pro-life medical professionals’ freedom to practice their profession in accord with their personal beliefs.

    In addition to loopholes allowing federal funding of abortion, to which the vast majority of American families object, new funding streams for contraception education in schools and marriage penalties in Obamacare make the health care law very family unfriendly. Heritage research demonstrates how the law restricts parents’ ability to participate in the medical decisions of their minor children, establishes disincentives for people to marry, and weakens the religious freedom of individuals and institutions.

    From conscience to parental rights, Obamacare poses many serious challenges to American liberty.

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    25 Responses to Obamacare Threatens Life and Liberty

    1. Randy Williams says:

      All of Obamacare needs to be repealed. It is the only way to be sure that some unrealized detrimental part doesn't become law. I believe most people would agree there are some aspects of our current ( before Obamacare ) health care system could be improved. Obamacare is not the answer.

      • Honeywell says:

        Do not understand how you can be frightened about this plan. God gave us all free will. God offers us life and blessings or death and curses. He then tells each of us to make the choice. He, however, asks of us to choose life. It is up to the individual to decide what is right for him/her. It is not up to the church or the government. So what if the plan offers free birth control. If you trust your followers, you will leave the choice yp to the individual and not try to control his/her decisions. The only one who can judge the merit of a person is God.

        • Mary Mohanan says:

          That's true. BUT it is also saying that we will have little say in the health care decisions of our minor children. NOT GOOD!!!

        • maria says:

          Why should you be mandated by the government to offer all of these forms of contraception under your businesses health plans? If you want this you should pay for it! Others should not be forced to pay for this'! Government has no right to do this!! Health insurance is a privelege not a right! Especially not to be provided by our BROKE government! I'm tires of paying for what everyone wants! Pay for your contraception yourself!!

    2. KATHY says:


      • Steve says:

        No, the worst thing to happen to our country to date in George Bush lying to the American people to put us in two worthless wars. I agree with Obama Care… if you own a car you need insurance, so if you own a body maybe you should have health insurance.

    3. Al Connelly says:

      This is the absolutely the most destructive uncaring bill this country has ever foisted on the taxpayer and the working citizens and businesses. The two real shames about this bill are that (1) it was rammed down the throats of congress, senate, and the american public when Obama and his followers controlled our destiny and (2) the bill was passed without careful consideration as to how it would ultimately affect the American workers, employers, and institutions. Failure to repeal it will result in horrendous consequences for the productive people in our society.

      We simply must repeal this law and then set about to solve the real problems as to why medical care costs have escalated so rapidly and likewise why insurance companies have raised policy coverage costs in the double digits for the last six years and continue to push for these increases. The solution proposed by the current administration to reduce the fees to be paid to medical workers will only result in more doctors and practices opting out of the system and refusing to handle medicare cases.

      Repeal this bill!

    4. Rochelle says:

      The initial effects of Obamacare are being felt in the medical community. For several years, we have had shortages of nurses. Now as reimbursement is reduced to hospitals and other health care providers, nurses are losing their jobs. Some are having difficulty starting new jobs as there are many applicants to one position.

    5. guest says:

      My health insurance premiums have already doubled and my coverage has shrunk. I was told this was directly caused by obamacare and the new law has not even started yet.

    6. Bobbie says:

      obviously some kind of people has the conscience to abort human life or it wouldn't be included. so leave it to them! Simply unconstitutional and unethical without reason for government to target an imposition of burden by FORCE on those that have a conscientious respect for human life. there is no constitutionality here!

    7. Helen Spingola says:

      No one, absolutely no one,c an be happy or satisfied with a health-care bill in which they weren't even
      given a chance to read or perhaps to offer an opinion as to whether they like or dislike! Would you purchase
      a car without first test- driving it???

      • Barry Schmidt says:

        Hey…even the politicians didn't read the 3,000 page bill. It makes no difference to the crooks in Congress. They are hell-bent on shoving this ultra-bad and hopefully unconstitutional bill down our throats. So much for liberty in this country.

    8. Someone says:

      If the Obama care passes, we the people will die. Our family will suffer some illness that we would not be able to recover, but only by the government decision if we should live or die. We will not be able to live our lives as free people, but under a dictatorship that will kill people that would not suite government wishes. To take our children a way from our arms, tells us what to eat, when to to sleep and wake up to work long hard hours to government slaves, to be stamp on our bodies showing who owns us to a dictatorship. Take away our free rights worshiping our God, live in cramp housing while sharing rooms with people we may not know, and so much more………………
      IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT TO LIVE BY???????? ( Support our constitution, Live clean lives, repent wrong doings, and pray for our country, ) I KNOW, WITH OUT A DOUBT, our lives and country will turn around!!! Our freedom will be restore if we do our part to our GOD. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA

      • CraigJCasey says:

        You are right about deaths, it goes with universal healthcare. The british cut back on cat scans to catch tumors early. All to save money. So when healthcare is rationed, people die. http://www.cobrahealth.com/Obamacare-rationing.ht… The US had the fastest response rate to health problems in the world.

        well it only makes sense. If the government drives the private insurers into BK, then goes to single payer, then has many millions on medicaid and also gets our medical records. Then they can help us make wise choices, like what to eat, how to live, etc. They are after all footing the bill (which they forced on us). http://cobrahealth.com/Obamacare.html

      • JJ says:

        I am surprised how easy we let other people sway our minds, read this bill.
        there are a lot of good features and yes there are some bad, but the good out weigh
        the bad many times over, any thing the insurance companys is against have to be good for the public

    9. Obamacare could be the undoing of the American society…….we need to ensure it is defunded and abolished!

    10. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      You know it's horrible legislation when the politicians exempt their family and themselves. Let John Boehner and Pelosi stand in line with the regular folks for an examination and you'll see how fast this is repealed. We have empowered a bunch of royalists and they dictate what the masses will swallow.

    11. Bobbie says:

      they're removing advanistan?(not sure) from breast cancer patients because of "unmentioned" extreme side effects and it doesn't prove to extend life? Is this a good thing? or a way to reduce the female population with less duration or more suffering, cutting costs at the same time?

      Obamacare is shown to be unsafe and unhealthy with little quality of any benefit. we'd like to be in control of the health of our bodies we were given at birth, to control. please bring back the doctors whose will it is to heal! private market… the government promised to reduce health costs for years, NOT TAKE IT OVER!

    12. CraigJCasey says:

      Obamacare is 2000 pages of nightmare. It's an attack on democracy and designed to BK the us, putting everyone into the the SHOP exchanges then single payer. http://cobrahealth.com/Obamacare.html

    13. Tania S. says:

      Freedom is the right to follow one's conscious. When that is taken away, freedom is gone. ObamaCare will not allow those who are pro-life to follow their conscious. They are no longer free!

    14. GregW says:

      Can you imagine that key Democrats after passage of Obamacare described it as a "starter home" for future development & enlargement? Obamacare is so wrong for America on so many levels that repeal is the only answer. Even temporary implementation is very harmful–we must defund where repeal takes time and not allow any implementation to change all the rules, create bureaucracy etc. The only thing I can think of that's destructive in this magnitude is four more years of Obama.

    15. Rick says:

      What do you mean if?" Obamacare passed! It was signed into law by the President. It IS the law of the land!

    16. Mary E. Miller says:

      Yesterday we received a letter from the Independant Advisory Payment Board. They want to come to
      our home and evaluate our medical status, have our meds out for their inspection, take our B/P and
      anything they need to evaluate us. My husband and I are very healthy 80 yr. olds with a very active
      lifestyle. This 15 member board is commonly known by us as obamas "death squad". They will never
      enter our house, unless the Sherrif is with them. So help me God !!!
      Mary E. Miller

    17. There are so many things wrong with ObamaCare that it's deplorable. I will be a good way to destroy our nation as we now know it. One tiny example:

      Obamacare poses significant threats to the religious liberty of institutions and individuals and could have a serious negative impact on families.

      Not only is the cockeyed bill over-reaching, disruptive, and far too expensive, but the damage it will do to our society if it can be gotten rid of is incalculable. Excellent article, Sarah

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