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  • Morning Bell: How President Obama Killed Thousands of Jobs

    If Americans needed any further proof that the Obama Administration is one of the most political on record, or that, for all the recent demagoguing, it really cares only about re-election, not about job creation, then you need look no further than its cynical Keystone XL oil pipeline decision last week.

    Over the last several months, radical environmentalists along with Hollywood celebrity activists descended on the White House in protest, urging President Barack Obama to block the construction of the $7 billion pipeline that would bring in more than 700,000 barrels of oil per day from Alberta, Canada, to the Texas Gulf coast. Last week, they got their wish.

    The Obama Administration on Thursday announced that it would delay a decision on the pipeline until after the 2012 election. In siding with his leftist environmentalist, big Hollywood base, President Obama’s ambition is nakedly apparent, as is his total disregard for the 14 million unemployed Americans sitting on the sidelines, waiting for Washington to get out of the way so they can get back to work. And it also shows that for him, politics is more important than achieving true energy independence for the United States.

    And here’s why: The Keystone pipeline would have done what the President’s hundreds of billions of dollars in stimulus spending failed to do. It would have created thousands of jobs (tens of thousands, by some predictions), while generating $5.2 billion in property tax revenue for Montana, South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Texas. And it would have done it all with private dollars–not taxpayer dollars.

    The kicker is that despite all the hoopla from the enviro-celebrity protests, this pipeline should have been anything but controversial, even by the Obama Administration’s own findings. Heritage’s Nicolas Loris explains:

    Radical environmentalists act as if this is the first oil pipeline being built in the United States. We have 50,000 miles of oil pipeline in this country that have provided massive economic benefits with minimal environmental harm.

    In short, building the Keystone XL pipeline is nothing new, and it’s one of the most environmentally sensible ways to transport oil. Even the Obama Administration determined it to be safe when the State Department’s recent Environmental Impact Statement found that the pipeline would pose few environmental risks.

    Another important point is that even if the Keystone pipeline isn’t constructed in the United States, the resource will still be tapped, and it’s going to head elsewhere. Heritage’s David Kreutzer explains that the development of Canada’s oil sands will be slowed (thereby increasing its cost), and it will be diverted to non-U.S. consumers, meaning that the Canadian oil will be shipped across thousands of miles of ocean to Chinese refineries. Kreutzer’s admonition to the Obama Administration?

    So, block the XL pipeline if you think the environment will be better served by shipping Canadian oil an extra 6,000 miles across the Pacific in oil-consuming super tankers and then refining it in less-regulated Chinese refineries. In addition, be aware that replacing the Canadian oil means the U.S. also must import more oil by tankers, which are less efficient than pipelines.

    The facts, though, don’t matter to environmentalist activists. They don’t matter to certain celebrities, and now they apparently don’t matter to the Obama Administration, either. Evidently, neither do jobs or energy independence. Following the President’s decision, actor Robert Redford applauded Obama and said, “This is American democracy at its best: a president who listens to the voice of the people and shows the courage to do what’s right for the country.” No, Mr. Redford, you’re wrong. When the President puts his job over those of tens of thousands Americans, that is politics and a presidency at its worst.

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    133 Responses to Morning Bell: How President Obama Killed Thousands of Jobs

    1. Diogenesx says:

      And when the pipeline spills oil?
      Not the first pipeline but we've moved past accepting environments risks.
      Be honest and admit this is the most politicized congress – ruggedly determined the people's presidency be swept away for a corporatocracy (more like kleptocracy)…
      Even with the bush tax cuts, a recession happened!!
      You didn't realize????
      So what's all this nonsense about further tax cuts?

      • Nokosi says:

        Fact: Canada will develop its oil sand. Its theirs not ours and they will sell it to whomever they want.
        Fact: Pipelines have far less environmental impact than trucks or ships.
        Fact: You have a bigger environmental impact than a pipeline does.
        Fact: The caribou in Alaska and Canada ignore the pipelines as do all the other wildlife in the areas around the pipelines.
        Fact: There are far more spills from ship and truck wrecks than any pipeline.
        Fact: Us refineries are the most regulated on Earth and operate cleaner than any other in the world.
        Fact: Every government that controls the employment environment instead of letting the private sector do it is doomed to fail or enslaves its people.
        Fact: Government regulation and the Community Reinvestment Act forcing banks to give money for mortgages is what brought about this financial mess. Brought to you by a liberal president and congress

        • John Persico says:


      • JWS says:

        You can shut-off a pipeline but you can't shut-off a tanker, see the Valdez and any potential harm can be isolated but not so in the water. Most of our gasoline is transported by pipeline as well.
        The Bush tax cuts and the recession have nothing to do with each other, the recession came due to bad housing loans forced on the banks by government (sub-prime).
        As for tax rates, do not only look at the Federal and State Income Taxes but you have to add all the other taxes and fees that are applied to almost everything we are buying which brings it to a total tax rate of approx. 50% even for the middle class. Can you tell me what the we are all getting for this?

      • stroud says:

        Since you like to pay taxes then throw your money away & write the government a check!! Especially since the billions spent since Obama took office on phony stimulus bills & jobs bills that didn't work helped sink thousands of jobs as well as caused mortgage crises. When will the mentally lame get help and realize they're being taken?!! You must not work or you would realize that you are paid by profits from successful businesses. And while you're at it learn the English language!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

      • LOL, because tankers NEVER spill oil! You have got to be kidding me…I can name a few tankers that caused an environmental catastrophe for a short time, please list the pipeline spills that have done as much damage? BTW, since you decided to vere off subject and hit this thread with the heavy hammer of politics in which ever direction your thoughts took you – yes, A.D.D. is alive and well – I would like to point out that congresses since the early days of our Republic have been heavily politicized; check the history books on politics for Jefferson's presidency.

        As to the "recession", it has been exasperated by policies of this presidency! I was never a fan of the previous administrations handling of the economy in a lot of ways, but tax cuts did exactly what they were meant to do – they gave businesses the knowledge that they would have the means to hire people due to more money being available to them through less taxes…yes there is still a recession, but it would have been worse without the continuation of this tax policy, and COULD have been much better if the policy had been made permenent.

        If you want to rail against crony capitalism, I'm right there with you; the government should not be bailing out corporations, or buying them! They also shouldn't be giving swetheart deals to companies like Solyndra – a company that would have failed without this administration's huge financial help – at the expense of all taxpayers – and even WITH the "help" Obama gave them, STILL failed!

        You are correct that this has been "politicized" by the current administration and congress, but you are screaming at the wrong side. It wasn't the conservatives in office that rammed legislation down the throats of a constituency that didn't want it, and it's not the conservatives in office killing off jobs by using specious environmental arguments…it's the politicians from the left that are using all of these problems they have created as a political wedge in an attempt to hold off the throngs of citizens fed up with their duplicitous nature.

        It is time that you and those political hacks need to stand down and stop placing political barriers against projects like this oil pipeline; stop obstructing the creation of good, safe jobs that will put this country and its people back to work again!

      • gone hunting says:

        And when the pipeline spills oil? Clean it up with some of the best technology in the world. And if your kid falls off his bike don't get Hollywood or the Government involved.

      • lowonprozac says:

        The irony is that oil spills by super tankers are far worse for the environment than pipeline spills – which can be localized and easily cleaned up! I agree with this quote from an economist – watching this administration is like watching a slow motion train wreck!

      • Mary A says:

        Anyone who would willing pay more taxes to an: out of control, spending addicted, delusional, inept, incompetent and corrupt governmental administration, is either mentally challenged or has more money than they know what to do with. Donate it to worthy charities that help the disadvantaged or organizations that promote your ideology, it will be better used. And this is a bipartisan condition and conspiracy going back for decades which involves all three branches of government, Executive, Legislative and Judicial. They have become a massively over sized and predominantly dysfunctional centralized entity that cannot function as a constitutional government for the people it serves. And until there is a bipartisan well thought out reformation plan of almost all agencies, departments, operations and functions, which cannot happen over night, there is little hope of any positive change.

        Until there is an equitable and FAIR Tax Reform Program, whether it increases or in some cases decreases tax liabilities and revenues, preferably to begin in 2012, with significant expenditure cuts and a balanced budget, any proposed tax increase subject to those conditions, should be exclusively for purpose of deficit and debt reduction.

        With respect to the pipeline, The Trans Alaska Pipeline is probably the best model to consider: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans-Alaska_Pipelin

        Excerpt: The first barrel of oil traveled through the pipeline in 1977, and full-scale production began by the end of the year. Several notable incidents of oil leakage have occurred since, including those caused by sabotage, maintenance failures, and gunshot holes. The most significant oil spill associated with the pipeline was caused by the Exxon Valdez, and did not directly involve the pipeline. As of 2010, the pipeline has shipped almost 16 billion barrels (2.5×109 m3) of oil.

        Considering the over all Purpose-Costs-Benefits to the country and Risks is the only concerns that should be relevant. Obama's decision is purely political, he chose to appease the Environmentalists rather than the Unions and the Unemployed and the Economy. It will further cost him dearly in 2012.

      • USAmerican says:

        Have you not heard of all the oil tanker spills???? There are ALWAYS risks, no matter what you do. We had better take the risk that will at least created jobs!

      • jeff says:

        Robert Redford wouldn't know the difference between an oil pipeline and a submarine!!

      • ChuckL says:

        Dear "Dio…",
        Perhaps you never heard of "The Reinvestment Act of 1977" This was the law which, under a Democrat, Carter, with a Democrat controlled congress, required all of the bad loans to be made and set up the phony Investments in bundled bad loans by setting the taxpayers up to bail out the government backed bad investments.

        You are entitled to your analysis, but at least get the facts correct before you start analyzing.

      • Pat says:

        Here's the liberal take on it from AlterNet: Keystone Pipeline Victory – President Puts Disastrous
        Pipeline on Hold, May Effectively Kill the Project. http://www.alternet.org/story/153037/keystone_pip

        I read AlterNet just to see what the liberals have to say….Some good articles but mostly the liberal talking points.

      • Jeff, Illinois says:

        AMEN . . And for the rest of you . . . .
        FACT: This issue is much more complex than comparing Tanker spills to pipeline spills. To give all of us a sense of the complexity . . how is it that the company used to evaluate the environmental effects of the pipeline is a company that's a subcontractor to the oil company wanting to build the pipeline?
        FACT: How about looking at the specific impact on the Ogallala Aquifer . . and not some hypothetical spill.
        FACT: Stop being obtuse and think about all the issues involved and take the time to evaluate all concerns. FACT: Jobs are important . . and as such . . we have other needed projects . . like building our infrastructure . . but than we need some additional revenue . . from the so-called "JOB CREATORS".
        FACT: Ok, JOB CREATORS . . create some jobs . . quit lobbying idiots like Cantor, Beihner and McConnell to serve your own interests . .

        • Bobbie says:

          FACT: water and oil may not mix but they're both natural substance and permanent damage to these rare occurrences doesn't exist! history shows the safety of the process!
          FACT: all things involved are thought of and risk is taken and accidents that aren't prevented are learned from and corrected. has there never been a death in infrastructure, Jeff? wonder what the vibrations from those thousands of turbines does to the earth? not to mention the daily death of birds and the majestic eagles happening right this minute.
          FACT: Obama received more than enough stimulus money for infrastructure that was made sure not to complete, two years ago! we don't need additional revenue or incompetence? why do you?
          FACT: let the people conduct their business knowing they can freely without Obama's immense unconstitutional over-regulations and overreach. everything is a set up so the president blames republicans whom the president refuses acknowledgement of and credit to. all indicators show when businesses make their move, obama will collapse them, Jeffy! what are "your own interests?" you stated in your comment, be specific! why won't you grasp knowledge or thoughts beyond your narrow one? your choice.

    2. john willimas says:

      The delay is the old bait and switch game folks. Keep the carrot dangling until the horse catches it, then pull the switch. Realize that wile we are waiting for the carrot to be fed to the horse, the guy holding it is doing something entirely different and far more serious behind our backs. ALWAYS proofread these news items.

      • LeeWood says:

        Amen, john willimas. While we are distracted by what the right hand of the administration is doing, we should be more concerned about what's going on with the left hand behind his back.

      • rm gangawer says:

        So whats your point? Please identify the carrot and horse, and describe the switch.

    3. Mary......WI says:

      The USA and all the the wonderful qualities she has stood for continues its spiraling death into the abyss!

    4. Terry Stone says:

      Obama's selfishness rather than what he is being paid for- seeking the best interests of the country- is again taking priority. He seems to be doing his best to be our worst enemy and destroy this country.

      • Joan Rogers says:

        Very well said,I so am in agreement with you.

      • Penny says:

        Even the Canadian president calls it politics run amuck. Why give away all these jobs to probably China???? Every thing Obama does is nock our country down like saying we are lazy ETC. and he never takes responsibility for this country's mess is because of HIM with giving away tax payers money to his friends projects . What is that price for Solyndra and fake medicines needed and his other buddies business a few TRILLION for his friends. EVERYBODY START SCREAMING TO THE LIBERAL PRESS TO LOOK INTO HIS DEALINGS.

      • ChuckL says:

        Terry, Are you just learning that?

      • Linda Fields says:

        Terry I agree with you , this pres. is disasterous to the United States, he is doing everything in his power to destroy the United States. I hope there are more SMART people left to vote him OUT. I do not mean those idiots protesting- they want gov. handouts, any and all the free-bee's they can get at our expence. obama can put thousands to work if he'd get off his ME ME I I horse. I trust him as far as I can throw his me-me horse!! And besides that I can not stand him!!!!

      • Denise, Utah says:

        Well, I'm sure Jimmy Carter is thrilled! There is now a president who is worse than he was!

    5. Bernard P. Giroux says:

      To Robert Redford: If you think that the American people want to listen to your political vies and you think you speak for the people and not your limited self-interests, please, by all means, run for office so we can legitimately run you out of town.

      • If an accurate poll was taken as to the number of Americans who support the pipeline and those that oppose it, I think the supporters would out number those opposed by a margin of 2 to 1. Robert Redford should go back to acting and not poll taking.

        • Denise, Utah says:

          People like Robert Redford, as single individuals, use far more oil resources than the average person. They have the money to buy $10 a gallon gas as the rest of us peons don't. I don't think he ever wonders where the oil came from to jet him across the country. What a dumb a$$. I guess if I'll have to spend more money to fill my tank, I won't be able to go to one of his lousy movies after all.

    6. James McGarrahan says:

      How killing thousands of jobs helps Obama's re-election is beyond me? What it does seem to accomplish however, is to push us further in the direction of economic ruin. While I do believe that Obama is intent on getting re-elected, if he doesn't, at least he can push us over the "cliff" to where we will never be able to recover this once great country.

    7. Joan Neel says:

      Did anyone really believe Obama would approve it …. he wants more of our money ….. spend, spend, spend. He calls us lazy Americans …. but, he continues to give our "Lazy American" Taxpayer money to the lazy people in this country who don't want to work, to the illegals and to other countries. He has cost our country millions of jobs, by sending them to China, India and Korea, yet he refuses to let us drill for oil in this country, forcing us to pay more at the pumps for imported oil. Now that he is bringing the troops home, they will have to vie for the few jobs available. We need to stop importing, stop spending and CUT TAXES, not increase taxes on already over-taxed, hard-working, taxpaying citizens. VOTE HIM OUT before he totally destroys our country. The only jobs he has created are Government jobs and Union jobs – and with taxpayer money.

      • John Persico says:


        • marcus says:

          You have a very narrow mind. Choose your arguments better John, tit for tat Obama has ruined this country, Bush started it, lets move on and get some work done…. like real Americans.

    8. bassboat says:

      The Keystone XL pipeline is only the tip of what needs to de done in order to achieve energy independence. The first two steps are the most important. One, Shut down the EPA and two, the Department of energy. I would hate to know how much these two agencies have cost me in higher prices and lost opportunity. whith them out of the way we could then proceed to develpo the east, west and gulf coasts, Alaska, shale oil, Bakken Basin, coal, natural gas, nuclear and of course the savior of all energy, battery powered energy with private funds.

      • John Persico says:


        • Kim T. says:

          Ok John-we get it-everything is Bush's fault or the Republican party's fault. You can move on to the next issue. Let me put it to you this way-politicians in general are useless, self-serving liars however, the Republicans are the lesser of two evils. Obama is a traitor, he's violated multiple constitutional laws-such as separation of powers because he wants total omnipotence without oversight or restriction. You keep on blaming the previous administration and the other party while Obama succeeds in destroying this country. You'll be one of the slave class right along with the rest of us while Obama and his elite cronies horde all the wealth.

        • bassboat says:

          I am painfully aware of that.

    9. albaby says:

      Obama said hwe would like to see gas go up to $5 a gallon and is doing his best to see that happens and we dson't become energy independent, like stopping offshore drilling, NAWR ban, stop the pipeline etc. That might make us less energy dependent and make things less profitable for the highly susidized alernative energy producers like farmers, solar panel and windmill firms etc. And when the pipeline spills oil-we clean it up. Now tell us about the negatives of wind and solar power. There aren't any, are there?They're all something for nothing.

      • Al Metcalf says:

        The negative to Wind and Solar is they are completely unreliable as a source of continuous energy. We have no way of determining when the wind will blow except for the hot air coming from politicians and that air is contaminated by the sewage within. Solar is also not a reliable source as cloud cover and night time remove the cell from production. Added to these two problems is the matter of storage of electricity. Electricity is a non storable energy in the quantities required at this time. Therefore, as wonderful as Wind and Solar is today it will not be viable for at least another twenty years under private enterprise, and if the govt gets involved it may be another fifty years.
        Obama is doing as much damage as he possibily can in the time he has left as the occupant of the WH. Watch the Occupy demonstrations ratchet up over the next year, and then watch Obama attempt to put off the elections because of uncontrolled Civil Strife with the possibility of military actioins against the very people who he is pushing to provide these demonstrations.
        Read the 'Rules for Radicals' and you will see our future and the actions of Obama to come.

        • Angie says:

          The liberals push Wind energy but never mention he thousands of birds that are killed by the blades
          of the windmills. Their concern for the environment/animals is very selective.

    10. FlaJim says:

      This is just more evidence that the aim of the regime is not the recovery of the economy but the destruction of it. The regime knows that our economy runs on petroleum products and all substitutes are costly and inefficient. That's why it's sitting on drilling in our own country tht has reserves greater than the entire Middle East.

      The regime must know it's on shaky ground when the best spokesman they can come up with is a flaky has-been actor to laud its indefensible energy policy.

    11. Obama is Trudeau says:

      Obama would much rather buy oil from those that do everything they possibly can to break down the West and what it stands for rather than its best friend. Absolute suicide! Good luck to the West.

    12. Ben says:

      I have absolutely NO DOUBT the IMPOSTER in the White House has communism running through his veins! I wasn't surprised at what he did however. What I don't understand is WHY DOES ANYBODY BOTHER TO LISTEN TO THIS NOBODY FROM NOWHERE!?!

    13. John Persico says:

      Well President Obama's american jobs act would create 1.9 million jobs and lower the unemployment by 1.4% and raise the G.D.P by more then 2%,save or bring back up to 280,000 teachers,save or hire 60 first responders,rebuild our infrastructure[we rank 23rd roads 26th ports 22nd bridges] which we only spend 2% of the G.D.P while china spends 9%,rebuild 35,000 schools and its payed for from the people who sent our economy into the ground as they enjoyed record profits and record savings.Dont forget about the republicans other job plan H.R 1904 sw land exchange will trade our land in Arizona for land GHWB gave china to borrow $1.7 trillion and gave then 5300 acres and they want to trade our federal indian land 2400acrees. Our 2400 acre's has the largest deposits of copper[estimated at $5 trillion plus] and all they want to hire is 500 american workers and use robots to mine it and run the robots from china and buy all heavy equipment from china .

      • John Persico says:

        60 thousand first responders

      • Kim T. says:

        Stop comparing us to China John! It's apples and oranges. China is a communist dictatorship-it's human rights abuses are legion. There is a ruling elite and a slave class. Guess where you and I would fit? China can spend 9% because her people are starving and dying while the elite bask in their wealth and prosperity. And remember, it was the sub-prime mortgage crisis precipitated by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with forced loans to inappropriate buyers instigated by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd-both Democratic wunderkind!! If you thisnk socialism and wealth redistribution are so great then send me your money cause I need it more than you do. Not so great when it gets down to a personal level huh?

        • Brian A says:

          Another thing China does is manipulate the value of their currency. Ever wonder why Chinese goods are so cheap? It's because China does not allow the value of the Yuan to go up. If trade was really fair between the US and China, the trade deficit wold have leveled off at least 5 years ago. And it's the Chinese workers who really get screwed.

        • SSG WEEKS says:

          Reagon deregulated the banks that's what caused the housing trouble we have.

      • Rich Palmer says:

        What happened to our unions in the United States?????

      • Daughter_of_Dust says:

        What about the gold mine designated a National Heritage Site (well outside of Yellowstone) given to UNESCO?
        My question would be: Upon whose authority was any of this land used for collateral for loans when it belongs to the citizens of the States? How does the Fed seize lands and not permit use by citizens? Why are the citizens of Arizona not permitted to use highways because roaming bands of cartels occupy it?
        Why do the sane citizens of the United States put up with federal abuse?

      • Indy says:

        Teachers and first responders along with school construction should be funded at the local and state level, not the Federal. For example, if a state like CA is not able to fund those jobs / projects because CA has other priorities, the other 49 states should not foot the bill. Decisions have consequences, vote with your feet.

      • Bob Weeks says:

        Well said, why does Congress block President Obama's job act. They want to make him look bad and this also helpss their cause. Why not do both? But start with his first. You sound more inteligent then most of these RIECH wing nuts anyway. TY for using your brain.

      • Bobbie says:

        everything said these democrat unconstitutional proposals "will do" has no chance and was never intended to come through as America was told to expect. it's theft! people shouldn't be so quick to give themselves up to government control to avoid government claimed support (none the less,) based on flagrant issues? it's idiotic and imbecilic! Americans are smarter than that! here's the juvenile democrat speak: "if we wouldn't have done it, it would've been worse!" every person with a brain knows better and this is what Americans get??! government integrity serves better the people.

    14. Robert A Hirschmann says:

      I am totally disgusted with this administration! How can Congress just sit by and let this Anti-American get away with all his treasonous activity? Obviously his aim is to destroy America and all it stands for. All it takes for evil to win is for good man to do nothing. Wake up America!!!

      • snowingeorgia says:

        what the hell are you talking about? Did you sleep through the aughts?

      • Maureen says:


      • Linda Fields says:

        Amen Robert-

      • Shazbat says:

        Your comments bring to mind using the sensationalist "C" word (communism) in the the Mc Carthy era: In this case, invoking one of the "T" words: Treason. You missed inserting "terrorism" and "threat" and "tyranny".

        Good grief. It was a sound ecological decision. We can't perpetuate dependence on fossil fuels. Would you also cut down the last stand of trees, knowing full well you were going to freeze to death when they were gone because you hadn't devoted enough resources to assuring you had alternatives? We KNOW we're fouling our own nests. We KNOW the tar sands conversion process itself generates ridiculous levels of pollution in and of itself. We KNOW fossil fuels are a finite resource. The only reason "tar sands" are being considered now is because market prices have finally reached a point where potential profits make it a viable business case to invest.

    15. JA says:

      I have always been a proponant of listening first. My first reactions used to be to protect and preserve the environment, but not at ALL cost. Weights and measures, people. After hearing the stats on the pipelines safety records, pros and cons of other options of moving oil, it is reasonable to conclude the pros win in favor of the pipeline. For the American people and for the environment. Now, what IS the agenda of the radicals not in favor of the XL pipeline, and why did the president allow them to succeed? Think, think, think!

    16. Carol M Kite says:

      You said it so well, nothing needs to be added. Thought Mr Redford was smarter, Hollywood is made up of fools, Obama's move is purely political, so nakedly, however, should backfire when America realizes he's shooting down a gift that would've brought jobs & a less expensive source of oil to us. The ERA, always excruciatingly cautious, often bordering on the rediculous, has too much power and, in this case, has given Obama an easy out that hurts America, proof positive his agenda has nothing to do with bringing a healthy economy back, instead helps his plan of destroying our great country of freedoms.

    17. Todd says:

      To James McGarrahan, I agree with everything you say. But do not under-estimate the American people. the majority in this country do not like nor agree with Obama's agenda and certainly do not listen to Hollywood on what to think. Unfortunately, there are enough of these "sheep" to get Obama re-elected. If We, the American People, get rid of Obama, Reid, Pelose and most fo teh Democratic socialist, then this country can be saved. If he gets another four years, then God help us!

      • Retired Lady says:

        Hollywood consists of people who work in "make-believe!" Redford is an older example of this type of character, they contribute little except by way of entertainment. For this they receive adulation which, in turn, causes them to think they are "important," "intelligent," and should have a platform to share their "important" views.

    18. Richard B says:

      I would like to know how any administration got the authority to approve or disappove a pipeline in the Midwest. What amendment handed that level of power to any President?

      • Kim T. says:

        None-Obama is a lawless traitor. He has ignored or circumvented the Constitution and Congress numerous times to implement regulations, fees, taxes, bans, etc… that are not within his authority but rather are Congress' purview. The problem lies with Congress being complicit in his behavior. The fox is guarding the hen house.

        • jjay says:

          Take a look at the over 1000 "Executive Orders" GWB put into effect to change laws AFTER they were passed by the Congress. THERE'S your precedent for "any administration" getting "the authority to approve or disapprove a pipeline…"

          What goes around… comes around…

    19. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      Like a bunch of sharks, the politicians in Pennsylvania are circulating and salivating to get their hands on the Marcellus Shale revenue. If you want to promote drilling in the U.S. let the politicians design a system to get their hands on the money….they'll run Obama over to get the drilling going…always follow the Money…

    20. Bobbie says:

      Robert Redford and all celebrities please realize the truth. Obama is deaf to the peoples' voice and pierced to the voice of special interests creating costs, loss and corruption to the people.

    21. Thomas Mosley says:

      And Now they are going to talk to China. I guess Obama's wish for $4 per gal gas is all that matters. How can the president be so not concerned with the needs of the American people?

    22. Wint Harris says:

      Hello!!! How un-intelligent is this decision. Not good for America at all!! I don't want to say this is stupid, but this IS stupid. The Obama administration is always whining about jobs, but when a deal comes along that would create so many jobs without tax dollars and would create tax revenue in the future, why don't they see their idiocy. Just how dumb can we be! Thanks idiots.

    23. Suzanne says:

      Today, we are run by the fools in the acting business….this is what Obama is, an actor.

      He says the exact opposite of all he proceeds to accomplish. He is a fraud as those such as Redford…and Moore and the rest of the brainless. they are habitual pretenders that we live in this idealistic world…but the reality is, other Countries will prosper leaving us in the past….misery will follow. So these know everything losers will have indeed lost with all the rest of us….after the US falls…there is no where to run and hide.
      So, we must change….change the leaders…school leaders…tax structure….business regulations and the most important to our national security and future is to drill baby drill and go after all the resources we have before the Russians and others get to it…..they are already starting. scary.

    24. Triedof this pres says:

      Canada will continue with or without the US and if they contract to supply other countries, we will be left "out in the cold".

    25. BraceYourself says:

      "Well, there you go again", Obama! Just to quote a phrase from an earlier time. Reagan would have been a leader in such a case as the Keystone XL Pipeline. Reagan would have praised the opportunity to help create jobs and supply our America with less expensive energy!

      Obam makes the decision, stated by a majority of those in the know, to be a wrong decision. So the elephant in the room is, Why would Obama make such a decision? Just as we have been asking why on so many other decisions that have been made by this President! How long do we have to endure the pains created by the Democrats to know their intent?

      Does destroy Capitalism sound familiar?

      • Aceituna says:

        "WHY" is the question. What does Obama want? He has a vision, one that makes him the all powerful, the one who is over all and uses us as he pleases. His vision is destroying our country. The Keystone XL Pipeline is only one of the avenues that he is using to fulfill his desires. He wants us to live the way he decrees, completely dependent upon him and jumping every time he tells us to. He uses whatever he sees that will get him to his goal, no matter what the means is. He follows the old saying, "The end justifies the means" so whoever or whatever is destroyed means nothing to him. Stopping the Keystone XL Pipeline so destroy our economy is one way he is bring us under his control, and he does't care what happins to us. Can we live another year under his rule, or must we find a way to get rid of him? Will we be able to replace him in next year's election? What must we do?

    26. Suzanne says:

      robert "the fake and pretender Redford"( making his fortune off our ticket buying for his pretend movies"… does not speak for me, my children and my grandchildren. He does not speak for my ancestors who used our resources to better their living conditions and make this Nation the best and free est Nation on Earth with their Hands, hard work and combat readiness against all enemies. Period.

      Therefore I "reject" his statement and I "reject" this Presidency.
      I want my homeland back….for future generations so they can know her greatness as I have. Period.

    27. toledofan says:

      The new pipeline was the first step in our approach to developing a comprehensive energy policy. The pipe line in concert with developing off shore drilling and other energy reserves clearly would be a major posiitve jolt to the economy. So, at the end of the day, again, it becomes crystal clear that Obama actually doesn't want to stimulate of grow the economy but is hell bent on creating as many people, as possible, depending on the government for their daily existence. The policies of this administration are the most absurd of anything I've seen yet. The words never match the actions.

    28. Ben C. says:

      At least Obama is consistent – look only to the Gulf to see his agenda. And, great response Nokosi. My liberal friends never let the facts get in the way of an emotional arguement.

    29. vicki says:

      Heritage – have you tried to talk to the Obama admin about this? How can one person hold up this chance for jobs and cheaper energy? Doesn't this need to be voted on in or something? Can anyone explain please ?

    30. Al Connelly says:

      It is interesting how some Hollywood actors and producers believe they have all the answers to how the country should be run and who should control the process. They, for the most part, are a large portion of the 1% and don't see the needs or concerns of the 99% who occupy this country and depend on jobs and a strong economy.

      President Obama leans toward decisions that will enhance his chances to be re-elected with little or no regard to the well being of this nation. He is a hollow tube espousing meaningless comments in an effort to show he is concerned about the true plight of the country.

    31. Guest says:

      A few questions:__1. Not so long ago we were being told that we could not develop our domestic oil reserves because we did not have the refining capacity. Now we are contemplating letting Keystone cut a big gouge across the "Bread Basket of America" which is already a risk of massive groundwater polution because of our own existing piplines and probably additional ones needed to move our own Bakken oil. How does this make any sense?__2. Is the Keystone objective really the Texas refinery or is it the Texas seaport?__3. The Gulf Coast is obviously by far the cheapest direction to ocean shipping. Without the potential for ocean shipping would not Keystone be severely limited for competitive customers basically Canada and U.S.?__4. Isn't it true that by "ram rodding" access to Gulf Coast seaports before our own Bakken oil is developed, the Keystone people will have the upper hand refinery wise and competitive wise?

      • Randall Corl says:

        I'll give a stab at some of these. 1. It doesn't make sense because transporting and refining oil are two different sub-topics. 2. Seeing as building new refineries cost an incredible amount of money, even compared to how much these companies make, where else could it be routed (Seriously, I would like to know)? 3. From what I gather from the story, the pipeline is merely a tool to facilitate a possible deal with Canada, and should we fail to negotiate a deal, China will gladly take advantage and Canada will just move it across their own country. 4. Possibly, but it also means another source of a precious resource. The fact that the pipeline will be in the U.S. would mean America would actively support and maintain it. It's not like Canada would be given the land it's on and expected to care for it, which means permanent jobs after it's built for American's, not to mention other businesses in nearby towns to support such a work force.

        • Guest says:

          Randall – Thank you for your input. Sorry that I haven't had time to research this more thoroughly but I think that I have just run across the answers in this pdf file: http://dirtyoilsands.org/files/OCIKeystoneXLExpor
          This sounds like we (U.S.) will not directly get any Keystone oil. It will all go to the world market. So back to my questions – why should we risk destroying the water underlaying our agricultural lands? Let them take it west to Vancouver B.C. or Northeast to Churchill on Hudsons Bay. Chances are most of the temporary jobs would be handled by Canadian contractors anyway.

    32. Guest says:

      __5. If we did give them access to the Gulf Coast, do we have any guarantee that we, the U.S. will even get any Keystone oil? And at what price?__6. Do you not suppose that the Keystone people view our Bakken oil as competition for the development and marketing of their Alberta oil?__7. As for jobs, our Bakken development is providing thousands of jobs and the developers are have trouble filling them. Motels in the area (parts of Montanwa & North Dakota) are jam packedl. Even McDonald's are having trouble finding hamburger flippers to replace those who have quit for oil field jobs. If Keystone sucks up our job hunters – how will we fill our own Bakken jobs?

      Of course Obama is stalling because of votes but in this case it also happens to be the right decision energy and job wise. If we do give Keystone a route to the sea be had better be sure of a big slice of the action – at least a substantial toll on oil flowing through the pipeline.

      We should consider nixing the pipeling in favor of buying their oil at the border as a substantial reduction from world market.

      • Randall Corl says:

        5. Although the price would likely be negotiated between supplier and distributor, they would have to keep the price competitively cheaper than foreign oil to ensure it is bought over other options. Again, from the article it would seem the deal is exclusive to the U.S., and that is certainly validated by current deals with Canada that already bring some of their resource into the country. This is basically a step up from something already occurring successfully. 6. Again, competition would be taken into account even if it's domestic, but they are going to develop it regardless of the U.S. being the chief customer. Not to mention this is all handled by private enterprise so the government won't technically favor one over the other. 7. If the demand is there, the supply will follow. Neighborhoods will be built, supporting businesses will develop. People will move where they feel there's money to be had, and jobs will be filled. Of course, for reasons unrelated to this story have and will likely continue to slow development. Most new businesses are wary of expansion in a volatile economy that ours has become. Some will always take the risk, but less risk and outer control means more motivation and opportunity. Hope some of this helps, just some basic economics really.

    33. John Persico says:

      weres the other piece of my comment are you a do you not want to show it are you afraid some of the people may like what i say ?

    34. Ken Yannitell says:

      Does anyone realize that that pipeline would be owned by a Canadian company, heavily funded by China, that most of that oil would be routed to China and that American…WHO OWN THEIR LAND…would be forced to move and turn over the land to a foreign nation? Imminent domain applies to that pipeline and Canada would actually Own the land that it runs through. Also, it would go right through a 11 State aquifer that supplies the majority of water to those states. Imagine even a small spill that contaminated it. Millions would be affected and that same company has had over 700 spills of varying size over the last 5 years…So if you want to put Americans out of their homes, give American land to a foreign nation and basically hand over all the oil that would be piped to another nation, then please feel free to push for this…

    35. Jon says:

      I am absolutely convinced, and have been since president Osoma took office, that he is and will do all he can to destroy our economy and therefore our country. I believe that this occupy movement possibly can turn ugly and that if 'needed' the president will declare marshal law and then try to become our first 'king'. Have you ever noticed that when a the democratic activists yell and talk over the host, (even president Osoma does this), that they always accuse the Conservatives of doing bad things and wouldn't you know it… it is EXACTLY what they themselves are or want to do!! Listen to them… its true!

    36. We, Americans who are aware how dangerous the Obama Administration is, must find Minuteman Rapid Responses to this and other Anti-American Actions by Obama Politicians, Judges and Bureaucrats!
      The Media Left, OWS Zombies and The EPA, DOE and most of The Executive Powers can and do it everyday. How can Conservatives, Capitalist (Job Creators) and believers in American Exceptionalism learn from their tactics?

    37. comuppance says:

      I hate to say I told you so! But as soon as I had read (n "Morning Bell" ) the description of the benefits this pipeline would bring us, I said, "Nope – obama will never OK it." Name me one thing obama has done that has actually helped this country? I can't think of one. He has not and never will support a nation which upholds values he despises. That means the USA and its western allies. What does that tell us.? And how about the guns being sent to the Mexican drug cartels who are fast making inroads into the USA and obama persecuting those who would STOP them? Are we even sure there will be an election in 2012?

    38. Zygote1331 says:

      The pipeline is an environmental disaster waiting to happen (see BP/Gulf Spill. The truth is we are at or near peak oil. If we are really serious about jobs we would take that money and pour it into alternative fuel sources. This would a). put us on a path of energy independence & b). allow us to become a player in the solar/wind/geothermal markets that China, India even Europe are dominating.

    39. SallyB says:

      I believe that we have proven that we can build a pipeline without major disasterous results. We are not doing this country and the enviornment any good. Letting the countries around us do all the developing and endangering of our environment and us without any say so in the matter. Look at Alaska. When I was there at the pipelines I saw that the caribou would bed down under the pipeline to warm themselves and the polar bears made themselves right at home around the plants. We have already made a huge mistake about letting Cuba decide they will drill right off of the Keys in Florida where we will not only not get any oil we will have little say in how they run their operations. WAKE UP!

    40. Retired Lady says:

      Amazing but not really surprising. Obama has NEVER had the interests of this country ahead of his ego. This poor soul has proven categorically that on-the-job training for the office of President of the United States of America is a disastrous mistake! He also proves that a part-time lawyer, teacher, ACORN creature, State Senator, US Senator will also make a part-time President! Hopefully he will be returned to one of his other part-time jobs come 2012!

    41. Clearhead says:

      I agree with this revealing article up until the last phrase, "a presidency at its worst". Considering the Constitutionally mandated duties of a President of the United States of America, I find it exceedingly difficult to ally the term 'president' even loosely to the one occupying this office. So is this really a 'presidency'? No. It is a flagrant usurpation of the most revered seat of our government. If we Americans LOSE this game with obama, we'll slap the face of our nearest and best neighbor, lose untold billions of barrels of oil access, We'll deprive thousands of Americans OF jobs and a living, we'll enrich China, and we'll give the rest of the world a good laugh. But at least we'll make obama, 'Hollywood celebrities', Arabs, and other America haters happy. The United States needs to use our new "healtcare" scam to apply a much needed surgical procedure to ourselves — known as a "LOBAMALOTOMY"

    42. TEDRO says:


    43. W Kerrigan says:

      All of you that voted for "Hope & Change" were the biggest fools on the planet. What we got was a hopeless feeling when we can't find a job and watch our government change before our eyes to a socialist country where all ambition to better ones self is looked down on and equal misery is the name of the game.

    44. Marge says:

      Why doesn't all the unemployed people, the working class people who cannot afford gas, and anyone else who wants to join descend upon the White House to make our voice known????

    45. Gene says:

      As wo continually watch as our country spirals out of control, we fight to keep it from happening, mostly for the sake of our children, and theirs… But those on the left for whatever Godless reason seem to desire to take in a direction of no return.. They say" be careful what you ask for, you might just get it".. All I can say is may God have mercy on thier souls..

    46. John Daugherty says:

      This proposed pipeline will go right through the Bakken Basin in N. Dakota, the biggest oil find in many years. We don't need a pipeline to Texas, we need refineries in Eastern Montana & N. Dakota, where there is virtually no population to be affected by air polution. Then the refined products can be transported a number of ways to wherever it is needed. If you question my statement as to oil in N. Dakota, look at the unemployment there. There is none.

    47. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      To paraphrase Ronald Reagan: "A recession is when you lose your job, a depression is when your neighbor loses his job, and a recovery is when Barack Obama loses his job."

    48. Casey Carlton says:

      For any who doubt, at this point, what Obama is all about, here is further proof that he cares only for himself.

    49. Gilbert Doan says:

      Must be a parallel universt at its souecr.

    50. Jeanne Stotler says:

      As we read this Obama is in Hawaii, at our expense, BHO does not care about us, he caters to those who will and are giving to his re-election fund. Most of Hollywood has a special interest, vegans, fur, oil, you name it you'll find a Hollywood name. Now my question is WHEN and WHere are the investigative reporters, the ones who went undercover, and moved mountains to obtain information?? There is a lot of info about the IMPOSTER that is sitting at 1600 Penn. AVe., that is missing and has been with held. I was always told that if you are in the public eye and you hide part(an important part) of your life than you have something to hide. Please get the truth out and then all that has occured in the last 3 years would be mote.

    51. Robi3304 says:

      There is such double standard here. The pipeline will create jobs but at what end cost and I am not talking environmental cost? The production of oil from the Canadian sands is a very costly and inefficient process. The final product would be excessive in cost at the tacked on at the pump. I do not laud Obama for his decision but I think that drilling in our own country and hiring our own citizens are more feasible as a prospect. Why not drill? The answer must surely be clear – to save American oil and future profits for those who will benefit most such as our current totalitarian oligarchy. Bolshevism, at its onset, never looked as favorable as the current paradigm has framed our future.

    52. Glen says:

      When it comes to job creation. Obama does the opposite. It's not just with the pipeline, but also with oil in the Gulf. This also brings up another subject, Whatever happened to all the oil from our country's reserve that Obama released? It seems like everything that he does is to bring down the greatness of this country. He has no clue about what he is doing to America ." OR DOES HE"?

    53. Maureen says:


    54. Suzie Easter says:

      Simple resolution that would solve all of our problems: follow the U.S. Constitution. By the way, our income is our property, therefore, we should receive all of it up front. So, it's not tax cuts, it's tax rates. The feds are literally steeling our property so that they can waste our money on green energy (Solyndra), excessive trips, bailouts for fat cats, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac executives, unions, reelection campaigns, micromanagement, and so much more. Does anyone out there really believe that we need to raise taxes for these ridiculous expenditures? The "corporate veil" is broken and the politicians, unions, fat cats, and anyone else who got us here should personally pay down our debt.

    55. Addison Terry says:

      There is an important historical fact relating to the shut down of The Keystone XL Pipeline that has been buried. In September 1969 the North Slope State Sale took place in Anchorage At the time this was the largest sale of oil and gas leases that had ever occurred. There was an implied promise that the oil and' gas produced could be transported to a deep, warm water port for delivery to the lower 48. The permits to construct the Alyeska Pipe line was held up for six years due to "grave environmental concerns.." The real problem was the Teamsters Union was holding up the pipe line consortium for a CLOSED SHOP! When oil got to $50 to $75 a barrel the oil companies folded. We are still paying a higher price for every drop of oil from the North Slope due to the Teamester contract! —–WHO OWNS OBAMA? This is the Alyeska play book.

    56. GFKress says:

      WHY…don't they build a new refinery (we need one anyway) up on the Canadian border, thus eliminating the need for the pipeline. Plus, when a hurricane shuts down the Gulf refineries…the new one continues to chug along. People, this is NOT brain surgery.

    57. Morning Glory says:

      What a self-centered LOSER! I cannot believe that we have another YEAR with this pretender in OUR White House. Considering the poor condition he's left our country, I would hate to see the shape they leave THAT!!

    58. cheryl steen says:

      Why is there nothing for US to do? We would have supported the pipeline and made it very vocal. To find out after the fact and feel helpless to reverse the decision is not why I try to keep up on things. what can we do? I mean besides wait until 2012??

    59. Russell Lewis says:

      I just love when people badmouth actors and call them all sorts of names and then on the next exhale, proclaim Regan the best thing since sliced bread???

    60. PippN says:

      Destroy Capitalism? Democrat's intent? C'mon. In order to intend something, one has to be aware of what it is they intend to do. From what I've seen so far, when it comes to the economy anyway, Democrats are completely unaware of what they are doing. Job numbers prove them wrong. Approval ratings show they're wrong. The economy and debt are abysmal. Yet they keep trudging down the road to ruin and calling it the path to happy destiny. Go figure.

    61. carol,az says:

      The American Press describe POTUS as, "a nice guy."
      I describe him as, "America's biggest nightmare."
      He just committed economic suicide again and decreased the chances_ of 14 million jobless Americans_ for reemployment.
      Reported that 47 % are now receiving some form of welfare.
      We've been told , "we all a little lazy" after calling us a "a Nation of cowards."
      The cover up for the truth that continues by most press_, is as shameless as the recent exposure at Penn State for the same scenario.

    62. Mutantone says:

      Well the question is mote now Canada is looking to China to take up the slack since Obama has fallen by the way side I just wonder how much the Chinese paid him to wait?

    63. James McMillin says:

      If Americans needed any further proof that the Heritage Foundation is one of the most political on record; that, for all their continuous and recent demagoguing of the current Administration, one only needs to observe that it really cares only about maintaining the failed economic and energy policies of the Cheney/Bush misadministration, clearly not about job creation, then citizens need look no further than the Foundation's cynical support Keystone XL oil pipeline.

      This pipeline will supposedly ship oil for Canada to Texas refineries, rather than building refineries on location where the oil is extracted. This pipeline will interrupt thousands of communities, roadways, waterways, parks, conservatories, you name it – in the "interest" of oil that WILL NOT come to the U.S.

      Americans are brainwashed to think that oil products refined in this country will be sold in this country. WRONG ! Sort of like describing (under BP PR) the Gulf of Mexico BP oil rig blowout and sinking – including the tragic employee deaths – a "SPILL" – like something we would wipe off the kitchen counter and it's gone…
      WRONG AGAIN !!

      The Heritage Foundation is trying to convince Americans that this 'little pipeline' will create jobs that will sustain themselves, but they mislead, to put it nicely. Once the pipeline is built, the jobs are over. All that remains of employment are those that already exist in the refineries. How's that for economic stability?

      Oh, well, then jobs surely will come from rebuilding the infrastructure that the pipeline "temporarily interrupts" by its construction and "spills". WRONG !!! Reflubs will never vote for job creation by voting for (Gawd forbid!) federal support of repairing roads and bridges, much less parks which are even less 'necessary' for quality of life.

      Get your values in line with truth, justice and the American Dream. Clue: It's what the 99% wants, NOT the 1% who are taking all the tax credits, millions in bonuses, holding their profits in foreign banks and producing NO AMERICAN JOBS while holding the rest of us hostage as our income drops.

      • donna says:

        Thanks for an honest letter. Too bad that most people believe only what they read in papers or on the internet.

    64. Angel Barron says:

      It is extremely sad to see America's economy held hostage by ideology. Approval of the pipeline would have meant:
      Jobs; a big increase in energy independence; a break in the inflation spiral; cheaper gasoline; economic revival.
      But both Obama and Redford have only One God they must bow to: Liberal Ideology

    65. Gene says:

      Dirty jobs for dirty oil. This doesn't bring back jobs in every sector. It just delays the inevitable. We need energy but this isn't it. What we need to do is to conserve energy.

    66. Donna says:

      Has anyone from this paper or many of the commentators been to Nebraska to see what this protest has been all about? You only have to visit our sandhills to see why the farmers and ranchers have been protesting against this pipeline for many months. Now TransCanada has agreed to change the route which is what we in Nebraska have been asking for. It is not something President Obama has asked for,but it is what Nebraskans have asked for. You are blaming the wrong person.

    67. How can the current administration talk about job creation when they squash every possible job that comes along?These are not one job at a time,theses are thousands of jobs at a time. Is a possible oil spill worth many people not working and starving to death.Life is short no matter what your age so the Government should work for every American that breaths not only a few environmentalists that possibly can make many mistakes.The voters of America can now see through all this postponing and putting off til tomorrow what you can do today.Procrastinating has never got anyone anywhere.Think seriously about this. I guess China can use the Canadian oil more than American can.That must br what Washington must think.What a mess.

    68. There is so much oil in this region, (North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and across the boarder into Canada), it could supply all or a large portion of out energy for the next hundred years or more. Instead of spending several billion dollars building a pipeline some seventeen or eighteen hundred miles to refineries in Texas why not build a new refinery in North Dekota and process all the oil in that region and then ship the end product to the market. There is much less chance of large oil spills in shipping the refined product to markets than pumping heavy crude oil through high pressure pipelines.

    69. gary sheldon says:

      Micheal Savage is correct. Liberalism TRULY IS a MENTAL DISORDER. I am personally grateful it was not terminal.

    70. Johanna says:

      Being an America, married to a Canadian, I see both sides of the coin. I live in Northern Alberta and my husband works in the oil sands industry. Obama's "delayed response" will not slow production. Canada will just find another buyer. It is a shame that the president (and I use that term loosely) puts the influence of the rich and famous over the needs of the common man, thus giving more publicity to Hollywood and less revenue to the people that need it the most. I love my country and will never give up my citizenship. However, I feel that Obama is hurting the people that need this the most. Instead, he'd rather continue to import millions of barrels of oil from the Middle East, instead of getting it from a closer (and may I add America friendly) nation or even (perish the thought) of using the oil reserves that are within the US. Hollywood and DC politics at their finest! What a shame!

    71. open minded people please read

    72. Why is it so important to keep postponing all the things our country needs today. Because he is afraid of loosing election and he is going to loose it regardless. why the labor unions blocked the South Carolina factory for Boeing.

    73. Questionman says:

      In the wake of President Obama's decision to re-examine the Keystone XL pipeline permitting process, some critics of the delay, most notably the oil industry, have grossly inflated the supposed jobs that would be created by the project.

      Let's look at the record. Initially, TransCanada, the would-be pipeline builder, as well as other boosters, claimed the project would create a quarter-million jobs. Exposed as pure propaganda, they have reduced that number to 20,000. Even that's fiction.

      Here are the facts:

      • Questionman says:

        Here are the facts:

        • In an interview on CNN, a TransCanada executive admitted on camera that permanent jobs would only number “in the hundreds, not the thousands”

        • The Washington Post reported that TransCanada said the project would likely yield only half the current talking point number of 20,000, mostly short-term temporary jobs.

        • The Cornell University Global Labor Institute analysis says that the project will produce fewer than 5,000 jobs at best—and could cost the nation jobs.

        • The Council on Foreign Relations’ Michael Levi, who is actually a proponent of the project, blogged that U.S. Chamber of Commerce numbers were based on a “dead wrong” study.

        • The State Department’s own analyses estimated 5-6,000 jobs.

        Preying on Americans desperate for work with puffed up job numbers is a cynical way to advance this dangerous project. We hope you will inform your readers of the facts.

        Sadly, the jobs canard is not the only distortion being perpetrated by pipeline boosters.

    74. Judy Y says:

      Perhaps all of those unemployed should descend upon the White House and demand that the President do his job so they can get jobs. If those other hotshots can do it so can we.
      J. Yorgason

    75. randjwebmall says:

      Obama you can't let this go.

      So, block the XL pipeline if you think the environment will be better served by shipping Canadian oil an extra 6,000 miles across the Pacific in oil-consuming super tankers and then refining it in less-regulated Chinese refineries. In addition, be aware that replacing the Canadian oil means the U.S. also must import more oil by tankers, which are less efficient than pipelines.

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