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  • Morning Bell: Occupy Wall Street Gets More Violent

    The true colors of the Occupy Wall Street movement are starting to shine through, both in actions and affiliations. The picture that is developing is one of increasing violence married with extremist affiliations that is anything but representative of the 99 percent of Americans the movement claims to stand for.

    On Friday night in Washington, D.C., the Occupy protests turned violent when activists marched on the city’s convention center in opposition to an annual summit held by the conservative Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Forbes reports on the conflict:

    Occupiers, many of whom had their faces obscured by masks or bandanas, began banging on the transparent glass walls and doors of the building, demanding entrance, then attempting to gain access by pushing their way in when guests came or went. Eventually all doors bar one at L Street were locked, with AFP guests and accredited press able to do nothing but stand inside and watch the clash intensify, with a line of police and security guards manning the locked doors at the Mt Vernon St entrance.

    At one point, a 78-year-old woman who was attending the event was knocked down some stairs while attempting to get around the protesters, as this video shows. She reportedly wound up with a bump on her head and a bloody nose. One occupier forced her children into the center of the protest, and four protesters were injured by a car when they were intentionally obstructing traffic. D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said of the violence, “That is no longer a peaceful protest” and that the protesters have become “increasingly confrontational and violent toward uninvolved bystanders and motorists.”

    In New York, women were recently forced to set up a “safety tent” after a rash of sexual assaults and fear of more sexual predators joining the protests. In October, Baltimore occupiers discouraged women from reporting sexual assaults and rapes to the police. Also in New York, an occupier turned violent this week in a McDonald’s often used for bathrooms when the restaurant refused to give him free food.

    These incidents follow violence last month in Oakland, California, in which protesters shut down a busy port, took over abandoned buildings, set fires, burned American flags, defaced private property and destroyed ATMs. And as the movement turns violent, news is emerging regarding the Occupy movement’s radical, left-wing affiliations.

    Heritage’s Lachlan Markay reports that as the Occupy Wall Street begins taking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, an organization known as the Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ) has been retained to process the transactions. That group’s other activities and associations are cause for alarm:

    The AFGJ provides ‘grassroots’ support for organizations that pursue ‘a socially, ecologically and economically just world,’ according to its website. Among its initiatives are efforts to encourage American soldiers to desert and an anti-George Bush organization founded by members of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

    The organization’s president, Katherine Hoyt, leads the Alliance’s Nicaragua Network program, which supports the country’s Marxist Sandinista political party — and was founded for the explicit purpose of overthrowing the country’s government. Hoyt previously worked for the Sandinista government, and has written numerous scholarly works lauding the group. The Sandinistas ruled from 1979 to 1990. Their leader, Daniel Ortega, was elected again in 2006.

    Another of AFGJ’s affiliates: George Soros. His Open Society Institute has given the group $100,000. The Occupy Wall Street movement has other supporters, too, including Big Labor. The AFL-CIO took out advertisements supporting the protests and, according to The Washington Post, “Labor groups are mobilizing to provide office space, meeting rooms, photocopying services, legal help, food and other necessities to the protesters.” And despite the violence and radicalism, it’s a movement that President Barack Obama and others on the left have been quick to support, too.

    There is no doubt that Americans are suffering under tough economic times. The jobless rate under the Obama Administration continues to remain high at 9 percent while Washington is considering raising taxes to finance more government spending. Americans are right to be frustrated, to decry out-of-control bailouts and corporate subsidies, and to voice their concerns. Violence, though, is not the answer.

    There have been over 3,000 arrests at Occupy protests since they began only eight weeks ago. President Obama and liberal congressional and grassroots leaders have been encouraging and inciting these protests. It’s time for these leaders to persuade their followers to stop destroying property and assaulting others–especially women. These acts do not constitute peaceful free assembly or speech.

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    121 Responses to Morning Bell: Occupy Wall Street Gets More Violent

    1. BLACKDOG says:

      Peaceful protest is the first step. Once the protesters are ignored the second step is escalation. Once escalation begins new groups will hijack the protest for their own agenda. At this point the protest gains media attention and the third step is looters and predators join the fun. This is the birth of a non peaceful protest which has been hijacked from the original protesters and original meaning. IF the original protesters were heard and actions were taken to fix the problem, the protest would not have been hijacked. The issue is that over a million peaceful protesters in America didn't garner press or anyone to even acknowledge the issues. This is why the protest has been hijacked. At this point you can instate marshal law and forget the original protest all together. The original protest will begin again once we sort out this mess. And if the powers to be decide to ignore it again, we will do it all over! YAY!

      • KPM says:


      • Bette says:

        Sounds like a Saul Alinski plan to me….

      • Mark Palmer says:

        Why didn't this happen when the Tea Party was rallying half-million people in DC in August with Glenn Beck? Of course that was only one of many events where thousands of us gathered. The Media was not only ignoring the pleas for constitutional government but calling us all sorts of names.

        Your theory is full of crap because you are probably drinking to kool-aid yourself. The protestors to this day still have no idea what they want…except the right to the fruits of others' labor. Beyond the "free ride" through life, they have no clue to their goals or purpose. Actually nobody hijacked any movement…you guys are just the useful idiots that have always been available to do the dirty work. You guys were suckered into living in tents and smelling each other's body odors and being infested with lice and rats.

        • Dan Robbins says:

          I love your statement,"the protestors have no idea what they want except the right to the fruits of others' labor…….". When will the American public and media realize the main purpose of these protestors is a 'free ride' from those who have used the American system to gain wealth. When did it become such a major crime, and therefore worth having your life turned into a 'living hell' simply because you have become wealthy? If it was done illegally, shame on them and the system which did nothing to investigate or prevent and it should be brought to the attention of those responsible to those who investigate and punish those who break the law. But, to try and immaturely draw attention to themselves by unlawfully assembling in a vain attempt to emulate the 60's generation is sorrily, immature and misguided.

      • Really? Is this why the TEA party is still known today, and still influencing politics?

      • The Skip says:

        You are a typical left wing nut. It is ALWAYS someone else's fault. You animals who are attacking innocent people and are attacking police are to blame not the "1%" . Its amazing how these "occupy" lunatics that are setting fires, destroying private property, and raping women actually think that they are non-violent and represent 99% of this country. This administration has succeeded in creating a class warfare and near civil war to try and deflect the fact that they have failed miserably.
        And about your "garner press" statement, you must live under a rock because the liberal media has covered nothing but you maniacs all over the country but they somehow always neglect to add that fact that women are being raped and elderly women are being pushed down stairs.

        • John Stone says:

          this us vs them attitude is the real problem…when in fact, both "sides" are screaming for many of the same things; responsible government, campaign finance reform, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. And no, there was NO coverage until there was violence, and then Fox picked it up and blew it all out of proportion! And we all know Fox won't report anything unless there is a sensational angle to it. And maybe there was no reporting of those incidents you cite, because they really didn't happen?

      • The point is something HAS TO GIVE and NOW is the time. We are tired of not being heard and we are standing our ground. This is our world and we will not allow you to make slaves of us. We will not pay the bills that you have run up. We did not benefit from any of it and we are SICK AND TIRED of the suffering. Period.

        • betsp says:

          Windy is the perfect name for you. You have not achieved enough to be so tired of the burden. I think you just want to skate. "This is our world….", blah, blah, blah. I think you need a time-out.

        • river says:

          What about paying YOUR bills – Your student loans?

        • Tim says:

          You are wrong. It's not "something" has to give. Its "someone" has to give. And that "someone" is you Windy. Give your time to improving someone else's life, help a charity, work towards something. Your comments are pointless and poorly guided. If you want change, you have to be focused on a clear goal. You and your friends have no clue about what you "want".

        • RCC says:

          Change it with your VOTES. That's how it works in AMERICA. this is not a socialist state, we are a REPUBLIC….and if you really want to try to change things…run for office yourself.

        • john stone says:

          interesting…you sound like a tea partier. see…the 2 sides aren't that far apart.

        • Dan Robbins says:

          I have so many responses to your comment I don't know where to begin. I will, simply, tell you need to quit listening to others and start doing your own thinking. It is always so much easier to follow then do your own reasoning about this situation. You can protest as much as you want, but the only way to change anything is by voting. If you feel as strongly as you exhibit, organize the voters and vote against those who you feel are making slaves of you. Do a little research and you will find the N. Vietnamese government used those protesting the war to their advantage. Maybe you should find out who is really benefiting from these protests. Or, are you afraid to really find the answer? I would be willing to bet those who organized these protests are sitting back with a huge smile on their face as they report to Obama and his cohorts. Just a thought for you to ponder, period.

        • Ryan Jenks says:

          "We will not pay the bills that you have run up."

          You mean the bills that come through massive government expansion of entitlements? The protestors want more entitlements, which cost more money.

          I'd suggest you take a course in basic economics.

        • Dan says:

          Wendy, in which way is this your world and not others. There are many of us who have worked to build this world, I suppose you are referring to mainly the USA, and you have, undoubtedly, benefited from many of the risks taken. If you in any way think this country and its capitalistic society is so wrong, then you are free(and I will defend your right to do it) to protest or even more drastically, leave. But by destroying other people's property and occupying it to show your disdain for the system, you are leaving yourself open to criticism and leaving your message unnoticed and soon forgotten. Society, as a whole, only will see your group as a bunch of spoiled brats and 60's wannabes. I remember one of the key points I was taught in college about discussing anything is to not just to sound off on about your point, but also destroy theirs with sound research and strong examples of what you are demonstrating against. Not just the repetitive speak coming from groups such as yours.

      • toledofan says:

        One thing you said is correct; the protests have turned into a mess. They have been a mess since the first day. There is no agenda, no coherent message other than give me everything I thing I deserve, want or think I need to live my life, how pathetic. At the end of the day the only benefit of the protests is they clearly show how some people want the government to take care of them from womb to tomb, the ineptness of the education system, and the disgusting attitude towards the rights of others. It's too bad the media has allowed itself to be a part of the debacle.

      • Gary says:

        This is a joke…these people ahve been praised in the media since day one. They have received more positive press that Santa Cluas

      • river says:

        You're giving dogs a bad name.

      • Skinny Dog says:

        The Tea Party produced MILLIONS more protesters. They, too, oppose bailouts and corporate welfare. The voters listened on election day 2010. Is that why the Tea Party didn't turn violent?

    2. Mike says:

      Banksters have no need to negotiate when the tax payer is held hostage to bail them out on demand! Fools, stop excepting fed res bankster worthless paper as payment and switch back to gold, silver, nickel, copper coin. I give discounts for real money and folks love it. I started over 5 years ago and have prospered and helped others prosper. Nothing is more fun than helping your neighbors free themselves from the banksters!

    3. Anyone supporting this ocupation needs to read this …. Or keep your head in the sand

      • James Simpson says:

        Hate to see their eyes pop out of their heads and their jaws drop when they realize they have been the pawns of the US State Department, and that the Occupy Movement is really and extension of the Israeli "Occupation" of Palestine…….Let this message ring as loud as the Liberty Bell once rang!!!!

    4. Drunkedmunk says:

      Over a million protesters were participating in the occupy protest. No violence was to be seen. No press were to be seen. Everyone wanted to ignore the protest all together. They said it was too small and had no real gumption. Escalation of the protest is the only way to be heard. The people that hear are looters and predators. They hijack the protest. Big business jumps in… after all they are looters and predators.

      Moral of the story: Pay attention to the peaceful protesters. Help them fix the problem they are upset about. Unfortunately when you ignore them, the protest will become hijacked and out of hand. Hard to control. Because the original cause of the protest will not even be considered. This protest will happen again once the current hijacked protest subsides.

      • Glynnda says:

        Sorry, you're wrong…….these people knew what they were going to do from the start. We have yet to see one outbreak of violence at a Tea Party protest or rally, no anti-semitism or any racial slurring of any kind……..were they ignored by the press, you'd better believe it……..
        Time to get your head out of the sand and open your eyes drunked

      • auhunter says:

        The problem is when they first organized, didn't any of them know what they were protesting for. Hell many were there just for the free meals, where they were being provided. Ask 10 different people why, you'll get 10 different answers. If they get unruly, arrest them, money for the city, problem solved. Released on bond, 2nd offense, fine doubled, they escalate, we escalate, they'll get the picture.

      • West Texan says:

        Seems the mass media jumped on board from the very beginning. What is the "original cause" of the protest. Be specific.

      • Mark Palmer says:

        To Listen to the peaceful protestors requires:
        They have a purpose in their protest.
        They know what the heck they are talking about.
        They protest the right parties…congress and executive branch ….CAPITALISM is not the problem..it is the interference with capitalism by government.
        They understand the consequences of their demands if honored…overthrowing our republic is not an option.

      • The Skip says:

        Thousands of Tea Party activists protested all over the country and never once was there a truthful report of anything like this happening. The only thing that happened was a landslide, historic election win for the GOP. Liberals try and have a so called peaceful protest and the riot police has to be called in because you narrow minded radicals have to resort to violence in order to be heard.

      • Brenda says:

        You have been drinking way too much Kool aid……I knew this would happen from the start…..and they have done studies on how much the media covered the "useful idiots" of the Occupy and how much the media covered tea parties………it was a glaring dfference…..the silence was deafening when the media "covered" tea parties and yet, no violence, no public defacation, no disrespect of police, no public masturbation (or otherwise), no camping out in tents (we all have jobs and responsibilities), no drunkenness, no drugs…..oh and no arrests of tea partiers (only the left and unions who came to cause trouble)…….hmmmmm……so according to your thinking, we were ignored so we should have gotten violent to get attention? What a bunch of hoooooooey!!!! Take a bath and get a job!!!

      • Skinny Dog says:

        Millions? Occupy Salt Lake had THREE as of 16 Sep. There are maybe millions if you count the way Obama counts-jobs-saved-or-created.

    5. mlbne says:

      Why are they not finally arresting these people?

      • Bobbie says:

        it might hurt their michael moore, george soros, ben bernanke, van jones, union thug influenced feelings if they were to be arrested for violence on others as the law enforces…

        I totally agree with you but where one sheep leads more follow! George soros has lots of money. Lots of money that could've been spent much more wiser. hmm or maybe not?

        Americans using the time of their lives on wasting it in envy and hatred because they were told to. sad display of Americans weakest! Compliments of the elite weak, georgy porgy and mental misfit michael moore, etc and all their union ignorants.

      • So…Spend more money that the government doesn't have to house all of this people in jail for your children and mine to have to pay for in the future??? This is not going to solve anything!!!

      • tibercio says:

        So much for "constitutionalists" on the right — arrest people for peacably assembling? Here is the entire First Amendment to the Constitution, the first of the so-called Bill of Rights. Please learn it before you go about espousing a police state:
        Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievance.

        • Bobbie says:

          why would cops arrest people for peaceably assembling and respecting property? Please learn what's going on before you go about espousing peaceably assembling!

    6. Reese says:

      THey need to be protesting in front of Obama at the White House. Obama is the reason there are no jobs, our economy has gone to hell in a handbasket, our foreign policy is in a shambles, we are weak and vulnerable and that's exactly how Obama wants it. Read what is Communist, Terrorist, Marxist mentors say: Cloward and Piven, Bill Ayers, terrorist, Bernadine Doern, terrorist, Rashid Kalidi, terrorist, The Muslim Brotherhood, Louis Farrakhan, The Nation of Islam, The Black Panthers.

      Bad Company corrupts good character. The Bible and George Washington said this. Obama didn't have good character to begin with though because he was raised by a Communist America-hating mother and 2 Islamic American-hating Marxist fathers. He loves Communism, Marxism, and Islam. The effects of all of those things is no freedom and death.

      • Independent Voter says:

        The reson there are no jobs is because of George Bush. He created ZERO jobs in 8 years!!!!!!!!! ZERO!!!!
        He also spent our money on 2 wars that were based on nothing but his freaking ego. Obama has eliminated 3 or 4 of the biggest terrorist threats we had, and made us stronger and put fear in all of the terrorists a s a result. What did George Bush do? Claimed Mission Accomplished. Fascism is what the right wing conservatives are all about, they just call it by another name. You are a minion/ pawn/ignorant dolt of the Sociopathic ultra powerful in this country that are destroying the middle class using ignorant people like you to dig your own grave. Wake up! Blame Obama, which is like the 5th grade class bully blaming the kid who tries to make everyone get along instead of fighting. Grow up, see a doctor, get some help. You are voting for the Narcissists who you pay their salaries and the Koch brothers own them and they vote for the best interests of the koch brothers and they wouldn't pull your sorry butt out of sewer but would laugh at you as you drowned in the crap and not give you a second thought. Crazy how so many ignorant people have fallen for the biggest con job of modern civilized society. Do as the Romans?

      • Sickofthenonsense says:

        yeah, because we were in such good shape when Bush left office…get a clue. None of them are any good…we unfortunately have to choose between the least worst candidaates. Thank goodness people are out there in the Occupy Wall Street movement because we have found that voting really does nothing for us when Washingto is corrupt and in the pockets of the weathiest Americans as evidenced by the unrelenting protection of those with the most money!!!

    7. CareyCasey says:

      Maybe people would listen to peaceful protesters if they had a single vision for what they want. Everyone seems to have a different complaint and a different solution from Anarchy to Socialism. The reason no rational person listens to Occupy Wall Street protesters is because they are basically saying "We're mad at all of Wall Street because all Wall Street corporations are inherently corrupt." And that is bull crap.

      This is all holdover 60's crap ("…Tax the rich, feed the poor, Till there are no rich no more. I'd love to change the world, but I don't know what to do. So I'll leave it up to you… ") If there are no more rich, the assumption is that everyone will be happy. The truth is that if there are no rich, then everyone but politicians or those who are high ranking "party members" will be poor. Learn your history.

      Look at the former Soviet Union or Nazi Germany (Nazi is a German contraction for "National Socialist"). Look at ANY socialist or communist nation and you will see OVERT, Government sponsored atrocities of every kind (mass murders or genocide). Even the so-called "model" communist county of China is rife with Human Rights violations (including government forced abortions, slavery, child labor, the list goes on and on).

      DON'T BE A FOOL. No system of government is perfect, but the U.S. is the closest thing to it. Freedom First!

    8. Tucano Fulano says:

      The proper target for the rage of the 'occupiers' is, of course, Obama and his Communist/Democrat supporters.

      • One of the 99% says:

        The proper target for the rage of the " occupiers" is, of course, the Republican Obstructionists in Government, the Rabble Rousing Right Wing Press, and the 1%.

        • Bobbie says:

          how many are of the 1% that you couldn't help yourself to become a part of? why are you letting anyone step in your way to do for yourself? why are you only listening to the "hate" influence and not opening your mind to considerations? you are your own obstruction under the wealthy hypocrites, michael moore misfits who would rather see you controlled by government than make it on your own.

    9. mumsie says:

      Can we now stop affording them the dignity of being called "protesters" and call them what they really are–rioters.

      • Independent Voter says:

        That's what they called the Civil Rights movement too! Until they figured out they (racists) were wrong and were going to lose the fight for justice. There are 10 outright lies in the article above. If you can't find 'em your exactly the kind of person the Koch Brothers covet as one of their minions. I suggest you educate yourself about Sociopathic Personality Disorder. It is what they are and it is what will destroy this country if you don't educate yourself and realize you are a pawn, not an individual. Unless you make a million every year, they wouldn't give you respect or consideration in any society they control. They are taking away all of your rights that matter, and hope you won't realize until they own you and you are just one of their slaves.

    10. Lex says:

      They are doing this on purpose. Tehy are being encouraged by the left to do this and in some cases maybe even paying them be cause if it gets violent enough then maybe just maybe their real dream will come true which is to postpone or cancel next year's election. The they can get what they want. King Obama the First.

      • Bobbie says:

        Don't forget, the President was thoughtful enough to provide us all with "better than the military" neighborhood task forces (for someones protection) to call in martial law!

        President is way behind schedule but fully prepared!

      • You make absolutely NO sense.

      • Independent Voter says:

        Are you serious? I recommend you get professional help, seriously, mental illness is spreading rapidly among the ignorant pawns who believe this crap. What planet are you from?

    11. Victoria DeLacy says:

      It has been documented that some of these protesting people are engaging in criminal activity characterized by being indecent in public (defecating on police cars, public sexual encounters, etc.) in addition to the violence cited here AND one woman in a wheelchair is even on video as having been entrapped in a building where she had been attending a meeting because the ones protesting outside the door would not let her out of there when she was ready to return home. Rapes have been reported and it is high time for the police to STOP THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. When people hang out on public sidewalks overnight like that without being among the homeless it is deemed loitering and they should be JAILED. When abusive spouses spend a night in jail, many tend to stop abusing. Once these engaged in criminal activity under the label of protest are compelled to spend up to a week in jail you will see a few very positive results – a) fewer potentially violent folks will decide to join the movement due to the accountability factor, b) those remaining out there for a time are less likely to engage in criminal activity since they will know that the group will no longer be able to shield them from punishment for their misdeeds and c) similarly disgruntled citizens may decide to seek more acceptably conventional means of venting their concerns and beefs to their elected representatives for addressing the grievances felt rather than imposing such chaos upon society.

      • This is happening now, because NO ONE IS LISTENING. Your solutions will not work. They will only make matters worse.

      • Independent Voter says:

        Are you serious? You think abusive spouses stop abusing after spending a night in jail. Sorry, you are so wrong it is comical. I can show you numerous factual statistical studies that show that is a false claim. Acceptable conventional means??????? Are we a Fascist country now and does the constitution only apply when it supports your delusional argument of freedom. The constitution protects the right of Assmbly and free speech. Who in the world still believes talking to your representative will get you heard? Are you crazy? Every Tea Partier elected is bought and paid for by the Koch brothers et al. Citizen's United sold your rep to the Rich people who run this organization and they don't give a rip about you or any other pawn they have manipulated into believing their con job. It amazes me how much ignorance there is to the methods being used to take over this country and destroy our rights and our freedom. Wake up!!!!!

        • Bobbie says:

          what did or does the Koch brothers do that is sssssso bad? Support America's principles and the freedom to do business without the need of government? Supports employment so those employed can provide for their families? Supports America's Constitution? I hear the name with disdain but without explanation. Finding out it's a private company I conclude it's because they are achievers that gained wealth? good for them? why the jealousy? why is everyone turning against people who fulfill their American dreams that supports it open to anyone who has their own?

      • John Stone says:

        yeah – that's small government for you…arrest peaceful protesters and detain them at the taxpayers expense…yeah – that's a great way to spread your facist word…

    12. Glynnda says:

      Did we expect anything else from these people???? I knew what was coming the first day these broke out. They are attempting to scare Americans (Uhhhh…..the REAL 99%) into cowing to their will. It's the same thing as the Black Panthers or some other group showing up at voting sites with clubs in their hands. ……there is no difference…… it's time for the State to move in on each of these and shut them down with National Guard if necessary. Let them sit in some prison camp for a few months…..without Union pay…….They are not being abused, they are abusing each other and us. I sure wish we could get some stats on how many of them are being paid……

      • I sure wish you were among the poor and suffering who are so tired of all of this that they are being forced to take action.

        • Bobbie says:

          what ugliness to wish hardship on people. those you call "poor and suffering" use so much energy and george soros and his racist regime monies to disrupt society. it's such a shame the protesters don't have the normal brains not to. time to get the government paddy wagon out because it's nobody's problem but everyone elses.

      • Independent Voter says:

        You know nothing about Abusive personality disorders. They are intelligent, con-artists, and liars. The abusers are the ones you are supporting. Once a fool always a fool I guess? I guarantee you, The Koch brothers would laugh at you and spit on you if you asked them to listen to ANYTHING you had to say. You are their pawn! Look it up! Educate yourself! They are using you to try to destroy the middle class and I am 955 sure you are one of the people they want to enslave into their Oligarchy. The Black Panthers? You watch too much FOX news. The National Guard? Are we a Police State now? This is insanity. God help those who cannot help themselves! You are being played like a fiddle. Sheesh this is scary reading all these idiotic people supporting the devil within our own country. These people are Sociopaths! Educate yourself!!!!!!!!!!

    13. Marte says:

      And they compare this mob to the Tea Partiers?

      Someone might listen to the OWS gang if they had a clear message or offered any kind of solution. All I've heard is a lot of hollering about what they don't like – such as the corporations that provide their iPhones, laptops, warm jackets, sleeping bags – and the bathroom at McDonalds!

      • Why don't you be a brave soul and go out there and really ask someone??? All the information you are getting is from a media that doesn't want you to know the truth!!! Wake up!!!

    14. vicki says:

      wow – The protesters, George Soros, Obama and the unions all on the same page. Hmmm – looks like he won't be re-elected after all. And the BS against Mr Cain ( who will definately beat Obama and the Dems/Socialists know it ) happening at the same time. Coincidence? Are we being set up for martial law? If so, the protesters haven't seen nothin' yet.

      • Jack W Estes says:

        Well stated Vicki. Obama and Company are running amok to get as much of their hairbrain socialist programs stuffed down our throats before he gets his pink slip in Nov. It should be no surprise, they have been chipping around the edges for nearly three years, wasting valuable time pumping themselves up instead of doing the right things to restore our economy, integrity, and respect – spending trillions clearly has not worked (except in reverse).

    15. James Stewart says:

      Why aren't police arresting them and putting them in jail? Why is everyone just watching and letting these criminals break the law? Have we now reached the tipping point? Do our laws mean nothing anymore? William McGurn's "Bloomberg's Broken Windows" in todays WSJ tells the story.

    16. JBinGB says:

      Bring out the scoops!!!

    17. West Texan says:

      This is what happens when uneducated media junkies, to include leftist propagandized college graduates, form a mob. In the scheme of things, they're a stupid minority of the social progressive's "dumb and dumber" sect.

    18. WorriedConservative says:

      Anyone who believes that the peaceful stage of protests was not staged is woefully ignorant of the Communist/Marxist playbook. The useful idiots – college students – were the 'peaceful' ones. The violent ones are the 'devout' Communistas. One fear I have is that the hotheads on the 'good' side will say enough is enough and adopt a 'vigilante' role. Heaven help us!

    19. Mark Palmer says:

      Nobody hijacked our movement because ours was not intended to overthrow the government, ours was to demand that the government operate within its legal scope. There were no riots or burned buildings or rapes or trashing of public parks…you liberals are full of crap so much that you cannot see straight.

      You guys think you are slick, but the socialist utopia you seek will do what every socialist has done…first kill the non-compliant, then as socialist policies remove all incentive for self improvement, scarcity will set in. Violence will increase as those who are accustomed to having others provide for them. Government can only take from the rich until they have nothing left. By then the engine of capitalism has finally died and the productive people recognize the futility of hard work….then everyone suffers.

      You don't even know the demon you are empowering. I hope you fail, but if not…I am plenty capable to deal with your ilk.

      • Lillymill says:

        Oh, re-heaaally?
        Would you mind explaining, then, what exactly did you mean by "how to OUST the world's last dictators by 2025"?

        As Gene Sharp nicely puts it:

        "Some foreign states will act against a dictatorship only to gain their own economic, political, or military control over the country."

        I guess it's the "SOME" part that is supposed to help us find comfort in the benevolence of US governmental and non-governmental foreign policy. -_-

    20. Sel says:

      There's only one thing we need to know regarding these protests – they were attended and endorsed by the Communist Party. In the days of common sense, these protestors would have been accused as traitors to the U.S. and punished accordinglty.

      Whoever believes in Obama and the Unions are ignorant and are victims of brain washing by the liberal news media and liberal college professors.

    21. carol,az says:

      I see this entire disconnected franchise as a diversions _for all serious recognition and problem solving we face in America.
      The Occupiers_ not protestors_ reported by media, were accredited with a connection to_ "thousands of protestors"_ in other parts of the world carrying the same message
      What did we miss?
      Please let us know if you feel there's a connection_ a message_ or a unity_ from any of this ridiculous side-show.
      The sit-down_ lay-down_ in tents_ques_ along Wall Street_ is frankly a joke.
      If this disorganized group had a specific agenda and crawled out of their nests to tell us about it, perhaps we could feel some spirit of unity.
      THERE'S NO MOVEMENT HERE: regardless of donations coming in from various resources.
      Don't even try to convince us that this is some expression of Americanism, American pride for freedom of speech.
      The Wall Street O. is incorrectly reported as a eureka moment.
      POTUS told us " Americans are frustrated."
      Before that, he described the USA , "as a nation of cowards," or has the press forgotten that ?
      There's a place to start.

    22. Roberta Guagliardo says:

      This protest was a setup from the beginning. The unions, George Soros and the Communist party
      wanted violence so our dear president could declare martial law. We have an anti American
      president. These people want someone to blame for whatever – blame the liberal policies put in
      place since FDR.

    23. idaho redneck says:

      Ah, the gensis of mob rule. It was only a matter of time before the anarchists were joined by those bastions of democracy, ie George Soros, AFL-CIO, remants of ACORN. Where is the SEIU in all of this?

    24. Dan Meucci says:

      Occupy Wall Street Movement in all the cities are depictions of the marxist socialist of europe who are
      pushing hard to stop any reforms which would diminish union, workers, benefits both in private and
      public sectors. The added burden is the garden variety jerks from the leftist colleges, universities, and walking poor, homeless, sexual predators, and assorted street people. Of our liberal politicians like Obama, Polisi, Reid, and many socialist democrats are hoping the OWS Movement will be the ground swell of populist support necessary to re-elect their Marxist Community Organizer in Chief Obama!

    25. Retired Lady says:

      Amazing that some say the "peaceful" protest did not garner media attention! Perhaps, the OWS crowd should have been more focused in their demands! The only demands I heard from the OWS crowd was FREE school (college), FREE food, FREE rent, FREE health care, and, for some, FREE housing (not too many piled onto this wagon)! Then when some in the Congress tried to focus attention, they were droned out via the bull-horn and the inconsequential GAs. It is time for these unwashed drones to go home otherwise they must be arrested! The Oakland crowd really helped the independent truckers trying to make ends meet! Yes, indeed, these fools really represent the 99%!

    26. Jeff Dover says:

      Get the police down there now. If anyone becomes violent revoke all permits and cart the offenders off to jail. I fail to see why this continues. It can only continue with the consent of the city and state.

    27. Cindi Benson says:

      This is going to get much worse, but it will actually hurt OBAMA!!

    28. Mike says:

      They are hypocrites.

    29. Edgar says:

      My take on this is that the administration and others are hoping for a full blown confrontation so bmartial law can be declared.The fact this is so wide sspread and so offensive and already so confrontational makes on suspicious of the intentions.

    30. This movement is slowly working its way through the land of the free and the home of the brave. So many are being sucked into the class warfare and the radical beliefs of these folks. What is happening to us?

    31. Lydia says:

      Search the internet for only a few minutes to find numerous articles reporting George Soros' support of the parent group of Occupy Whatever. This man will do anything to bring down the United States of America.

    32. Czynik says:

      Supporters who have publicly acknowledged support of Occupy riots

      Communist Party USA
      American Nazi party
      communist Gov't of North Korea
      Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran
      Joe Biden
      Farrakhan, Nation of Islam
      Revolutionary Communist Party
      David Duke
      Hugo Chavez
      Revolutionary Guards of Iran
      Black Panthers (original)
      Socialist Party of USA
      Industrial Workers of the World(commie)
      International Bloshevik Tendency(commie)
      White Revolution
      International Socialist Organization
      PressTV(Iran gov't news outlet)
      Marxist Student Union
      Freedom Road Socialist Organization
      Party for Socialism and Liberation

    33. 'Occupy Wall Street' street show doesnt seem to have any focussed grivances and as such it might establish as a 'general disgruntlement platform' permanenet. So the government needs to get the present leaders across the table and clearuot the grievance protest jutifiably… at the earlierst.

    34. JeffT says:

      The handling of these rejects reminds me of the first takeovers of college ad min offices in the late 60's. Instead of standing up to the hooligans, they were allowed to take charge. They learned from that weakness shown by college officials. They learned they can pretty much do as they like. Escalation is a natural consequence.

    35. JJ Irons says:

      These socialtal pukes are just showing who they really are. It took long enough for some members of the press to actually report it. These punks are the same ones who would steal money from mom and dad, throw fits, when they had any chores to do and spent hours on end in from of their x-boxes or smoking dope. They expect what they want should be free and anyone that has more than they have must have taken it from someone else…(just like they are) Time to go "occupy" a job. Oh, that's right, their guy who promised them all kinds of free goodies has only done his best to ruin the economy and now no one is hiring. Isn't it great when you finally get what you want? It can bite you in the keister, can't it?!?

    36. My eyes were glazing over as I read this when it dawned on me " THIS IS HIGH SCHOOL!" If you are in the clique you're good to go-if you're NOT "cool" then you are kicked to the curb. We're not in the Wall Street/ D.C. clique so we don't count.

    37. Ken says:

      I would bet that every one of those protesters is an Obama supporter. I ask why , in my opinion are all of these persons so supportive of Obama; my answer is socialism, no need to work just steal from others. Why are the republicans in congress so afraid to tell it like it truly is. Do all republicans have so many skeletons in their closets and they fear the Dems will expose them so they will be kicked out of palace and that makes them fearful of telling the truth? There has to be some very dark force that keeps everyone so fearful of the truth. Has anyone heard an Obama speech that did not put forth the idea of socialism and how wonderful it would be? That is why so many of the protesters are being paid to cause trouble, socialism.

      • femfreebird says:

        You might want to reconsider what you say. I have never been paid by anyone to do this. I'm doing this for my grandchildren. Causing trouble? Standing in front of Chase bank and chanting, "You got bailed out, we got sold out", is causing trouble? What trouble did they cause us? Research it, you arrogant, ignorant moron. Talk about lazy. You can't even get off your rear end to find out why we are doing this. You just assume (ass u me) you know all the answers. I personally can't stand obama or anything he stands for. I can't stand any of the democrats. In addition, I can't stand any of the republicans either. They are all corrupt, and if you speak again without doing your homework, I could just as well accuse you of being paid to spew your inaccurate information.

    38. Stan Chaz says:

      America used to work The people had work. The system worked. It was far, far, from perfect – but at least we all had some share in the struggles AND the rewards. But somewhere along the way, we lost our way. And now we have an economy and a political system that works only for the rich. We need to get back to what America was, and what it should be, and what it can be.  Occupy Wall Street is no longer just  a place called  Zuccotti Park —  Zuccotti Park is everywhere. You can try to pen us in, you can beat us and arrest us, you can mace and tear-gas us , and you can try to "permit" us to death….but you can't kill an idea.  You can't keep down people’s hopes and dreams for a better life…..a life with dignity and freedom….for us… for our kids. More power to Occupy Wall Street, as it spreads to every town and city  – because  OWS is us, and for us, and by us. With OWS America has found it’s voice, and it demands fairness and justice. This land IS our land! And we want it back! We want our lives back! We want our future back!

    39. Femfreebird says:

      It's all smoke and mirrors folks. This is a peaceful movement by peaceful people. The violence, criminal activity, and all the lies you are printing herein, are from the people who don't want to lose their disgustingly rich lifestyles, politicians, bankers, you name it.

      Those who say we don't have any vision for what we want are either lying or are not taking any initiative to find out. Look on Facebook under Occupy Atascadero, or Occupy Wisconcin, or Occupy York PA, or any place you want. The "corporate" news gets paid to show you what the 1% want you to see – the people who were sent by them to disrupt peaceful protests, the aggresives on stand on the side waiting for a good fight, the clueless, and their own hilariously incompentent reporters who stand around saying things like, "Gee, I wonder what it is they want?"

      • Bobbie says:

        we know what you want, what everybody else used the time in their lives to work for. is that how your parents brought you up? is this the only level of education you have? How unfortunate your mind has been deranged to think! whatever misinterpretation you've been fed, government is behind everything beyond the peoples' control. why the jealousy of the successful? why the spin on the disgusting acts of this group of uncivil despots dumped on the observed peaceful tea party, lost ignorant of many growing who won't grasp reality?! Why? is george soros going to take care of your living expenses here on out while you demand thievery? sad little misfortunate ones. can't seem to rise above…
        Thanks for showing America at her weakest!

    40. femfreebird says:

      I have never asked for, nor ever will ask for anything for free. I work a full time job and always have. I'm a project administrator for construction and I get paid fairly well. My problem is, I live alone in a studio, have no bills other than student loans, and I can't afford anything. My car is 24 years old and I don't have enough credit to buy a used car. I've been paying my student loans for too long, they say, to be considered current credit. I can't afford any new clothes, shoes, and I honestly live paycheck to paycheck. There is something incredibly wrong with that.

      • Bobbie says:

        so it would only be logical you would want more of your money earned with less taken out by unconstitutional overreach! you sure are begging now and make little sense. live up to your responsibilities regardless of the income you agreed to and take responsibility for the choices you personally make. don't give a pity story for government reaction, you can figure it out. we've been figuring it out for 8 years with no increase in wage but increases to everything else including needless government taxing that gives us absolutely no benefit except police and fire! figuring it out for yourself will improve your thought process and build your low self esteem.

    41. femfreebird says:

      What i'm asking is, are you going to continue working for the 1% and spreading these lies? Are you going to continue being part of the 99% that keeps their head in the sand and won't bother to research anything we are trying to tell you? Are you all just going to lay down and die, like they expect us all to do in the years to come? Please, at least watch The One Percent documentary by Jamie Johnson. He is the son of the heir to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company, and you can listen to some of the 1% yourselves. Tell me after watching this you don't see what their plan is for us. I have been told that the HBO version has been cut up, so I would recommend watching the youtube version in eight parts. It's about 72 minutes long.

    42. femfreebird says:

      There are thousands upon thousands of other videos and other sources that can help you understand. I particular liked this one because it came straight from the horses's mouth. I was a staunch republican and after watching this, I will never be the same, and I will never again believe a single thing the government tells me. By the way, have you ever been arrested for something you didn't do? This is what's happening to innocent people all over the world in order to keep us quiet. Use your head. Please.

    43. femfreebird says:

      Well i guess some people can write as much as they want. They took mine and chopped it up and now it's all mixed. Thanks for being fair!

    44. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Occupy a job.

    45. dexter60 says:

      While the titular head of our government and his gang are inciting riots and violating the law day and night, we have the DoJ complicit in conspiracy; the supreme court considering delivering such decisions as whether blue is more lovely than red; Congress is not capable of being a congress, spending money we do not have on what we do not want; the State Department sending billions to our enemies; and see the Constitution only lives in the hearts of real citizens and patriots — all to the 'choice' between Socialism or Fascism for what is left of our nation.
      I wonder if these sorry people know what the word vigilante means.

    46. True American says:

      all you sissys need to shut uor communist mouths and go back to work or get out of the country. im sure korea would love to have you.

    47. James says:

      What a bunch of hogwash. Your rightwing bias is obvious to anyone…

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