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  • Harvard Students Channel 'Occupy' Movement, Protest Economics Class

    Protests that began on Wall Street and spread to cities across America have now reached the pristine halls of Harvard. That’s right, the country’s oldest university is experiencing walkouts by students sympathizing with the “Occupy” movement.

    The source of their frustration: Students don’t like the content presented in an introductory course in economics. The professor, Greg Mankiw, is one of the world’s best-known economists and served as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under President Bush.

    Never mind those credentials, however. According to some students, Mankiw is indoctrinating America’s vulnerable and unsuspecting youth with a “strongly conservative neoliberal ideology.”

    One student complained to the Harvard Crimson that Mankiw presented views that countered liberal orthodoxy on the minimum wage.

    “I think a more diverse viewpoint needs to be raised,” Rachel Sandalow-Ash told the paper. “The problem is that in an introductory course, what the professor says is generally taken as fact,” she said.

    Not everyone was buying it, however. Mankiw reports that only 5 percent to 10 percent of students walked out. Other students, not enrolled in the class, sat in for the lecture as part of a counter-protest.

    Ironically, Mankiw was discussing “the distribution of income, including the growing gap between the top 1 percent and the bottom 99 percent,” he wrote on his blog. “I am sorry the protesters will miss it.”

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    31 Responses to Harvard Students Channel 'Occupy' Movement, Protest Economics Class

    1. Bobbie says:

      it's their previous public educational social indoctrination.

      maybe share with the students the fact that the RICH DOES NOT TAKE THEIR MONEY GOVERNMENT DOES! So get off your OWS and get on your DFL!!!

      to be sincere I pray the youth of today will realize what America is meant to be and pray they will be able to break through the unfortunate, narrow mindset they're leaving themselves with.

      • Ron says:

        Bobbie, I just pray that they pray. The only thing that is currently lacking in this nation is our faith. Faith and the personal responsibility to provide for ourselves, faith in our fellow man/woman to do what's right and our faith that one nation under god is indivisireble. Without god our nation has become divided. Heaven help us!~

    2. West Texan says:

      “strongly conservative neoliberal ideology.”?

      What's wrong with our country's founding ideology? Like the Democratic Party, Harvard has been hijacked by socialist wannabes. Reagan's 64 speech, shared on HF's earlier post, was on target.

    3. DougRagan says:

      He should stop telling the truth, it just makes people mad.

      • varptr says:

        The notion that testing and systems analysis is more important than capitalist or socialist approach, really torques the far left and right. Yet, if you want to satisfy and serve the most people, in an age where one farmer can produce all the tomato sauce for the entire country while still being the president and genius behind the local CNC windmill production shop, what should you do? The capitalist and communist models simply upchuck their lunch. Is his farm worth 4 million dollars, maybe, but he can't live on the income, he can't pay the property taxes and it's crazy to pick 16,000 acres of sauce tomatoes by hand. He employs a few farm kids and a bevy of CNC machine loader guys. So if you dismantle or redistribute it, what happens next? The two enterprises barely paid their way fully automated under any system! So now, how many people starve to death or don't have the electricity to live. Plus, for those nincompoops with a red flag on their AK47, if you shoot the "greedy" bossturd. Bazinga! No food and no warm bungalo, starvation or mindless slavery as far as the eye can see if you try to redistribute and don't offer a few incentives. The old economic systems simply don't work any more and the WTO, left and right wing, wing nuts won't believe it.

    4. Facts have never been important to liberals, in fact, they cause them to burst into flames.

    5. ginosopinion.com says:

      So the students already know more than the professor. Sounds like my teenagers!

    6. Tina Horn says:

      We live in a mostly conservative town but that doesn't stop the high school teachers from continuing their liberal agenda. High school teachers have no business interfering with my child's political maturation. In college, those adult students pay to be there and are free to leave. You go on Mankiw. They won't listen anyway.

    7. RayOne says:

      Who in the group is sharing the truth about the Laufer Curve.

    8. well it seams that every day we hear of a new problem, a new situation, or another instance where a collage student, graduate, or liberal professor is tiring help destroy this once great nation, then we here of this professor possibly doing the right thing and they protest him??. It may be time that we reevaluate this whole collage system, theres no way on this earth i would let my kids go to a collage at this point in time maybe if other parents would feel the same way the collages would stop this indoctrination crap and teach what they should be teaching. teach kids and young adults HOW to think, not WHAT to think!

    9. Anon says:

      Idiocracy is here. Kids can't even comprehend basic econ anymore.

    10. BADASSMEOWCAT says:

      How many of those students are financially backed by someone other than themselves. I daresay nearly ALL. And it is money earned by someone else, money belonging to someone else, and money taken from that someone. Corporations are PEOPLE. They are not some ominous THEY. People make up corporations, companies, businesses, etc. This is just big bunch of cry babies who want something for nothing handed to them right now. The mentality of taking something that belongs to someone else without asking is STEALING!

    11. I used to be part of that brainwash machine, but it wasn't "strongly conservative neoliberal ideology" we were spouting. It was solely leftist, and no dissent was allowed. Better yet, we would skew our lectures so that we equated dissent with immorality and stupidity, and those who may have dissented were silently discouraged to speak. We would teach economics classes, start with Marx, study Marxist writers through the late 19th and 20th centuries, ask where Marxism is today, etc. In that time, we would never even discuss Ricardo, Smith, Friedman, Hayek, or any other "taboo" writers. The only reason these students probably even noticed this content was because it is so strikingly different from the leftist skewed crap they get in 99% of the time they spend in college.

    12. Chuck Petersen says:

      The hypocrisy is palpable: It's like living in mama and daddy's house, then complaining about the living arrangements, the food, and how mom and dad live. People that complain about this country and capitalism are usually ones that have gained much from it. People that go to HARVARD complaining about CAPITALISM! LOL…What are they doing at Harvard, trying to stay status-quo, or are they trying to make more jack by attending Harvard?

    13. Janet says:

      Someday they'll be a whole new generation of youth coming up behind these students and who will they have to freeload off of? I know I'll be dead!

    14. If my kid…tuition stops and they can live on the street!

    15. Jan Silver says:

      We had a way at college the first week of school if you didn't like your class or professor, it was called DROP/ADD. Drop the course you don't like, add another course instead. Here's the payoff for these kids if they remain in class, yet protest outside, an F because they probably won't take the tests or projects. The ones who stayed and got A's probably won't share their "wealth" with them too.

    16. Sad commentary on the state of our schools. Look what they've produced.

    17. tankfixer says:

      The professor should fail the students who walked out just for failing to understand the value of the education someone else is paying for them…

    18. wbmoore says:

      Its ok if they walk out – their grades will reflect whether they know the material or not.

    19. Jeff Smith says:

      I wonder what he told taught that they disagreed with, it would be nice if the article would mention this. Did he teach them that the minimum wage was first enacted during the depression as a way to disenfranchise blacks ? Is that the knowledge they are upset with? Or did he teach them that increasing the minimum wage has a tendency in the economy of increasing unemployment? Did he teach them that the unions support minimum wage increases because they affect their own salaries through collective bargaining agreements? Or about Nancy Pelosi exempting her husband's business interest from the last minimum wage hike in order to gain millions of dollars? I wonder which piece of knowledge made them walk.

    20. Jersey guy says:

      There are times when looking to the past can lead us to the right path for the future. Obviously these young peole are not students of history.

      “The national budget must be balanced. The public debt must be reduced; the arrogance of the authorities must be moderated and controlled. Payments to foreign governments must be reduced, if the nation doesn't want to go bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.” Cicero, 55 BC,
      It seems that we have learned nothing in the last 2066 years.

    21. Jothehousewife says:

      How many of the kids are there because their parents CAN afford it (they are the 1%???)
      How many of the kids have ever done ANYTHING for another person (probably should be in the SELFISH 100%)
      How many of the kids want to give their college money to someone who can't afford Harvard, or any other ivy league college???? (0% volunteer to redistribute THAT)

    22. Bob H. says:

      They are going to take a different kind of economics class. Paying twice for the same course.

    23. Kat Saxon says:

      The idea that the terms used here to describe an ideology cannot exist together and make sense. What is this world coming to that we think that "conservative, neoliberal" even makes sense. Let them throw away their education being paid for them by their hard working parents and let those who perservere blaze the trail for continued success of corporations and business owners of the future.

      • Fletchy_D says:

        The meaning of words isn't important anymore. It's just important that enough people say them enough times to become mainstream. This is not what democracy looks like. There are many protesters in #OWS who would be horrified to learn they are in the 10% (or that their parents are in the coveted >$340K 1%). Forget that for a few hundred people in tents can't 'occupy' DC or NY – cities of several million. This is what happens when post/trans-modern thought is carried to its logical conclusion – logic is abandoned as the substance of the issues debated is deconstructed past the point of absurdity.

    24. Cost of 1 year of Harvard education: $36,305. Per semester cost: $18,152. Most students take 5 courses per semester, so $3630 per course. Each course usually meets twice a week for 12 weeks, so that's 24 sessions. Meaning that every single session of this course costs the students roughly $151 in tuition dollars. So, by walking out of just one class, the students are literally wasting hundreds of dollars of their parents hard-earned money. That sure sounds like responsible economics to me…

    25. Dick says:

      If the media attention stops, the kids will stop acting out and the paid anarchists will go elsewhere.

    26. allen says:

      "No B's No Keyes" to the House or your car. (Imean my car), You had better it the books Running, or Apply for the Armed Services, Bye for now. please write when you can afford a stamp. Dad and Mom." Happy Holidays"

    27. Indy Patriot says:

      Disgusting. Nevermind the fact that most of our universities are filled with "liberal" professors who preach socialism to their students. I say give these students a failing grade for the class and let them whine to their parents about how the professor mistreated them. Tell them to give their education to someone who really wants it. They are a bunch of spoiled rich kids who think they know more than their professors. If this was my kld, I'd kick their butt and tell them to get their behind back in class or I would pull the plug on their expensive education. Besides the fact that most of these kids probably have parents who are in the 1% that they are protesting against. They have no idea what they are doing. Unbelieveable!!!!!

    28. @pabloa92 says:

      It's good to know that more people around the world are realizing the problems with the neoclasic system. Changes are needed. Good to know!

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