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  • 33 Senators Who Know What America Needs

    As Washington ties itself up in knots over what the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, better known as the Supercommittee, will recommend to Congress, thirty-three Senators are standing tall against continued overspending and overborrowing.

    In a letter of November 3, 2011, to the Members of the Supercommittee, Senators Jim DeMint, John Cornyn, Kelly Ayotte and thirty others said that the Supercommittee’s recommendations need to meet the following criteria:

    • “balance our budget within ten years;
    • “place entitlements on a path to fiscal solvency;
    • “comprehensive tax reform that lowers rates and promotes economic growth, with no net tax increase; [and]
    • “avoid a further downgrade of our credit rating.”

    While the Senators left out a crucial fifth criterion — fully funding defense to protect America — theirs is an important clear statement by elected leaders of what must be done.

    A week after the Budget Control Act created  the Supercommittee in August, The Heritage Foundation called upon the Supercommittee to “drive federal spending down — including by fixing ever-expanding entitlement programs — toward a balanced budget, while preserving our capability to protect America, and without raising taxes.”  On August 11, Heritage transmitted to all of the members of the Supercommittee a detailed plan on how to achieve that goal — the Heritage plan for “Saving the American Dream.”  Today, the Foundation reiterated that the needed reform will rest on three pillars: (1) fully fund defense, (2) transform entitlement programs, and (3) do not raise taxes.  Americans who understand the plight of the nation will not accept tax hikes or, especially when the “U.S. military faces a readiness crisis,” further cuts to the nation’s defenses.

    The Supercommittee members have the opportunity to put the country on as sound fiscal footing.  They can also make devastating mistakes, such as anti-growth, job-killing tax hikes in a recession or cuts to the nation’s defense in a dangerous world.  All Americans hope the Supercommittee makes the right choice.  The final choice, of course, will rest with the American people in the general election in November 2012.

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    15 Responses to 33 Senators Who Know What America Needs

    1. @GregSavoy says:

      I like these three pillars proposed by Heritage. The three pillars act as governors that keep the reforms trimmed as they get spun down into the drive-train of the U.S. engine. Unfortunately, as bold as the Senators are with their variant, they have quite a bit of wiggle room in their language, especially in stating that they will merely put entitlements onto a path. Hard to imagine entitlements on any kind of path. Entitlement reforms are the kind of unstoppable obsessions that will merely stray off that newly enforced path. Ignoring the path, they will start creating "social trails" that run-off into the dark in all directions, with the entitlements bush-whacking throughout the night in order to survive. No reference to the previous administration intended. Metaphors not intended for secondary meanings about liberal leanings.

    2. Rhyscurrency says:

      Like the Iraq war bill Obama wrote when he began running for president. He hasn't even gotten it out of committee. It was for show.

    3. Dr. R. Dominique says:

      Balancing the budget is not going to happen by the same prescription of GOP talking points. More lowering of taxes and deregulation will neither promote economic growth nor increase jobs as has been proven the last ten years. The decimation and privatization of our military will not be improve by more funding unless the watseful fraud by private defense contractors is address. Entitlements can become solvent if coupled with healthcare and healthcare fraud reform and prosecutoins of care givers. The real reason for the downgrading of our credit rating is strictly the results of extreme ideolical hatred of our present president and Congress not acting responsibly. The 33 Senators would be more credible if they had any novel ideas and really understood compromise and governance.

      • evermyrtle says:

        Good heavens, with all of your wisdom, why are you not running for something to be able to do your part in getting this country back on it's feet. You are wasted, where you are!!!

      • RetiredEngineer says:

        These so called prescription talking points remain talking points because they will work but have been repeatedly blocked by a Democratic congresses since 2006. President Bush did not support them either, but instead also spent taxpayer money in a mistaken bid to buy votes. The last time they were tried was when Clinton worked with a Republican Congress under Gingrich. They worked then to balance the budget and will again. I agree that wasteful spending should be eliminated. Unfortunately almost all politicians pay lip service but do nothing to implement cuts cuts suggested by multiple GAO reports, since somebody always screams when THEIR ox is gored. . And please get off this ideological hatred schtick. Believe it or not it is possible to oppose the destructive policies we have seen for the last 11 years without hating. Also the definition of compromise is not "do what the other side wants so as to get SOMETHING done". It means to search for common ground without sacrificing your principles and what you know are well proven economic policies. And one more thing, please use the spell checker.

    4. Bobbie says:

      "More lowering of taxes and deregulation will neither promote economic growth nor increase jobs" has been proven in the last 10 years? The tax level and outrageous regulatory schemes within government's abuse of the constitution is what got America here. Respective constitutional government wouldn't have led America here to begin with! Principled Americans have to put their foot down 10 years ago starting today!

    5. Lloyd Scallan says:

      What America desperately needs first is to get Obama out of office. Once that done, then we can work on ousting most members of Congress. But the key is Obama.

    6. wrongtoberighted says:

      Deregulation caused mutual fund people like Fidelity to raid interest on retirement accounts every time a Global Crossing or Enron debacle reared its head. $5000 was the sack and loot point and it could have been a programmed large scale looting. BTW we need a strong Republican candidate NOT a GOP establishment Nor'Easter.

    7. evermyrtle says:

      I already posted, it vanished. Somebody must have disagreed!!!! Maybe because I am 100% CHRISTIAN ND 100 % conservative.

    8. Red Baker says:

      Federal borrowing must be slashed quickly. The national debt is already 100% of GDP. We are adding to it about 8.6% per year. Greek debt is at about 150% of GDP. In 2016, we will be at about 130% of GDP even if each year's deficit is being cut steeply.

      I'd say we have 3 years to cut the deficit to zero, or else we will be in terrible danger. If 10 year bond rates went to 6.5%, about the 20-year average, today's interest payments would be $900 billion, or 40% of this year's revenue. Economic catastrophe.

    9. John Eley says:

      While I support the Heritage Foundation's three pillars I would like to see a good deal more discussion of the values and interests that they support. It is going to be difficult to rally the American people behind the pillars if they are not explained to them in a persuasive way in the context of values and interests. If one argues for keeping the defense budget at a high level one needs to argue for the value of national defense as a primary value promoted by a solvent national government and as its most fundamental responsibility. I know that Heritage understands this but in the present climate you need to explain this a lot more clearly.

    10. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      I very strongly propose, that these thirty three Senators may know what they think best, they do not represent their States, in the truest form of representation.
      I refer to the
      ARTICLE 1
      Section 3
      1. "The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, 'CHOSEN BY THE LEGISLATURE THEREOF,' for six years; and each Senator shall have one vote."
      When Senators were no longer chosen by the legislature of the State, and instead chosen by "Popular Vote", The power, mind and though, and ideals, of thse "One Vote Each" were determined by the two or three largest cities in each State, and not by the "True Representation" of the State, that being the legilature elected from all areas of the State, with an equal representation of voters needs, wants, likes and dislikes, each.
      This is the type of results "We, the People" get, when what we consider Hallowed Ground, sacred, never to be changed, and to ruled by the People, as stipulated in all of our Founding Father's papers, is given over to those who sit in elected seats, and forget that they serve, and treat that gound as fertile soil not to lie fallow, but to be changed to fit the plantings, reapings and harvestings, of whomever is seated.

    11. Paul Terry Ston says:

      If the Democrats want more money, they can get a lot by expanding oil drilling permits by placing no restriction on the number issued.

    12. Dixon says:

      Re "(1) fully fund defense."
      When America spends approx 6+ times the amount, in dollars and as a percent of GDP, than China and more than 10 times what Britain and France spend
      ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by… )
      … Why isn't this called "Entitlement Spending?" Surely there're military bases around the world we can pull back from? After all, all this spending is on the credit card, right? LIke the last 2 wars were? Or were those Bush Tax Cuts and the banking de-regulation … were they supposed to help pay for all of this? And what WAS that warning from Eisenhower about the "Military Industrial Complex?"

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