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  • Speaker of the House Draws a Bright Red Line: No More Defense Cuts

    The U.S. military has already contributed more to debt and deficit reduction than any other federal agency. Speaker of the House John Boehner (R–OH), recently sent a clear message to the congressional “super committee” charged with producing additional debt reduction plans: The defense budget has already coughed up enough.

    Noting—correctly—that members of the military have “taken more than their fair share of the hits” this year alone, Speaker Boehner urged politicians to look elsewhere for savings. This is a welcome acknowledgement by leadership to the entire House of Representatives that defense budgets have not simply just been “on the table.” The military’s spending plans have been drastically cut over the past three years.

    Unfortunately, too many Members of Congress and the American public are unaware of the defense cuts of the past several years and their consequences, including job losses for highly skilled workers in the shipbuilding, defense, and aerospace production workforces.

    Now that the Speaker of the House has drawn a clear line in the sand against additional defense cuts, the pressure is on for Congress to focus its efforts exactly where they belong: reforming the Big Three entitlements.

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    10 Responses to Speaker of the House Draws a Bright Red Line: No More Defense Cuts

    1. You people in congress need to start cutting from the top down, cut federal wages by 10% across the board yes even the POTUS, senate and the house of rep's all the way down the line, cut all welfare handouts by 20% and LEAVE MEDICARE , SS And MILITARY alone

    2. Bobbie says:

      why isn't the focus on domestic: corruption, wastes and frauds beyond our control and before considerations of the ONE area of priority? People / immigrants of America have to toughen up to be assets to this country! Too many have been spoiled for far too long and everywhere democratic government is there's always corruption! CLEAN IT UP! Accountability is an important required expectation this government fails!

      ACCOUNTABILITY! DISCIPLINE! REFORM because we are decent, respectable, people which makes us a few classes above government authority of ignorance.

    3. Jeff, Illinois says:

      Reform . . code for "cutting the so-called Big Three" is exactly what the polls show the populace does not want. Yet this is an unrelenting call from the GOP. Why? Because they are ONLY about what their wealthy task masters charge them to do / speak about. The heck with what MOST people want. The GOP is on the wrong side of virtually every issue, because beneath all their misguided language is "GREED / POWER". Let's not forget how they voted to continue subsidies for the oil industry, in spite of the fact that record profits are being had. What could be clearer about the present state of the GOP, "wolves in sheeps clothing". And this website's constant smear job of the present administration PROVES that they have zero credibility, other-wise as one FAUX News sorce puts it, they'd be "Fair and Balanced"! Hah!!! ((I'll be surprised if this get's posted.))

    4. West Texan says:

      Very promising news. Thanks for sharing.

    5. Jake says:

      He has no say since he abrogated his vote to the super committee.
      They can do anything they wish too.
      That was the idea. To give cover for budget cuts.

    6. Lloyd Scallan says:

      The "Speaker of the House' is a gutless wimp. He playing a word game with the American people. He knows full well that because of the outragious debacle he agreed to that instralled the "supercommittee", when (not if) this committee falls apart, the 1.5 trillion cut to the defense budge will be automatic, thus giving him a plausable excuse. His "bright red line" is the same as the bright yellow line running up his back.

    7. Stephanie says:

      That a boy Speaker Boehner!!

    8. JHart says:

      I think we need to concentrate our efforts on RESTORING AMERICA. We wre broken! Lets let the rest of the world take care of itself awhile and fix our problems here. Then, once WE THE PEOPLE say we should be involved, then, and only then do we interfere. I think the only things that should be "On the Ground" in the middle east are bombs, lots of bombs. Starting with the mosques! If there is REALLY such a danger of TERRORISM then why do we have 900 military bases around the world and NONE on our southern border? Is it because these wars are really nothing but "Make Work Projects" and "Economic Stimulus"?

    9. Stirling says:

      I predict the super-committe will not come to an agreement, thus no vote will be taken, cuts will automatically go into effect.. Lamestream media blames GOP for no agreement.. It's been a standard play for the Dems since 2006.. It's hard to negotiate with those who dont negotiate in good faith as this administration and Dems have done for so long.. 8-(

    10. WE MUST RETURN TO CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC-Our Constitution must be restored. Both parties have taken an end around the Constitution. Speaker of the House John Boehner must stand up to President Obama-We are tired of lies and half truths. Business as usual will not be tolerated.
      Visit our Website :www.wastewatchersinc.org http://www.judgenap.com

      First since it is IMMORAL TO BE LOYAL TO TYRANNY
      They are destroying this Country-We must withdraw any political and moral allegiance we have to that oppressive government-FREEDOM AND LIBERTY

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