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  • Book Review: Democracy Denied

    In his new book Democracy Denied, Phil Kerpen, vice president at Americans for Prosperity, unravels the extraordinary power grab by the Obama Administration with startling detail. Kerpen explains how Obama is getting his leftist agenda passed without the consent of Congress—and how Congress can stop him.

    From regulatory czars to “signing statements,” Kerpen leaves no stone unturned to expose what is going on in the executive branch. He writes about the massive amounts of costly regulation that is passing through without congressional approval or public fanfare. It is a power-grab that threatens our constitutional government.

    Just last week, President Obama proclaimed that we “could not wait for an increasingly dysfunctional Congress to do its job. Where they won’t act, I will.” That is a very dangerous statement coming from a President who has already shown a disinterest in the normal legislative process. As Democracy Denied explains, instead of appointing regulators that need congressional approval, Obama has appointed “czars” that do not need congressional approval but still control a large part of the federal government.

    Kerpen details how the Administration avoids Congress to enact horribly unpopular regulations like net neutrality and the CAFE standards that would force all automakers to have an average of 54.5 miles per gallon. Regulations like these have very serious economic consequences. Congress and citizens deserve to have a say in the process.

    The main purpose of the book is to highlight these power grabs. As Kerpen put it so aptly in his introduction, “The Cycle of ratcheting up federal power during a crisis is a common one throughout American history. It is a cycle we must break.”

    Kerpen concludes with an outline on how the republic can be restored. It is a sobering look at the current state of government, but it offers hope that the voices of the citizens can, once again, be heard.

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    3 Responses to Book Review: Democracy Denied

    1. Sabi B says:

      where were you Todd during the Bush administration?

    2. lights on says:

      Where are you now, Sabi? Living well and future looking good by the conduct of this unconstitutional government? sit complacent and go with the flow? benefiting from the theft of the president? Don't look to unconstitutional government to fulfill your life, Sabi! Look to yourself and your means…

      oh and read the American Constitution it shows todays contrast of weak and fallen weak Americans to the yesterday's free and able! That's where we were during the Bush administration. President Bush overreached twice using abuse of government authority by interfering with our self governing, our individual freedoms, our liberties when Bush proposed and implemented "no child left behind" and TARP that we fought to stop. But this man forced more, including those two with no "change" but to the benefit of government oh and maybe you. Total contrast today under this leadership that would rather help where help and government costs aren't asked for just forced upon until there is no ability to live free and for ones own!

    3. C. Stanley says:

      Obama's administration is the worst of the worst in American history. I could go 24-7 on this guys lieing and socialist endeavors. He appointed Van Jones. What a piece of work that avowed Communist and 911 truther is today. Most of the others in his circle are as bad ,if not worse,than Jones. We are losing our freedoms everyday! Vote him out in Nov, or our children have NO future!

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