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  • Monthly Archives: October 2011

    Democrats and Republicans Unite Against the Obama Administration on Taiwan


    Yesterday, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R–FL) held the second hearing in the two-part “Why Taiwan Still Matters” series. These hearings, the first full committee hearings on Taiwan in 25 years, are a laudable step toward reminding the Obama Administration of Taiwan’s value as a partner and the … More

    A Plan to Limit Dishonesty in Congress


    Give two U.S. Senators credit for trying to do something about the smoke-and-mirrors games in Washington. The “Honest Budget Act” by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) goes to the heart of public distrust of Congress, namely the dishonest budget gimmicks and accounting tricks. The public is … More

    Supply and Demand, Part II: The Money Supply

    John Maynard Keynes

    My recent post explained why President Obama’s newly proposed $447 billion spending package aimed at boosting total demand is doomed to fail. Some commenters offered a challenge to that assertion. The basis for assessing the spending package: Economic growth is determined by the supply side of the economy, beginning with … More

    Free Trade Proposals Solutions to Tech Sector Job Losses


    The House Rules Committee advanced three proposals Wednesday that may help curb a growing problem for the nation’s economy: stagnant job growth in the technology sector. The three pending free trade agreements with Columbia, Panama and Korea are up for full House approval next week. Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch … More

    Unions Join "Occupy Wall Street" for Their Own Benefit

    Transport Workers Union join with Occupy Wall Street in Lower Manhattan as thousands of protesters march against Wall Street and the country's economic problems.

    Stand aside, citizen-protestors. The Occupy Wall Street movement is about to get professional help. New York City labor unions have decided to join the demonstrations. Members of the Service Employees International Union and the United Federation of Teachers, among other unions, will soon be marching with the protestors. Why is … More

    Burma’s Continued Deception


    Imagine a world where you constantly fear for your family’s survival. Yesterday, your 14-year-old son was kidnapped and forced into the army. Your 17-year-old daughter vanished last month, and you know she’s been raped, sold, and possibly killed. A knock hammers the front door, and you cringe as officers call … More

    Religious Freedom under Attack in Supreme Court Today


    Today the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in what the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is calling “the most important religious liberty case in twenty years.” Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. EEOC involves a lawsuit between a church and one of its teachers who was required to teach … More

    Preserve the Constitution Series: The Constitution and the Common Defense

    Constitution Day

    Arguably more than any other armed conflict, the events of September 11, 2001, tested the President’s constitutional authority to wage war on behalf of the country. Whether the issue was the capture and treatment of detainees, interrogation techniques, surveillance, the Geneva Conventions, wiretapping, Guantanamo, or the role of the courts … More

    Top 10 Reads: Oct. 5th, 2011


    Catching you up on clips, commentary and news of the day. Sign up for the daily email update from Scribe. Ambrose: Federal law will get you even if you watch out – Jay Ambrose, Scripps Howard News Service Issa: Postal Service Must Cut Workers – Newsmax Wires Russia Pledges to … More

    VIDEO: The Importance of Maintaining a Strong Defense

    As the Super Committee—tasked by Congress to find at least $1.5 trillion in savings from the federal budget—continues it’s work, many are worried about the implications their actions (or inactions) may have for our national security. Erin Van de Voorde set the scene last month: The situation looks bleak. The military … More