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  • New Poll Shows Obamacare Less Popular by the Day

    There’s more bad news for Obamacare. A new poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that 51 percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of President Barack Obama’s signature health care law, while only 34 percent see it favorably.

    Kaiser reports that this is “a low point in Kaiser polls since the law was passed,” and that the reason for the law’s declining popularity is rooted in decreased Democrat support:

    While Democrats continue to be substantially more supportive of the law than independents or Republicans, the change in favorability this month was driven by waning enthusiasm for the law among Democrats, among whom the share with a favorable view dropped from nearly two-thirds in September to just over half (52%) in October.

    The poll is the bitter icing on the cake for Obamacare’s bad month. In late September, Kaiser reported that Americans are paying more and more for their health insurance every year, with the price of family premiums increasing in cost by 9 percent between 2010 and 2011. Of that amount, Obamacare was responsible for between 1 and 2 percentage points, or approximately 20 percent, of the increase in premiums, according to Kaiser Family Foundation CEO Drew Altman. Obamacare was supposed to reduce costs, not increase it.

    Then there’s the collapse of the CLASS Act — the long-term care insurance component of the health care legislation. In mid-October, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius admitted that the CLASS program can’t work, after months of insisting that it could. Sebelius said that “despite our best analytical efforts, I do not see a viable path forward for CLASS implementation at this time.”

    Increased health care costs and an untenable long-term care plan? Is it any wonder that Americans aren’t happy with the law? It’s possible for Washington to enact reforms that reduce health care costs for all Americans, but Obamacare isn’t the way to do it.

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    13 Responses to New Poll Shows Obamacare Less Popular by the Day

    1. Bobbie says:

      Isn't deliberate incompetence deliberate fraud? Deliberate corruption? To have personal health, it's costs and quality controlled by government is extremely dangerous to all persons especially those persons the government doesn't favor! For the President to force this on us without appeal to the will of the people shows HIM to be extremely dangerous! Substantive actions must be taken! We need doctors who have the genuine will to heal illnesses not impress the government with where they cut costs or look to government for answers true doctors' sincerity would already have answers to. Personal health care and the insurance to/of it, is up to the person!

    2. Richard Powelson says:

      Anybody who actually reads the bill will vote against it. I have government healthcare plus private insurance as well. I needed a pain epidural immediately but had to wait 5 months to get it. So, I used my private insurance carrier and received it the next day. There was a 4 month wait to get cataract surgery. I went to ER, waited 4 hours, and got no help. I no longer get the meds and treatments that were routine before. The government decides who and what you get. Doctors no longer decide. The Doctors all get paid the same regardless of schooling or expertise. I am a senior who will be interviewed every year by the government to see if I continue to get help or not. It needs to be repealed.

    3. Zygote1331 says:

      Let me guess: your road forward on health care is privatize Medicare and give everyone a tax credit to buy health insurance. But you can see by skyrocketing costs the marketplace only works for profits not people.

      • Steve says:

        A TRUE market where patient and physician would be the decision makers and cost managers is the solution. Strip away the existing laws that allow insurance companies and major hospital/medical corportations to behave in a monopolistic manner and you'll get a cost effective, better health care system. In other words, force them to compete. I refer you to the work of Dr. Regina Hertzlinger of Harvard Business School for more.

    4. Christopher says:

      Whether or not we agree or disagree on what Barack Obama does or doesn't do while in office we still need to respect the Office of the President. Calling the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act", Obamacare is disrespectful to the presidency. If don't believe that President Obama has called "obamacare" flawless and is unwilling to entertain the idea that someone else may be able to come up with a better solution. Has anyone drafted a comprehensive healthcare reform solution that everyone can agree will be in the best interest of everyone? If so, I would love to read your commentary on such a plan.

      • Ern says:

        Christopher, The Office of President is NOT screwing over the American people. The Office of President is not taking American's liberties and freedoms away with obamacare. o is.

    5. bscatalogy says:

      Hay, Libs.
      obama has disrespected the office!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. surfcitysocal says:


    7. Apache6 says:

      He IS NOT my president !!

    8. Ron says:

      I truly feel sorry for the American people. The political elite have once again promised them something that they cannot deliver upon without cutting spending and/or raising our taxes to pay for it. Once again, only the wealthy will truly be afforded quality healthcare while the rest of us will be stuck in a governmental quagmire begging for services. People have little regard for their own health and how they treat their own bodies yet they expect the government to step in and pay for their health care with my money and once again pay for someone else’s bad choices. This must be why the left worships abortion, one less person to provide health care for. What ever happened to personal responsibility. Are we so weak a people that we cannot take care of ourselves. I am all for supporting those who are unable to support themselves but this class of citizen has grown to 49% of the population. The left continues to increase the base of the dependent class through their entitlements because they know that if they can create a class of people dependent upon them for their wellbeing, they have no choice but to support them and their agenda.

      God Bless America!~

    9. Anne says:

      Actually, this is incorrect. Not sure why Heritage is so invested in canning the program, unless Heritage is heavily funded by insurers who are scared to death of a cheaper, more streamlined, single payer system. Oh…wait.

      • Bobbie says:

        OH, BROTHER! Government union member, are you? Less quality, forced trust of a needless, untrusting entity, government public funding adds costs and streamlines incompetence in every area it's used. Private records will be in the hands of who knows? defeating the purpose of personal privacy. Choices won't be between you and the doctor it'll be between the doctor and government. Doctors will be coerced to make choices by pressures of government that will compromise the drs said practice in healing.

        It's a personal responsibility between doctor and patient. We're not rich. We have costly illness, we have done what we can afford to get done. People do die but costs aren't the reason as charities who value human life step in. Adding government by force of government, isn't in the favor of people it's in favor of government's control over the people. Every complaint you have towards private insurance is a direct failure of government's oversight responsibilities. Yet you want to trust them in care of your health? wow!

        What can the government give you, you can't get for yourself? How does adding government improve your health? Government mandates services regardless of need just to keep make work flowing… what do you see so beneficial to have government in control of what you should be? Why do you want to add known corruption? Why don't you want to invest in your own health?

        Those who can't afford services can seek other resources not connected with government. People have to pay their own expenses to their lives because they're the ones that live them according to their self control! Government will legislate every action that effects personal health government has taken all responsibilities for. Everybody's mom and dad. No thanks! We've grown up and have our own parents whom will never be replaced!

    10. Howard says:

      This is forcing people to buy health insurance from private companies. At this time, health insurance companies are raising their rates at an alarming rate so that when it becomes mandatory, they can charge more for their insurance and not be suspect of gouging anyone. When they were trying to force this down every ones throat, they said it would reduce the cost of health care insurance.
      My insurance has already went up considerably 1 time this year and is going up by another $200 a month at the beginning of the year. This is for family insurance, My family is in very good health. The only times my family goes to the doctor is scheduled check-ups. Myself, I haven't needed to see a doctor in many years.

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