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  • Online Chat on Obamacare and Medicare Reform

    Click here to join us right now for our “Lunch with Heritage” chat with Health Policy Analyst Kate Nix. The Obama Administration recently said that part of Obamacare, the CLASS Act, would no longer go into effect. Also, in a speech at Heritage yesterday, Paul Ryan mentioned the need to reform Medicare. Join right now as Kate takes your questions about the CLASS Act, what it means for the future of Obamacare, and how Medicare should be reformed.

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    6 Responses to Online Chat on Obamacare and Medicare Reform

    1. pjh says:

      The washington Times had an interesting article about the Republican congress essentially giving up on appealing Obamacare. This is hardly a surprise to me as a veteran observer of the powerful lobbys for hospital and insurance industry. These industries are poised to make trillions with the Obamacare legislation. The 16 year asssault on physician private practice re-imbursement continues and what will replace your physician when he /she is economically unable to sustain a practice? Shifting patients to the higher cost hospital environment at 3-100x additional taxpayer cost (under Obamacare, hospitals escape payment decreases until 2020). The unintended consequences of Govt, intervention in healthcare continue.

    2. Charles J Slomski says:

      After hearing about some of the regulations contained in the ill considered and rushed approved Health Care Bill, I am in favor of cancelling it in total if the Supreme Court doesn't. However, I believe it is in error to not have a more reasonable Plan in place to allow the citizens to see the difference and have groundbased support for implementation of the alternative.

      C.J. Slomski
      Annapolis Tea Party Patriot

    3. West Texan says:

      As I've said before, I'm usually not one for conspiracy theories. But I have to admit that Obama's gang along with Reid's senate and Pelosi's bad calls, appear to be underhandedly pushing an extreme social progressive agenda through programs like "Fast and Furious" and "Obamacare". The prior leading to greater gun control, while the latter causing health insurance premiums to skyrocket forcing everyone onto government run universal healthcare. In other words, create a crisis then come to the rescue. Like an arson who helps put out a fire they started. Am I wrong?

      • Slick says:

        I'm not sure whether they want to come to the rescue or they are using it as a diversion so they can do something else while we are not watching. Either way, it is fundamentally dishonest, and it is no wonder that when asked, most Americans do not trust their elected officials.

        These are the same people who took an oath of office which included swearing they would uphold the Constitution and The Rule of Law. It is quite apparent that we have few in Washington that give their word and MEAN it! Therefore, it is imperative that we replace as many of them as we can as quickly as we can so that we can return to the form of government that was based upon the ideas of the Founding Fathers.

        I believe that the progressives have been gaining a foothold for the past 40+ years and they hit the trifecta in 2008! I had no idea what President Obama meant when he said, "We are five days away from changing the the United States of America." It became obvious within days that they were going to ram as much legislation through as they could, whether we liked it or not. And for two full years, they became the government of ONE party, leaving the Republicans and the conservatives sitting on the sidelines while they drove the country into the ditch. Therefore, they are not going to give up their prize easily. We are going to have to fight hard to save our country!

        "I'm usually not one for conspiracy theories . . ." but that is EXACTLY what this is, and we have yet to discover the full extent of the agenda of this administration. All I know is that we better be on our knees praying to God that he is with us and will lead us through this terrible time.

    4. Bobbie says:

      please repeal! unconstitutional with hidden traps is not well deserved, nor tolerable, nor acceptable. the president continues to push it against the will of the people! so who is he making sure this corruption goes through for? very suspicious!! "all Americans want this?" All of what Americans?

      We are decent people that deserves honesty and respect. This is a set up that will consume ALL FREEDOM AND PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITIES at outrageous government costs and control! repeal please! It's counter productive with immense contentions.

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