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  • Morning Bell: The Serious Risks of the Russian Reset

    President Obama may believe that America’s “reset” policy with Russia is the correct move to cover important foreign policy bases, but the policy is deeply flawed. It puts the United States at a disadvantage we can’t afford and forces us to lay aside fundamental American principles of human liberty.

    The “reset” concessions are simply not worth the exchange of empty promises from Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who is merely a talking head for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. As Heritage’s Ariel Cohen & Kim Holmes wrote recently in a memo on U.S.–Russia Relations, Putin would like nothing less than a “Soviet-like superpower prestige and status through forced nuclear equality with Washington.”

    The large “reset” payoff requires America put it all on the line by cutting U.S. strategic nuclear forces and engaging in missile defense talks with Russia, in addition to abandoning missile defense deployment in Poland and the Czech Republic and keeping quiet about political freedom violations running rampant throughout Russia. America may never have won the Cold War 22 years ago with policies such as these.

    It is imperative that America lead with the cause of freedom and justice when dealing with Russia, or any other nation for that matter. In Heritage’s Understanding America series, Matthew Spalding explains that the United States was founded and thrives on “universal principles that appeal to a higher standard.” Such universal principles of freedom should be the foundation of America’s foreign policy strategy—not an afterthought.

    Yesterday at a Heritage Foundation conference focused on the “reset” policy, House Speaker John Boehner (R–OH) recalled the international leadership that prompted America to victory in the Cold War not so long ago. He applauded President Ronald Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as two who “quite simply, loved freedom…[and] made their feelings well-known, contagious, as if no one or no force could stand in their way.”

    Boehner urged America not forget what life was like for the Soviets before these two warriors of freedom refused to stand for it. As Boehner said, “freedom most inspires those who remember life without it.”

    While the Obama Administration may believe the “reset” policy as it stands is necessary, the deal raises a lot of red flags. In his paper, Cohen urges that America must not tolerate Russian mischief or fail to make its priorities of freedom loud and clear.

    As Boehner said, instead of negotiating with Russia, Washington should call its bluff—“Publicly, forcefully, frequently.” As the leader of the free world, America has a responsibility to remain in control and end the idea that it is “leading from behind” when it comes to Russia.

    In a recent memo, Cohen explained why the Obama Administration must stop its policy of “please Moscow” and push Russia to “reset” its own policies. He writes:

    Moscow has continuously promoted in word and deed the idea that there is or should be a multipolar world order that constrains U.S. foreign policies. A “reset” policy that ignores Russia’s global efforts to undermine the U.S. recalls the ill-fated détente of the 1970s.

    As experts at yesterday’s conference attested, the risks involved in America’s “reset” relations with Russia are many. Foreign policy dealings with any nation—especially Russia—must be guided by America’s Founding values first and foremost. The consequences of doing otherwise will be great.

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    27 Responses to Morning Bell: The Serious Risks of the Russian Reset

    1. bsfurg says:

      If this will cause trouble for the USA then you know Oobama will make sure he signs it as fast as he can.. thats why Sores got him in the WH so obama could destroy the USA.. thats what Sores does he destroys countrys and he hates the USA even thow he lives in the USA and uses all the freedoms we have..

    2. LEWB says:

      If the "RESET" Program with Russia was "GOOD" for AMERICA, OBAMA would be AGAINST IT !!!


    3. Wayne Grievo says:

      Obama hates our freedom and our Constitution. What ever his mind-set (hatred and lies) is, it is not American. He is a great danger to The United States. I know he has broken his oath of office and the law. He belongs in jail. Won't someone in congress start proceedings against him? or at least lets do some fact finding before it is to late to recover from his distructive policies and attitudes. The Arch Provaricator and artful manipulater. High IQ, no conciouns.

    4. NeoConVet says:

      Russia and our "soft" policies are one issue in my view, we should also be looking back over our "other shoulder" at China and it's growing arsenal of conventional and nuclear weapons. We seem to assume that the Chinese are static in their growth of nuclear arms, whiile it is likely the opposite. Perhaps we should not be "leading" from a postion of growing weakness that this administration seems determined to lead us.

      With no verification anywhere and spotty intell, why do we assume there is little risk?

    5. kaydell bowles says:

      Amen to what has been said in the editorial. All the appeasement that has been given to Russia has not worked.

    6. Thomas B. McGowan says:

      What happened to Georgia and the agreement by Russia to remove its troops from the occupied territory? We have abandoned an ally. Apparently, we ignore the weak in an effort to placate the strong. This matter should be raised every time our State Department representatives meet with their Russian counterparts. If the Russians cannot agree to a simple agreement, then how can they be trusted to do something greater. Do not discard the powerless. And, I am not even Georgian. Nor am I South Ossetian or however they spell the two new "countries"

    7. Roseanne says:

      This is yet another step backwards initiated by the Obama administration. Too bad he doesn't respect the history that accompanied the Cold War. Those of us who lived through it, understand how dangerous this President is to freedom.

    8. Tom Sheahen says:

      Tearing down somebody else who is better off than you is an activity that applies to nations as well as to individuals. Russia is suffering declining population due to their fertility rate being far below 2.1(the replacement rate), and they don't seem able to reverse the trend. Perhaps Putin feels their downhill slide can be slowed by dragging America down too.

    9. Ray Reed says:

      This would appear to be another piece of evidence that Obama, the democrat party and the liberal secular progressives do not hold the same values as we clear-thinking Americans do. It makes one wonder if they want to destroy the country as founded by Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Ben Franklin and the rest of our funding fathers.

    10. Clearhead says:

      Mr. Pukin's Suburban is red, has power steering and rather comfortable seating. He would like the reset to afford us the same red color, power steering and somewhat comfortable seating in our Volkswagen. If we had any guts and gumption, we would agree MAYBE to paint our Humvee red (for equality 'reset').

    11. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Isn't it interesting that Obama's "reset" with Russia will destroy our "American founding values" which is exactly what the OWS bunch is calling for. Any wonder why Obama is supporting this movement?

    12. MNJ says:

      Appeasement doesn't work.

      It's amazing the free-world left (whose beliefs are very similar to the leftist and other totalitarian "leaders") appease their "brothers?" all the time. Yet, the totalitarian leftists, never appease. These totalitarian leftists always demand, and get what they want.

    13. Victor Barney says:

      Morning Bell: I'd be more worried about our CIA than even Obama! Now that's a scary thought, isn't it? I currently understand that it is the CIA that meets in California to decide the candidates and campaign topics for our elections in America and that makes sense to me! After all, how could we talk about a coming "New World Order" without having a government, such as the United Nations for instance, that transends religion? Duh! Wake-up America, Obama is the Anti-Christ(Head Marxist over u.s.) of Revelation, chapter 11. Next comes the two-witnesses of Revelation where more gentiles survive their punishment than Israelites! No? Watch, because it could start as early as September 16, 2009!

    14. Henry Fraenkl says:

      It should have been of utmost interest for the free world, that these countries with low population density and wast territories were integrated better in to our society. Out of several reasons these countries can pull back from participation of our free market sphere and host counter offenders to the world. These states by themselves will be independent from outside supply and therefor be non uncompromising for world problems.
      They will think that they are more fit for future than the free world and will per suite their own corrupt system.
      But now its to late to bring them back on the right path and we will have to cope with additional free market risks.
      Under these circumstances, that we blew our historical chances to cash in in our investments, we better get started and bring our world in order again, so that we will have at least the lightest chance to survive this greedy period were we neglected all human sentiments.

    15. DENNIS TOWNSEND says:

      Obama is a bully to the American people and a coward on the International stage.

    16. Casey Carlton says:

      If this were the first foreign policy misstep for the Obama administration, that would be one thing. However, we are seeing a pattern of decisions that are harmful to America. This needs to stop now.

    17. gongdark says:

      ole Teddy said "speak softly but carry a big stick". ole bama says "we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist" They, and that could be muslim and or russian or any other nation, will cut off that hand before they unclench their fist. Stupidity, absolute stupidity.

    18. John Wirth says:

      President Ronnie said it best, "The best defense is a strong offense."

    19. toledofan says:

      Our entire foriegn policy is a farce; appeasement, looking the other way, derogatory statements against our allies and throwing our allies under the bus. Well, it's obvious, our foriegn policy is a joke and as long as the Democrats are in charge, we can expect nothing less.

    20. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      Jimmy 'marshmallow' Carter screwed up the Middle East and now we have bowing and scrapping Berry Obama…kissing Russian launching pads…Send Michelle 'the Bell' over there and let her tell them how to eat…that will enable them to become just as weak as she and her husband want us to be.

    21. Ben C. says:

      Sadly the predictions of the demise of our democracy by Tytler all those years ago are coming true. There are simply too many voters receiving government money – both as employees and welfare recipients, who will vote for those that give them money. One day in the not too distant future our country will collapse and people will ask "how did this happen." My daughter will be one that will say 'I told you so." The only way we can stop this is to thoroughly clean house in Congress. What are the chances?

      • Peabody1911 says:

        That's exactly the reason our Founding Fathers did not give us a Democracy. A Democracy can be defined as two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner.

        However, Ben Franklin had reservations on whether we could keep the Constitutional Republic given us, a brilliant form of government and an acute observation that the people are morons.

    22. Sivispace says:

      I'm not sure we won the cold war. Communism isn't dead, it's just resting. All of the effort of Moscow to undermine the west is bearing fruit. Look at the Occupy idiots. Listen to what they say. Sit through a university class and smell the leftist propaganda the professor spews. Ask yourself why the media is so liberal. Remember Walter Cronkite and his "America has lost the war" speech. We didn't lose in Vietnam for any other reason than that the Socialists controlled academia, the media, popular music and Hollywood. In World War II the media censored news reports because Hitler was the greatest threat to the left. But when VC and NVA troops were hacking off arms and raping women, we didn't hear that from Media, Academia and public schools. They wanted to talk about Me Lai. Now we have a President who is plainly part of the Socialist agenda. He lies and then he assures us he is not lying. Well Barry, if it is brown and squishy and standing in a field, don't tell me it's not a cow pie. Our liberty is in jeopardy and we had better get off the couch.

    23. Jersey City Kid says:

      Boehner did not even have the fortitude to stop the deficit from rising. How can he be counted on to stop the Russians?

    24. Carol M Kite says:

      Obama hasn't a clue regarding foreign policy, not his advisors either, apparantly, tho' not his style to listen to common sense. Any successes were due to programs set up before his 'reign' or happenstance he loves to take credit for. Any relations with Russia are 'high risk' that Obama can't recognize, as if our country isn't already at risk enough due to any of Obama's attempts to lead, only true success is how close to socialism he's brought us, employing near criminal actions.

    25. sdfultz says:

      Wow, the comments suggest that Americans are the most paranoid people in the world, The Russians are coming the Chinese are coming, Hell the Cubans are coming.
      Yet with all the criticism, Bin Laden dead, waliki is dead, Gaddafi is dead and Americas mite is declining?
      All you good folks are obviously invested in the vast military complex that exist.
      Please give me some investing tips in this very lucrative segment of commerce.

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