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  • Congressman: Lobbyists Know More About Super Committee Than He Does

    Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) came to Washington in January ready to have a vigorous public debate over America’s debt crisis. He’s less optimistic about the outcome today — a result of the super-secret Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction.

    “I thought it was a very, very bad idea to create a non-transparent, backdoor committee to put together something that is the responsibility of 535 members of Congress,” Huelskamp said yesterday at Heritage. “I expect nothing good to come out of it.”

    Huelskamp voted against the final debt-limit bill that created the so-called Super Committee. With its report due in less than a month, Huelskamp said he knows little about what’s being discussed — quite contrary to the nearly 200 companies and special interests that are lobbying the 12-member panel.

    “It seems to be that quite a few K Street lobbyists know fairly a lot about what’s going on in that room, which is what we feared,” Huelskamp said Tuesday at The Bloggers Briefing at Heritage.

    When he did inquire, one member of the Super Committee told Huelskamp: “I can’t tell you what they’re telling me. I can’t even tell you their response to what I told them.”

    Since its creation in August, nearly all of the committee’s meetings have been closed to the press and public. It has held two public hearings. A third, featuring testimony from Congressional Budget Office Director Doug Elmendorf, takes place today at 10 a.m. It is open to the public.

    Regardless of what ultimately happens, Huelskamp predicted lawmakers would likely postpone any difficult decisions until 2013.

    “Nothing will come out of that committee and nothing will come out of sequestration that will make a single cut until after the next election,” he said. “Don’t kid yourselves. It’s all on a new Congress and, hopefully, a new president. That’s when the action will take place, which is par for the course in Washington.”

    Such a scenario would dampen the enthusiasm of conservative activists, he cautioned.

    “There’s a real potential to make our base really mad,” he added.

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    9 Responses to Congressman: Lobbyists Know More About Super Committee Than He Does

    1. Since the comment I left at the "CharlotteObserver.com Opinion – Our View" is still without feedback, I suppose this IS the ONLY answer to this SITUATION!!!



      For now, Republican leaders say that won't happen for any legislation that includes a tax increase. Democratic leaders say it won't happen for anything that doesn't.

      Pessimistic yet?


      There's is always room for Pessimism!!! I have been awaiting the GOVERNOR to put me back into my "EVIL" foreclosed home, since March 29, 2011! Even though I have been on the streets of Charlotte, 210 days, with signs on my bicycle, I'm sure the LORD is speaking to "CIVIC CLUBS": "ENJOY YOUR IGNORANCE!!!"

      Unforgettable Northern Lights display recorded
      October 25, 2011 2:33 PM http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-205_162-20125354/unfo

      All the 12-member deficit "supercommittee" needs to do is get in line!!!

      Current signage:

      On a stick coming out of the MILK CRATE (2 signs on each side):
      MY TIRES TELL ME WOLF ATE CIVIC CLUBS!!! (Anyone passing can see at least 3" of exposed broken tire threads, on each side of front tire, that faces STARBUCKS Tryon Street windows!!!) http://forums.charlotteobserver.com/?q=node/13506

    2. NeoConVet says:

      The So-Called Super Committee is an act of political cowardance by the members of Congress. An abject admission of a faliure to lead and thus deserving of a 'throw the bums out vote".
      I am sure that if this Super Group announces anything it will not contain any cost cuts to Congressional benefits, staff reductions, salary reductions, cancelled retirement and special helathcare for the annoited ones.
      I see another Tea Party Revolt looming as the Tax More, Spend More Left spins reasons for grid-lock.

    3. Dixie Burch says:

      The first rule this committee should have passed was to make themselves unavailable to
      Lobbyists for the duration of their negotiations. When they didn't, I knew they were unserious.

    4. Lloyd Scallan says:

      This "supercommittee" was Washington's answer to divert American's attention away from the fact that Congress, all of Congress, has absolutely no desire for face what must be done to save this nation's economy. Just look at who is one the committee. Does anyone expect these ideologues will reach an agreement on anything, which is exactly why this was set up the way is was, always intended to fail.

    5. Bobbie says:

      we are so sick of our money going to luxury wages and benefits of people working against us!
      Transparency and accountability now! This super sub committee amounts to super bs!

      Can we sue members civilly for insubordination and/or dereliction of their expected duty whose costs of and actions are destructive to livelihoods? That way the tax payers won't be effected, just the money stolen from the tax payers now in the hands of thieves, government thieves with plenty stashed in their private savings. Who's holding down the economy? GOVERNMENT AND THEIR OVERPAY!

    6. Redfray says:

      Another end-run around our government procedures to keep the American people in line. Why are our elected officials allowed to break the law without penalty. They are breaking the open meeting laws set for all public meetings. The judges and lawyers of this country are running over all of the tax paying citizens. How lone before they will destroy our way of life completely?

    7. allen says:

      "Patty The Comic Commie" Refering to the" Honorable Patty Murray" from the Northern California State of long-ago Washington. Where in Seattle Bikes are the mode of Transportation, wait until the rains come and see how many ride then.

    8. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      This will not dampen Tea party emotions but only fire them up even more than they were a year ago at election day, more than after the House's capitulation on the CR debate back in the spring and more than after the House's capitulation on the debt ceiling debate back in the summer.

      I was led to believe that if an agreement on deliberate cuts of $1.5T couldn't be reached by the end of 2011 that massive cuts of $1.2T in defense and entitlements would automatically go into effect. While the committee can postpone these deliberate cuts, they cannot legally postpone these automatic cuts. The only legitimate way to postpone or cancel these automatic cuts is to repeal the debt ceiling bill in its entirety which includes the debt ceiling raise itself.

      The safe money was always on "no deal". Until we return Obama to the private sector and flip the majority in the Senate, nothing financially good will happen.

    9. William says:

      This is to be expected. The enemies of our constitution got everything they wanted with the Budget Control act of 2011. There has to be something vary wrong with a law that has to have a Severability Clause that states, “SEC. 2. SEVERABILITY. If any provision of this Act, or any application of such provision
      to any person or circumstance, is held to be unconstitutional, the remainder of this Act and the application of this Act to any other person or circumstance shall not be affected.”

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