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  • Morning Bell: We Can't Wait Either, Mr. President

    Take a stroll through your neighborhood Occupy Wall Street protest–whether it’s in New York or Chicago, Detroit or San Francisco–and you’re likely to see a recurring theme emblazoned across cardboard signs: redistribute wealth from the 1 percent to the 99 percent, all in the name of fairness, whether or not it makes good policy. Or if you want to hear that message without fighting the crowds, you could save yourself some time, turn on the TV, and tune in to President Barack Obama’s latest campaign swing across America, this time titled “We Can’t Wait.”

    “I’m here to say that we can’t wait for an increasingly dysfunctional Congress to do its job. Where they won’t act, I will,” President Obama proclaimed in Las Vegas, Nevada. “There is no excuse for the games and gridlock we’ve seen in Washington. Where we don’t have to wait for Congress, we’re just going to go ahead and act on our own.” The actions the President is proposing? More money for “underwater” mortgages and a yet-to-be-announced student loan initiative.

    There is no hiding the ball in the President’s populist pitch–and that ball is Obama’s desire to circumvent Congress and enact policies that appeal to his far-left, big-government base, regardless of the will of the people or their representatives in the House and Senate. Obama’s problem is that he failed to convince the American people–and his own party–to pass his latest stimulus plan (a.k.a., “the American Jobs Act”), and now he’s headed into an election season with 14 million jobless Americans, a 9.1 percent unemployment rate, stagnant economic growth as far as the eye can see, and nothing to show for it.

    Entirely frustrated by his inability to ram his big spending plan through an unwilling Congress, the President now says that “we can’t wait” for Congress to act. What he’s missing, though, is that Congress isn’t acting because the American people don’t want their representatives in Washington to go along with Obama’s spend-more-tax-more scheme. It seems that the only audience that might be receptive to the President’s message is the protesters who are camping out in solid opposition to the capitalist system, advocating for the government to bail them out, just like it bailed out the banks and the automakers. It now looks like the President is about to oblige and that the “we” he’s referring to is the protesters and him.

    Yesterday in San Francisco, the city’s Board of Supervisors held a hearing in which Occupy San Francisco activists urged the board to adopt policies that would prompt big banks to modify mortgages for struggling homeowners, as Bloomberg reports. The President’s latest proposal doesn’t look much different. It would refinance mortgages of homeowners who owe more on than their houses than they are currently worth. Heritage’s David John explains that the cost of the refinanced loans will be borne by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which means that American taxpayers will be on the hook for the cost. What’s worse, this plan likely won’t be any more successful than the Administration’s previous attempts to shore up the mortgage industry.

    It seems that the President is about to address another concern of the “Occupy” protesters–student loans. Many of the activists are complaining about their student loans and the cost of college education and are demanding that the government pay their debts and/or provide free tuition. Though we don’t yet know what the President will propose, we do know that student loan forgiveness and federally subsidized loans are not the way to reduce the cost of education. Heritage’s Lindsey Burke explains:

    It is unfair to forgive student loans on the backs of waitresses and construction workers, and the nearly three-quarters of Americans who didn’t graduate college. Increases in federal subsidies or student loan bailouts shift the burden of paying for college from the student – the person directly benefiting from college – to the millions of Americans who did not graduate from college.

    Burke also points out that federal subsidies have not reduced college costs. While those subsidies have increased 475 percent, the cost of attending college has increased 439 percent since 1982. As students have more purchasing power, Burke writes, colleges are incentivized to raise tuition. “It’s a vicious cycle that does nothing to mitigate the cost of attending college,” Burke says.

    But does bad policy matter to the President? Is his end game to improve America’s economic situation or to appeal to his base? Is he taking cues from Occupy Wall Street protesters as he acts unilaterally to enact tried-and-failed policies? One thing is certain: Regardless of the answer, America cannot wait for President Obama to stop circumventing Congress.

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    100 Responses to Morning Bell: We Can't Wait Either, Mr. President

    1. Jane says:

      We can't wait either Obama to have you get the HELL out of the White House!!!!!!

      • john clifton says:

        The man just don't get it ! Stop with the free life, people, get responsible like our parents did.

      • Dave Langdon says:

        There has to be someone in DC that can stop this fool. If he is not eligible he has to be removed do not wait for the election everyday I get mail asking to sign petitions and then nothing happens, it is a outrage that we should be suffering at the hands of this lunatic and his czars. Who ever gave him permission to hire these people, Why does Michele have so much staff. The Queen of England does not have all of these peopl e bowing down to her. Cutr off his funding in all departments. NNNNOOOOWWWW

    2. NancyJ says:

      When is the House going to tell the President that he has no right to take over the job of the House. He is not an Emperor or a Dictator.
      Stop him in his tracks, Mr. Boehner. He needs to be told that there will be no more spending without a vote of the people. There will be no more executive decisions without approval of the people.
      Stop him while we still have a country.

      • JWS says:

        I fully agree but ours are as gutless as the President is bold. What have the Republicans done to fight unconstitutional laws or for that matter made sure that existing laws are enforced. In the end, if both care as they say, this thing could be resolved but unfortunately it is not about us the people but themselves.

      • MDB749 says:

        Exactly. When is the House going to start impeachment proceedings for high crimes and misdemeanors? If any president deserves it – it's him. Who died and left him king? Call Speaker Boehner and DEMAND he start impeachment.

    3. Beverly says:

      Obama's end game is to collapse the economy in order to bring in a new Marxist government. He is on track and America is too blind to notice.

      • Victor Barney says:

        Beverly, or as Obama and company, too evil to notice? Just saying…

      • righthook38 says:

        That's exactly right. They act like we're crazy for saying it, but the writing is on the wall. The American people are being led like sheep to the slaughter.

      • Naomi says:

        Beverly is so on target. Obama is playing the country like a very carefully planned chess game and he is several moves ahead. One only needs to watch a few of Van Jones's speech video's to see the game plan. "Top down (Obama's Presidency) Bottom Up (rage on the streets) now the inside out." We are in for a rough time. Glad I am elderly but worry for my grandchildren and great grandchildren.

      • bruce brinkmann says:

        I think many of the blind can now see, but that doesn't help the fact that out hands are tied until the next election. Our only recourse is voting all these frauds out. I fear it may be to late though.The damage is done.

      • eva says:

        exactly. He is following the Alinsky Rules. All this turmoil, including in the Arab world, is directly due to him, on purpose. He has emboldened the Muslims explicitly and implicitly. I too fear for my country and for my children and grandchildren.

    4. Victor Barney says:

      The next major even that we in America are going to see is our economy going bankrupt from spending, spending, spending to declare the anglo-saxon man at fault and the two-witnesses of Chapter 11, Revelation coming on the scene, probably starting their witnessing on September 16th, 2012! Watch!

    5. Stephanie Waterman says:

      Congress should find a way to preempt the President. Take action to prevent Fannie & Freddie from accepting just rewritten dept instruments; we should have a cooling down period, to let the banks move some of their inventory to people who can afford it at the reduced "free market" rates. The Presidents plan will only force downward pricing in a very un-natural way. But then I suspect he already knows that!

    6. Robert, TX says:

      How does Obama "circumvent" Congress when Congress is doing NOTHING? Since Congress is not even attempting to check the executive branch, Obama is free to do as he pleases. While Ron Paul currently has the best plan of any candidate, even Ron Paul is afraid to tackle the 100 million welfare recipients. His plan simply throws 2006 dollars to the states and says "you deal with them." He also does not address our punitive payroll taxes – which, at around 17%, are the most punitive in the world – also four times the level to fund the basic benefit. But his plan sure beats the status quo, upward baseline march of Romney, Perry and Obama.

    7. bashley says:

      Isn't a leader that governs without the representation of the populace just a dictator?

      • John Maddox says:

        Only if he is given the power to do so. But would you actually consider Obama a leader? I think a fireman throwing gasoline on a fire to put it out would have much more credibility.

      • Rebas_Thgil says:

        Very good to see your involvement again, bash!

        • bashley says:

          There is more to the internet than Breitbart Rebas. Funny my rating for this comment was a positive 18 the other day, lol.

          • Rebas_Thgil says:

            Yes, and it's a good thing that there is more than 'wankerette' as well. I'll be interested to see what else you have found out there. Saw your response before and have to wonder if the socialists sweep through here as a matter of habit.

    8. ThomNJ says:

      Wow – so much to be said here. Let's start with obama, who might as well say, "The Hell with the Constitution. I want to do what I want, not what America wants".

      Then another article can be written on the ridiculous way colleges charge tuition and want full financial disclosure; so they can see how hard to hammer a student and his or her family for money.

    9. ThomNJ says:

      And then there are housing loans. Congress to blame for RCRA - you bet! Banks and mortgage brokers to blame for providing some of the mortgages – absolutely! Criminal? I would say it is borderline for some cases. Stupidity by consumers – some of that too. I know someone who financed their entire home purchase. $330,000. They got foreclosed – why? Their income at the time of purchase was around $28,500. They had to pay the mortgage, PMI (private mortgage insurance), homeowners insurance and property taxes. The mortgage part alone was $2100/month. Their net take home was less than that. Two questions: how could he be so stupid? how could the bank possibly have justified this when they saw the tax returns?

      I am not making this up.

    10. stroud says:

      This is another blatant attempt to violate the constitution which is for separation of powers and that the president is to act with the advice and consent of congress. He just goes and does anything he wants and ignores the fact that we have elected representatives who act for us which the last thing Obama wants!
      The day cannot come too soon for this fraud of a president to leave office and get lost!!!!!

    11. Jersey Joe says:

      Regarding Student Loan forgiveness – My wife and I saved for over 25 years so I could help my kids afford college. And they didn't take Marxist Studies in Ivy League indoctrination camps either. So when I hear nonsense about forgiving student loans – my head explodes.

      Silly us we should have gotten them federally backed student loans and not driven Ford Mavericks for all those years.

    12. righthook38 says:

      I like Mark Levin's comment. Obama says "we can't wait". Levin says "we can't wait for you to leave!" Short and sweet. Works for me.

    13. Gary says:

      I am trying to figure out how the President can 'unilaterally' take action on mortgages and student loans. It seems that these actions are "spending" and I thought the Constitution says that all spending must originate in the House of Representatives! If the President tries to take action, someone should be able to stop it. Does it requrie a lawsuit or other proceeding against the President to stop his actions?

      The other point that needs to be mentioned to the President is that 'NOT PASSING A BILL IS ONE FORM OF ACTION' Action does not mean to cater to his every whime..

    14. Giles says:

      Student loans – there is an additional component called personal responsibility. These "college graduates" that can't find jobs chose to go to high dollar institutions, chose to take majors in subject matter for which there are few jobs (Mandarin Chinese. Really?!), and chose to take a student loan to avoid an alternate education solution – no one made them make those choices and now it's time to for some personal accountability and not time for a bailout.

      • LeftTheBuilding says:

        Your argument continues to be popular, but i's cursory at best…None of us are arguing that a committment should not be upheld, however, the laws, as they stand, need to be changed. When you are willing to apply the same lending laws to any current or future debt you may inccur, then you may criticize.
        Until then, you need a bit of an education, yourself.

        Over the last several decades, student loans have been stripped of nearly every consumer protection including the following:
        Removing the truth in lending act.
        Removing the statute of limitations on collections.
        Removing the fair debt collection practices act.
        Removing the right to refinance.
        Removing adherence to state usury laws.

      • LefttheBuilding says:

        The powers of collection in the instance of student loans include:
        Wage garnishment without a court order.
        Suspension of professional licenses.
        Garnishment of Social Security and Disability benefits.
        Withholding of tax returns.
        Many of these rules were changed after the loans were taken out…and left borrowers, with NO legal recourse.

        The profitability of forbearance and default, not lost on an industry operating without regulation, meant outrageous fees, penalties and interest rates, have turned modest loans into lifetime yokes of non-dis-chargeable debt for hundreds of thousands of graduates.

        Many have seen their loans double, triple & quadruple even while making every attempt to pay them back.

        The only way to discharge a student loan is through total & permanent disability or death.
        Our government officials have legalized the crime of usury in the instance of student loans.

    15. Joseph H. Schooff says:


      • Eric says:

        Yep. I want Holder impeached for Fast and Furious and for arbitrarily enforcing the law. I want Kagan impeached off the court for lying under oath about her involvement with the HC legal strategy when she was Soliciter General. Every time Obama lies, I want the Republicans to openly refute him. Enough is enough. We put you guys in charge of the house. Act like it!

      • Robert, TX says:

        I agree with your question. They are in the same place they have always been: the beltway. Doing the exact same thing as the democrats, although pandering to a different "crowd." If the sheep don't wake up after the betrayal of the last ten months of doing NOTHING – they never will.

    16. Al Bliss says:

      After 1005 days of this man acting as our president (lower case intentional for Obama), isn't about time for someone in the House of Representatives to clearly state 1. his lack of eligibility to run for the office, 2. the various federal laws that he or his cronies have violated and 3. a compilation of the lies that his has uttered while in office and using this accurate information start an immediate effort to remove all the socialist/communist from office.

      A man Scooter Libby was sentenced for a faulty memory.

    17. I don't usually post concerning politics but enough is enough, Obama is ruining our country… his plan from the very beginning. Wake up America he needs to go.

      • Joseph Blowa says:

        Ditto Sheryl!! This maniac in the White House is forcing a lot of normally apolitical types to mobilize.
        How long will it be before millions show up in DC with pitch forks. enough is enough!!

    18. Flea_Flicr says:

      I'm for closing President Obama's Federal bank account. The account is overdrawn !

    19. Glynnda says:

      The President says he can bypass Congress, but Congress holds the purse strings. NOTHING gets paid for without Congress' say so, including the President, his Czars" salaries and Michelle's 26-person wait staff. Congress needs to strap on it's collective backbone and tell the President to Back Down or they are going to defund him.

      Come on Congress!!!!! Lead and we will follow – it's called Checks and Balances. Congress check the President's constant overstepping of his boundaries. Impeach him, take him to court, throw him in jail if he is violating the Constitution. If Holder won't pursue him, throw HIM in jail for dereliction of duty.


    20. Glynnda says:

      There are 23 Senators coming up for re-election next year. Trust me, if Congress gets serious and gets the backing of the people, the Senate will follow.

      Let's Roll! people are spilling their blood overseas for us while these bunch of baboons plays politics. I'm getting tired of this. These people think Occupy Wall Street is bad? Please!!!! They're a bunch of paid for union punks. If Congress doesn't get off their behinds and start doing something of substance they haven't seen anger yet. We have a major election coming up next year and Mr Cain is poised to walk in and start making some major changes in how things are done. I can't wait til 2012!!!!!

    21. walter says:

      Obama is a total failure and he can not fix anything. He is in love with him self and hate it when everyone does not bow down to him. Well I ready to fire him and send him to the unempoyment line he created. Please join me and vote against him this comming eledtion. Let clean us and get rid of the trash

    22. Joey B says:

      Let's see….I racked up over $60,000 in student loans during undergrad and grad school, then joined the US Army in the loan repayment plan which payed off $45,000 of my loans over 3 years while serving in the US and overseas, and I paid off the rest on my own by "WORKING"! Now, at age 49, I own 3 homes and little debt….and I feel good about my self! I like the way my system worked out!

    23. guest says:

      Regarding Student Loan forgiveness – My wife and I saved for over 25 years so I could help my kids afford college. And they didn't take Marxist Studies in Ivy League indoctrination camps either. So when I hear nonsense about forgiving student loans – my head explodes.

    24. Ed Gargasz says:

      Impeach the "great pretender"!

    25. Rev Stubblefild says:

      The Bible says in Mark 12:17- And Jesus answering said unto them, render to Caesar the things that are Caesar,s and to God tha things that are God,s. Where do we stand as a Nation and a people that name the Christ of the Bible as our saviour

    26. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Open your eyes America. It's Obama who can't wait. His time to destroy this nation, as we know it, through collapsing our economical system is limited to only one term in office. He knows it, the Dems know it, and the power behind Obama that put him in office know it. If he don't get it done in the next 15 months, the past 100 years of "hope and change" for the socialist, Marxist, and communist will at end.

      • michael Hutchinson says:

        If you think it will be over if this election goes our way you are destined to be caught up in their snares. We must change the education camps'( those indoctrinating our children) Our work must be ongoing to get this country back on a moral compass. OWS is a view into that mind set of the communist and socialist message.Those folks are someones children and what a pitiful job they have done, to teach them to be productive citizens. They are useful idiots!!

    27. Larry K says:

      Obama gives more credence to Einstein's theory of insanity. He keeps trying to push his failed mortgage deals to no effect. This appears to be a revisitation to Carter's Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, and Clinton's boost in 1993.. I agree with the ladies who commented before me.

    28. potlady says:

      Regarding the lazes that occupy wall street – My 92 year old father, who incidentally, still gets up every morning and goes to his engineering office everyday to work, had to work his way through high school – yes, you read it right, high school – because the rural town where he lived in north central Texas had no high school. It was seventeen miles away at the county seat. That was in 1931. He then, as did all his siblings, had to work his way through college. So did I. In the 1960's I worked summers in a garment factory to earn enough money to put myself through college for two semesters and then the cycle began again. Is that no longer a viable option to bettering oneself? I have zero sympathy for lazy people who think the world owes them a living or they think they have been mistreated. It is no wonder that those of us who do not object to hard work will definitely object to the slothful parasites who inhabit too much space within this great nation. The parasites are the problem, that and their leaders like the occupant in the WH.

    29. Carol M Kite says:

      I feel like America is under attack, by Obama & his activist cohorts, who have shown no love or respect for America, destroying everything awesome that America used to stand for. Also, it's obvious that Congress is only about what they can get for themselves and those they enjoy are the entitlements! They haven't done anything benefittig who they allegedly represent, taxpayers, in many years! However, watch out for Obama's tactics!!!

    30. Once again it would be Obama bailing out those who don't plan and risk more than they can handle at the expense of people who are responsible. There is nothing nice to say about this President or the special interest people he helps.

    31. Joan says:

      I totally agree with Nancy, can't our House or Senate or both stop this man on a rampage. I have a son and daughter both paying back student loans they received. This is very stupid to stand by and watch all this money being thrown out and no employment in sight to pay it back. Come on we need responsible leadership or come election day new selections will be made.

    32. MJF in CT says:

      Mr. Obama seems to think that the American Taxpayer is a "sustainable" asset, a bottomless pit that he can just throw bills into. It's not the Corporations & the Banks we should be mad at, it's Mr Obama and the US Federal government that should be the brunt of our anger! The Democrats spent like drunken sailors since 2004 and we are paying dearly for it all. Never have I seen America in such rotten shape as it is today. Even during WWII, we were still manufacturing, moving goods, doing anything to get back on our feet and keep the Country strong. Now, we've turned into a bunch of little children with their hands out, "Please, sir. Could I have some more?". We've lost our edge, people and if we don't get it back, the United States will fall and fall hard!

    33. JDC says:

      Why aren't we impeaching this man? He has done everything possible to undermine the Constitution that he SWORE an oath (twice since he got it wrong the first time) to defend and protect! That alone should constitute as high crimes and misdemeanors!

      • ChuckL says:

        It does, but the conviction would have to be in the senate that convicted Clinton of sex in the oval office, which they determined was not what he was charged with, which was perjury and therefore Clinton walked.

        Do you really think that this current senate would treat Obama any differently.?

    34. Al Connelly says:

      Bailing out people who speculated on their property assuming that real estate always goes up and providing a "free ride" for college students who have borrowed money to attend college is unfair to the majority of this country who work for a living and who have been conservative with their spending. Communism has not worked in any country and Obama's attempt at full socialism of our country will also fail. This president is the greatest threat to democracy this country has ever witnessed.

    35. Joan from Dallas says:

      Wall Street protesters are a bunch of spoiled, whiny brats. I am currently underemployed and have been looking for full time work for 3 years. I have two degrees, paid for the first by working 2 jobs; the second I,m still paying. I have a mortgage that's current that I can't refinance because I don't have a full time job! You think a lower interst rate would help me? I also have a kid in college, and I'm not asking for govt. handouts. Has America no shame???

      College tutition would not be as high if we didn't pay the way of so many immigrants, that we bring here and give them everything free, whether or not they have earned it. What the hell is wrong with this country?

    36. marlene says:

      I could not pay for my own children to go to college. They worked their way through without debt (two through on the job training). I am not paying for other people to go to college!! We also payed off our own morgage…what a free loading society Obama and congress have made us.

    37. toledofan says:

      It is high noon at the OK Coral and it's up to the House to stand firm against Obama. Boehener needs to say enough is enough and demand that the President abide by the Constitution or be impeached. It is past time for the white gloves to come off and the Republicans need to stand and fight, enough of our side trying to be nice and acting like gentlemen at a gun fight. It is time to do what is right for America and not worry about the Democratic Parties survival or your buddies futures.

      • ChuckL says:

        Boehner needs to be replaced. He is the one who agreed to the budget balancing act that guarantees the destruction of our DoD by setting up a deadlocked arbitration committee with defunding of the DoD if they failed to get the required budget cuts.

    38. Lawrence says:

      Only congress can authorize spending. If Obama tries to circumvent the authority of congress he should be impeached.

    39. Zach says:

      This is an incredibly misleading and misinformed piece.

      To claim that the singular goal of the Occupy Wall Street movement is to redistribute wealth is patently false; while there message is mixed, what the majority of Occupiers desire is an ending of government subservience to big business, bailing irresponsible corporations out and not holding corporations

      • ChuckL says:

        Zach, The problem is that the Social Progressives pretending to be Democrats forced this situation in 1977 when they passed the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. this act required Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to get 50% of their funds reinvested in inner cities with the understanding that the federal government would make good on all of the failed loans. Bill Clinton then followed through by threatening the bankers with expensive investigations if they did not do this. The result was the collapse of the Real Estate Market.

        Do the bankers deserve blame. Absolutely. They should have fought back with suits against this unconstitutional law. There is nothing in the constitution that allows the government to run any business or set the policies for doing business.

        The OWS movement has, however, made clear that their goal is the redistribution of wealth. This is true even though they claim to be college students or graduates, who should understand enough about human nature to realize that when there is no incentive to produce, because what you produce will be taken from you and given to those who do NOT work the result will be that no one works and there is no more wealth.

        Evidence of this is readily available from the welfare system, including the unemployment benefit system. Payments for not working do not create incentive to work.

    40. Zach says:

      accountable for exploiting the American people and the financial system.

      " Congress isn’t acting because the American people don’t want their representatives in Washington to go along with Obama’s spend-more-tax-more scheme"

      Again, patently false. Number 1: The American Jobs Act proposes to reduce taxes for the VAST majority of Americans, and would only increase taxes for the ultra-wealthy: those earning more than $1,000,000
      If you don't believe me, feel free to read the details of the bill here: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/D?d112:22:….

      Number 2: Polls clearly demonstrate that the majority of Americans support the key components of the American Jobs Act:
      If you don't believe me, feel free to read about these Wall Street Journal polls here: http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2011/09/sn

    41. Eric says:

      The city that SHOULD BE OCCUPED IS WASHINGTON D.C. Wallstreet is not runing this country, or ruining it. A certain occupant in the White House is ruining this country, he has no constutional standing to bypass Congress. This man is so completely a socialist, he should be impeached for even suggesting that he alone can make ever make such policies and bypass congress. That he even says such stuff he clearly shows that he thinks he is a dictator.

    42. Retired Lady says:

      This nonsense about student loan forgiveness only proves more substantively that Obama has never understood the concept: "work and pay for what you have and what you want!" As a retired academic, I have seen what "student loans" purchase, indirectly, an education, directly cars, vacations (skiing in the winter and Cancun in the summer), homes (yes houses usually the down), computers (not necessarily for the student), computer games, anything not directly associated with an education. Not all students fall into this trap; but, I dare say more than a small minority have fallen into this trap. The "youth" of the OWS crowd are among the fallen. They have yet to lean the value of an education and, certainly, the value of a dollar!

    43. iowafarmgirl says:

      On the subject of student loans, I can't believe these protesters who, incurring debt of their own free will, refuse to take the responsibility of that debt. I am a 21-year-old small business owner. I did not go to college because I couldn't afford it. The left has preached for so long that a person must go to college to get a job, but where are the jobs? I created a job for myself without going into any debt for a piece of paper that won't feed me or take care of my expenses. I am debt-free, have always been debt-free, and I am happy to report, my job is secure. Hurrah for capitalisam!

    44. Bobbie says:

      Please Congress! Realize this country is under siege! Hold this man accountable! Along with the democrat demolition! Do not give him a dime! PERIOD! Give ALL Americans their rightful responsibilities back AND to those that may not have had the initiative to have them, that make us ALL free!

      American Constitution!

      Don't take from the rich, let the opportunities to become resurface! He's accruing money by theft, everywhere. Take from GOVERNMENT that STEALS from ALL! No reason to increase taxes on our personal livelihoods that influences our personal choices, etc. GET RID OF EVERYTHING UNCONSTITUTIONAL! THE EPA! EVERYTHING!!

      This is America, don't listen to the media's accusations, allegations, condescensions of human life, of Americans! Bring back the Constitution, the American Constitution! Bring back America's principles that are fair and just for all. Bring back common law. Bring back human decency. GIVE BACK, human dignity!


    45. Jill Maine says:

      If he is a one termer (pray to God) this will be the most grueling 4 years of my life. My upset with this Pres has literally made me less healthy. I wish he would go be president of Libya or something more suitable for him

    46. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      I heard Mark Levin saying “We can’t wait” last night on the radio. I say likewise!! I can’t wait until November 2012. Hopefully the GOP will nominate the right candidate, not a RINO like Romney who’s really not much better than BHO. Better yet, can we really wait for 1/20/2013?? That date will (hopefully) be the end of an error!!!!

    47. Alexander Milne says:

      Republicans don't seem to get the credit they deserve. When Senator McConnell (R), Senate Minority Leader, speaks, he is pushing for free markets and jobs created by entrepreneurs. Senator Reid, Majority Leader and other democrats believe big government and redistribution of income is the solution for college loans, extended employment checks, food stamps, and the big one "Obama Care." Obama has to go and its to bad we have to wait another five years to get rid of Reid.

    48. Glen says:

      We have Congress with the House and the Senate. This is supposed to be the check and balance system so we can live in a free America. The Presidents function is to approve or disapprove whatever Congress comes up with. However the system is getting all messed up with the way Washington is being run. When is America going to wake up and stop this dyfunctional government?

    49. Carol says:

      The "Wall Street" protesters, led like lemmings, by the Unions do not have a clue what they are doing. I believe that they actually believe if Mr. B HO will only TAX the welthy he will give the money to all those with their hand out.
      Little do they know, is they will NEVER see one dime of that money. They have a better chance of seeing it if and when the welthy have a chance to once again create jobs and then the protesters can go to work like the rest of us. STOP BEGGING! Grow a back bone and get a job. Oh I forgot Mr. B HO has put so many obsticals on the small business man he can't hire. Direct your anger where it belongs. The fish rots from the head down. The buck stops at Mr. B HO's desk.

    50. Bonnie says:

      Bye, Bye bashley

    51. RG Schmidt says:

      I've been over this on these pages before, but … one more time; Obama will continue to circumvent Congress until members of Congress find the backbone to stop him. Which is to say Obama will continue to circumvent Congress.

    52. Bruce McGirr says:

      Mr. Burke correctly argues " It is unfair to forgive student loans on the backs of waitresses and construction workers, and the nearly three-quarters of Americans who didn’t graduate college." However, he forgot those of us who worked our way through college, and those who paid off their loans.

    53. Herb Earnest says:

      It seems to me that the biggest "Disfunctional" part of this Government resides at 1600 Pennsylvannia Avenue. He is going to wear out the People's corporate jet trying to convince the masses.

    54. @GregSavoy says:

      This prez job is just a stepping stone. Obama is doing exactly what needs to be done in order to become a Secretary General of the United Nations. His Nobel prize, his grand unification of the soft Caliphate, and his surgical destruction of the American Health Care Industry through economic suppression of the evil U.S. populace, all give him the international credentials to ride atop the United Nations as a global force of planetary unification, achieving what no other messiah has done, the utopian one-world government. Buy your prayer mats now while they still are available in colors.

    55. char says:

      WHO is in charge of getting Obama OUT? I've receive SOO many "Impeach Obama" requests for support. It is SOOO obvious what BHO has been up to ever since he stepped into office. WHAT are we doing to get his audacious highness OUT??? I do not see how this nation can stand another 14 months of dismantling of our Constitution by this president.

    56. ThomNJ says:

      A little too sensitive there bashley – they are screening for vulgarity or the like.

      Although, I must say that I think there must be some technical problems with the site, because my comments sometimes do not get posted. Like today. I made two comments early this morning and neither posted – neither was an attack nor contained foul language.

      Also, I can see where two pages of comments might be made, and then the second page is a duplicate of the first.

    57. Linda says:

      Maybe I''m wrong, but I thought congress was the only branch of the federal government that could spend money. If I'm right, then it is time for congress to step up and say NO to this president. There will be no more spending plans. Period. Full stop.

    58. KC - NM says:

      America is going to need a significant and very charismatic leader to rebuild and fix what the Obama administration has ruined. We need a cheerleader type as president with a very knowledgeable VP. I suggest a Cain/Gingrich ticket – business and political intelligence may just be the right ticket. Bottom line – Obama must go along with most of the democratic hard left in Congress. America can improve and can recover with the right leadership.

    59. Patricia Baker says:

      It's about time that Congress does their job and stops Obama from doing any more damage to our Country. They just let him do whatever he wants to do. It's time that they start impeahment proceedings against him and get him out of the White House. It's time they stop being wimps and do the job they are suppose to do according to the Constitution of the United States. Everything that he has done has been unconstitutional, but nothing is done about it. We can't wait any longer for this man to completely destroy our Country.

    60. Ron Ceres says:

      The only job that this fraud of a president is concerned about is his own for another four years.
      I have really had it with his rhetoric of racism and spread the wealth crap.
      And for him to call Congress dysfunctional is the height of hypocrisy . But what else could one expect from a street corner Community Organizer?

    61. Godfather of blog says:

      We just can't wait until November 2012~!!!

    62. Mike, NC says:

      Such as what Obama is doing is what both would-be rulers and absolute rulers alike (as in emperors, absolute monarchs, and "Chairmen [such as Mao, etc.]", "General Secretaries [such as Stalin, etc.], and even some "Presidents" or "Presidentes" [Spanish for “Presidents”]) do..demagogue, manipulate, and pander to masses and act in various other ways as if to justify their bypassing, usurping, and otherwise acting to impose their will to rule and establish or maintain such rule.

      That includes those who do so with a so-called “governing body”, or, when such a body is too reluctant or slow to approve, or even opposed to anything, overrule or somehow circumvent it.

      Further, that is patently exemplified by Statist Marxist/Communist/Socialist systems, and is pointed-out by both (U.S.) Americans and immigrants who have come here to be free from such rule. So, as for Obama denying that he is such a Statist and is acting to impose his will to "transform" to such rule here, his own speeches and actions (which include bypassing Congress) disprove his denying.

    63. Frank says:

      Whether Obama is an idiot for following the same failed economic plan over & over again, expecting a different result each time, or whether Obama is a smart radical out to destroy America doesn’t really make much of a difference nowadays. He’s already wreaked havoc in the US economy and continues to put us on a glide path to destruction. I can’t believe up to 42% of voters in the USA still think this fraud of a President is doing a good job & is willing to re-elect him. Sad comment on 21st Century America and our blind or dumbed down voters educated in government run schools. Like Rome, we are collapsing… mostly just committing national suicide. The socialists, communists & islamists are the “barbarians”.

    64. Michael says:

      When are we the payees of these outrageous policies and corrupt go arounds of the congressional process of this treasenous president; going to OCCUPY the white house?? How can we have a million tax payer march in D.C.? Maybe that will send a message that it is time: to IMPEACH O'bama!!! Yes, it is time that we are heard. Why when the Tea Party and all Americans that don't want to destroy her, have made our voices heard in last and the election coming up, are not going to the front lawn NOW??? It is illegal to do the things this guy ( Obla bla) He's not my President. I didn't vote for a Socialist and radical to destroy this country ;( controlled of coarse) as his Mentor Soros commit treason against us all. Where are the minute MEN ?
      I am not an attorney' but there must be something CONGRESS can do!!!

    65. Donnell says:

      JFK speach on secret society also see EXECUTIVE ORDER 11110. All this talk about taxes jobs, banking, democrats ,republicans bailout etc is just a distraction. Every politician on capital hill has violated his or her Oath of Office. Can anyone say capital felony treason. Long Live The Constitution of The United Staetes Republic. REMEDY!

    66. ChuckL says:

      The solution may be as simple as requiring any public university that accepts payments from federally collected taxes to also accept federally imposed limits upon tuition and upon salaries and benefits to employees, including teachers of any title or length of service.

      They should also be required to publish the amount of tax money that they receive on their letterhead and on all advertisements in print sizes that will make them clearly visible.

    67. ChuckL says:

      The solution may be as simple as requiring any public university that accepts payments from federally collected taxes to also accept federally imposed limits upon tuition and upon salaries and benefits to employees, including teachers of any title or length of service.

    68. Jim Bryant says:

      Whatever happened to working one's way through school? I worked full time at night and carried a full load at school. Mine was not one of those wimpy Liberal Arts programs either, I graduated with a BSEE, was President of the Student Body and President of the Honor Fraternity. No one ever told me that it would be easy, it wasn't or that I couldn't do it, I did it, or that someone else would pay for it. They didn't., or I was too dumb to know about, student loans at the time, so I worked. Then I worked my way through Grad school. I really have no patience with any of those free-loading panseys who think that the world owes them a living. They wouldn't last a hour in some of the third world places that I have worked. Get the fire hoses out and douche them down!

    69. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      I can't wait until next November.

    70. mike says:

      That's a shame, your comment above about the dictator was spot on!

    71. hal metzger says:

      Let's get serious now that the President is searching for his pen and the stack of Exec.Orders to circumvent Congress and enact his personal legislation. I have just one question for Heritage and the Congress; does it take an impeachment attempt to stop him or is there some Constitutional leverage available that the House can apply to reign him in? Please tell us something uplifting!

    72. Charlie Basford says:

      Right on Glynnda. He cannot circumvent congress when it comes to taxation or taxpayer money to fund underwater housing and student loans. The House holds the purse string on taxation.

    73. Donnell says:

      Congress, the Senate, the Ligislator, President , Vice President, Secretary of State, all have violated their oath of office. Invoke The Constitution of The United States Repuublic and deal with Capital Felony Treason in high places.

    74. Gary Ream says:

      Too big to fail is bigger and more reckless than ever. Record Bonus'. Not even one executive has lost his job, let alone faced criminal prosecution for stagging and profiting from the greatest financial disaster since the great depression. 10 million foreclosure to date. Average household size 4.5 people equals 45 million Americans seething with hate. Houston we have a problem.

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